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Free Sample Packs: The Top 10 Free Sample Packs of 2023

Mindblowing samples are extremely hard to find, to say the least.


The main reason is, sample sites and services typically enlist inexperienced producers to create random loops.


They tend to just throw together sloppy, unmixed material and expect you to make them sound outstanding.


It’s not only super frustrating but extremely unprofessional as well.


When it comes to Unison, on the other hand, that is certainly not the case.


Unison’s professional, world-renowned producers & sound designers have dedicated their life, time, and skills to create the most epic samples of today.


The samples found within the following top 10 free sample packs are:


  • Professional ✓
  • High-quality ✓
  • Precise ✓
  • Mixed to perfection ✓
  • Proven to work ✓
  • Inspiring ✓
  • Conducive to bettering your workflow ✓


They are both created and used by the world’s hottest producers, so you know they’re of the highest quality.


You won’t find samples like this anywhere else in the world, guaranteed.


We’ve also included professional-level tips (Pro Tips) and techniques for each individual free sample pack as well.


They will help you transform these samples in super creative ways, so they’ll be completely unique to you.


You’ll discover the hottest free sample packs in the world.


Plus seriously enhance your production game.


It doesn’t get any better than that.


The best part is, each one of these free sample packs is 100% royalty- and copyright-free!


This article is to emphasize these incredible free sample packs.


However, most of them contain much more than just samples.


So, without further adieu, let’s jump into the Top 10 Free Sample Packs of 2023:


#1: Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack)


Unison Beatmaker Blueprint Free Teaser Pack Art Final 750x750 1 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



The number 1 free sample pack on our list is the Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack).


It includes 449 samples, loops & MIDIs that will absolutely blow your mind…


And that’s only 5% of what you’ll get in the Unison Beatmaker Blueprint itself!


These samples, loops & MIDI files are all created by the world’s top producers.


So, needless to say, they are of the highest professional quality and crafted to absolute perfection.


Plus, they’re modeled off the biggest hit songs across the board, so they’re proven to pique your listener’s interest.


They’ll instantly capture attention and reminisce with your audience, as they exude a sense of familiarity.


This free sample pack can help you take your beats to the next level, and then some.


What can you find inside?


  • 12x 808s
  • 6x Atmos
  • 6x Bass Loops (+6x Matching MIDI)
  • 6x Bass Shots
  • 9x Claps
  • 11x Closed Hats
  • 6x Cymbals
  • 12x Drum Loops (+73x Matching MIDI Stems & 44x Matching Audio Stems)
  • 6x Foley
  • 9x FX & Misc
  • 11x Kicks
  • 24x Melody Loops (+76x Matching MIDI Stems & 85x Matching Audio Stems)
  • 18x Melodic Shots
  • 6x Open Hats
  • 9x Percs
  • 6x Rim Shots
  • 3x Snaps
  • 11x Snares


As always, they are completely royalty- and copyright-free, so they can be used however you’d like.






This free sample pack contains some of the most intriguing, captivating melody loops in the game today as well.


You can use them as is, or add/layer the loops with other instruments and harmonies.


Either way, you’re guaranteed to have amazing melodies on deck.


Most DAWs have Convert-to-MIDI functions, which can do magical things to your tracks.


Not to mention your workflow as well.


This gives you insight into how exactly these melodies are conceived in the process, which is priceless.


The following tip enables you to use this function in a very creative way, so keep reading.


STEP 1 一 Choose a monophonic lead sample from this free sample pack.


Remember, you’re going to be using your DAW’s Convert-to-MIDI function.


Or, your favorite plugin, such as Melodyne.


STEP 2 一 Load up a pad from Unison’s Serum or Omnisphere presets, and assign the MIDI data to it.


You can find them within the Unison Serum Essentials pack and Unison Omisphere Essentials pack.


If you don’t own these synths, feel free to use a pad from any of your favorite synths.


STEP 3 一 Go into your piano roll and raise the entire part by 7 semitones.

This is known as a ‘perfect fifth.’


STEP 4 一 At this point you can add a bass layer.


