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How to Get On Spotify Playlists: Expert Tips & Tricks (2024)

Spotify still remains one of the leading platforms in the music industry for getting your music heard by the masses and connecting with new listeners.


That’s why knowing how to get on Spotify playlists is invaluable. 


With them, you can increase your music’s visibility, boost streaming numbers, and help get your name out there as a music producer or artist.


Remember, Spotify playlists are more than just collections of songs 一 they’re the key to enhancing your music career and making major waves.


In today’s article, we’ll break down:


  • The importance of Spotify playlists ✓
  • Preparing your music for submission ✓
  • Spotify for Artists & Spotify Editorial playlists ✓
  • Mastering Spotify’s algorithm ✓
  • Expert tips, tricks, and techniques ✓
  • Strategies for Discover Weekly & Release Radar ✓
  • How to get the attention of playlist curators ✓
  • Expanding beyond Spotify ✓
  • Advanced tips to get your music playlisted ✓
  • Much more ✓


You’ll be able to manipulate Spotify playlists like a boss and break down its algorithms for maximum exposure.


This way, you can finally get your tracks the recognition they deserve and hopefully gain millions of new listeners along the way.


So, let’s dive in…


The Importance of Spotify Playlists


Spotify Playlists - Unison


Spotify playlists are key for producers and artists looking to widen their reach and attract more listeners with one of the world’s most popular streaming services. 


Being featured on a playlist, like Spotify’s own editorial playlists, user-generated playlists, or algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly can be game-changing. 


It will seriously elevate your music’s visibility and streaming numbers by giving you access to:


  • A Wider Audience Reach


EDM crowd - Unison


Spotify playlists expose your tracks to a vast audience. 


Each playlist feature acts as a channel 一 directing Spotify users directly to your music and potentially multiplying your stream count overnight.


  • Great Opportunities


Opportunities - Unison


For many Spotify users, playlists are the main tool for discovering new music. 


So, securing your song on any playlist, especially Spotify’s curated editorial playlists or genre-specific lists, can spotlight your music to music fans looking for new sounds. 


Or, even get your job opportunities if, let’s say, an independent artist wanted to use your beats (if you’re a producer) or vice versa.


  • Algorithmic Advantages


how to get on spotify playlists


Spotify’s algorithmic playlists, such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, personalize content for listeners based on their past listening habits. 


Getting your music into these playlists means you’re more likely to reach listeners who already like your specific style. 


  • Editorial Clout


Music Producer 2 - Unison


Getting recognition from the Spotify editorial team by being featured in one of their other playlists will give you a significant boost in terms of streams and credibility. 


It shows listeners and the industry alike that your music stands out.


  • Community and Curating Considerations


Community - Unison


User-generated playlists offer a unique community feel, with each Spotify user sharing their favorite music on Spotify. 


Getting featured on these playlists can lead to: 


  • Organic growth
  • Unlimited clout
  • Unlocking new opportunities


From skyrocketing stream counts and reaching new fans to being crowned as one of the upcoming greats, it can really make a difference. 


This makes understanding how to get your music on Spotify playlists an invaluable part of your music promotion strategy, so let’s break it down more.


Preparing Your Music


Mixing on headphones cover - Unison


To maximize your chances of getting playlisted on Spotify, it’s essential to prepare your music like a pro, focusing on both its sound quality and strategic release. 


To significantly increase your appeal to Spotify algorithm processes and editorial teams make sure that you include:



Plus, leveraging Spotify for Artists to submit your unreleased music for Spotify playlist placement consideration ahead of your release date can give you a leg up. 


This careful preparation and strategic planning are key to really taking over and making sure your song sticks out above the competition when music fans listen.


Spotify for Artists


Spotify For Artists 2 - Unison


Spotify for Artists is an indispensable tool for any artist aiming to make an unforgettable impact on Spotify listeners (and Spotify curators). 


It not only allows you to manage your artist profile but also provides super valuable analytics regarding: 


  • Demographics
  • Listening habits
  • Ideal times
  • Etc.


By understanding these analytics, you can tweak your marketing strategies to better target potential fans; making it easier to get your music heard by the right audience. 


One of the most powerful features of Spotify for Artists is the ability to submit unreleased music for Spotify playlist consideration. 


This gives the Spotify editorial playlist team a chance to review your music before it’s released to the public. 


