Want to master your music production skills? Check out our courses with pro knowledge and insights you need from Unison instructors to create beautiful music, sell more beats and become a world-class producer.

Box With Shadow 1 - Unison

Beatmaking Secrets

Want to make better beats and get more beat sales? Inside Unison Beatmaking Secrets, Platinum Producer LMC reveals the secrets to making hit beats & getting placements.
Unison Sound Design Secrets - Unison

Sound Design Secrets

Want to become an absolute master of sound design? Inside Unison Sound Design Secrets, lead sound designer Peter will help you gain the unique power to create any sound you can imagine using the synth of your choice.
Unison Songwriting Secrets TinyPNG - Unison

Songwriting Secrets

Want to become a master of songwriting? Inside Unison Songwriting Secrets, lead music theory expert Connor will show you how to write hit songs that get you noticed in the industry.


Sound Doctor Mainstage Expansion Pack



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