This is done by transposing your MIDI data down a few octaves, which will transform your track in an epic way.


STEP 5 一 Add some drums and variation.


What started as a lead is now the basis, and backdrop for your entire piece.


A brand new track, with the help of a little creativity and variation, within minutes.


You really can’t ‘beat’ that, pun intended.


The Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (extended version)


If you’re interested in the full version of the Unison Beatmaker Blueprint, it is officially available now!


It contains over 9,000 hit-worthy loops, samples, and MIDI created by the world’s top producers.


If you’d like to read more about it in detail, click here.


#2: Unison Beatmaker Guitar Pack (Free Teaser)


Unison Beatmaker Guitar Pack Teaser 750x750 1 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



Guitars are one of the most impactful instruments in music.


This is because they have the ability to evoke deep, powerful emotions in your listeners.


However, the issue is, there’s a major disconnect between the virtual environment and the real thing.


Luckily, Unison has provided you with the most intriguing, emotion-invoking guitar loops on the market.


Introducing: The Unison Beatmaker Guitar Pack (Free Teaser).


What’s inside this free sample pack?


  • 10 Processed Guitar Loops
  • 10 Dry Guitar Loops
  • 32 Matching Processed Stems
  • 30 Matching Dry Stems
  • 40 Matching MIDI Stems


They are all proper, polished, and processed to perfection.


Plus, they are created by expert guitar players and producers, so you’ll instantly hear the superiority of their design.


The quality between the guitar loops found within this free sample pack and others is incomparable.


Plus, you’re able to throw the guitar stems anywhere in your track to hit the ground running.


You’ll instantly be able to take your beats to the next level, as these loops are guaranteed to impress.


Don’t get discouraged by the word ‘teaser.’


You’ll certainly be blown away by the impact of these loops in this free sample pack.




And if you like this free sample pack, be sure to check out the full Unison Beatmaker Guitar Pack when it’s released.




For this tip, we’ll show you how to take these loops and customize them just for you…


STEP 1 一 Create some drums, or open an existing session that’s ready for some guitar chops.


You’ll want to already have some sort of foundation laid down (for your instrumental) for this technique.


STEP 2 一 Take your favorite loop from this free sample pack and throw it into a Sampler.


STEP 3 一 Make sure your sample doesn’t chop it up note-by-note, but rather every 3 or 4.


Sure, you can slice it based on transients on a note-by-note basis.


However, that’s only for situations where you’d like to change the composition completely.


Your best bet is to take something like a 4-bar loop and make it 8-16 equal slices.


This way, Timing won’t be an issue.


In fact, the chops may even guide you at times, so just go with the flow, so to speak.


STEP 4 一 Play around a little with your MIDI controller in order to find a good arrangement for your chops.


The notes won’t change, as you’re simply replaying the sample. 


This guarantees they stay in key.


STEP 5 一 Once you’ve laid it down, drag the original sample in and play them side-by-side.


Simply determine what sounds best to you, and go with it.


Odds are, you’ll keep a mix of both in the track, for the most fascinating and alluring outcome.


NOTE: Next time you need a breakdown or switch-up for your guitar-based track, try chopping it up during any section. 


Regardless of genre, it will incorporate that familiar hip-hop vibe.


#3: Unison Famous Beatmaker Drum Essentials


Unison Famous Beatmaker Drum Essentials Art Full Size 750 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



Unison Famous drum packs give you the exact drums from the biggest hit songs.


And the Unison Famous Beatmaker Drum Essentials certainly knocks it out of the park.


Both the replicated drum choices and the pristine quality is sure to astound and impress.


The drums included in this free sample pack are all recreated, with 99.9% accuracy, by world-class sound designers.


Your listeners will instantly feel a sense of recognition and familiarity.


Encouraging them to not only ‘stan’ your tracks, but constantly replay them as well.


Inside this free sample pack, you’ll get 19 drum samples from the following hits:


  • 21 Savage – Bank Account
  • A$AP Rocky – Babushka Boi
  • Big Sean, Post Malone – Wolves
  • Kanye West – Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


Instead, you simply need to start incorporating the right drum sounds for your specific genre.


