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17 Invaluable Music Production Books To Enhance Your Skills

Music production is both extremely complex and endlessly rewarding, making it one of the most popular careers around.


Getting good at it (and standing out) means knowing a lot about things like mixing, how sound works, and even the music business. 


However, finding the right stuff to learn from isn’t always easy. 


That’s why we’ve thrown together a list of the 17 absolute best music production books out there for producers of all genres and styles.


These music production books are packed with everything you need to get better at making music, no matter what level you’re at now.


In today’s article, we’ll break down music production books that will help you learn about:


  • Sound design and synthesis ✓
  • Audio engineering methods ✓
  • Modern recording techniques ✓
  • Mixing and mastering essentials ✓
  • Music theory for electronic producers ✓
  • Creative process and innovation ✓
  • How to sustain a successful career in production ✓
  • The music business side of music production ✓
  • Unconventional recording techniques ✓
  • How to sell your music online ✓
  • Rhythmic structures in electronic music ✓
  • Making music like a professional ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which music production books will help you improve your music production skills. 


With the right information, you can start enhancing your skills and making your tracks sound professional and polished.


So, let’s dive right in to these legendary music production books…


#1. Dance Music Manual: Tools, Toys, and Techniques by Rick Snoman


music production books


The “Dance Music Manual” is one of the most beneficial music production books for anyone interested in producing club-shaking electronic music. 


Rick Snoman dives deep into the essentials of electronic music production, like: 


  • Sound design
  • Synthesis
  • Advanced mixing
  • Mastering techniques
  • Etc.


He covers various genres within electronic music 一 providing readers with the knowledge to create everything from techno to trance. 


The manual is renowned for its detailed explanations and practical examples, helping any music producer understand how to use software and hardware like a pro.


It’s a wealth of information for both beginners and experienced producers looking to refine their skills in electronic music production. 


This book is seriously key for anyone who truly wants to master the art of creating dance music that captivates listeners.


#2. Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science by Bob Katz


Mastering Audio - Unison


Bob Katz’s guide to Mastering Audio is a critical resource for music producers looking to finalize their tracks with professional quality. 


It covers all the essentials of audio engineering 一 focusing on how to create great-sounding masters that stand up in the competitive music industry. 


Katz breaks down complex concepts into understandable terms, so you’ll get a clear, straightforward understanding of different mastering techniques


This book is particularly valuable for its insights into modern best practices in audio engineering, which makes it an absolute must-read for producers at all levels.


#3. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio by Mike Senior


Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio - Unison


“Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio” addresses the challenges faced by music producers working in limited spaces. 


Mike Senior offers super useful and advanced advice on mixing audio effectively in a small studio (home studio) environment.


It breaks down some innovative mixing techniques that can lead to a big sound without the need for a big studio budget. 


This music production books is filled with mixing process insights and expert examples, guiding you through the steps to achieve professional-quality mixes. 


Senior’s focus on the technical skills required for mixing makes this an essential read for anyone looking to improve their tracks and leave an impact.


#4. Music Theory for Computer Musicians by Michael Hewitt


Music Theory for Computer Musicians - Unison


Understanding music theory is essential for creating compelling music, and Michael Hewitt’s Music Theory for Computer Musicians is for those working within DAWs.


This guide demystifies music theory and makes it accessible for computer musicians who may not have a traditional musical background (which is super common).


By focusing on the application of music theory in electronic music production, Hewitt blurs the lines between time-tested techniques and more innovative approaches. 


He breaks down complex theory into simple segments, covering things like: 


  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Rhythm
  • Etc.


This book is a key resource for any music producer looking to deepen their musical knowledge and enhance their creative process to create genuinely good music.


Plus, there are sections on chord structures, time signatures, and scale modes which are perfect for when you’re making music in your DAW specifically.


#5. The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski


Mixing Engineers Handbook - Unison


Bobby Owsinski’s “The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook” is the ultimate guide for sound engineers and music producers who want to master different mixing methods.


In its 3rd edition, Owsinski updates the book with modern mixing techniques, including: 


  • Mixing in the box
  • Using plugins
  • Dealing with different mix elements
  • Getting creative with your mixes


It covers all the fundamental aspects of mixing such as EQ, compression, and spatial effects, explaining how to apply them effectively in various musical contexts. 


The handbook is loved for its straightforward language and creative advice 一 making complex concepts accessible to readers of all levels. 


NOTE: Featuring interviews with some of the most successful mixing engineers in the production world, it provides invaluable and unique perspectives on the mixing process. 


This book is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their mixing skills and produce professionally sounding tracks.


#6. How Music Works by David Byrne


How Music Works - Unison


David Byrne’s “How Music Works” is less about the technical aspects of music production and more about how music functions in our lives and the music industry. 


