"Get 3.5GB+ of pro-quality samples, loops, MIDIs, presets & projects as a Unison Producer Growth Hub member"

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Unison Producer Growth Pack


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+ Hundreds more audio & MIDIs...

About The Free Pack

As a member of the Unison Producer Growth Hub, you can view this secret page and get exclusive access to the Unison Producer Growth Pack.

This pack will help you get started with high-quality samples, loops, MIDI, presets and templates to support your growth as a producer along with the free education you’ll find in the Skool group.

What’s inside the Unison Producer Growth Pack?

  • 1580 Audio Files
  • 842 MIDI Files
  • 98 Presets For Serum, Diva & Omnisphere
  • 5 Project Files
  • Over 3.5GB of total content

Plus, these samples, loops, MIDI, presets and project files are:

  • Professional-quality – If you want to make pro-level beats – you need to be using pro-level sounds. Instantly hear the difference with proper, polished, well-designed sounds by the world’s best sound designers and producers.
  • Proven to work – These samples, loops, MIDIs and presets are modelled off the biggest hit songs in all genres.
  • 100% Royalty-Free – ​All the files are cleared for personal and commercial use. You can use them in your music however you want.

The best part is, you can get them for free right now, and they are 100% royalty-free.

Because we want you to get awesome results with no cost on your end.

And who knows, maybe you’ll check out our premium producers later.

So if you’re ready to get this pack and enhance your producer growth…

Click the “Add To Cart Free” button to get your copy now.



Unison Producer Growth Pack



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