And this free sample pack will be sure to check all your boxes.


That is the key to getting your songs featured on the charts, after all, so look no further.


Plus, as you know, recreations oftentimes don’t sound as good as the original…


This is certainly not the case when it comes to this free sample pack.


It’s guaranteed to provide you with drum recreations worthy of awards.


With accuracy that is sure to shock and amaze you.


In fact, the professionalism and precision with which these drums were created are unbelievable.


They are virtually indistinguishable from the original versions.


Awesome, right?






Sampling a drum section from a famous song requires the proper clearance, as you very well know.


However, that’s not the case when it comes to the fundamental sound design elements that make up that song.


So, by using recreated drums from that particular song it does a few things:


  1. Instantly captures your listener’s attention.
  2. Makes them feel a deep-rooted connection.
  3. Gives them a sense of familiarity.
  4. Ensures they will be entranced on an emotionally subconscious level.


That’s why it’s always smart to keep altered drums from familiar or popular songs.


This is a pretty hard task, especially if you don’t dabble in sound design.


But don’t worry, we got you covered!


Creating sound set templates with the overall elements of a particular track is the way to go.


It will provide you with a sonic template you can easily run with, that’s already proven to work.


The epiphany of working smarter, not harder.


This way you can simply make your own kits to easily load up later.


It’s a very beneficial way to conquer Beatblock as well. 


STEP 1 一 Open up your favorite Sampler.


STEP 2 一 Load up the contents of one of the kits, mapped to their own key/note.


STEP 3 一 Manipulate the Sampler’s parameters however you’d like.


However, be sure to keep in mind that these recreations are spot-on.


Any major adjustments will change their overall DNA.


STEP 4 一 Save the kit in your Sampler as a preset.


You’ll be able to revisit and use it any time you’d like in the future.


STEP 5 一 Find, or design the rest of the elements of said track, using the same concept.


STEP 6 一  Save it all as a DAW session template, and you’re good to go.


This way, endlessly digging through the same samples for each session will be a thing of the past!


Can you say time-saver?


#4: Unison Beatmaker Box (Free Teaser)


Unison Beatmaker Box Free Teaser Pack Art 750 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



The Unison Beatmaker Box (Free Teaser) is an absolute game-changer.


You’ll instantly be able to differentiate the loops within this free sample pack from other packs.


They are polished and pristine to perfection.


Plus, they’re modeled off of the hottest, most popular songs across all beat-making genres.


So you’ll never have to worry about finding the right fit for you.


This free sample pack includes: 


  • 18 legendary loops.


They are all fully loaded with audio stems & MIDI to take your beats to the next level.


Not to mention free of charge and 100% royalty-free.


What’s inside the Unison Beatmaker Box (Free Teaser)?


  • 3x Bass Loops
  • 5x Melody Loops
  • 5x Drum Loops
  • 5x Guitar Loops
  • All Matching Audio Stems & MIDI


As always, the loops included in this free sample pack are of professional quality and proven to work.


Also, all the files are cleared for personal and commercial use.


Feel free to incorporate them into your music however you’d like.


The Unison Beatmaker Box (Free Teaser) only contains a small portion of the entire pack…


However, the fact that you can create completely epic songs with these fire loops is mindblowing.


Plus, their quality alone sets this free sample pack apart from the competition in a major way.






By using the following method, you’ll be able to take any set of (seemingly) random loops and create a masterpiece.


Regardless of key and tempo, within reason.


Most of the included loops in this free sample pack are in the Minor key.


This is why we’re taking a look at ‘relative notation’ for this pro tip.


It enables you to take any major/minor key, and their respective notes, and transpose them.


You can transpose them either up or down, to any other note or key.


This is so you can integrate any other major/minor scale that fits the vibe of your song.


Not every sample will sound great when paired with another.


However, they will all be in the correct key, so you’ll have endless combinations at your fingertips.