To make the most of this feature, make sure your submissions are well-timed (ideally four weeks before the release date) and provide all necessary information about your track.


This includes the story behind it and why it stands out. 


Early submission not only increases your chances of getting on Spotify playlists but also allows your song to be included in your followers’ Release Radar playlist.


Meaning, it will gain instant traction upon release.


Plus, Spotify for Artists offers personalized insights and tips on how to optimize your Spotify profile and music for better visibility and engagement. 


For instance, it suggests the best times to release new music based on when your listeners are most active. 


Bottom line 一 taking advantage of these insights can lead to more strategic release planning (e.g., the next release day) and marketing methods


Basically, it will help your own tracks land on more popular playlists and reach new listeners/music fans.


  • Pro Tip: Setting Up Your Artist Profile


Spotify with headphones - Unison


A captivating and interesting Spotify artist profile/artists account is your ticket to both staying engaged with existing listeners and getting new fans. 


Make sure that your Spotify account features: 


  • A unique profile
  • A captivating bio
  • Details & breakdowns


Also, make sure your featured playlists are updated regularly to reflect your latest releases and milestones. 


NOTE: High-quality, engaging profile content can attract Spotify playlist curators’ attention, increasing your chances of getting featured on Spotify user-generated and Spotify-curated playlists. 


Treat your Spotify artist profile (artists dashboards) as a dynamic asset and remember to continuously optimize it to showcase your brand and music in the most alluring light. 


The Power of Spotify Editorial Playlists


Spotify Editorial - Unison


Getting featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists can significantly elevate your music’s visibility and streaming numbers. 


These playlists are curated by Spotify’s team of music experts and are: 



It offers a wide exposure to new and existing audiences. 


The key to catching the eye of the editorial team lies in uniqueness and quality. 


Your music needs to stand out in terms of production quality, lyrical depth, and overall vibe to be considered for these highly-renowned playlists. 


To increase your chances of getting noticed, focus on creating a sound that’s not only true to you but also resonates with current trends within your genre. 


Pay close attention to the listener playlists in your genre and note what kind of tracks they feature. 


This doesn’t mean you should lose your uniqueness 一 instead, understand what’s working and how you can offer fresh and innovative music on Spotify. 


Remember, the Spotify editorial playlist team is always on the lookout for music that can add value and variety to their playlists.


  • How to Catch the Spotify Editorial Team’s Eye


Beat Block1 - Unison


Building a solid story around your music is as crucial as the music itself as Spotify’s editorial team favors artists with a super strong narrative. 


This could be: 


  • An interesting backstory behind your new song
  • Unique production process
  • Your struggle/journey as an artist
  • Etc.


When you submit your music for Spotify playlist consideration through Spotify for Artists, make sure to include these details. 


A stand-out story can make your music more memorable and engaging, boosting your chances of getting playlisted on Spotify. 


Also, actively engaging with your Spotify presence can signal to the editorial team that you’re a serious producer/artist. 


This includes frequently updating your artist profile, creating and sharing your own playlists, and promoting your Spotify links on social media and your website. 


It will increase your streams/saves and demonstrate your commitment to building a listening fanbase on Spotify 一 making your own tracks better for editorial playlists.


How to Get Featured on Discover Weekly and Release Radar


Discover Weekly - Unison


Discover Weekly and Release Radar are two of Spotify’s most powerful tools for new music discovery. 


To maximize your chances of being featured, focus on releasing music regularly, which keeps your existing audience engaged and can help attract new listeners. 


Each new release is an opportunity to be included in Release Radar playlists of your followers 一 ensuring your latest tracks are directly delivered to their ears. 


Driving initial engagement with your new releases can also influence their inclusion in Discover Weekly. 


Encourage your fans to: 


  • Save your tracks
  • Pre-save upcoming releases
  • Share your music on social media


This early engagement sends positive signals to Spotify’s algorithm 一 increasing the chances of your music being recommended to more listeners with similar tastes. 


Collaborating with other artists can also boost your chances of being featured. 


When you collaborate, you gain access to their audience, which can lead to increased streams and engagement. 


This, in turn, can improve your visibility to Spotify’s algorithms, potentially leading to features on Discover Weekly and Release Radar for both new and existing fans.


Beyond Spotify: Other Music Streaming Platforms


Apple Music Spotify e1694217248647 - Unison


Spotify is a giant when it comes to streaming platforms; that’s a given.


