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Synthesizer Keyboard: The 11 Best Synths For Production (2024)

Keyboard synthesizers are integral tools for any modern music producer.


They can elevate a track with their unique sounds, provide rich sounds for experimentation, and serve as the backbone for various musical genres. 


As well as being performance instruments, they are pivotal in sound design and music production. 


So, as a music producer, it’s important to know the best keyboard synthesizers, of all categories, to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving music industry.


In this article, we’ll break down:


  • The diversity in synthesizer types ✓
  • Features that define a quality synthesizer ✓
  • The importance of key count and playability ✓
  • The role of digital and analog components ✓
  • The 11 best keyboard synthesizers for 2024 (with key features) ✓
  • How sequencers enhance a synthesizer’s capability ✓
  • The impact of filters on sound shaping ✓
  • The significance of polyphony and monophony ✓
  • The versatility of hybrid synths ✓
  • The #1 synthesizer keyboard for 2024 ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge about the top keyboard synthesizers, enabling you to make informed decisions for your tracks.


You’ll understand the nuances that differentiate each synthesizer and how they can be utilized to create sounds that resonate with your artistic vision. 


Plus, discover the top 11 keyboard synths for 2024.


This insight will empower you to select and use these instruments like a professional.


So, let’s dive right in…


#1. Arturia MiniFreak 37-key Hybrid Synthesizer


synthesizer keyboard


The synthesis world is buzzing with the arrival of the Arturia MiniFreak 37-key Hybrid Synthesizer.


It’s a groundbreaking instrument that represents a fusion of digital and analog realms.


With its 37 keys, the Arturia MiniFreak offers an expansive range, suitable for a wide array of musical genres and styles. 


Arturia, a company known for its innovative synthesizers, has meticulously crafted the Arturia MiniFreak to deliver a sound that is both versatile and expressive.


This makes it ideal for digital music producers seeking to expand their sonic palette.


This synthesizer keyboard stands out with its powerful digital oscillators 一 capable of generating a diverse array of waveforms


These oscillators are paired with analog filters, a combination that offers the warmth of classic analog synths with the precision and clarity of digital synthesis. 


The Arturia MiniFreak’s hybrid design ensures that producers can explore a spectrum of sounds (from traditional to experimental) all with a few tweaks of its intuitive interface.


The Arturia MiniFreak’s extensive modulation options, including a generous mod matrix, provide endless possibilities for shaping and sculpting sound. 


Its sequencer enhances playability, making it an ideal tool for both studio recording and stage uses. 


The versatility of this synthesizer keyboard makes it a standout choice, perfect for those seeking the cutting-edge in synth technology.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


MiniFreak1 - Unison


  • Hybrid design with digital oscillators and analog filters.
  • 37 keys offering extensive range and play options.
  • 6-voice polyphony for rich, layered sounds over other synths.
  • 22 oscillator modes, enabling a wide spectrum of sonic exploration.
  • Advanced modulation options with a comprehensive mod matrix (superior to most synthesizers).
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers//keyboards of today, perfect for modern music production.


#2. Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer


MicroBrute1 - Unison


Arturia’s MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer is a compact yet formidable monophonic synthesizer keyboard, revered for its pure analog sound. 


This synthesizer is a testament to Arturia’s commitment to quality synthesizers and innovation in the realm of analog synthesis/synthesizers. 


Its small footprint belies its powerful capabilities, making it a favorite among producers who appreciate the classic analog sound in a modern context.


The MicroBrute excels in delivering raw, unfiltered audio quality. Its monophonic design is ideal for creating: 



The synthesizer’s Steiner-Parker filter, a hallmark of Arturia’s design, offers unique sonic characteristics that set the MicroBrute apart from other synthesizers in its class.


Despite its compact size, the MicroBrute doesn’t compromise on functionality. 


Its keys are meticulously designed for responsive and dynamic play. 


This synthesizer keyboard also includes a built-in step sequencer 一 enhancing its performance capabilities.


Plus, making it one of the best synthesizers for both studio work and live performances.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


MicroBrutee2 - Unison


  • Pure analog signal path for authentic sound production.
  • Monophonic design, ideal for crafting distinct lead & bass sounds.
  • Steiner-Parker filter, offering unique tonal qualities, unlike other synths.
  • Built-in step sequencer for enhanced musical creativity.
  • Compact and robust, suitable for space-conscious studios and live setups.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#3. Novation MiniNova Analog Modeling Synthesizer


MiniNova1 - Unison


The Novation MiniNova Analog Modeling Synthesizer is a powerhouse packed into a compact frame. 


