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MIDI Files: The 20 Hottest MIDI Packs of 2024 (Over 50K Files)

MIDI files are a game-changer for anyone involved in music production.


They offer an unparalleled level of flexibility 一 allowing you to edit, rearrange, and reimagine musical elements at will.


A well-chosen MIDI file can elevate your track from average to astonishing and turn it into a masterpiece that captivates your audience.


However, if you don’t know where to download the hottest MIDI files in the game, you’ll never unleash the full power of this incredible tool.


Luckily, our comprehensive guide has got you covered.


In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down:


  • MIDI basics ✓
  • How to creatively manipulate MIDI files ✓
  • 9 of the hottest free MIDI packs of 2023 ✓
  • 11 of the hottest paid MIDI packs  of 2023 ✓
  • Creating hits with MIDI files ✓
  • So much more ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly where to find the MIDI files that suit your style and needs.


Whether you’re on a budget or looking for professional quality at zero cost, we’ve got you covered.


Get ready to blow the minds of anyone who hears your tracks, because you’ll be armed with the sensational MIDI files found in these cutting-edge MIDI packs.


So, let’s dive in…


What Are MIDI Files?


MIDI files


Okay, let’s get down to the basics first.


MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and MIDI files are like the blueprint of your tracks.


Unlike audio files, which contain recorded sound, MIDI files store data about the:


  • Notes
  • Instruments
  • Tempo


Basically, everything you need to recreate a piece of music.


If you’re into hip-hop production like I am, you know how crucial MIDI files are.


They let you manipulate each aspect of a song 一 from tweaking the piano chords to altering those hi-hat rolls.


And the best part?… You can do this without affecting the overall quality of the track.


It’s no wonder that popular MIDI files have taken over the hip-hop game; they offer a level of flexibility that’s hard to match.


Now, when it comes to how to download MIDI files, you’ve got 2 options:


  1. Free MIDI files 一 You can download and start messing around with immediately.
  2. Paid MIDI files 一 Offer a bit more in terms of complexity and quality.


We’ll dive deep into both types in this post, but just know that either route you take, there’s gold to be found.


How do you find the best MIDI files?


Well, you have to find the best sites, and not all of them are equal.


In fact, most of them are extremely lackluster, but not Unison Audio, which is where all the MIDI files/packs mentioned today are from.


All you have to do is search for the genre, instruments, or even specific songs you’re looking for, and voila!


Simply download the file and import it into your music production software, and you’re ready to roll.


How To Creatively Manipulate MIDI Files


MIDI Messages 2 - Unison


Manipulating MIDI files opens up an expansive realm of creative possibilities for music producers.


In essence, a MIDI file is more than just a digital score, it’s a flexible format that serves as the blueprint for your musical masterpiece.


The MIDI format enables you to interact with various elements of a composition, making it a breeze to:



Using a MIDI controller, you can effortlessly map out controls to various parameters in your digital audio workstation (DAW).


Whether you’re tweaking pitch bend or modulating volume, the tactile experience of a MIDI controller provides a level of expressiveness that’s hard to replicate with just a mouse and keyboard.


MIDI controllers also serve as the perfect interfaces for any MIDI device.


They allow you to seamlessly integrate hardware synthesizers, drum machines, or even lighting systems into your setup.


NOTE: If you’re looking for the best MIDI keyboards of 2023, we’ve got you covered.


All of these devices (even two MIDI devices) can be linked via a specific MIDI channel.


This provides you with an unmatched level of control over multiple elements simultaneously.


Mastering the art of MIDI command allows you to recreate an entire ensemble without needing to record each instrument (like electronic musical instruments) separately.


You can easily set up backing tracks for live performances or even produce virtual orchestras for your compositions.


Importantly, MIDI files are often used to generate sheet music and offers a bridge between the digital and traditional realms of music.


This can be incredibly useful for musicians who want to transition between composing on a DAW and playing on acoustic instruments.


