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The Top 9 Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins of 2024 (Shocking!)

Welcome to the sonic wonderland of pitch-shifting.


Whether you’re an aspiring music producer or a seasoned pro, you know that the right tools can make all the difference in elevating your sound.


That’s why we’ve curated this ultimate guide to the Top 9 Free Pitch Shifter VST Plugins of 2023.


They’ll help you unlock a world of endless creative possibilities and help you pitch-shift like an absolute boss.


Get ready to explore a treasure trove of pitch manipulation gems that will help you:


  • Create Lush Harmonies & Otherworldly Textures
  • Dive Into Innovative Soundscapes
  • Learn Professional Tips & Tricks
  • Optimize Your Pitch-Shifting Process With 10 Expert Techniques


So strap in and prepare for a sonic journey like no other, as we uncover the best free pitch-shifter plugins to elevate your tracks and captivate your audience.


What is Pitch-Shifting?


Pitch-shifting is the process of changing the pitch of an audio file without affecting its playback speed.


This technique is widely used in music production for various purposes.


For example, pitch correction, creative effects, harmonization, and more.


In the modern digital world, pitch-shifting has become a standard tool for music producers and sound engineers alike.


Pitch shifter plugins are essential tools that help you pitch shift effortlessly within your DAW.


Pitch Shifters come with various features and algorithms to provide different levels of pitch manipulation, ranging from subtle pitch adjustments to extreme pitch transformations.


With the right pitch shifter plugin, you can take your music production to new heights and unlock endless creative possibilities.


Top 9 Free Plugins For Pitch Shifting


The following 9 free VST pitch shifter plugins cover all your pitch-shifting needs and processes.


#1. Graillon 2 – Auburn Sounds


pitch shifter


Graillon 2 is a powerful and versatile pitch-shifting plugin that provides a range of capabilities for vocal and monophonic instrument processing.


With its robust feature set, Graillon 2 can be used for pitch correction, harmonization, and creative sound manipulation.


The plugin’s simple yet highly functional interface ensures a smooth user experience, allowing you to focus on your creative vision.


Its Pitch Correction module allows you to adjust the pitch of your audio (lower pitch, tempo, etc.) in real-time, with a selectable scale and a configurable correction strength.


This enables anything from subtle tuning adjustments to the classic auto-tune effect.


The harmony generation feature, on the other hand, lets you create rich harmonies based on your input audio and chosen key.


Graillon 2’s pitch-shifting capabilities extend beyond pitch correction and harmonization.


Graillon 2 Auburn Sounds - Unison


It includes a powerful “Pitch-Tracking Modulation” feature that enables you to create unique and creative effects.


By modulating the pitch, formant, or other parameters based on the input audio’s pitch, you can achieve a wide range of effects.


From robotic voice transformations to ethereal, evolving soundscapes, this free pitch shifter plugin has it all.


#2. Pitchproof – Aegean Music


Pitchproof Aegean Music e1682191210792 - Unison


Pitchproof is a unique pitch shifter plugin that emulates the classic analog pitch-shifting effects found in vintage guitar pedals.


It combines pitch shifting with harmonization to create a wide range of musical effects.


The intuitive interface and versatile feature set make Pitchproof a powerful tool for both music production and live performances.


You can choose from various harmonization modes, including major scales, minor scales, and pentatonic scales.


The harmonization feature can be used to create lush harmonies, adding depth and interest to your melodies.


Pitchproof also includes a Blend Knob.


This allows you to mix the dry signal and wet pitch-shifted signal for precise control over the effect’s intensity.


Pitchproof Blend Detune - Unison


As well as a Detune function, which can be used to create subtle pitch variations, change pitch options, and add a sense of depth and richness to your audio.


This feature is particularly useful for thickening guitars, adding a sense of fullness and character to your sound.


Speaking of guitars, make sure to download the Unison Beatmaker Guitar Pack (Free Teaser) for the ultimate guitar loops.


#3. MIDI Choir 3.0 – MV’s Plugins


MIDI Choir 3.0 MVs Plugins 1 - Unison


MIDI Choir 3.0 is a creative pitch shifter plugin specifically designed for vocal processing.


It allows you to transform a single vocal track into a choir by intelligently generating harmonies based on the input MIDI notes.


This powerful tool is perfect for adding depth and richness to your vocal arrangements, making your tracks sound more professional and polished.