This synthesizer keyboard is a testament to Novation’s prowess in creating versatile and innovative musical gear. 


The MiniNova, with its analog modeling capabilities, brings various sounds and textures.


This makes it a go-to synthesizer for music producers and sound designers who value diversity and creativity in their sound.


Equipped with Novation’s renowned Nova sound engine, the MiniNova offers a broad spectrum of tones 一 from lush pads to razor-sharp leads. 


The synthesizers keys are designed to be expressive and sensitive to the nuances of your playing.


It ensures a dynamic and engaging experience whether in the studio or on stage.


The MiniNova also stands out with its vocoder and vocal effects 一 enabling producers to manipulate and transform vocal sounds in show-stopping ways. 


This feature, combined with the synthesizer’s extensive sound library and easy-to-navigate interface, makes the MiniNova a highly versatile tool.


It’s perfect for a wide range of musical styles and production techniques.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


MiniNovaa2 - Unison


  • Advanced Nova sound engine for a broad range of digital tones.
  • Compact and portable gear (ideal for on-the-go synthesizers).
  • Vocoder with unique vocal effects for innovative sound manipulation.
  • Extensive onboard sound library suitable for various musical styles.
  • Intuitive user interface, accessible for beginners and professionals alike.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#4. IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro


Uno Synth - Unison


The IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro marks a significant step forward in the world of digital synthesizers. 


As a flagship model from IK Multimedia, this synthesizer keyboard blends: 



It’s perfect for music producers who demand versatility and quality in their studio gear.


Uno Synth Pro stands out with its impressive paraphonic mode, allowing intricate layering of sounds across its responsive keys. 


The digital nature of this synthesizer ensures a pristine sound quality, making it suitable for a broad range of musical applications. 


Its extensive filter info/options and powerful sequencer further highlight IK Multimedia’s commitment to providing synthesizers that inspire creativity and innovation. 


Plus, they far outweigh most other synthesizers.


Moreover, the Uno Synth Pro’s interface is designed for intuitive use 一 making it accessible to producers of all skill levels. 


Whether in a home studio or on stage, this synthesizer keyboard from IK Multimedia is a versatile tool.


It’s capable of delivering a wide array of sounds from classic to contemporary.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


Uno Synth2 - Unison


  • Paraphonic mode for layered, rich sounds.
  • Digital synthesizer gear with pristine sound quality.
  • Extensive filter options for detailed sound shaping.
  • Powerful sequencer for dynamic performances (studio & stage).
  • Intuitive interface, suitable for all levels of music producers who work with synthesizers.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#5. Moog Minimoog Model D


ModelD - Unison


The Moog Minimoog Model D is a legend in the synthesizer world. 


Renowned for its rich, warm analog sound, this monophonic synthesizer keyboard is a staple in many professional and home studios. 


Moog’s dedication to quality is evident in the Model D, making it a top choice for producers who value the unmistakable sound of analog synthesis.


This synthesizer is celebrated for its pure analog signal path, which contributes to its iconic sound character. 


Its oscillators are capable of producing: 



The tactile nature of its keys and the intuitive layout of its controls make playing the Model D a deeply satisfying experience.


The Moog Model D is not just a synthesizer 一 it’s a piece of musical history that continues to influence music production today. 


Its robust build and timeless design make it a desirable instrument for those who appreciate the vintage analog sound in a modern setting.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


ModelD2 - Unison


  • Pure analog signal path for authentic Moog sound (supreme over most synthesizers).
  • Monophonic design, ideal for bass and lead sounds.
  • Iconic oscillators and filters deliver Moog’s signature sonic warmth.
  • Tactile interface, with filter breakdown, for immersive sound creation.
  • Durable build & classic gear design, cherished in the music industry.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#6. Sequential Prophet-5


Prophet52 - Unison


The Sequential Prophet-5 is a name synonymous with innovation in the world of synthesizers. 


This polyphonic synthesizer keyboard, developed by Sequential, is revered for its lush, warm sound and has played a pivotal role in shaping modern music.


As one of the first fully programmable polyphonic synthesizers, the Prophet-5 has a special place in the history of electronic music.


The Sequential Prophet-5’s polyphonic capabilities make it perfect for creating rich, textured sounds. 


Its keys are designed to be expressive 一 providing a dynamic and engaging play experience. 


Sequential’s integration of modern features with the Sequential Prophet-5’s vintage charm ensures that it remains a top instrument in today’s music production landscape.


This synthesizer keyboard is a testament to Sequential’s commitment to quality and innovation. 


