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Top One-Shot Samples of 2024 For Crazy Electrifying Tracks

One-shots are fundamental building blocks in the music production world, capable of elevating your track from basic to unforgettable with their unique textures and sonic qualities. 


They can give your song life, provide that missing piece in a mix, and enhance the overall sound design. 


Plus, help your beats stand out and contain those special moments that capture listeners’ attention and never let go. 


So, as a music producer, having access to the most epic one-shot samples in the game is invaluable. And that’s exactly what we’re bringing to you today! 


All of the following one-shots are:


  • Created by professional sound designers & producers ✓
  • High-quality and polished ✓
  • Diverse (covering all genres) ✓
  • Unique & not available elsewhere ✓
  • Designed for professional tracks ✓
  • Easy to integrate into projects & with other sounds ✓
  • Versatile and flexible; perfect for creative exploration ✓
  • Etc. ✓


These one-shot samples will not only enhance your music production workflow but also assist you in finding a signature sound that is professional and uniquely yours. 


As well as discover tools that offer both quality and creativity, helping you create tracks that take over the dancefloor and make a name for yourself.


So, let’s dive right into these legendary one-shot samples…


#1. Unison One-Shot Essentials (Free)


one-shot samples



The free Unison One-Shot Essentials pack is all about quality and creativeness.


It contains polished, perfectly processed one-shot samples that can completely elevate your music production to a whole new level, like:


  • 808
  • Atmos
  • Bass
  • Brass
  • Guitar
  • Keys
  • Leads
  • Misc
  • Etc.


Meaning, you’ll have all the opportunity in the world to experiment and introduce creative techniques, with samples that are untouchable and professional.


These one-shots have a track record of contributing to over 3 million plays… and your track could be next. 


It offers a super rare blend of versatility and exclusivity that can help push the limits of your creative mind.


The value of this pack extends beyond its variety 一 each one-shot sample is created by top sound designers who specialize in sample design.


Meaning, every sample can bring a professional-level quality to your projects


Whether you’re layering a pad underneath your melody to add depth or using a crisp pluck to punctuate your rhythms, each one-shot sample is another opportunity. 


For example, powerful brass one-shots can add a super soulful punch to your tracks, ideal for creating dynamic builds or memorable hooks


The possibilities with each unique sample is priceless, which is a sign to use them when you’re experiencing beat block as well.


Download the Unison One-Shot Essentials Now


#2. Unison Mello One-Shot Collection


Unison Mello One Shot Collection Art 750x750 1 1 - Unison



Using these specialized one-shots from the Unison Mello One-Shot Collection can transform a simple arrangement into an emotional soundscape.


One that engages and moves your audience like never before.


The dreamy pads can serve as the backbone for your tracks 一 setting a mood that’s both captivating and immersive


Meanwhile, the crisp plucks are perfect for adding rhythmic complexity or creating catchy motifs that listeners can’t help but remember. 


The unique one-shot FX included in this pack also provides producers like you with the tools to add interest and texture to their tracks.


Whether you have a request from a picky artist or are sick of logging into endless accounts only to find the same one-shot samples, the Mello One-Shot Collection offers the sounds and inspiration to push your music further. 


Plus, with all the one-shots being inspired by Marshmello, you know you’re getting the most innovative samples around.


Download the Unison Mello One-Shot Collection Now


#3. Unison Bass One-Shot Collection


Unison Bass One Shot Collection Art 750x750 1 1 - Unison



For producers and sound designers looking to make an impact on the dancefloor, the Unison Bass One-Shot Collection is your golden ticket.


This pack features 85 meticulously created one-shots, including: 


  • 15 Aggressive 808s
  • 58 Bold Basses
  • 12 Unique Leads


It inlcludes a range from deep bass and smooth to downright filthy. 


Inspired by the sounds of house music giants like Malaa, Dr. Fresch, AC Slater, Drezo, and Golden Features, this collection is aimed to help you create tracks with the depth, power, and edge.


Whether you’re aiming for the infectious groove of tech house or the dark allure of deep house, these bass one-shots provide the foundation for tracks that not only move the crowd but also destroy dance floors.




Production is all about experimentation… and with these one-shot samples, you’ll be able to mess around with different, exciting textures and tones.


From the gritty aggression of an 808 kick that punches through the mix to the nuanced layers of a smooth bassline that adds warmth and groove, make sure to get creative.


Download the Unison Bass One-Shot Collection Now


#4. Unison Tech House One-Shot Collection


Unison Tech House One Shot Collection Art 750x750 1 1 - Unison



The Unison Techno One-Shot Collection is the ultimate selection of sounds designed to propel tech house and techno tracks to the forefront of the music scene. 


Inspired by industry leaders like FISHER, Camelphat, Green Velvet, and Billy Kenny, this pack includes 100 one-shots that embody the groove and energy of tech house and techno, like:


  • 33 Groovy Basses
  • 10 Unique Keys
  • 33 Signature Leads
  • 12 Crisp Plucks
  • 12 Spicy one-shot FX


Every single signature sound is designed not just for function but to inspire creativity.


It will help you to bang out tracks that not only connect with tech house and techno enthusiasts but also stand out on playlists and dance floors. 


The basses provide the foundational rhythm essential for any song in this genre, while the unique keys and signature leads offer the melodic hooks that can define a true hit.


Incorporating these legendary one-shots into your track is a surefire way to transform them into tech house anthems. 


For example, using the spicy one-shot FX can add that much-needed oomph and texture to transitions or drops, creating moments in your tracks that keep listeners geeked up.


Similarly, layering the crisp plucks over groovy basses can produce a rich, dynamic sound that captures the essence of tech house and techno (driving your listeners wild). 


The diversity and quality of each sample in this pack make it an invaluable addition to any musically innovative toolkit.


Download Unison Tech House One-Shot Collection Now


#5. Unison Unique One-Shot Collection


Unison Unique One Shot Collection Art 750x750 1 1 - Unison



The Unison Unique One-Shot Collection stands out for its focus on individuality and innovation in sound design (my personal favorite).


With 55 one-shot samples designed to make your tracks cut through the competition, this pack is an essential asset for producers looking to really make waves. 


It’s jam-packed with epic sounds and new possibilities, from eccentric to mind-blowing. 


I mean, they’re proven to help you develop your unique sound and make chart-topping tracks with the best ear candy around; so no need to browser anymore either. 


Utilizing these innovative one-shots in your tracks can be a game-changer, especially if you bring sound design and synths to the table. 


Whether you’re adding a quirky pluck to create memorable rhythms (at any tempo) or using an unconventional pad to set a mysterious mood, each sample in this collection is a stepping stone to creating music that stands out. 


The versatility of these samples makes it possible to blend different styles to create something truly original, from electronic music to rock demos or everything in between. 


Download The Unison One-Shot Collection Now


Best One-Shot Samples: Final Thoughts


In the dynamic and vibrant world of production, using/manipulating one-shot samples cannot be overstated. 


They’ll help you create textured layers, driving rhythms, and memorable melodies that not only sound professional but really turn heads.


Remember, the right sound can make or break your track, setting you apart.


So, go use these legendary one-shot samples to create pulsating, electrifying anthems that gain you new fans around the world.


Until next time…



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