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The 5 Secrets Behind Professional-Sounding Drum Loops (Video 1/3)

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Hey, it’s Sep from Unison. Today, we’re kicking off the special Unison Drum Monkey preview video series ??


This is a full-on, 3-video training where I’ll be sharing my brand new strategies for:


✅ Making your drum loops sound professional
✅ Avoiding common drum programming mistakes
✅ Adding power and punch to your drums
✅ Creating catchy and relatable rhythms
✅ And producing addictive tracks


This is the first video where I’ll reveal the 5 secrets behind professional-sounding drum loops.


These are the exact strategies I’ve used to go from getting less than 500 plays on my tracks, to now over 30 million.


And, it’ll help you make your drums infinitely more catchy, relatable and professional-sounding.


Enjoy, and if you have any questions, comment below and I’ll answer them for you.


Also, here are the 30 pro genre-specific drum loops + stems I mentioned in the video for you to download for free:


Download ➡️


And make sure to keep an eye out for video 2 coming in a couple days.


In it, you’ll see my 10 simple tricks for instantly making your drums sound better.





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