It’s a super interesting read that offers each unique music producer a deeper understanding of music history and its societal impact. 


Byrne’s exploration of different genres and creative strategies provides inspiration for music producers who really want to make a music-making statement.


This book, unlike some other music production books out there, encourages producers to think outside the box and push the boundaries of traditional music production.


Which, as you know, is what music production is really all about.


#7. The Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production


The art of - Unison


“The Art of Mixing” by David Gibson stands out for its innovative approach to teaching the concepts of audio mixing and audio engineering. 


Gibson uses 3D visual representations to explain how different sounds interact within a mix 一 offering a unique perspective that is both informative and engaging. 


This visual guide helps readers grasp the spatial aspects of sound, which makes it easier to understand how to achieve a balanced and dynamic mix


The book covers a wide range of topics, from basic mixing principles to advanced techniques for dealing with complex arrangements


It’s extremely useful for visual learners who benefit from seeing concepts in action. 


“The Art of Mixing” is an invaluable resource for music producers and engineers looking to deepen their understanding of the technical and creative aspects of mixing music.


When it comes to music production books, I can honestly say this one really made an impact on me.


#8. Master Handbook of Acoustics


Master Handbook of Acoustics - Unison


Understanding room acoustics is crucial for recording and mixing, and the “Master Handbook of Acoustics” provides all the knowledge needed.


With it, you will be able to optimize any space for sound. 


It covers essential topics such as how to minimize speaker boundary interference and modal excitation.


Therefore, it ensures music producers like yourself can make precise, well-informed decisions about their studio setup


This book is particularly valuable for those looking to improve the acoustics of home studios, learn about monitor placement, latency, etc.


#9. Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits


Behind the Glass - Unison


“Behind the Glass” offers an unprecedented look into the minds of the music industry’s most influential producers. 


Through in-depth interviews, Howard Massey provides you with insights into the creative and technical processes that go into creating some of the world’s biggest hits. 


This book is a gold mine for understanding the different approaches to recording, producing, and mixing that have defined music across various genres. 


The producers share their: 


  • Philosophies
  • Techniques
  • Secret sauce (occasionally)


This makes it one of the most invaluable music production books for anyone who wants exclusive knowledge straight from the masters.


Whether you’re a new music producer or an experienced audio engineer, this can seriously enhance your knowledge about producing music (and your music career).


It emphasizes the importance of blending music technology with creativity to produce groundbreaking music, shedding light on the complexities of making music at the highest levels.


#10. Audio Engineering Society Presents Series


Presents - Unison


The Audio Engineering Society Presents Series is a collection of music production books that are perfect for inspired music producers looking to dive into the epic world of audio engineering. 


Each volume is crafted by leading experts in the field 一 providing detailed explorations into specific areas such as: 


  • Sound recording
  • Live performing
  • Mixing techniques
  • Mastering methods
  • Even the science behind audio equipment


This series is essential for those who are serious about understanding the technical skills required in music production.


It offers exclusive insights into modern recording techniques/the recording process and the importance of sound design and manipulation.


As well as the application of audio engineering principles to produce high-quality music.


All in all, these are one of the most intriguing music production books series out there.


#11. The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin


The Creative Act - Unison


The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin is not like all the other music production books mentioned…


It’s a reflection on the art of music production through the eyes of a legendary music producer; one I’m sure you’re familiar with.


Rubin shares his wisdom on the creative process, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and emotional connection in creating music that resonates. 


This music production book is perfect if you want to: 


  • Produce music that makes an impact
  • Understanding production from an emotional standpoint
  • Skyrocket your music career
  • Further understand the music business


It gives you inspiration and practical advice about how to master the creative challenges in the music industry while maintaining an authentic vision. 


Rubin’s approach encourages producers to find their own voice, which makes this read legendary for those looking to leave a unique mark in the world of music production.


#12. Recording Unhinged: Creative and Unconventional Music Recording Techniques


Recording Unhinged - Unison


Recording Unhinged: Creative and Unconventional Music Recording Techniques really challenges the conventional boundaries of studio recording (in the best way).


Sylvia Massy, with her impressive experience working with some of the biggest names in music, presents some truly enhanced recording techniques.


This music production book is insanely valuable for any music producer looking to explore beyond the traditional studio setup and break some norms.


It contains creative strategies, unique recording philosophy, and examples that inspire music making that stands out. 


NOTE: It’s particularly appealing to those who enjoy experimenting with sound and are open to more unconventional methods to capture good music.


#13. Step By Step Mixing: Great Mixes With 5 Plug-ins


Steo by Step - Unison


Step By Step Mixing: Great Mixes With 5 Plug-ins simplifies the complex process of mixing 一 making it accessible to music producers of all levels. 