The plugin’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily select the number of voices, adjust the stereo spread, and fine-tune the pitch and timing of each voice.


MIDI Choir’s advanced algorithms ensure that the generated harmony sounds natural and musical, regardless of the input audio’s complexity.


This feature enables you to create realistic choir effects that complement your vocal tracks without sounding artificial.


Its included Vibrato module allows you to add natural-sounding vibrato to your generated harmonies 一 enhancing the realism and expressiveness of your virtual choir.


By adjusting the vibrato depth and speed, you can tailor the effect to match the style and mood of your track.


Version 3.0 comes with a completely new rendering engine, delivering improved quality even for extreme pitch modification.


MIDI Choir 3.0 MVs Plugins e1682191815467 - Unison


As well as improved sibilant processing, a new soft-knee look-ahead compressor, and a new reverb.


If you’re looking for the best reverb plugins, we’ve got you covered.


#4. Stolon – novaflash


Stolon novaflash - Unison


Stolon is a highly customizable pitch shifter plugin that offers a wealth of features for creative sound design and manipulation.


Its granular pitch-shifting algorithm provides precise control over the pitch.


This will allow you to create everything from subtle detuning effects to enthralling soundscapes.


You can adjust the grain size, overlap, and window shape to achieve a wide variety of sonic textures.


It can be used as a classic effect and/or like a polyphonic instrument driven by the MIDI keyboard for harmony and choir effects.


Stolon 2 - Unison


Stolon also includes a built-in LFO, which can be used to modulate the pitch for dynamic and evolving effects.


By combining the granular pitch-shifting algorithm with the LFO’s modulation capabilities, you can create intricate, evolving textures.


They can add sufficient depth and interest to your sound design projects or music compositions.


#5. Son Of A Pitch – Saltline


S.O.A.P e1682192375586 - Unison


Son of a Pitch (S.O.A.P) is a powerful pitch shifter plugin that provides a wealth of options for fine-tuning and manipulating the pitch of your audio files.


The pitch of the incoming signal can be controlled by the pitch knob or by a sync to host LFO, ranging from +3 octaves to -3 octaves of the original pitch.


This pitch shifter also features an LFO-controlled filter section, with:


  1. 3 unique filters
  2. 2 SV filters
  3. Butterworth filter


This allows you to make large pitch adjustments with the coarse mode.


As well as fine-tune the pitch with the Fine mode and apply global pitch shifts to the entire audio file.


The filter section can be bypassed sending the dry signal straight to the pitch bender.


Son Of a Pitch 4 - Unison


Additionally, this pitch shifter also includes a built-in envelope follower.


This can be used to create dynamic pitch-shifting effects that respond to the input signal’s amplitude.


It adds an organic, responsive quality to your pitch-shifting effects; making them feel more natural and engaging.


#6. dShift – whiteLABEL


dShift whiteLABEL - Unison


dShift is a unique pitch shifter plugin that combines pitch-shifting with delay effects to create exciting and otherworldly sounds.


Its pitch-shifting section includes controls for pitch, fine-tuning, and feedback.


Therefore, you’re able to create a wide range of effects from subtle pitch adjustments to extreme pitch dives.


The delay section offers controls for delay time, feedback, and mix.


This will help you to craft intricate, echoing pitch-shifted textures that will impress anyone who hears it.


dShift whiteLABEL 2 - Unison


The delay times range from 2 ms to 5 seconds.


It also includes a pitch-shifter, a bit-crusher, a wave-shaper and a shelving filter.


These intricate features can help you add an extra layer of depth, intrigue, and excitement.


#7. FreSh – Max Project


FreSh Max Project - Unison


FreSh is an absolutely free pitch shifter plugin designed specifically for pitch correction and vocal processing.


Its user-friendly interface and streamlined feature set make it an excellent choice for adjusting the pitch of your recordings.


FreSh offers precise pitch control with adjustable pitch range and correction speed.


This allows you to achieve natural-sounding pitch correction or create more exaggerated, auto-tune-style effects.


It also includes a built-in formant shifter, which can be used to alter the tonal characteristics of a voice.


FreSh Max Project 2 - Unison


By adjusting the formant shift parameter, you can create unique vocal effects that change the character and timbre of the original recording.


This feature can be used to add variety and interest to your vocal arrangements, making them stand out in the mix.


