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500+ Sick Acapellas For Show-Stopping Tracks (+ Expert Tips)

Acapellas are the raw, uncensored vocal tracks, without any instruments behind them, that offer pure, emotional power to your music. 


They can transform an ordinary song into an unforgettable masterpiece and are the key to giving your tracks some extra life and soul.


Plus, when used creatively, acapellas can open up a world of possibilities 一 from enhancing the depth of your tracks to creating entirely new soundscapes. 


So, as a music producer, it’s super important to understand how to harness the power of acapellas to elevate your music to a whole new level.


In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down:


  • What acapellas are ✓
  • The top acapellas/vocal samples around ✓
  • Creative ways to use acapellas in your tracks ✓
  • Techniques for layering vocals ✓
  • How to create rhythmic elements with vocal chops ✓
  • Adding harmonic textures using an acapella ✓
  • Sound design possibilities with vocal manipulation ✓
  • Enhancing DJ sets with acapellas ✓
  • Much more ✓


You’ll not only have access to the most legendary acapellas and vocal samples around but also know how to creatively manipulate them.


This way, you can produce tracks that instantly captivate your listeners and quickly rise to the top.


So, let’s dive in…


What are Acapellas?




Acapellas are the pure, vocal tracks of a song stripped away from the music, leaving behind only the singer’s voice. 


These vocal samples are key for music producers looking to: 


  • Add a human touch to their tracks
  • Remix songs
  • Create entirely new compositions 


Acapellas can range from single vocal hooks to full song vocals, and they provide a versatile foundation for creating layers, textures, and harmony.


Whether you’re working on a pop hit, an EDM track, or anything in between, incorporating acapellas can elevate your music by adding depth and emotion.


Access to high-quality acapellas, like the following, will help you experiment and enhance your skills plus make your tracks shine. 


The 2 Best Vocal Samples Pack Around


As music producers, finding the right acapella/vocal sample can make all the difference in your tracks. So, let’s dive into two exceptional packs (one free, one premium) that stand out for their quality and versatility.


#1. Unison Free Vocal Samples


Unison Free Vocal Samples 750 - Unison



When it comes to making your tracks unforgettable, the Unison Free Vocal Samples pack is a game-changer. 


You can search on every site in the world, but you’ll never have access to 20 free vocal samples like these. 


These aren’t just any samples you download everyday 一 they’re on par with, if not superior to, many premium studio acapellas and vocal samples out there. 


Whether you’re producing a catchy pop anthem, laying down a hip hop track, or taking over the EDM scene, these vocals are your ticket to the top.


Every acapella and vocal sample you find in this pack is not only free and got crazy good reviews, but are also 100% royalty-free/copyright-free as well. 


This means you have the freedom to use any file in both personal and commercial projects without a second thought. 


The vocals are all:


  • Polished
  • Processed by experts
  • Ready to make your songs sound professional/captivating


From free vocal loops to chops and one-shots, these samples were created in the styles of popular hit songs across top genres (hip-hop, pop, EDM, rock, etc.). 


If you’re serious about making pro-quality tracks and want people to love your beats, then you need to download these show-stopping vocals. 


They’re not just desirable, but essential for creating music that’s impossible to ignore. 


You’ll have people running to that repeat button, guaranteed.


Download Unison Free Vocal Samples Now


#2. Unison Vocal Series – Aaron Richards “Talk About It”


UnisonAudio TalkAboutIt Box 01 sized - Unison



The Unison Vocal Series – Aaron Richards “Talk About It” pack is a gem of over 450 vocal samples and acapellas that are ready to excel your music to new heights. 


It’s a well-known fact that vocals have the power to make music more memorable, unique, and relatable by adding a genuine human element. 


And this pack (which you won’t find anywhere else) gives you a direct line to that power. 


Aaron Richards, if you don’t know, is a supremely talented vocalist and songwriter who has collaborated with artists like Helberg and Ephixa and released tracks on the prestigious Monstercat label.


And for this exclusive pack, he’s lending his voice to make your tracks stand out.


Inside, you’ll hear everything from unique vocal lines and ad-libs to custom-made vocal chops, both in dry and wet formats. 


This gives you the versatility to fit them perfectly into your tracks without a problem.


Just download them, throw them in your DAW, and unleash that creative beast! 


With Aaron’s vocals, your music won’t just be heard 一 it’ll be felt, remembered, and loved. 