STEP 1 一 Choose a drum loop from this free sample pack to use as your foundation.


Remember, when choosing, you’re going to be using its encompassing scale.


This is where you’re going to transpose your loops.


STEP 2 一 Take a melody loop that you find intriguing, and change its BPM and Key to the determined pitch.


STEP 3 一 Lay that altered melody loop over the drum section.


STEP 4 一 Change the BPM and Key for your chosen bass loop.


Then, drag it into your Sampler and slice it, based on transients, and map it to your keyboard.


Now you’ll be able to use the bass loop in order to create your very own groove and bassline.


All while staying in the respective key.


Plus, you’ll be freed of the sample restraints, whilst using some awesome sound design techniques.


STEP 5 (optional) 一 Apply this to a guitar loop if desired.


This concept will skyrocket your production workflow.


And the best part is, you don’t need to know Music Theory at all.


Plus, you won’t have any of the loop constraints to worry about either.


#5: Unison One-Shot Essentials


Unison One Shot Essentials 750x750 1 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



Unison One-Shot packs are the best way for you to make unique-sounding, pro-quality music.


And now, you can get a free taste with the Unison One-Shot Essentials.


The one-shots found within this free sample pack are professional quality, proven to work, and entirely exclusive.


You’ll instantly be able to hear the difference between these one-shots and similar ones.


These one-shots are proper, polished, superbly designed samples.


Other one-shots are lackluster and devoid of inspiration.


Plus, they were created by our highly respected/professional in-house team, for optimum results.


They have generated over 3 million plays and model chart-topping tracks.


Your listeners will be captivated by the familiarity and comfort these one-shots evoke.


What’s inside this free sample pack?


  • 3x 808 One-Shots
  • 3x Atmos One-Shots
  • 3x Bass One-Shots
  • 3x Brass One-Shots
  • 3x Guitar One-Shots
  • 3x Keys One-Shots
  • 3x Leads One-Shots
  • 3x Misc One-Shots
  • 3x Pads One-Shots
  • 3x Plucks One-Shots
  • 3x Strings One-Shots






Everybody is always concerned with discovering the next hottest, sample-based plugin


However, nobody ever talks about the masterpieces generated from creating sampled instruments from one-shots.


This is where you’re going to stand out from the crowd and excel in a major (and unique) way.


Don’t worry, this instrument-building technique doesn’t take long at all.


Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to successfully dominate the one-shot game.


Plus create a completely playable instrument from absolutely any element.

Incredible, right?


STEP 1 一 Choose your favorite one-shot sample from this free sample pack.


Then, load up your favorite Sampler and drag the sample in.


If it’s a melodic sample, make sure you input the correct note information into the Sampler.


This goes for whichever sample from this free sample pack you decide to incorporate.


Otherwise, the incorrect notes will be played once you hit your keyboard.


Which has disaster and frustration written all over it.


STEP 2 一 At this point you’ll be able to control the one-shot as if it were any regular instrument.


However, here is where it gets interesting…


STEP 3 一 Use your Sampler’s internal features, such as Legato, filtering, and modulation capabilities.


This way, if desired, you can transform this sampled instrument into a brand-new one.


Then, that brand-new one can spawn a series of new ones.


So, you’ll always have an endless selection of creative options.


Be sure to save it as a Patch, for instant recall throughout your session.


#6: Unison Free Black Friday Pack


Unison Free Black Friday Pack 750x750 1 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



The Unison Free Black Friday Pack includes 625 unique samples, MIDI, and presets to take your music to the next level.


They have generated over 2.2 billion plays and have been used in various chart-topping tracks.


You’ll instantly hear the difference between the included sounds and like ones.




Because they were created by the world’s top producers.


Plus, the exclusive files found within this free sample pack cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.


So saying they’re unique is a massive understatement.


What’s inside the Unison Free Black Friday Pack?


