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"It lets me play extremely difficult chords that I wouldn't be able to play other wise. I even structured a whole song in just a couple of hours when it normally takes a much longer time"

William Hulbert

Producer - USA


"Unison has changed my life and I use their MIDI Chord Pack on almost every single product. It's unbelievably useful and has helped me save so much time. It's really worth it - Thanks Unison!"

Omnom Squirrel

Producer - USA


"Up until now, I had been in a writing block, but now I feel like have a tool to help inspire me. I highly recommend the MIDI Chord Pack. It sparked a creative flow in me that wasn't there before"

Keren Oey

Producer - New Zealand


"It's absolutely amazing to be able to just drag and drop. It makes the process of making music incredibly fast paced and smooth and you no longer have to waste your time searching for inspiration."

Krishna Cusack

Producer - United Kingdom


"I had no idea where to start but the Unison MIDI Pack changed my life. In just a couple of hours I was able to compose my first song. I am astonished with what I achieved with this product!"

Marco Tonetti

Producer - Italy


"When I first heard about the pack I thought it was too good to be true, but this is the real deal. It's so good and really helpful as a source of inspiration when I'm stuck"

Juan Vazquez

Producer - USA

"Being able to drag and drop the files and only worry about creating the melody is really dope. It definitely helped my workflow and I'm able to work a lot faster."

Bryson Linnebur

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"My music abilities have been brought to life through this chord pack. I like to say thank you because you've given me the freedom to create the music that I've always wanted to create"

Silvio Jose Valencia

Producer - USA


"I really love the Unison MIDI Chord Pack because it's helped me come up with quick 5 minute beats and it makes everything so much easier. It's defiantly a must have and everyone should just grab it."

Jesse Barbosa

Producer - USA


"What I love about the Unison MIDI Chord Pack is that you can simply drag and drop the sounds directly on to your track and come up with new music with ease. It's so easy to use and navigate"

Alan Wong

Producer - USA

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"If you don't know much about chord progressions like myself Unison is the way to go. They have crazy good chords. All you have to do is drag and drop and create a fire song"

Kurt Cousins

Producer - Jamaica


"I bought the Unison MIDI Chord Pack and it gave me inspiration instantly. They have a lot of chord progressions inside and it makes it so much easier to write quality songs faster"

Rory Eyre

Producer - Ireland


"I bough the unison chord pack and he results are amazing. I have no knowledge of music theory and I'm able to use the pack to create great songs with almost no effort. Thanks Unison!"

Natanael Borges

Producer - Brazil


"Unison Audio has made my workflow faster and drastically changed my music making experience. The chord progressions are very professional and sound amazing"

Riley Segal

Producer - USA


"If you haven't already get the Unison MIDI Chord pack. I make the majority of my tracks with it. They have something for every genre out there so you definitely can't go wrong with getting it"

Dorian Childs

Producer - USA


"If you struggle with chords they have all the basic chords that you need and it has helped me use a broader base of chords in my music. It's worked great and I would recommend it"

Evan Jessome

Producer - USA

"I’d never thought I’d be making music as good as I am right now. I can make a beat in 10 minutes when it used to take me an hour just to make a chord progression. The Unison MIDI Chord pack is the best chord pack on the market and It's current price it's a steal."

Ayaan Sayani

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"I bought the Unison MIDI Chord Pack and it's made my music so smooth. Every time I have to make a beat I go straight to the pack. If you're on the fence definitely go get it. It's worth it I promise you"

Garrick Cowherd

Producer - USA


"I've used the Unison MIDI Pack un many of my tracks and it makes the process of making music so easy and effortless. You can just drag and drop and you're done. - Thank You Unison!"

Sabir Roshan

Producer - India


"I love the Unison MIDI Chord Pack because it has chord progressions that I never even knew existed. These files are great for inspiration. Thank you Unison Team this is a great product"

Alyssa Watts

Producer - Canada

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"In my 15 years of music production I've never seen anything like the Unison Pack. I recommend it to anyone looking to create better music. It's a great tool and it helps increase your productivity"

Paul Peck

Producer - USA


"I find it extremely useful for when I’m stuck on a project. It really gets the creative juices flowing. Just drag and drop your chord progression in, it’s as simple as that"

James Cowen

Producer - USA


"I brag to my friends about it because it's such a great tool and it's super easy to use, you can just drag and drop. I recommend it to any music producer especially if you don't know music theory"

Aidan McInnes

Producer - Canada


"It improved the quality and speed of my output like I never would've imagined. As someone who doesn't know much about music theory this allowed me to learn while still having a whole lot of fun"

Shay Gilbert

Producer - Australia


"Not only does it give you a huge amount of inspiration and makes your music more professional, but it saves you a lot of time so you can start posting music that you're proud of more consistently"

Arnaud Devaux

Producer - France


"The Unison Chord Pack has helped me a lot. I advice producers, composers, and musicians to check it out. It will definitely help improve your workflow because all you have to do is drag and drop"

Carlo Johannesburg

Producer - South Africa


"I love it! I can easily make chords that I had no idea existed so if you're watching this definitely get the Unison MIDI Chord pack. It's super easy to use and makes it so simple to make great music."