The Sequential Prophet-5 continues to be a favorite among producers who seek a blend of classic sound and contemporary functionality.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


Prophet5 - Unison


  • Polyphonic design for complex, layered sounds.
  • Warm and organic sound character, a signature of Sequential synthesizers.
  • Fully programmable synth for creative sound design.
  • Expressive keys so you can dynamically play.
  • Blend of vintage charm and modern features.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#7. Oberheim OB-X8


Oberheim1 - Unison


The Oberheim OB-X8 synthesizer keyboard is a masterful revival of the classic Oberheim sound.


It blends the legacy of vintage synthesizers with the precision of modern music technology


This polyphonic synthesizer, crafted by Oberheim, is designed to cater to the needs of today’s digital music producers. 


With its expansive sound and dynamic capabilities, the OB-X8 is a testament to Oberheim’s enduring influence in the world of synthesizers.


As a polyphonic synthesizer, the OB-X8 is capable of delivering complex, layered sounds that are rich in texture. 


This is made possible by its versatile architecture, which includes: 


  • Multiple oscillators
  • A wide range of filters 


The keys on the OB-X8 are meticulously crafted to offer a responsive and expressive play experience 一 suitable for intricate lead work and lush chord progressions


This level of expressiveness makes the OB-X8 a go-to choice for performers and studio musicians alike.


Oberheim’s commitment to quality shines through in the OB-X8. 


Its interface is intuitive and designed for ease of use without sacrificing depth and versatility (unlike some synthesizers). 


The synthesizer offers a blend of classic Oberheim tones with modern functionality. 


This makes it the ideal gear/instrument for those seeking a vintage sound with contemporary reliability and innovation. 


The OB-X8 is not just a synthesizer; it’s a bridge between the past and present, offering music producers a comprehensive tool for creative expression.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


Oberheimm2 - Unison


  • Polyphonic capabilities, perfect for creating layered and rich textures.
  • Multiple oscillators and a wide range of filters for diverse sound shaping.
  • Responsive & expressive keys for intricate/dynamic playing.
  • A harmonious blend of vintage Oberheim tones with modern technology.
  • Intuitive interface, catering to stage performance and studio use.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#8. Elektron Digitone


Digitone1 - Unison


The Elektron Digitone synthesizer keyboard stands out in the digital synthesizer landscape with its unique approach to FM synthesis. 


Renowned for its innovative design, Elektron has crafted the Digitone to be both user-friendly and deeply capable.


This makes it a standout choice for digital music producers seeking to explore new sonic territories and enhance their workflow.


The Digitone redefines what a digital synthesizer can do, offering unparalleled creative freedom.


This synthesizer keyboard is praised for its intuitive approach to FM synthesis, which allows for the creation of complex and dynamic sounds with relative ease. 


The Digitone’s keys are designed to be highly responsive, ensuring a dynamic and engaging playing experience. 


Its digital nature ensures that the sounds produced are crisp and clear, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and applications.


Furthermore, the Digitone comes equipped with a powerful sequencer 一 enhancing its capabilities as a stage performance and composition tool


This feature, along with its extensive modulation options, positions the Digitone as a versatile and indispensable tool in any music producer’s arsenal. 


Elektron’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital synthesis is evident in every aspect of the Digitone. 


This makes it a synthesizer keyboard that makes sure innovation is not optional, but guaranteed.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


Digitone2 - Unison


  • Unique and accessible approach to FM synthesis.
  • Highly responsive keys so you can dynamically play.
  • Crisp and clear digital sound production over other synthesizers.
  • Powerful sequencer for advanced compositional capabilities.
  • Extensive modulation options for diverse sound shaping.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#9. Roland SYSTEM-8


SYSTEM8 - Unison


The Roland SYSTEM-8 synthesizer keyboard is a marvel of digital synthesis, embodying Roland’s legacy in the synthesizer domain. 


This advanced digital synthesizer keyboard offers a plethora of features that cater to the modern music producer’s needs.


It blends traditional synth elements with innovative digital capabilities. 


It’s a testament to Roland’s dedication to pushing the boundaries in the world of synthesizers.


The SYSTEM-8 is renowned for its versatile engine, capable of producing a wide array of sounds, including: 


  • Classic analog emulations
  • Cutting-edge digital textures


This versatility is a boon for producers who demand a diverse sonic palette. 


The keys on SYSTEM-8 are designed for precision and expressiveness 一 allowing for both intricate melodic work and robust chordal play, unlike some other synthesizers. 


This level of detail in design makes it an ideal synthesizer keyboard for both studio recording and live performances.


Roland’s commitment to quality and innovation is further evidenced by the powerful sequencer and the range of onboard effects included in SYSTEM-8. 