  • 40x Advanced Scales MIDI Files
  • 75x Artist Series Samples
  • 15x Bass Loops
  • 15x Drum Loops
  • 19x Famous Beatmaker Drums
  • 2x Famous Beatmaker Templates
  • 15x Famous Mainstage Serum Presets
  • 36x Famous MIDI Chord Progressions
  • 124x Guitar Loops, Stems & MIDIs
  • 15x Melody Loops
  • 36x MIDI Basslines
  • 36x MIDI Chord Progressions
  • 10x Full MIDI Drum Kits / 58x MIDI Drum Patterns
  • 36x MIDI Melodies
  • 12x Omnisphere Presets
  • 55x Unique One-Shots (In C, E & G#)
  • 20x Serum Presets
  • 16x Vocals


This free sample pack is truly in a league of its own, and that’s just the free version.


You’ll have access to samples, loops, templates, presets, etc. that will absolutely blow your mind.




It contains every element needed to complete an entire track, all at no cost to you. Incredible!




Not that they need any tweaking but, here at Unison, we always provide you with fascinating options.


So, let’s jump in.


STEP 1 一 Choose one of the drum loops to use as your foundation.


STEP 2 一 Bring in one of the MIDI chord progressions, in order to have a melodic base.


STEP 3 一 Drag in the melody loops from this free sample pack.


Use the previous tip (above) to change the key so it matches the associated chord progression.


This is where the fun happens, so pay attention.


Mix and match these samples in order to see what gives you the most inspiration.


The magic is: the chord progression is no longer bound to any one tempo or Key.


Meaning, you have ultimate creative flexibility.


STEP 4 一 Take some one-shots and strategically place them in key areas; every 8 bars or so should do.


Try not to make it too redundant, yet not too random either.


STEP 5 一 Take a vocal one-shot and load it into a Sampler.


STEP 6 一 Map it to the keyboard and properly input its Key.


This way you’ll be able to play it like an instrument as mentioned in the previous bass tip.


Then, simply arrange your song, and voila! 


NOTE: You can start a bassline by taking the bottom notes of a chord progression and playing them in a rhythmic fashion.


Also, transposing the Root Note of a chord so you’re playing ‘fourths’ may work as well.


This simply means working with the 4th note in any given scale.


A ‘perfect fourth’ is 5 semitones up from the root note, so trying this method is as simple as transposition.


Jumping between the root note & the fourth is a great technique.


It may be your best option when looking for movement and variation, so don’t overlook it.


#7: Unison Essential Bass Loops 


Unison Essential Bass Loops Art 750x750 1 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



We can all agree on how insanely powerful the basslines are in music.


That’s because they keep your listeners fully engaged and intrigued.


They can make your music unforgettable and highly desirable.


The free Unison Essential Bass Loops pack is a perfect example of just how impactful basslines can be.


Especially because they were carefully crafted to be unique and heart-stopping.


Within this free sample pack, you’ll find:


  • 12 legendary basslines for any and all occasions.


Not only will your tracks benefit in a major way, but they’ll be catchy beyond belief as well.


The quality of each bassline in this free sample pack is guaranteed to make your music stand out from the crowd.


You’ll absolutely own the dance floor.


You’ll be able to simply plug & play these basslines from this free sample pack into your music.


Simplicity and professionalism at their finest.






For most producers, basslines are not exactly the easiest task to carry out…


Not only because they are the hardest to hear, but because there’s not always much room for variation.


In regards to the current melodic structure, that is.


Oftentimes the conscious part of your brain will want to focus on the chords and melodies, as opposed to the basslines.


However, the subconscious mind is always tuned in, so it’s important to nail this section as well.


When you start a track with the inspiration of a bassline, the rest of the track can easily fall into place.


That’s why grabbing some samples from this free sample pack can help inspire you tenfold.


Not to mention, the reaction from your audience will be absolutely priceless.


STEP 1 一 Choose your favorite sample from this free sample pack, and analyze its note/rhythm structure.


STEP 2 一 Open up a blank MIDI clip, and simply input the notes that encompass the loop’s scale(s).


Each sample indicates its associated scale, so simply input those as well.


We’ll use this information later, so don’t skip over this part.


STEP 3 一 Lay down your drums.


