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How To Professionally Process Vocals (Full Tutorial)


Hey what’s up, it’s Sep from Unison.


Welcome to this in-depth tutorial where I’ll be showing you to process your vocals to sound professional, crystal clear and full of life.


I’ll be doing this by walking you through start to finish how I processed the vocals in my original track “Come A Little Closer” Ft. Elle Vee.


(Which has been featured on House Nation and has over 2 million plays across platforms.)


Here’s exactly what we cover:


1) How to tune your vocals to be in key with your track


2) How to compress your vocals to smoothen them out and reduce fluctuation in level


3) How to use vocal enhancers to bring out brightness and life in your vocals


4) How to use EQ to clean up the low-end and muddiness in your vocals


5) How to de-ess your vocals to remove harshness and sibilance


6) How to process reverse reverb vocals to create interesting transitions


7) How to layer vocals effectively


8) How to process background vocals and harmonies differently from your main vocal to create contrast and width


9) How to use group processing to glue together your vocals and bring out a whole new dimension of warmth and clarity


10) How to effectively use reverb on your vocals


11) How to use delay on your vocals to fill in gaps and create stereo width


12) How to create a width bus using the HAAS effect to be able to widen any sound


13) How to use formant shifting to create unique vocal effects


14) How to automate reverb and delays to create movement and ear candy in your vocal tracks


15) How to chop and pitch shift vocals effectively


16) How to use advanced reverb and delay panning tricks to take your vocals to the next level


I’m excited to see you apply what you’ll be learning to your own music…


And start making your vocal tracks shine and amaze your listeners.


Have any questions? Ask us below and we’ll answer them for you.






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