Colten Hood

Producer - USA


"I like using the Unison MIDI Chord Pack because it allows me to be very creative. I can insert and manipulate the MIDI file with ease in my workstation giving me so many creative options."

David Gerard

Producer - USA


"I recommend the Unison MIDI Chord Pack to any producer. It's just so much more efficient and your speed increases tremendously. I can now make better quality beats in less than 10 minutes"

Grady Evans

Producer - USA


"With the Unison MIDI Chord Pack I can now have the entire song done in less than 15 minutes. It will help you get your projects done faster,  you can put out more music faster, and it will leave you with less stress"

Zayan Gadson

Producer - USA


"I think it's a fun and easy way to get into the flow of making music without having to get into the technical aspect of music production. It lets you engage more with the creative flow of making music"

Alvaro Longo

Producer - Puerto Rico


"It allows me to express myself and focus on the things that matter to me when producing. I don't have to waste my time thinking about progressions or music theory so I can focus on the parts that I like about music productions"

Antonio Ouro

Producer - Brasil


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack gives me over 2,000 chords in so many different genres. It's helped me make music so much faster and efficient without all the extra steps of having to figure out what chord I'm using."

Zack Jackson

Producer - USA


"I love the Unison MIDI  Chord Pack because the progressions give me so much inspiration. It gives me a lot of material to work with that I wouldn't necessarily think of myself. I really recommend it"

Yoav Sarig

Producer - Israel


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack is a fantastic musical tool, just having it available for more advanced chord progression is worth it. It's a phenomenal tool and asset and it just makes your production overall better."

Ashanti Wiggins

Producer - USA


"Thanks to the pack I have a better understanding on melodies, chord progressions and the way that everything goes together. When I first started doing this I had now idea about music theory, but now I have a good understanding"

Austin Doll

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack is off the cliff. When I first opened the pack and listened the first chord progression it sounded so amazing. Thanks Unison, keep the packs coming because I'm going to keep buying"

Benjamin Fallas

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack has help me out a lot. I've always struggle with melodies, notes, and chords progressions so I would definitely recommend it to most producers that find themselves in a similar position."

Evan Sullivan

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack gave me instant inspiration and put me in flow immediately. The product and team are excellent. I totally recommend it to anyone that makes music and to anybody that needs a little push of inspiration."

Brandon Trenthem

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack gives me so much inspiration. Honestly, it blew my mind by showing me all of the endless possibilities of what we can do with melodies and chord progressions. I'm extremally grateful for this pack"

Coen Neirinckx

Producer - Netherlands


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack has really helped me with putting the ideas that I have on the guitar into my computer. Just being able to drag and drop the files is super useful, super helpful, and I really recommend it"

Cole Pace

Producer - USA


"I just wanted to say that the Unison MIDI Chord Pack has been a life changer for me. If you don't have it you wont know so if you're thinking about it you should definitely get it. Thanks Unison, I definitely recommend it"

DeAndre Wright

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack helps a lot when you don't know much about music theory. It lets you just get in the flow of making music instantly without having to think about theory. Thank you Unison."

Deivy Batista

Producer - Mexico


"I love the Unison MIDI Chord Pack because you can just drag and drop the chords in and experiment with so many different songs. If you're just starting out this is going to take you to the next level. Thank you, Unison."

Tori Gilford

Producer - USA


"I recently purchased the Unison MIDI Chord Pack and it's great. I'm a semi-retired jazz musician and I find that this really helps trigger my creativity so if you're thinking about it - try it out. Thanks Unison"

Susan Cohen

Producer - USA


"Go checkout the Unison MIDI Pack. They have over 2,000 samples and the sounds are amazing so if you're think about it don't hesitate and go check it out. It's super cheap. Thank you Unison."

Thomas Pratt

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack is amazing and I use it on every song I do. Literally all you have to do is just drag and drop , change the keys, and you're done. It also works with any DAW. I love it, thank you Unison"

Reggie Miller

Producer - USA


"I' use the Unison MIDI Chord Pack every day when I make beats and to be honest I really don't know what I'd be without them. I definitely recommend the pack it's really easy, simple and light to use Thank You Unison!"

William Rice

Producer - USA


"Ever since I started using the MIDI pack my music has changed. I'm a lot faster now and I no longer take that much time trying to figure out chords. I make 2-3 songs per day when before It would take me 5-7 days to make one song."

Xiolani Ndlovu

Producer - South Africa

"Unison makes producing so much easier and it saves you so much time. You no longer have to watch a bunch of tutorials to be able to make great music all you have to do is look for a nice chord progression and adjust it to your liking"

Jason Bustillo

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"I'm extremally glad I got the Unison MIDI Chord Pack. I really dig the chord progressions inside and the melodies are sweet too. if you're thinking about getting it definitely do it because I know I'm going to get myself some more."

Phillip Rogers

Producer - USA


"I bought the Unison MIDI Chord Pack and wow the company is amazing. They help you out a lot even after you buy the product and give you freebies all the time on their newsletter. It's amazing. Thank you, Unison"

Oguzhan Karagoz

Producer - Turkey


"If you don't know music theory the Unison MIDI Pack is literally everything you're ever going to need to create amazing music. If you're thinking about it definitely go try it out because it's fire. Thanks Unison."