This should be second nature to you.


If not, just make sure that your kick and snare are aligned properly with the groove of the bass.


STEP 4 一 Open up the clip you previously set up, and try to determine which notes sound best where.


This particular step can be carried out in any order, but I recommend you begin with the melody.


Since you know the specific notes in that scale, nothing you select from here on out will be considered ‘incorrect.’


It’s all about creating a melody that sounds superior and matches the vibe of your unique track.


STEP 5 一 Do the same thing for the chords.


Look up the chords that are found within your scale.


You’re going to visualize this as a puzzle.


You just have to find where they fit best to create the full picture.


Now you have a sure-fire way to create a song from any bassline.


The best part is, you don’t have to know anything about Theory for this technique to work!


#8: Unison Essential Drum Loops


Unison Essential Drum Loops 750x750 1 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



The free Unison Essential Drum Loops are the best way for you to instantly level up your drum game.


They include drum loops that will instantly make your tracks hard-hitting and super addictive.


Plus, in order to get your tracks on the charts, you need professional-quality content.


Well, these loops are created by professionals and are mixed to perfection.


So, needless to say, you have a much greater chance of that happening with this free sample pack.


The real ‘secret’ to creating addictive tracks is simple:


You need to have the perfect, genre-specific drum loops catered to your unique taste. 


That’s usually an extremely hard task, but this free sample pack meets any and all requirements.


Inside this free sample pack, you’ll find:


  • 12 pristine, addicting drum loops that you can instantly plug & play.


The included drum patterns are, by no means, basic or boring.


So they’re guaranteed to impress anyone who has the pleasure of hearing them.






When you see a sample pack that consists of drum loops, you probably don’t think much more of it.


However, you can transcend to much greater heights than just drum loops.


In fact, you can take the drum loops found within this free sample pack and transform them into your very own 1-shots.


From there, you can easily include them in your sample library for later use/reference.


Or even play the drums in any pattern you’d like as well. Truly incredible. 


STEP 1 一  Load up a Sampler that splits, and can break down the sample by transients.


STEP 2 Drag your favorite drum loop into the Sampler.


STEP 3  Have the Sampler slice it up. 


Make sure to adjust the settings (Sensitivity & Threshold) so each ‘hit’ can be played individually.


At this point, depending on the loop, you may almost be done…


However, if it sounds super old-school, you may need to do some manipulation if warranted.


STEP 4一 Bounce or export each sample individually. 


This step is crucial, so don’t skip over it.


STEP 5 Separate the drums, based on type, and assign them their very own track.


Be sure to incorporate ‘fades’ to any sample that cuts off too abruptly.


STEP 6  (optional) 一 Add some processing, in order to further make them personalized to you.


A sure-fire way to transform any drum sample into another entity is Mangler


Mangler is the world’s first (and only) hybrid distortion plugin. 


It’s easy to use and sounds great on absolutely everything.


Don’t underestimate the transformative properties you can obtain when the right distortion plugin is pushed to its limits.


If you don’t want to or think it’s unnecessary, simply export the samples.


At this point, you’ve successfully turned our drum loop pack into a drum pack.


This way you can use them seamlessly and interchangeably whenever you want! 


#9: Unison Essential Melody Loops


Unison Essential Melody Loops Art 750x750 1 - free sample pack - Unison Audio



Every producer dreams about getting their tracks on the charts…


Well, with the free Unison Essential Melody Loops pack, that dream is certainly attainable.


They include unique, addictive melodies that are sure to capture your audiences’ attention and keep them entranced.


Plus, you can be sure they’ll be hitting that repeat button all day long.


Inside this free sample pack, you’ll get: 


  • 12 captivating, hit-worthy (.WAV) melody loops.


Each one contains a unique feel and is sure to hit you with some instant inspiration.


You can instantly drag & drop them right into your own music, so there’s no hassle.


They are mixed to perfection as well, which is super rare to find, so you know you’ll be ahead of the game.


The best part is: they’re 100% royalty-free you can get them at no cost to you.




