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The origins of R&B are truly in the ‘40s and ‘50s when the name—Rhythm and Blues—really applied to the music.

In the late ‘70s, however, a new breed of R&B began to emerge that incorporated elements of disco, soul, hip-hop, electronic music and the original R&B.

Over the years, this genre has developed into a smooth, jazzy, beat driven style that has found mass appeal.

To create this pack for you, we studied the top tracks on Billboard, Spotify and other platforms to find the common threads and pattern between the melodies.

And, using the knowledge we gathered, we wrote melody after melody until we narrowed it down to the very best 120 which you’ll find inside this pack.

Plus, because these melodies are in MIDI format rather than audio, you have the ability to use them straight out of the box or transpose/edit the notes to your exact taste.

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Unison R&B MIDI Melody Collection



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