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Best Online Music Production Lessons of 2024 (All-Inclusive)

As a music producer, music lessons are absolutely essential. 


They can help you refine your skills, expand your creativity, and enhance your production techniques.


Plus, if you take full advantage of them, you’ll be able to create polished tracks and develop a unique sound. 


That’s why we’re breaking down the top 9 music production courses that offer the most beneficial music production lessons available.


With them, you’ll learn things like:


  • Fundamentals of music production ✓
  • Advanced mixing and mastering techniques ✓
  • Beatmaking and rhythm creation ✓
  • Music theory and composition ✓
  • Creative sampling and sound design ✓
  • Arrangement strategies for tracks ✓
  • DAW-specific skills and tips (Ableton, Logic, FL, Pro Tools, etc.) ✓
  • Insights into the music industry ✓
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities ✓
  • Industry secret music production techniques ✓
  • Much more ✓


After reading this article, you’ll have access to the best resources in the music industry. 


This way, you can elevate your production game and produce high-quality tracks, as well as gain confidence and network like a true professional.


So, let’s dive in…


Why You Should Learn Music Production Online


music production lessons


Learning music production online offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and schedule, which is great.


With access to a wealth of resources, you can dive head first into specific topics like: 


  • Production
  • Sound design
  • Mixing and mastering tracks
  • Music theory 
  • Arrangement
  • Etc.


Online music production lessons also provide great opportunities to connect with expert tutors and other music producers 一 enhancing your learning experience. 


The variety of courses available means you can find the right fit for your skill level and interests, if you know where to look (this article is the ultimate guide).


Plus, you can practice producing in your own studio, applying different techniques directly to your tracks in real time.


Bottom line, music production courses, classes, and lessons are invaluable, so let’s break down the top 9 options now.


#1. Unison Beatmaking Secrets


Beatmaking Secrets VSL Cover - Unison


Unison Beatmaking Secrets is an extensive course made for beatmakers who want to create professional, placement-worthy beats. 


Taught by platinum producer LMC (who’s worked with artists like DaBaby and Gucci Mane), this course breaks down the intricacies of beat production. 


It spans over 8 hours of video lessons, broken down into five modules 一 covering everything from sound design to mixing and mastering. 


It emphasizes developing a bulletproof mindset and creative process, which is key for long-lasting success in the music industry.


Students will gain access to valuable resources, including the Beatmaking Secrets Toolkit, which contains over 200: 


  • Loops
  • Samples
  • MIDI files


Additionally, the course offers bonus project walkthroughs and access to a private Facebook group.


So, as a bonus, you’ll get exclusive access to a supportive community where producers can share insights and feedback.


Bottom line, if you’re looking for the absolute best music production lessons/music production classes to help skyrocket your career to the top, look no further.


Check Out the Top Beatmaking Secrets Now


What Music Production Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • Creating placement-worthy beats from start to finish
  • Advanced sound design and arrangement techniques
  • Mixing and mastering for professional sound
  • Developing a unique production style
  • Access to exclusive industry insights and resources


#2. Masterclass: Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking


masterclass Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking - Unison


Timbaland’s Masterclass offers a unique insight into the world of professional beatmaking and music production. 


This music production course covers a range of topics, like: 



Students learn directly from Timbaland, exploring his creative process and signature production methods (which is awesome).


The lessons are designed to inspire and equip producers with the skills to create standout tracks and possibly make enough money to live off music.


He also shares his signature approach to collaborating with artists 一 providing valuable tips for effective communication, networking, and teamwork. 


It’s perfect for music producers looking to elevate their game and gain insights from a legendary figure in the music industry.


I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that.


What Music Production Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • Innovative beatmaking techniques and rhythm creation
  • Advanced sampling and sound manipulation
  • Creating unique soundscapes and textures
  • Collaborating effectively with artists
  • How to create your own sound
  • Insights into Timbaland’s signature production style
  • All the most beneficial music production classes around


#3. Berklee Online: Music Production


Berklee Online Music Production 1 - Unison


Berklee Online’s Music Production course provides a pretty impressive and detailed curriculum for both beginners and experienced music producers. 


It covers essential topics like music theory, mixing, and sound design, which ensures a well-rounded education in this field.


Students learn from Berklee’s renowned faculty 一 getting insights into the music industry and professional production techniques from the best.


Also, this music production course is super flexible, so you can learn at your own pace.


This makes it ideal for those of you balancing other commitments (I mean, life happens, am I right?).


With interactive assignments and peer feedback, you’ll refine your skills and create professional-quality tracks in a short amount of time.


It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of music production.


What Music Production Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • Core music theory and composition techniques
  • Advanced mixing strategies for polished tracks
  • Sound design principles for unique audio creation
  • Recording techniques across different genres
  • How to become a better music producer
  • An enriching music production experience for all skill levels
  • All the most beneficial music production lessons around


#4. Point Blank Music School: Complete Music Production


Point Blank - Unison


Point Blank Music School’s Complete Music Production course immerses students in the art of music creation.


It covers everything from DAW fundamentals and remixing to sound design and mastering, so you’ll be covered on all ends.


Students benefit from personalized feedback from expert music production tutors 一 ensuring tailored guidance throughout the learning process. 


They secured some of the biggest names in the industry, who have worked with artists like Rhianna and Pharell Williams, so you know you’ll get invaluable information.


The curriculum of these music production courses emphasize genre versatility, so you can explore different styles and refine your unique sound


Plus, the endless interactive lessons and collaborative projects will enhance your understanding of production techniques even further.