Learning how to creatively manipulate MIDI files can transform your approach to music production.


You need to understand how to optimize the use of MIDI format, MIDI controllers, MIDI devices, MIDI channels, and MIDI commands.


This will help you take your beats and backing tracks to a whole new level.


Whether you’re a new producer or a seasoned pro, mastering these elements is key to producing dynamic and compelling music.


Free MIDI Files: Elevate Your Music Production Game Without


Who says you need to spend big to make killer tracks? Not us!


We know how crucial it is to have access to top-notch resources without emptying your pockets.


So, we’re diving into some of the best free MIDI packs available that can skyrocket your hip-hop production game.


Let’s cut to the chase and get into the nitty-gritty of these game-changing MIDI packs.


If you’re asking yourself how to find MIDI files that can change your tracks for the better, wonder no longer.


# 1. Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions


Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions 750x750 1 - Unison



Imagine having the power of iconic tracks from artists like Led Zeppelin, Ariana Grande, or Travis Scott, right at your fingertips.


That’s exactly what Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions offer.


These high-quality MIDI files are like cheat codes for generating hits.


Built on the chord progressions that have fueled chart-toppers for years, these free MIDI files set your tracks up for instant success.


From Post Malone’s melancholy to the electronic groove of Daft Punk, this pack covers a wide musical terrain.


There’s something here for you, whether you’re into:


  • Trap
  • Lo-fi
  • Hip-hop
  • Pop
  • Etc.


Plus, with 24 unique MIDI chord progressions, you’ve got enough material to keep the hits coming for a long time.


The best part?… It’s as easy as drag-and-drop.


Import these chord progressions into your DAW, and you’re ready to roll.


Customize them to suit your unique style, or use them as-is to keep things simple.


Either way, you’re starting off on the right foot.


Plus, if you’re worried about copyright issues, don’t 一 every single MIDI file in this pack is 100% copyright- and royalty-free.


That means you get to create your own hit records without the legal hassle.


It’s hit-making made easy and totally free, there’s really nothing better than that.


Download the Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions Now


# 2. Unison Essential MIDI Melodies


Unison Essential MIDI Melodies 750x750 1 - Unison



If you’re looking to craft tunes that listeners can’t help but replay, Unison Essential MIDI Melodies is your go-to.


Designed to birth tracks that scream “top of the charts,” these melodies have the secret sauce to make your music addictive.


With 12 hit MIDI melodies, you’re never short on inspiration.


These free MIDI files aren’t genre-specific 一 making them a perfect fit for any hip-hop subgenre you’re into (be it drill, boom bap, or R&B).


Plus, this pack doesn’t just offer killer melodies… it offers ultimate flexibility.


You’re able to:


  • Tweak them
  • Twist them (arrangement)
  • Make them your own
  • Get crazy creative


When you’ve got control over your melodies, you’re in the driver’s seat for creating chart-worthy tunes.


Just like its chord-based counterpart, Unison Essential MIDI Melodies, unlike most files, is 100% royalty-free.


You’re free to manipulate these melodies and make them your own without worrying about any legalities.


These free MIDI files (with the MIDI information) are all about you and your creativity, as it should be.


Download the Unison Essential MIDI Melodies Now


#3. Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits


Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits 750x750 1 - Unison



If there’s one thing that can make or break your track, it’s the drum pattern.


A killer melody or chord progression is nothing without the right beat to back it up, that’s for sure.


That’s where Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits come into play.


Curated to deliver that perfect drum pattern specific to your genre, this pack is a must-have for any hip-hop producer.


Think of these free MIDI files as your one-stop shop for drum programming.


With 5 complete MIDI drum kits, this pack includes:


  • 5x Kick MIDI Lines
  • 5x Closed Hat MIDI Lines
  • 5x Open Hat MIDI Lines
  • 5x Snare/Clap MIDI Lines
  • 6x Perc MIDI Lines
  • 2x Off-Snare MIDI Lines


No matter what your drum needs are, Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits has got you covered.


