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The Best Trap Melodies of 2024: Top 4 Packs (Free & Paid)

Trap melodies are super influential in defining the vibe and energy of a track.


They can elevate a simple beat to a chart-topping hit and capture that trap essence to make listeners want more.


So, as a music producer, it’s key to have access to the best trap melodies in the game, so you can create those heart-pounding tracks that perfectly reflect why trap music has become such a popular genre.


The reason we chose these trap melodies packs are because of their:


  • Supreme quality
  • Professional sound (created by pro producers & sound designers)
  • Versatility & flexibility
  • High compatibility with major DAWs
  • Wide range of MIDI files for customization
  • Inclusion of royalty-free options
  • Ability to create chart-topping hits
  • Access to unique and captivating samples, loops, etc.
  • Overall epic trap precision


You’ll have access to the absolute best trap melodies around to create captivating, professional-sounding tracks that will instantly have people hooked.


Whether you’re aiming for the dark, aggressive tones or the catchy, melodic hooks that can make your music go viral, these packs are invaluable.


So, let’s dive in…


#1. Unison Trap MIDI Melody Collection


trap melodies



The Unison Trap MIDI Melody Collection is your go-to source for creating hit-worthy trap melodies.


With 120 drag-and-drop MIDI files, this pack offers instant inspiration and the ability to create chart-topping trap music.


The trap melodies found in this collection blend the hottest elements of today’s trap scene with classic “old-school G sounds.”


It will help you create simple yet iconic melodies reminiscent of the best, most popular trap songs.


This pack is designed to evoke that “wow effect” in listeners to make your beats stand out.


Creating this collection involved a deep dive into the top tracks on Billboard, Spotify, and other platforms to decipher the common patterns and threads among successful trap melodies.


After extensive research and production, it boiled down to the very best 120 MIDI files that embody the appeal of trap music.


These MIDI files give you the flexibility to use them as is or customize the notes to fit your unique style.


For those looking to bypass years of music theory learning, this collection is a goldmine.


It provides a straight path to understanding and creating high-quality trap melodies  significantly boosting your chances of producing a hit track.


Plus, with compatibility across all major DAWs, including FL Studio, these MIDI files are ready to elevate your music production game right out of the box.


The versatility and depth of this pack is unheard of.


It ensures that your next beat will make anyone feel that signature trap essence in their soul.


Get The Hottest Trap Melodies Around


This Trap Sample Pack Contains: 


Trap Drums6 - Unison


  • 120 drag and drop MIDI files (trap melodies)


#2. Unison Free Trap Sample Pack


Unison Free Trap Sample Pack 750 - Unison



The Unison Free Trap Sample Pack is a game-changer for music producers looking to achieve a professional sound without the cost.


This pack includes over 60 free:


  • Trap melody loops
  • Samples
  • MIDI files


It gives you the foundation to produce tracks for big names like Future, Travis Scott, and Lil Baby.


With everything from the hottest trap melodies to crisp, clear trap melody loops and MIDI files, this pack ensures your beats are not just heard but remembered.


Offering a wide variety of sounds modeled after the styles of today’s top trap artists, this pack includes everything from 808s to free melody loops.


Every loop/sample is designed by professional producers and sound designers to elevate your tracks (and not just a little bit).


The quality of these sounds, including the free trap melodies, is designed to instantly enhance every trap beat you create.


This trap melody pack not only makes your beats sound top-notch but also ensures they’re ready for the competitive music business industry.


With the Unison Free Trap Sample Pack, you’re not just accessing a collection of sounds  you’re unlocking unlimited potential to create captivating trap melodies.


