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A Preview Of What's Inside

+426 more unique samples, MIDI's & presets...

About The Free Pack

In preparation for our huge Black Friday sale starting November 19, 2021, we’re giving away a free taste of all our deals…

AKA the Unison Free Black Friday Pack – Including 465 unique samples, MIDI’s and presets for you to take your music to the next level – free of charge.

What’s inside the Unison Free Black Friday Pack?

  • 40x Advanced Scales MIDI Files
  • 75x Artist Series Samples
  • 15x Bass Loops
  • 15x Drum Loops
  • 36x Famous MIDI Chord Progressions
  • 15x Melody Loops
  • 36x MIDI Basslines
  • 36x MIDI Chord Progressions
  • 10x Full MIDI Drum Kits / 58x MIDI Drum Patterns
  • 36x MIDI Melodies
  • 12x Omnisphere Presets
  • 55x Unique One-Shots (In C, E & G#)
  • 20x Serum Presets
  • 16x Vocals

Plus, these samples, MIDI files & presets are:

  • Professional-quality – If you want to make pro-quality tracks – you need to be using pro-quality sounds. Instantly hear the difference with proper, polished, well-designed samples and presets by the world’s top producers.
  • Proven to work – These MIDI files, samples and presets have generated over 2.2 billion plays and have been used in chart-topping tracks.
  • Unique and Exclusive  – ​These exclusive files are not found anywhere else which means they’ll make your music stand out.

The best part is, you can get them for free right now.

Because we want you to get awesome results with no cost on your end.

And who knows, maybe you’ll check out our full Black Friday deals starting November 19, 2021.

So if you’re ready to get these 465 unique free samples, MIDI’s and presets…

Click the “Add To Cart Free” button to get your copy now.



Unison Free Black Friday Pack



Unison Artist Series – Tchami “Eternal Sounds”



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