Just like the other packs, usability is a priority.


Drag and drop these free MIDI files into your DAW and watch as your tracks transform.


Instantly create professional-sounding drum grooves that are meticulously crafted to give your tracks that addictive swing.


As always, don’t fret over legal stuff.


The entire pack is 100% royalty-free 一 giving you the freedom to knock out hit tracks without a second thought.


Unison has made sure you can focus on what matters most: making legendary music with these free MIDI files.


Download the Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits Now


#4. Unison Essential Advanced MIDI Chord Progressions


Unison Essential Advanced MIDI Chord Progressions 750x750 1 - Unison



Sure, basic chords can get the job done, but if you’re looking to truly stand out, you’ll need something more advanced.


That’s exactly what Unison Essential Advanced MIDI Chord Progressions brings to the table.


This pack is like a MasterClass in advanced music theory, packed into convenient (and mind-blowing) free MIDI files.


Inside, you’ll find 24 unique, complex chord progressions designed to add a layer of sophistication to your tracks.


Forget about the standard I-IV-V…


These progressions involve intricate alterations and inversions that would make even a seasoned musician take notice.


You can instantly plug these advanced MIDI chord progressions into your own songs.


Whether you’re using them to add extra flair to an existing project or as the foundation for a new one, these free MIDI files are sure to impress.


So, regardless if you’re a beginner or a seasoned producer, these free MIDI files can seriously enhance your tracks and workflow.


Download the Unison Essential Advanced MIDI Chord Progressions Now


#5. Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls


Unison Essential MIDI Hi Hat Rolls 750x750 1 - Unison



Your track’s rhythm and groove lie in the details.


With Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls, you get precisely what’s often missing in many beats: the perfect hi-hat roll patterns.


These are the subtle touches that differentiate chart-topping tracks from mediocre ones.


And with these free MIDI files, your tracks will truly shine.


This pack provides 10 meticulously crafted MIDI hi-hat rolls that can instantly make your drums pop.


The intricacy and attention to detail are second to none 一 ensuring your track gets the rhythmic intricacy it deserves.


As with the other packs, all of these free MIDI files are designed for immediate use.


Simply drag and drop the MIDI files into your DAW, and you’re all set to give your track an instant boost in quality and rhythmic feel.


These hi-hat rolls are guaranteed to elevate your game.


So, instead of sounding like everybody else, you have the unique opportunity to blow your competition out of the water.


Plus, as always, 100& copyright- and royalty-free.


Download the Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls Now


#6. Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials


Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials 750x750 1 - Unison



The Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials is not just a pack; it’s a crash course in advanced music theory.


Created by professionals with extensive music theory knowledge, these 24 free MIDI files are proven to capture your audience.


This includes inclusions like:


  • Impressive MIDI scales
  • Chord progressions
  • Melodies


This isn’t your everyday scales pack, either.


It’s packed with scales and progressions that require a nuanced understanding of music theory.


Meaning, your beats will instantly stand out in a saturated market.


As with all Unison packs 一 these free MIDI files are designed for ease of use and big results.


Instantly inject complexity into your music by simply dragging and dropping these advanced, free MIDI files into your project.


Each MIDI file in this pack is not just royalty-free but also highly customizable.


Whether you’re a hip-hop or EDM producer, these scales and progressions offer the flexibility to fit any genre.


Download the Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials Now


#7. Unison YouTube MIDI Chord Progressions


Unison Youtube MIDI Chord Progressions Art 750 - Unison



Loved those chord progressions from Unison’s YouTube tutorials?


Well, now you can have them all in one pack: The Unison YouTube MIDI Chord Progressions.


This collection brings over 45 chord progressions from hit songs across multiple genres, from artists like:


  • Drake
  • Post Malone
  • Harry Styles
  • Kanye West
  • Future
  • Much more


These aren’t just any chord progressions 一 these are proven formulas replicated from chart-topping hits.


