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Hook Up Your Producer Friends With $20 Off Their First Order And Get $20 Store Credit For Each Referral.

Got A Lot Of Friends? Refer 5 And Get $100, Refer 25 And Get $500 Credit. The Sky's The Limit.

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The Unison Referral Program is an awesome way for you to get rewarded for helping your friends make better music through Unison products. All you have to do is share your unique promo code with as many friends as possible. Once a friend places their first order above $25, you instantly get $20 store credit in your account. Your store credit stacks with each referral, you can use it anytime and it’s automatically applied to your future purchases.

You can view all your successful referrals and available store credit inside your “Referrals” tab inside your Unison account at

Your earned store credit is automatically applied towards your next order during checkout. If your store credit covers the entire order value, you get it for free and any unused store credit will remain inside your account for future use. If your store credit doesn’t cover the entire order value, you just have to pay the remaining amount.

As of right now, all 150+ individual MIDI Packs, Sample Packs and Preset Banks on are eligible for store credit use. Plugins and Bundles are not currently eligible, but may be in the future.

All you have to do is sign up or login to your account and use the share buttons and email sender above to send the optimized message with your unique promo code to your friends. You can also manually message your friends and share your unique promo code with them that way.



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