Download the Unison Free Trap Sample Pack Now


This Free Sample Pack Contains: 


Lydian dominant - Unison


  • 2x 808
  • 2x Atmos
  • 2x Bass Loops + MIDI
  • 2x Bass Shots
  • 2x Claps
  • 2x Closed Hats
  • 2x Cymbals
  • 2x Drum Loop + Stems & MIDI files
  • 2x FX & Misc
  • 2x Foley
  • 2x Kicks
  • 2x Melodic One Shots (the best melodic one shots around)
  • 2x Free Melody Loops/Free trap melody loops
  • 2x Open Hats
  • 2x Percs
  • 2x Snaps
  • 2x Snares


#3. Unison Trap Beatmaker Pack


Unison Trap Beatmaker Pack Art 750 - Unison



The Unison Trap Beatmaker Pack is a powerhouse for producers aiming to dominate the trap world.


Featuring an extensive collection of trap samples, loops, and MIDI files, this pack is tailored to perfection.


It’s designed to help you produce beats that not only stand out but also resonate with the style of heavy-hitters like Drake, and Travis Scott.


Each sound, especially the trap melodies, is created to perfection to make sure your productions have the edge needed to cut through the noise of the music industry.


With over 60 melody loops, complemented by 190 audio stems/167 MIDI stems, the versatility and quality of the trap melodies in this trap melody pack are unmatched. 


Plus, the inclusion of 20 punchy 808s, crisp claps, and a wide array of kicks and snares allows for endless creativity.


It will help you create beats that are both unique and impactful. 


Every loop, sample, and MIDI file, created by the best in their field, is ready for immediate use ensuring your tracks are current, competitive, and abundant.


This trap melody pack not only serves supreme trap sounds on a golden platter, but the music production tools to explore the details of darker, aggressive side of hip-hop as well (if desired).


The comprehensive selection of sounds, including the standout trap melodies, makes this trap melody pack an invaluable resource for trap producers and engineers of any style/form.


Download the Unison Trap Beatmaker Pack Now


This Sample Pack Contains: 


Music Production 10 - Unison


  • 20x 808s
  • 10x Atmos
  • 10x Bass Loops (+10 MIDI Stems)
  • 10x Bass Shots
  • 15x Claps
  • 20x Closed Hats
  • 10x Cymbals
  • 20x Drum Loop (+ 81 Audio Stems & 134 MIDI Stems)
  • 10x Foley
  • 23x FX & Misc
  • 20x Kicks
  • 46x Melodic Shots
  • 60x Trap Melody Loops (+ 190 Audio Stems & 167 MIDI Stems)
  • 10x Open Hats
  • 15x Percs
  • 6x Snaps
  • 20x Snares


#4. Bonus: Unison Essential MIDI Melodies (Free)


Unison Essential MIDI Melodies 750x750 1 - Unison



Unison Essential MIDI Melodies is a game-changer for producers looking to elevate their tracks with catchy, professional, and captivating melodies


This free pack offers 12 unique MIDI melodies that were created to make your beats stand out and emulate the hottest trap sounds around.


You will truly be blown away by the quality of these free trap melodies.


Whether you want to create the next trap anthem with epic vocals or exploring other popular genres, these MIDI melodies provide the foundation for addicting tracks.


It will transform your projects with free trap melodies that have the potential to top the charts. 


This pack is particularly valuable for trap producers, although it can cater to many different genres.


It offers free trap melodies that can be tweaked to fit any sound/style/scales.


Plus, makes sure every bit of your beat carries that professional edge and scales the charts, so do not throw this opportunity away.


Download Unison Essential MIDI Melodies Now


This Free Sample Pack Contains:


Major Pentatonic - Unison


  • 12 unique, hit MIDI melodies (the keys to trap greatness)


Trap Melodies: Final Thoughts


The trap melodies featured here are your key to crafting standout tracks in today’s competitive music scene.


They embody the highest quality and versatility ensuring your beats hit hard and stick in your listeners’ heads.


Whether you’re experimenting with different trap sounds or have a specific vision in mind, these melody packs have got you covered (and some).


With the knowledge you’ve gained from this article, you can now explore the depths of trap music production and leave your mark with unforgettable melodies.


Now, with the best trap melodies in the game, go and create sick music that will captivate and inspire.


Until next time…



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