Fully customizable, these free MIDI files offer endless possibilities to tweak them to your sound and style.


Plus, this pack doesn’t discriminate when it comes to hip-hop, pop, rock, or other genres.


Whether you’re into pop, hip-hop, or EDM, these chord progressions are sure to make your tracks hit-worthy.


Again, no copyright woes…


Use these YouTube-famous chord progressions freely in your personal and commercial projects.


Feel free to ake them yours and get ready to climb the charts.


And the best part is, all the included MIDI files are completely free.


Download the Unison YouTube MIDI Chord Progressions Now


#8. Unison MIDI Box (Free Teaser)


Unison MIDI Box Free Teaser Pack Art 750 - Unison



Get a sneak peek of what the full version of Unison MIDI Box has to offer with the Unison MIDI Box (Free Teaser Pack).


Including 55 high-quality, free MIDI files, like:


  • Melodies
  • Chord progressions
  • Basslines
  • Drum patterns


This pack is a true sampler platter of production goodness, with each MIDI file created with professionalism.


This teaser pack (and the included MIDI files) doesn’t skimp on quality.


Expect professionally crafted MIDI files that will give your tracks the pro touch they deserve.


Like other Unison packs, these MIDI files are ready to be dropped into your project for an instant quality boost.


They’re modeled after the biggest hit songs 一 ensuring your tracks are ready for the limelight.


Experience the quality of Unison MIDI files without any financial commitment.


All the free MIDI files in this pack are royalty-free and cleared for personal and commercial use.


So, if you’re looking to download MIDI files of the highest caliber, look no further.


Download the Unison MIDI Box (Free Teaser Pack) Now


# 9. Unison Essential MIDI Basslines


Unison Essential MIDI Basslines - Unison



Unison Essential MIDI Basslines gives you what every dancefloor needs: a heavy, infectious bassline.


This pack contains 12 fire, free MIDI basslines designed to make your tracks unforgettable.


Each bassline is designed to not just add an insane amount of depth to your tracks, but also to get people moving.


Whether it’s a pulsing EDM track or a groovy hip-hop beat, these basslines are the secret sauce.


These high-quality MIDI files are ready-to-use, just like the other Unison packs.


As soon as you drag & drop them in your session, you’ll instantly feel the bass knock throughout your track.


This will set them up to dominate the charts over and over again.


Use them however you want, and start crafting tracks that will make you an absolute legend on the dancefloor.


For the hottest MIDI files around, this pack has got you covered.


Download the Unison Essential MIDI Basslines Now



After exploring a variety of free options that can kickstart your musical creativity, it’s time to delve into the premium territory.


If you’re serious about your music production and are looking to invest in top-notch resources, these paid MIDI packs from are exactly what you need.


Each pack offers specialized features tailored to various needs 一 from complex chord progressions to basslines that’ll make your tracks irresistibly danceable.


Get ready to discover the absolute best MIDI files in the game…


#1. Unison MIDI Chord Pack


MIDI Chord Pack 3D 1 2 - Unison



If you’re stuck in a creative rut, the Unison MIDI Chord Pack might be the key to unlocking your inspiration.


This comprehensive folder contains every fundamental chord and chord progression imaginable.


Choose from over 1,200 chords and progressions 一 perfect for reigniting your creativity and breathing new life into dormant tracks.


This pack isn’t just about chords.


It also offers:


  • Pads
  • Basslines
  • Leads
  • Arpeggios


These MIDI files give you a rounded set of musical elements to complete your compositions.


And if you’re not a music theory expert, don’t worry.


This pack, containing the hottest MIDI files, eliminates the need for complex theory, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your music.


BONUS: It comes with a 15-page walkthrough PDF and 20 premium Serum presets specifically designed for this pack.