However, it’s important not to overlook the potential of other platforms like Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music. 


Being active and making noise across various music streaming services can not only expand your reach but also help you stay relevant and talked about.


Each service has its unique features and audience, offering different ways for artists to connect with fans and new listeners.


For example, YouTube Music uses YouTube’s massive video platform to give you the opportunity to pair your tracks with engaging visuals. 


Similarly, Apple Music’s curated playlists and radio shows offer another chance to get your music heard by new listeners.


It can increase your visibility and accessibility, which is key.


Utilizing music distribution services can streamline this process 一 ensuring your tracks are available wherever your potential fans are looking for your song. 


These services often provide even more valuable analytics from each platform (the more the better, in this case). 


Plus, being present on multiple platforms can lead to opportunities for:


  • Exclusives
  • Weekly playlist placements
  • Features on different streaming services


For instance, exclusive release windows on Apple Music or featured artist spots on Amazon Music can attract new fans and generate buzz around your releases. 


Engaging with each platform’s unique community, whether through comments on YouTube or shares on Apple Music, can enhance your relationship with your listeners.


This encourages loyalty and support across your music career, which is super important.


Tips and Strategies to Get Playlisted on Spotify


Next, let’s break down tips and tricks for getting playlisted on Spotify with proven strategies and things to avoid at all costs. 


  • Analyzing Data for Better Music Placement


Spotify Analytics 1 - Unison


Data is your best friend when it comes to playlist placement, Spotify algorithm insights and getting people to listen to your tracks.


Spotify for Artists provides a wealth of analytics that can guide your strategy for getting playlisted on a consisten basis.


Pay close attention to which of your songs are being added to user-generated playlists and the demographics of your listeners. 


This information can reveal certain patterns and preferences so you can take full advantage of those trends when it comes to getting playlisted on Spotify.


For instance, if you notice a particular song is popular in user-generated workout playlists, you can focus on creating more high-energy songs suited for this activity.


Also, analyzing the performance of your songs on Spotify can help you understand the best/worst timing for new releases. 


If your data shows a spike in listens on weekends, consider releasing new tracks on Fridays to capitalize on weekend listening habits. 


Meaning, it could lead to your song getting playlist placement in Discover Weekly or a Release Radar playlist 一 exposing your music to even more new fans.


  • Understanding Pre-Saves


Spotify Pre Save e1710814825944 - Unison


Pre-saves are the Spotify equivalent of pre-orders for physical albums and can be a game-changer for getting playlisted. 


By encouraging your fans to pre-save your upcoming releases, you’re essentially ensuring that your music hits the ground running the moment it’s released. 


High pre-save numbers signal to Spotify that there’s significant interest in your music, which will increase the chances of being featured on playlists like New Music Friday or genre-specific Spotify editorial playlists.


Leveraging social media and your email list to promote pre-saves is a smart move. 


Offer exclusive content or a chance to win merchandise to fans who pre-save your music on Spotify (single track, EP, etc.)


This not only boosts your pre-save numbers but also strengthens your connection with your fans 一 creating a community of supporters that will spread the word. 


Tip: Never overwhelm any member of Spotify (like Spotify’s editorial team, curators, etc.). Otherwise, you could destroy your reputation and relationship with Spotify which, needless to say, won’t help you get playlisted on Spotify ever again.


How to Get on Spotify Playlists: Final  Thoughts


Spotify is one of the most influential platforms in the music streaming world, offering unparalleled opportunities for you to share your music with a global audience. 


Learning how to get on Spotify playlists can seriously help you amplify your reach, connect with new listeners, and solidify your spot in the music industry. 


Plus, as you now know, it can boost your visibility and clout in a major way, which will help your career skytocket.


To truly stand out and get your music playlisted on Spotify, you need flawless production quality: this is where the Free Project Files come into play. 


This invaluable pack offers three professional project files that break down the intricacies of how professional tracks are created.


This includes mixing, mastering, leveling, mind-blowing effects, and everything in between.


It’s the best resource for elevating your sound to industry standards and ensuring your tracks are playlist-ready and resonate with both listeners and curators on Spotify.


Now, with all this new knowledge about how to get on Spotify playlists, it’s time to be #1 on everyone’s playlists and get your music the recognition it deserves.  


Until next time…



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