These features enhance the synthesizer’s functionality, providing producers with tools to create complex and dynamic compositions. 


The SYSTEM-8 stands as a hallmark of Roland’s prowess in synthesizer design.


It offers an exceptional synthesis experience that bridges the gap between the analog past and the digital future.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


SYSTEM82 - Unison


  • Versatile digital engine for a wide range of sound creation.
  • Precisely designed keys for detailed play, unlike some synthesizers.
  • Powerful sequencer and extensive onboard effects.
  • Blend of classic and modern synthesizer elements.
  • Ideal for both studio & live performance settings.
  • One of the best keyboard synths/keyboards of today.


#10. Korg Minilogue XD


Minilogue2 - Unison


Korg’s Minilogue XD synthesizer keyboard is a standout in the hybrid synthesizer category, showcasing Korg’s expertise in synthesizer design. 


This keyboard synthesizer masterfully combines the warmth of analog synthesis with the precision of digital technology.


It offers a sound that is: 


  • Rich, textured, and dynamic
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Highly sought after by today’s music producers


The Minilogue XD features a polyphonic design 一 allowing for the creation of lush, layered soundscapes


Its keys are crafted for expressiveness and precision, providing a satisfying playing experience for both intricate lead work and broad chordal play


The hybrid nature of the Minilogue XD ensures a wide sonic range, from classic analog tones to innovative digital sounds.


This makes it a valuable tool for a variety of musical genres.


Korg’s commitment to providing high-quality synthesizers is evident in the Minilogue XD. 


The synthesizer keyboard includes a powerful sequencer and a variety of effects, adding depth and dimension to its sound capabilities. 


The Minilogue XD represents the perfect balance between analog feel and digital functionality.


This makes it an ideal synthesizer keyboard for those who value quality and versatility.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


Minilogue1 - Unison


  • Hybrid design combining analog and digital synthesis.
  • Polyphonic capabilities for creating rich, textured sounds.
  • Expressive keys so you can dynamically play.
  • Powerful sequencer and range of onboard effects.
  • Perfect balance of analog warmth & digital precision, unlike some synthesizers.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers/keyboards of today.


#11. UDO Audio Super 6 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer


UDO - Unison


UDO Audio’s Super 6 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer is a marvel in synthesizer design, blending the richness of analog synthesis with cutting-edge digital control. 


This synthesizer keyboard from UDO Audio is designed to deliver an unparalleled sonic experience.


This makes it highly sought after by professional music producers and amateurs alike.


The Super 6 is notable for its binaural analog voice architecture, providing a captivating, immersive sound that sets it apart from other synthesizers. 


Its keys are meticulously designed to offer both responsiveness and expressiveness 一 catering to a wide range of playing styles. 


The inclusion of high-quality digital oscillators in the Super 6 allows for precise sound shaping and a broad sonic palette. 


It ranges from classic analog tones to modern digital textures, making it a favorite of yesterday and today.


UDO Audio’s commitment to excellence is evident in the Super 6. 


Its intuitive interface and versatile feature set make it an ideal synthesizer keyboard for both studio and stage use. 


The Super 6 is not just an instrument like regular synthesizers; it’s a gate way to new realms of sonic exploration.


It truly embodies the perfect synthesis of analog warmth and digital precision.


Key Features of this Synthesizer Keyboard:


UDO2 - Unison


  • Binaural analog voice architecture for immersive sound experiences.
  • High-quality digital oscillators for precise sound shaping.
  • Great for studio & stage use; will help you reach your full potential.
  • Responsive and expressive keys for versatile play.
  • Ideal for both studio and live performance settings.
  • Intuitive interface for ease of use and creative exploration.
  • One of the best keyboard synthesizers of today, a testament to UDO Audio’s craftsmanship in analog and digital synthesis.


Keyboard Synthesizer: Final Thoughts


It’s clear that the world of music production is more exciting and diverse than ever with keyboard synthesizer options like these.


Each synthesizer we’ve discussed offers unique features and capabilities, catering to different creative needs and preferences.


From the warmth of analog to the precision of digital, these instruments provide a wide variety of sounds for you to incorporate in your tracks.


To further help you grasp this topic, you’ve got to check out this Free Serum Essentials pack.


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Whether you’re creating intricate electronic compositions or laying down the foundation for a new pop hit, these presets are designed to elevate your beats.


As you navigate the world of keyboard synthesizers in 2024, remember that your tools are extensions of your creative vision.


Whether you’re using a state-of-the-art synthesizer keyboard or experimenting with the Serum Essentials pack, the possibilities are limitless.


Embrace these tools, explore their depths, and let your musical imagination fly.


Until next time…



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