Besides these MIDI files, this huge PDF and premium presets can change the game.


Download the Unison MIDI Chord Pack Now


#2. Unison MIDI Starter Pack


Unison MIDI Starter Pack 750x750 1 1 - Unison



If you’re new to music production or on a tight budget, the Unison MIDI Starter Pack is designed with you in mind.


Normally priced at $27, these MIDI files are currently available for the astonishingly low price of $7.


This pack contains 200 unique MIDI files, spanning:



Yes, all of these popular MIDI files are drag-and-drop; ready to simplify your creative process.


Whether you’re producing in hip-hop, house, R&B, pop, or even jazz, this pack is universally applicable.


It’s fully customizable and 100% royalty-free 一 offering a quick way to elevate your tracks to a commercial standard.


Don’t miss this limited-time offer if you’re a serious producer keen on making hit-worthy music.


Other paid MIDI files are either an obnoxious amount or seriously lacking.


This pack and the included MIDI files have it all!


Download the Unison MIDI Starter Pack Now


#3. Unison MIDI Blueprint


Unison MIDI Blueprint Box 500 2 - Unison



The Unison MIDI Blueprint is like a Swiss Army knife for music producers.


This is your ultimate guide to creating radio-worthy tracks across 20 different genres.


It boasts an extensive collection of over 37,000 popular MIDI files 一 from individual chords to complete chord progressions.


Not only does this pack provide an infinite source of inspiration, but it also comes with a 54-page in-depth walkthrough PDF.


This contains expert tips, tricks, and techniques on how to best utilize the included MIDI files.


Whether you’re into ambient, trap, hip-hop, or jazz, the Unison MIDI Blueprint can significantly boost your production capabilities.


With these popular MIDI files, you can quickly create deep, emotionally resonant music that captures the attention and hearts of your listeners.


Plus, get your music the recognition it truly deserves.


Download the Unison MIDI Blueprint Now


#4. Unison Lo-Fi MIDI Chord Collection


Lo Fi 750x750 1 2 - Unison



Are you trying to catch that nostalgic wave of Lo-Fi vibes?


If so, the Unison Lo-Fi MIDI Chord Collection has got you covered (and then some).


This MIDI pack is specifically curated to help you create the sonic landscapes that define the Lo-Fi genre.


With influences from electronic music and jazz, the chord progressions in this pack are carefully chosen to elicit that smooth, relaxed, and “floaty” vibe that has been gaining immense popularity.


The pack is rich in complex chords that promise an authentic Lo-Fi experience, like:


  • Gbmaj7
  • Eb6
  • Em7b


The Unison Lo-Fi MIDI Chord Collection offers a holistic approach to composing your tracks.


Not only does it cover the chords to set up the structural backbone of your projects, but it also features pads, basslines, leads, and arpeggios to round out your compositions.


Forget about spending years learning music theory, as this pack has done the heavy lifting for you.


With 1,800+ popular MIDI files available, you can drag and drop your way to a professional-sounding Lo-Fi track in no time.


And blow away your competition in the process.


Download the Unison Lo-Fi MIDI Chord Collection Now


#5. Unison Trap MIDI Chord Collection


Trap 750x750 1 2 - Unison



If you’re aiming to break into the Trap scene, the Unison Trap MIDI Chord Collection is your ultimate resource.


Trap has been standing out as one of the most influential music genres over the past decade.


Therefore, you’ll want to equip yourself with chords and progressions that the top producers swear by.


This pack offers a rich selection (from fadd11 to adim) 一 ensuring your beats are both catchy and fresh.


Similar to other packs in the Unison collection, this Trap-specific MIDI pack gives you an all-in-one solution for your productions.


From foundational chords and pulsating basslines to intricate leads and arpeggios, the options are endless.


The Unison Trap MIDI Chord Collection serves as a shortcut to mastering the complex nuances of Trap music.


With 1,800+ popular MIDI files, this pack makes it incredibly easy to bring your Trap visions to life.


