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Unison Artist Series – Madeaux Samples

Price: $27

Unison is proud to present:

Unison Artist Series – Madeaux Samples

Fresh off the release of his highly anticipated album ‘Burn’ on Fools Gold Records, Madeaux keeps the ball rolling with his first ever Unison-exclusive sample pack.

This pack is special in it’s nature as it contains all of Madeaux’s exclusive sounds exported straight from the tracks on ‘Burn’.

Inside you’ll find over 150 samples including deep kicks, dark basses, crisp claps/hats, unique loops, mind-blowing FX, pristine vocal samples and much more.

These sounds are a must-have if you want to create that deep, dark and sexy vibe in your productions.

What’s inside the pack?

10 Kicks
10 Claps
10 Snares
13 Hi-Hats
10 Percs
21 Loops/Fills
25 Basses/Synths/Instruments
23 Vox Samples
29 FX
3 Bonus Beats

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