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Unison Artist Series – Gill Chang Samples

Price: $27

Unison is proud to present:

Unison Artist Series – Gill Chang Samples

If you want to fuse different genres into your own unique style… Then this pack is for you.

With tracks featured on Buygore, MrSuicideSheep, OTODAYO and more, Gill Chang has built an organic following of over 60k on Soundcloud over the last few years.

His diverse and unique style can be heard on popular hits like “Story”, “Feels Right” “Hearts” and more.

Gill Chang’s first Unison-exclusive sample pack contains over 150 of his signature sounds that he uses daily.

Inside you’ll find natural brass hits, warm basses, crisp claps, clean kicks, unique drum fills, vast selections of FX and much more exported straight from Gill Chang’s projects!

From Gill Chang himself:

“This pack is an extension to the kind of music I want to be making this year. Like all my packs, I always try to craft something unique. I hope that shows in your productions when you choose to use my samples!”

What’s inside the pack?

15 Clean Kicks
15 Crisp Claps
26 Punchy Snares
10 Pristine Hi hats
16 Unique Percs
10 Banging Toms
11 Natural Brass Hits
11 Warm Basses
8 Full Synth/Lead Stems
20 Ear Candy FX

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