#8. Spectrum Lemuring – Fugue State Audio


Spectrum Lemuring Fugue State Audio - Unison


Spectrum Lemuring is an experimental pitch-shifting plugin that utilizes spectral processing to create epic sounds.


The advanced algorithms available allow for precise manipulation of the input audio’s frequency content.


In other words, it’s an excellent tool for everyone from creative sound designers to those who are just learning how to become a music producer.


This VST plugin provides control over the spectral resolution, which determines the level of detail in the frequency analysis.


By adjusting this parameter, you can achieve a wide range of effects 一 from smooth, continuous shifting to granular, glitchy transformations.


Spectrum Lemuring also includes a “Freeze” function, which captures the current frequency content and holds it.


Freeze e1682193029396 - Unison


This allows you to create evolving, drone-like textures, which a lot of free pitch shifters don’t offer.


Spectrum Lemuring features a built-in LFO that can modulate various parameters, such as pitch, spectral resolution, and freeze time.


This adds another layer of complexity and interest to the plugin’s output.


#9. GSnap – GVST


GSnap GVST - Unison


GSnap is a popular and versatile online pitch shifter that provides a comprehensive set of features for adjusting the pitch of your audio recordings.


The control panel consists of three parts – Detection, Correction, and MIDI.


You can set the bottom and top audio frequency range to specify where to start the detecting and change values under Correction to control vocal tuning effects.


Setting a target scale for pitch correction is super beneficial.


It enables you to achieve natural-sounding results that fit the intended harmony of your track.


GSnap Correction - Unison


Its advanced pitch detection algorithms ensure that the pitch shift process is smooth and accurate.


Even when dealing with complex and polyphonic audio material.


This free pitch shifter plugin also includes a built-in formant preservation feature, which helps maintain the natural tonal characteristics of the input audio.


10 Expert Tips For Pitch-Shifting Like a Boss


  • Understand The Context


Before applying pitch-shifting effects to the original pitch with pitch shifters, make sure you know the purpose behind the change. Whether it’s for creative sound design, fixing pitch issues in a recording, time-stretching, or transitioning between musical keys.


  • Choose The Right Pitch Shifter Plugin For You


With various pitch-shifter VST plugins available, each with its unique features and capabilities, pick the one that best suits your needs and the specific task you’re trying to achieve.


  • Utilize MIDI Input (when available)


Some pitch shifters allow for MIDI input, providing you with more control over the pitch correction process. Use MIDI input to guide the plugin and ensure the resulting harmonies fit your intended musical context.


  • Formant-Shifting


When working with vocals, formant shifting can produce unique effects and maintain the natural tonal characteristics of the voice, even when applying significant pitch changes to your song.


  • Layer Pitch-Shifted Tracks


To create rich and interesting textures, try layering multiple pitch-shifted tracks, each with different pitches and processing settings. This technique can add depth and complexity to your mix.


  • Use Automation


Automate certain parameters such as pitch, speed, or modulation to create evolving, dynamic effects that change over time and add interest to your track.


  • Thickening & Widening


Small amounts of shifting can be used to thicken and widen sounds, like vocals or guitars, creating a subtle chorus-like effect that adds depth to your mix without being overly noticeable.


  • Integrate Other Effects


To create unique and engaging sounds, try combining pitch-shifting with other effects like reverb, delay, or distortion. This can lead to unexpected and inspiring results that elevate your sound design and music production.


  • Fine-Tuning


Spend time fine-tuning your plugin’s settings, such as pitch range, correction speed, and formant preservation. This will ensure that the effect is smooth, accurate, and natural-sounding.


  • Experiment


Don’t be afraid to explore and try new production tips techniques, settings, and combinations to discover your unique sound and push the boundaries of your music production.


Final Thoughts


With this incredible lineup of the top 9 free pitch shifter VST plugins of 2023, you’re now equipped to explore new heights of creativity and elevate your music production game.


From subtle pitch adjustments to wild and experimental manipulations, the possibilities are endless.


In order to further enhance your pitch-shifting prowess, don’t forget to experiment with the expert tips provided for each plugin.


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It comes equipped with over 1,200 professionally-crafted chords & chord progressions that will impress anyone who hears them.


This powerful MIDI pack will help you create stunning harmonies and chord progressions that perfectly complement your pitch-shifted masterpieces.


Now go forth and conquer the world of pitch-shifting, and unleash your inner sonic visionary.


Until next time…



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