And who knows, maybe you’ll check out our complete melody loop packs later.




Building something unique with melody loops is super common.


However, it’s oftentimes overlooked that you’re able to transform a single melody loop before the processing stage.


Whether it be to match a certain vibe, or even create a lo-fi feel, this technique can be very beneficial.


For this particular tip, we’re using one of the most popular examples: resampling.


This is the preferred technique for some of the hottest producers and sound designers in the game, like Malaa


STEP 1 一 Take your favorite melody loop and reverse it.


STEP 2 一 Transpose the pitch down 2-3 octaves.


Yes, it’s supposed to be much longer and sound a tad off at this point, but don’t worry, that will change.


STEP 3 一 Bring the tempo and the pitch back to their original states.


This process can also be completed by first changing the tempo, stretching it out, and then changing the pitch.


NOTE: Sometimes you’ll procure the best results by focusing on heavily processed sounds.


Just like the ones found within this free sample pack.


It may also be ideal to zone in on specific sections of the sample, like the reverb tail or delay, and re-sampling them.


STEP 4 一 You can reverse it again if you’d like, so the notes play in their original order.


However, it typically sounds better when you don’t.


At this point, you should hear a granular quality and texture.


This should give you a whole new vibe while staying within the same note range.


STEP 5 一 Now you can add Pitch Envelopes, chop things up, or incorporate any other valuable manipulation tactic.


The possibilities are truly endless, not to mention completely mindblowing.


The Unison Artist Series Essentials


this free sample pack is beneficial for artists of all genres.



The Unison Artist Series Essentials contains the perfect mix of one-shots, samples, and loops for any producer’s Toolkit.


It includes professional sounds that will work with any and all genres.


Plus, in true Unison fashion, they were created by the world’s top producers.


They are 100% exclusive to this free sample pack, so you definitely have a leg up on the competition.


You’ll be able to create your own unique, layered (multi-timbral) instruments with ease.


What’s inside this free sample pack?


  • 2x 808s
  • 2x Atmos
  • 2x Bass Loops
  • 2x Bass Shots
  • 2x Claps
  • 2x Hats
  • 2x Drum Fills
  • 2x Drum Loops
  • 2x FX
  • 2x Kicks
  • 2x Lead Shots
  • 2x Melodic Loops
  • 2x Percs
  • 2x Snares
  • 2x Vox


Did I mention that the samples found within this free sample pack have generated over 10 million plays?


They’ve also been used in various chart-topping tracks, so they’re proven to be of the highest quality as well.






STEP 1 一 Create 3 unique tracks, and open up a Sampler on each variation.


STEP 2 一 Group the tracks, so that when you trigger a note, they all get triggered.


STEP 3 一 Load up your favorite 3 samples from this free sample pack into each Sampler.


You’re aiming for the one-shot effect, so no need to adjust for pitch.


Unless you prefer to do so, of course.


At this point, you’ll have an incredible, super intriguing effect that is sure to help your track stand out.


The key for this technique is to only allow the selection of your samples to be semi-random.


For instance, a VOX sample may clash with a lead shot.


Conversely, a VOX paired with an atmospheric sample, topped off with an 808 will leave your listeners in shock and awe.




Good samples are hard to come by.


Finding and transforming the good ones are key to creating chart-topping hits.


It’s a myth that using sample packs will leave you with the same, generic-sounding beats as everyone else.


As a modern-day producer, you never have to be constricted by the bounds of a sample.


You have the ability to go leaps and bounds above simply flipping it.


But the key is to start with super unique, professional quality samples in the first place.


The free sample packs mentioned in this article not only met those goals but far exceeded them.


They all contain the dopest loops and samples on the planet.


Plus, they were all created by the world’s top producers, sound designers, and instrumentalists.


Simply drag & drop, and the possibilities are truly endless.


Sometimes you may need drums to start a beat, other times you’ll want a melody to finish one.


Whatever you’re looking for, you can guarantee you’ll find a wide array of choices in each and every pack.


For any situation and all genres, these free sample packs did not disappoint.


Until next time…


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