Become a top 1% producer in 2023 with everything you need to skyrocket your inspiration, create jaw dropping chord progression, make hit melodies and get your music sounding professional - at epic discounts.

Unison Mega Bundle
Get access to all the MIDI Packs, Sample Packs and Presets we’ve ever released since we started 5 years ago. This is for producers who want all the Unison-exclusive tools they could possibly need to make hit-worthy music quickly, easily & predictably.
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Unison Famous
MIDI Chord Bundle

Get your music played on repeat with these proven, plug & play MIDI chord progressions. Instantly start cranking out hits with jaw-dropping chord progressions from the biggest hits that have generated over 98 billion plays.

$291 $127

2 14 - Unison
Unison MIDI Blueprint

The ultimate blueprint to creating perfect chords in any genre, finishing music consistently and making your music radio-worthy. With over 37,000 mind-blowing chords & progressions you’ll have an infinite source of instant inspiration and gain a huge unfair competitive edge.

$740 $297

3 14 - Unison
Unison MIDI Melody Blueprint

The ultimate blueprint to creating hit melodies in any genre, destroying “beat block” and making your music hit-worthy. With over 2,400 unique, mind-blowing, drag & drop melodies you’ll instantly shortcut your way to making hits with consistency.

$540 $197

4 10 - Unison

Unison MIDI Drum Blueprint

The ultimate blueprint to creating perfect drum patterns in any genre, mastering your workflow and making your music addictive. With over 5,300 unique, pro-sounding, drag & drop drum patterns you’ll create addictive tracks that make people want to play your music on repeat.

$340 $147

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Unison Artist Series Bundle

The ultimate shortcut to creating professional-sounding music. Get insider access to the 3,000+ signature sounds of 16 top producers responsible for over 120 million plays.

$459 $197

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Unison Serum Bundle

The ultimate collection of 1,100+ professionally-designed, powerful Unison Serum presets. Instantly take your music to the next level by getting access to all the presets you need – modelled off the top tracks in each genre.

$484 $197

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Unison Ultimate
One-Shot Bundle

The new way to craft your signature sound, make your music stand out and get the recognition you deserve. With over 1,600 unique, professionally-designed one-shots – you’ll get everything you need to become a top producer.

$431 $147



Sound Doctor Mainstage Expansion Pack

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