Martin Siordia

Producer - USA


"If you find yourself bored of making the same stuff over and over again, the Unison MIDI Chord Pack is a huge help. It makes life so much easier by allowing you to make amazing sounding beats in almost every genre"

King Yubari

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack got me from a beginner music producer and took me to the next level. It's helped develop my skillset and it's inspired me to create more tracks and beats consistently"

Keller Filson

Producer - Australia


"If you're thinking about it you have to get the Unison MIDI Chord Pack. It's makes creating music so simple, all you have to do is choose a chord, drag and drop, and let it play. I've been dropping beats almost every day with this"

Junior Nogalez

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack is a fantastic product. There are plenty of chord progressions to choose from in every key imaginable. It's really helped me with producing music and song writing. I would recommend it to any producer."

Jon Ian Clarke

Producer - United Kingdom


"I'm new to the music making scene and just being able to have all of these chords and progressions at my disposal is a total game changer. I'd be definitely lost without that. Thanks Unison."

Jon Zavala

Producer - USA


"I've been using the Unison MIDI Chord Pack for over a year now and it has made my creativity and productivity skyrocket. It's super easy to use and it's made me so much faster all you have to do is just click and drag"

John Justice

Producer - Japan


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack is a great MIDI Pack. I have enjoyed it very much and it's helped me take my music making skills to a whole other level. Thank you Unison for making this amazing pack. It's been a gamechanger honestly."

Jason Bazer

Producer - USA


"I love it! Since I started using the Unison MIDI Chord Pack I've been making a lot of decent beats. It makes my music sound a little bit more crisp and the chord progressions inside have a lot of really nice sounds - Thank you."

Jaaman Roberston

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord pack is a really nice product. Its been working for me for a long time and it has a lot of really nice loops and precepts that come with the pack. This pack has taken my music to the next level."

Eduardo Suarez

Producer - Mexico


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack has really helped with overcoming my creative roadblocks. You just have to go into he MIDI chord pack and start playing with the chords and all of a sudden you'll get instant inspiration for the track."

Damaris Lee

Producer - USA


"Unison is top notch. I love all of their products and I wish I could by them all. They really help you with making better beats and putting music out more consistently so if you're thinking about it go check them out."

Eric Ward

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack had really helped me progress with my music because when I first started out I had no idea what to do. Honestly, I've enjoyed the pack a lot. It gives me a lot of options to make different types of music."

Erick Camargo

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack had been really helpful for me. I'm not very good with piano chords and this has helped me start and finish new ideas with ease. It's been so easy to just have to drag and drop. Thank You Unison!"

Erik Trejo

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack is really useful when it comes to creating really creative music and melodies. It's really useful and it's made me love creating music more than before. Thank you Unison this has been an amazing product."

Hakan Kocaman

Producer - USA


"I bought the Unison MIDI Chord Pack like 2-3 months ago and I have to say it's a great investment. It really does speed up the music making process. If I was you and you had the money I'd buy it!"

Brandon Cole

Producer - USA


"I don't know anything about music theory or how to play the keys and the Unison Chord Pack has been really helpful. It's made all my songs sound so much more beautiful. I'm so impressed. Thank you Unison for this great tool."

Aaron Cepeda

Producer - USA


"What I love about the Unison MIDI Pack is that you don't really have to know how to play piano or make chord progressions to make dope music. Ever since I started using it all my music has been on another level."

Aaron Botts

Producer - USA


"I just want to say that the Unison MIDI Chord Pack has helped me out majorly. When I first started I couldn't even create chords and I can make music now without having to think about all of the complex music theory behind it."

Poet DeShazo

Producer - USA


"I've been producing a little over 8 months and I can honestly say that I love the Unison MIDI Chord Pack. It's has helped me find my groove, get familiarized with my DAW, and has introduced me to a whole new world of possibilities."

Andrew Moore

Producer - USA


"The Unison MIDI Chord Pack saved me a lot of hassle. Inside you'll have everything you would ever need to create amazing music. Like, I'm literally going to be able to play with my eyes closed some day"

Dustin Minks

Producer - USA


"I really enjoyed the Unison MIDI Chord Pack because it's made my music production so much faster than what it was before. It's been an amazing purchase. Keep doing the good work and thank you Unison"

Fritz-Gerald Dumont

Producer - Canada


"Within my first week of having the Unison MIDI Chord Pack I was already creating so many amazing songs. I don't even know how to make chords and my melodies are sounding so good. I love it - Thanks Unison!"

Chase Linden

Producer - USA


"If you are someone who gets stuck trying to figure out your chord progressions, get the pack because there is no need to struggle and think about it when you have everything you need all right in your hands."

Christopher Allen

Producer - USA


"I just started producing this last year and I can honestly say that the Unison MIDI Chord Pack has been the one tool that has helped me make music so much faster. If you're looking to have an amazing tool in your arsenal go get it."

Chelsea Philice

Producer - USA

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