Download the Unison Trap MIDI Chord Collection Now


#6. Unison Synthwave & Synth-Pop MIDI Chord Collection


Synthwave Synth Pop 750x750 1 2 - Unison



For those enchanted by the retro-futuristic sounds of Synthwave and Synth-Pop, the Unison Synthwave & Synth-Pop MIDI Chord Collection is a must-have.


This genre’s unique style traces back to the 1980s soundtracks of:


  • Action
  • Sci-fi
  • Horror films


If you’re aiming to create compositions that evoke intense emotion coupled with suspense, look no further.


This pack features key chords like g7sus, amaj9, and c#m9 that can turn your tracks from bland to gripping.


The Unison Synthwave & Synth-Pop MIDI Chord Collection aims to offer a comprehensive approach to your track development.


It does so by offering a wide variety of mind-blowing chords, pads, basslines, leads, and arpeggios.


Skip the grueling process of music theory education 一 this pack lays it all out for you.


As with the other Unison MIDI packs, you’ll get 1,800+ popular MIDI files to jumpstart your production process.


Simply drag, drop, and watch your Synthwave or Synth-Pop creations come alive.


Download the Unison Synthwave & Synth-Pop MIDI Chord Collection Now


#7. Unison Rock & Metal MIDI Chord Collection


Rock Final 500x500 1 1 - Unison



The Unison Rock & Metal MIDI Chord Collection is a testament to the rock genre.


The electric guitar and rock music are synonymous, creating a sonic landscape that has defied time and trends for over six decades.


Built on the foundational elements of heavy drums, bass, and vocals, rock music often incorporates blues harmonies and modal chords like:


  • bII
  • bIII
  • bV
  • bVI
  • bVII


The Unison Rock & Metal MIDI Chord Collection offers a comprehensive range of these core chord progressions and movements.


The pack covers everything from power chords (which define the rock sound) to diatonic chords that shift in polarity and dominant-type chord transitions.


What sets these popular MIDI files apart is its thoughtful inclusion of not just standard triads but also extended chords.


While extended chords are less predominant in rock, they are not entirely absent and can add that unique touch to your compositions.


NOTE: To help you get the most out of this MIDI chord collection, it comes with a walkthrough PDF.


This guide will not only show you how to best use the pack but will also give you insights on how to write melodies over these complex chords and progressions.


If you’re looking for quality, you can’t get any better than this.


Download the Unison Rock & Metal MIDI Chord Collection Now


#8. Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection


UK Drill UK Grime 750x750 2 1 - Unison



The essence of UK Drill and UK Grime lies in its gritty, urban, underground sound that captivates listeners.


The Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection is designed to infuse your tracks with this raw emotion and street sound.


This pack contains 120 unique MIDI melodies that were carefully curated after studying top tracks on platforms like Billboard and Spotify.


Therefore mastering common threads and patterns in this genre.


Beyond just providing MIDI melodies, this professional pack equips you with:


  • Leads
  • Plucks
  • Pads
  • Keys
  • Arpeggios


With these elements, you can create tracks from start to finish without any music theory knowledge.


In addition, you can tweak or transpose the popular MIDI files according to your taste 一 offering unlimited inspiration.


As you work with these MIDI melodies, you’ll learn about the structural components of captivating UK Drill and UK Grime melodies.


This will boost your chances of making a hit song.


So, if you’re looking to find MIDI files that can completely change the game, look no further.


Download the Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection Now


#9. Unison Pop & Future Pop MIDI Drum Collection


Pop Future Pop Art 750x750 1 1 - Unison



Pop music is versatile and ever-changing, yet some elements remain constant, such as its drum patterns that focus on radio playability.


The Unison Pop & Future Pop MIDI Drum Collection takes this into account, and offers:


  • 50 unique MIDI drum kits
  • Comprising 250+ total patterns


These drum patterns are designed to appeal to a wide audience 一 mixing electronic and acoustic drum elements to achieve radio-ready sound.


