What is Dithering in Audio?

If you’re a beginner producer, you might not have heard of dithering just yet. If you’re an experienced engineer, you probably have questions about how dithering can […]

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How to Mix Vocals: The Definitive Guide

The mix of your vocals can be a make-or-break aspect of the song you’re working on. If it sounds too grating, too muffled, too quiet to hear, […]

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Beginners Guide to VST

Producing your own music has become easier and more accessible over the last 20 years. You used to need a full-fledged recording studio with hardware equipment worth […]

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Writer’s Block: What It is and How to Overcome It

Writer’s block: It’s plagued just about every artist at some point in their creative lives- Probably more than once.  You sit down at your workstation and just […]

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What is Mastering in Music and Why It’s Important

Mastering might seem like a mystical process- What exactly is it, and is it necessary for everyone to do?  With the right tools and knowledge, mastering can […]

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Understanding Rhythm in Music

Rhythm is one of the essential ingredients when making literally any type of music. Unless you make ambient, drone music–but otherwise, it’s an essential ingredient.  But how […]

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Ultimate Guide to Reading Chords

Whether you’re working on the next pop smash, a killer trap beat with whipping hi-hats, or a nasty bass line for your EDM banger, knowing how to […]

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Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Music Producer

The term “producer” is thrown around a lot in the world of music. About 30 years ago, the position of a music producer included responsibilities like directing […]

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How Is Tempo Used in Music

There are countless small aspects of music that make each song unique. The melody, the chord progression, the way that the artist sings it; all of these […]

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Headphones vs. Speakers: Which Is More Accurate

In the world of creating music, there are generally two ways that producers and musicians listen to the music that they record: through headphones and speakers. These […]

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