On top of the extensive vocal content, upon download, you’ll also get access to invaluable bonuses for producers like the:


  • Unison Theory Blueprint PDF
  • Unison Vocal Secrets PDF for top-tier vocal processing tricks
  • Unison Loop Pack covering 20 main music genres


This pack is not just a collection of vocal samples you listen to and move on from…


It’s the key to making your tracks resonate with your audience and rise to the top of streaming services/playlists in no time.


Download Aaron Richards “Talk About It” Pack Now


5 Creative Ways to Use Acapellas in Your Tracks


Using an acapella (even the simplest “whoa”) creatively can transform your tracks from good to unforgettable. Here are six innovative ways to incorporate acapellas into your music to enhance its depth, rhythm, and overall appeal.


#1. Layering Vocals for Depth


Vocal Layering - Unison


Layering vocals is a solid production technique that can add unmatched depth, texture and richness to your tracks.


By using acapellas from the Unison Free Vocal Samples or the Aaron Richards pack, you can create different types of chorus effects or emphasize certain phrases. 


This is particularly effective in genres like pop and EDM, where the vocal element plays a central role. 


NOTE: Try blending Aaron Richards’ unique vocal lines and vocal chops for a multi-dimensional sound your listeners will love.


This not only makes your track more engaging but also allows you to play with textures and harmonies 一 giving your music a polished, professional feel.


#2. Creating Vocal Chops for Rhythmic Elements


Arranging Vocal Chops - Unison


Vocal chops have become one of the most intriguing elements in modern music production, serving as both rhythmic and melodic elements


With these acapellas at your disposal, you can slice and dice vocal samples to create catchy rhythms that breathe new life into your tracks. 


Whether it’s a looping vocal chop in the backdrop of an EDM drop or a stuttering vocal sequence in a hip-hop drums beat, the possibilities are truly endless. 


Free vocal samples, particularly those that are clear and well-recorded, are perfect for this. 


They can be manipulated easily in your DAW so you can create unique, stand out sounds, from subtle to intense, that set your music apart.


#3. Using Acapellas for Harmonic Textures


Lead Vocals - Unison


There are a few different types of ways to incorporate acapellas 一 they are not just for the forefront of your track, after all.


They can also add incredible harmonic textures when used creatively.


By selecting parts of vocal samples that complement the underlying chords, you can create an irresistible atmospheric background. 


This technique works wonders across genres, from ambient tracks that feature ethereal vocal layers to rock songs that use haunting vocal lines to add depth. 


Any acapella in the two packs mentioned can be: pitched, stretched, and processed to fit into any track.


Meaning, if you want to enhance its harmonic content, there’s no better way. 


#4. Manipulating Vocals for Sound Design


Granular Synthesis - Unison


The human voice is an incredibly versatile instrument, and with today’s technology, the sound design possibilities are limitless. 


Acapellas can be transformed into something completely unrecognizable yet undeniably captivating and immersive.


You’re aiming for more of an all-around experience, rather than just sick vocals.


You can turn a single vocal sample into a complex soundscape that people love and will download through:



This edit approach is super valuable for genres like EDM and experimental music, where innovation and texture play a huge role. 


Believe me, by doing so, people will not only give your tracks the recognition they deserve but request them by name and share them all day.


NOTE: Utilizing high-quality samples, like those from Aaron Richards, gives you a solid foundation for exploration and creativity.


#5. Incorporating Vocals into DJ Sets


DJ Live - Unison


For DJs, an acapella is invaluable for creating memorable, dynamic sets. 


They can be used to: 


  • Create seamless transitions
  • Add sing-along moments
  • Create mashups on the fly


By layering acapellas over instrumental tracks or using them to build anticipation before a drop, you can engage your audience in a whole new way. 


The key is choosing the right vocal samples that match the energy and key of your set. 


With access to a diverse collection of free acapellas like we’ve just provided, you can please any crowd and keep your sets fresh/exciting.


Acapellas: Final Thoughts


Good acapellas can make or break your track, hands down.


They bring the emotional depth and versatility needed to make your tracks stand out and blow your competition out of the water.


The possibilities are endless through the creative use of vocal samples and acapellas (from layering vocals for added depth to incorporating them into your DJ sets for a more dynamic performance). 


With the knowledge you’ve learned today, plus the most mind-blowing acapellas/vocal samples now at your fingertips, you’re setting yourself up for success.


Make sure to use these skills to manipulate them in innovative ways 一 ensuring your music always stands out above the rest.


Remember, the key to mastering the art of music production and vocal manipulation lies in experimentation and creativity. 


So, take what you’ve learned, download the Unison Free Samples and Aaron Richard’s Exclusive Vocals, and let your unique sound shine through. 


Until next time…




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