“Heavy 808s, wild synths, mind-blowing loops and much more straight from Holly's projects.”
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Unison Artist Series – Holly Samples

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+ 201 more samples…

If you’ve been wanting sounds that will push your creativity outside the box… Now is the time to access them.

At only age 22, Holly has racked up an impressive fan base of over 50k followers as a result of his captivating and original style.

At the moment, he has track releases on record labels of the likes of Buygore, Dim Mak, Elysian Records, Monstercat and Lowly Palace.

It would probably be quicker to list the notable labels Holly hasn’t featured on…

His unique style can be heard on popular hits like “Clockwork”, “Allday” & on his brand new E.P. “Beijing”.

Holly’s first Unison-exclusive sample pack includes all of his signature sounds that he uses daily.

Containing over 200 samples straight from Holly’s projects, inside the pack you’ll find club-destroying 808s, crisp hi hats, wild synths, mind-blowing loops and much more.

These sounds are unlike anything you’ve ever heard before and will take the originality of your productions to the next level.s.

What’s inside the pack?

16 Kicks
33 Snares & Claps & Hats
14 Percs
31 Basses & 808’s
22 Glitches & Synths
29 Analog Hardware Synths
29 Crazy Loops
13 Atmos & FX
10 Vocal Samples
12 Exclusive Misc Sounds

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A message from Holly.

Hey Producer,

“I started making music when I was 18 years old.

Around that time, I was a kid with a lot of thoughts and uncertainties about my life and future, so I was looking for something that could provide answers to those questions; something I could use to express myself and become a better person by doing so.

I used to find that in skating, but when i was 17 years old I broke my arm in four places and realized just how fragile and delicate we really are.

I stopped skating so regularly, but I was sad that I had lost that connection with an activity; that inspired me to experiment with a lot of different forms of expression (photography, writing, painting, etc.) and I found that making music was how I could express myself in a way that truly completes me; music makes me feel it is worthwhile to live life and wake up every day.

In this special pack, I’ve included over 200 of my favorite samples, including all my signature sounds.

Inside you’ll find the drums, basses, synths & more from my most popular tracks and a couple of unreleased ones as well, so you should recognize a lot of the samples if you’re familiar with my sound.

Work as hard as you can to make the best music you’re able to create.”


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Unison Artist Series – Holly Samples



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