By focusing on just five essential plugins, this guide demystifies the mixing process and teaches you how to achieve professional-sounding mixes every single time. 


This book, unlike some other music production books, is perfect for those looking to refine their mixing techniques and understanding of how to use: 



Step-by-Step Mixing is an epic hands-on guide that encourages you, as a music producer, to make the most out of their existing tools. 


It’s a must-have for efficient and effective music production enthusiasts.


#14. The Mastering Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski


The Mastering Engineers Handbook - Unison


The Mastering Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski offers an extensive look into the final (and critical) stage of music production: mastering. 


Owsinski combines his extensive industry experience with practical advice to demystify the mastering process.


It covers essential mastering processes, like:


  • The basics of sound theory
  • Tips & tricks to creating a professional master
  • How to get your master to that translate across all playback systems
  • Etc.


The Mastering Engineer’s Handbook is one of the most ideal music production books for understanding and applying mastering techniques to ensure your music sounds its best across all platforms.


It’s a guide that bridges the gap between mixing and mastering 一 giving you invaluable insights into how to finish tracks with confidence and precision.


NOTE: It’s worth noting that the Recording Engineer’s Handbook is one of the most interesting music production books as well, by the same author. 


It breaks down such a variety of time-tested techniques for when you’re recording and gives you insights from high-profile recording engineers (which is pretty priceless).


The Recording Engineer’s Handbook will help you have a long and successful career as a recording engineer if you really absorb all the technical aspects.


#15. Modern Recording Techniques by David Miles Huber


Modern Recording Techniques - Unison


Modern Recording Techniques by David Miles Huber is part of the esteemed Audio Engineering Society Presents Series that we talked about earlier.


It stands out amongst the other music production books as an indispensable guide for those venturing into (or already immersed in) the complex world of: 



It dives into the fundamentals and advanced concepts of audio engineering and music production.


So, if you’re looking for an extensive overview of the best modern best practices in recording technology, look no further.


Huber, with his impressive backround, brings clarity to the technical skills required for high-quality music production.


It’s even more valuable for its insights into the best sound design, mixing, and mastering techniques as well.


Modern Recording Techniques makes sure each and every music producer has the music production knowledge to create and edit professional-level recordings.


#16. Unlocking the Groove: Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music by Mark J Butler


Unlocking the Groove - Unison


Unlocking the Groove by Mark J Butler is a groundbreaking exploration of rhythm, meter, and musical design in electronic dance music. 


Butler’s analytical approach provides electronic music producers with a solid understanding of how to create unforgettable dance tracks that really blow people away.


Through detailed analysis and abundant examples, this book reveals the structural elements that make dance music groove. 


This makes it a must-read for anyone interested in making cool tracks. 


Bottom line, it’s an invaluable resource for creating music that moves the body and hits the soul, with an emphasis on the importance of rhythm in electronic music. 


So, if you’re an electronic musician and dance music production is your thing, I highly recommend you give this one a read.


Side note, if you’d like to learn everything about EDM song structure or discover exclusive EDM sample packs, we’ve got you covered.


#17. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon


Steal Like an Artist - Unison


Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon offers a refreshing perspective on creativity in the digital age, claiming to expose what was never told before.


It’s a standout read for both music producers and the world’s biggest artists alike. 


He encourages you to fully embrace influence and remix ideas to discover your unique creative voice 一 a concept highly relevant in music production. 


It demystifies the creative process and provides great advice and creative strategies to overcome common issues and understand the music business better.


Steal Like an Artist is especially compelling for music producers looking for inspiration to create music that’s both original and reflective of their influences. 


After all, you’re looking for music production books that think outside of the box, am I right?


Music Production Books: Final Thoughts


Music production books are some of the most invaluable resources you can have as a music producer. 


They can help you deepen your understanding of sound, refine your skills in mixing and mastering, and unlock creative potential you didn’t even know you had. 


Plus, they provide a structured approach to learning and evolving that can save you time and frustration 一 allowing you to apply what you learn directly into your tracks.


Another invaluable resource for music producers and beat-makers, aside from these music production books, is the highly-renowned Beatmaking Secrets course


In this course, Platinum Producer LMC reveals exclusive secrets to making hit beats and getting placements.


Yes, all without getting overwhelmed watching endless YouTube tutorials, learning complex music theory, or doing frustrating trial and error. 


With it, you’ll be able to master the art of sound selection and sound design to make your beats stand out. 


You’ll also learn to use signature mixing and mastering tricks that’ll instantly make your beats sound professional, and so much more.


Remember the key to refining your craft is to never stop learning and exploring.


So, go check out these awesome music production books and unleash your creative beast.


Until next time…



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