This drum collection aims to make your workflow smoother and more efficient by providing plug-and-play, pro-level drum patterns.


By using these popular MIDI files, you’ll be able to consistently release tracks that resonate with listeners on a primal level and get them dancing.


Whether you’re looking to create traditional Pop or explore the realms of Future Pop, this MIDI drum collection is the quickest way to do so.


Plus, the most effective way to add professional-sounding drum grooves to your projects.


Which, as you know, are really the stars of the show.


Download the Unison Pop & Future Pop MIDI Drum Collection Now


#10. Unison DJ MIDI Chord Pack


DJ MIDI Chord Pack SavedForWeb 1 - Unison



Creating a hit EDM track has never been easier thanks to the Unison DJ MIDI Chord Pack.


This comprehensive collection taps into the chord progressions from some of the most iconic hits in electronic music, featuring artists like:


  • Avicii
  • Martin Garrix
  • Calvin Harris


And the best part?… You can use these chord progressions legally, as chord progressions can’t be copyrighted.


Built from a detailed analysis of tracks with a combined play count of 11 billion, this pack functions as a “producer cheat code.”


It grants you access to 300 unique and popular MIDI files that have been proven to resonate with millions of listeners.


Each MIDI file is key-labeled and organized 一 offering you a quick plug-and-play experience.


It can elevate your existing projects or provide a robust foundation for new beats, and everything in between.


And like always, everything is 100% royalty-free.


This will ensure you peace of mind as you integrate these chords into your own creative process.


The result is radio-worthy tracks that stand out, supported by proven chord structures that have already captivated audiences worldwide.


Not to mention, these MIDI files are renowned by electronic musicians and contemporary pop musicians alike.


If you’re looking for the best paid MIDI files in the game, this pack is for you.


Download the Unison DJ MIDI Chord Pack Now


#11. Unison Minor Pentatonic (Blues) Advanced Scales MIDI Collection


Minor Pentatonic Blues Art 750x750 1 - Unison



The Minor Pentatonic scale is synonymous with timeless hits and universal appeal.


The Unison Minor Pentatonic Advanced Scales MIDI Collection is built upon this classic structure, offering an arsenal of:


  • Scales
  • Chords
  • Melodies


This unique collection of MIDI files is founded on meticulous research of the top Minor Pentatonic tracks on platforms like Billboard and Spotify.


The result is a pack brimming with top-tier, popular MIDI files that span a range of applications 一 from leads and plucks to pads, keys, and arpeggios.


What sets this pack apart is its versatility and depth.


You don’t need a degree in music theory to start crafting compelling compositions.


Whether you’re looking to inject your tracks with rare scales and patterns or get your music sounding more advanced and catchy, this collection has you covered.


With over 1,100+ MIDI files at your fingertips, you can drag & drop your way to high-quality tracks that resonate with your audience and stand out from the crowd.


Download the Unison Minor Pentatonic (Blues) Advanced Scales MIDI Collection Now


MIDI Files: Final Thoughts

In the fast-paced world of music production, MIDI files stand as an indispensable tool for creators at all levels.


Whether you’re diving into chord progressions in hip-hop, capturing the underground vibe of UK Drill, or exploring the infectious rhythms of Reggae, the flexibility and utility of MIDI files can’t be overstated.


This article has guided you through an array of options (both free and paid) to help you find the perfect MIDI files for your project.


We’ve also delved into the intricacies of manipulating MIDI files 一 offering you invaluable skills to take your tracks to the next level.


Remember, the right MIDI files can serve as the backbone for your compositions and provide you with an unprecedented level of creative control.


With the tools and knowledge you’ve gained from this article, you’re well on your way to blowing the minds of anyone who hears your tracks.


So go ahead, dive into the world of MIDI files, and unleash your musical genius.


Until next time…



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