It will prepare you for many roles such as a: 


  • Music producer
  • Recording engineer
  • Film/TV/game composer
  • Sound designer
  • More


All the extensive music production lessons provided will certainly help you take your music production skills to the next level and dominate the industry.


Side note, you can finish this course in a full-time format (year) or part-time format (2 years) from anywhere in the world, so there are no excuses.


What Music Production Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • In-depth sound design and synthesis techniques
  • Advanced mixing and mastering skills
  • Genre-specific production & how to record properly
  • Developing a unique musical style as a music producer/artist
  • How to make a beat from music production tutors
  • Finding your own voice
  • Practical applications for real-world music production
  • All the most beneficial music production lessons around


#5. Udemy: Music Production in Logic Pro X


udemy Music Production in Logic Pro X - Unison


Udemy’s Music Production in Logic Pro X course is designed for producers who want to master this powerful DAW. 


It provides a thorough exploration of Logic Pro X, covering things like:


  • Basic navigation
  • Recording and editing
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Installing & using plugins
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Advanced production techniques


Students like yourself will learn how to create and arrange tracks, utilize MIDI instruments, and apply effects like a true professional.


With a focus on hands-on projects, you’ll develop advanced skills in all fundamental 


It is ideal for music producers who prefer a structured learning path with clear objectives, as opposed to just winging it.


By the end, you’ll have the confidence to produce high-quality music using Logic Pro X.


What Music Production Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • Navigating and utilizing Logic Pro X effectively
  • Creating and arranging professional tracks
  • Advanced MIDI instrument techniques
  • Sound design and mixing strategies
  • Practical applications for music production in Logic Pro X
  • All the most beneficial music production classes around


#6. Skillshare: Learn Music Production in FL Studio


skillshare Learn Music Production in FL Studio - Unison


Skillshare’s courses on music production in FL Studio are perfect for both beginners and intermediate products who want to harness the true power of this popular DAW. 


It covers everything from the basics of FL Studio’s interface to advanced production techniques, like:



With hands-on projects and a detailed outline, you can easily become super proficient when it comes to all things FL Studio.


Plus it always encourages creativity, so you’ll develop your unique style in no time (perfect for beginners and advanced music producers).


So, if you’re looking to master FL Studio and learn some secret production techniques, then the included music production lessons are for you. 


What Music Production Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • Navigating FL Studio’s interface and features
  • Arranging and producing tracks from scratch
  • Sound design techniques within FL Studio
  • Advanced mixing and mastering skills
  • How to achieve greatness as a music producer
  • Creative approaches to music production
  • All the most beneficial music production lessons around


#7. Soundfly: The Art of Hip-Hop Production


soundfly The Art of Hip Hop Production - Unison


Soundfly’s The Art of Hip-Hop Production course offers an in-depth look at the techniques and styles that define hip-hop music. 


It explores, in detail:



All focusing on the unique elements of hip-hop production, like tempo, drums, bass, harmony, melody, etc.


Students learn from experienced music producer Charles Burchell who provides insights into creating legendary beats and hip-hop tracks. 


You’ll develop your signature sound in no time and really grasp its essence.


With a focus on both technical skills and artistic expression, this course is ideal for anyone looking to make their mark in hip-hop production.


What Music Producers Can Learn From These Music Production Classes:


  • Beatmaking and rhythm techniques for musicians
  • Creative sampling and sound manipulation
  • Designing unique sounds for hip-hop tracks
  • Mix and master essentials to help your songs sound on point
  • Developing a personal style in hip-hop production
  • All the most beneficial music production lessons around


#8. Noiselab: Ableton Live Courses


noiselab Ableton Live Courses - Unison


Noiselab’s Ableton Live Courses, like the Customization and Hidden Features, are designed for motivated producers who want to, you guessed it, master Ableton Live.


These courses cover a range of topics, like:



It’s for all skill levels, so even if you think you know all there is to know about this intriguing DAW, you’ll be able to learn something new.


With a focus on hands-on learning, you’ll complete projects that enhance your understanding of music production as a whole as well.


It also dives into live performance setups, which is pretty dope 一 making all the music production lessons ideal for producers interested in both studio and live environments. 


Noiselab’s super detailed approach will ensure you really get your money’s worth.


What Music Production Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • Navigating and using Ableton Live effectively
  • Creating and arranging tracks with Ableton’s tools
  • Advanced sound design and effects processing
  • How to find your sound as a music producer
  • Techniques for live performance and production
  • Practical skills for both studio and live environments
  • All the most beneficial music production lessons around


#9. ProducerTech: Beginner’s Complete Guide to Music Production


producertech BeginnerE28099s Complete Guide to Music Production - Unison


ProducerTech’s Beginner’s Complete Guide to Music Production is perfect for new producers looking to establish a strong foundation and hit the ground running.


It offers award-winning guidance to help you elevate your skills in:



With step-by-step tutorials (over 40 hours of video, to be exact) you’ll learn how to create your own tracks from scratch


It’s designed to be accessible and engaging 一 providing a solid starting point for anyone looking to enter the world of music production. 


So, if you’re looking for online music lessons that won’t disappoint and are super fun, this lesson is a solid option.


Side note, you’ll also get 350MB of bonus samples, 7 PDF guides, and software projects/templates.


What Online Lessons You’ll Learn:


  • Fundamental music production techniques
  • Basics of sound design and synthesis 
  • Introduction to mixing and recording (and even playing piano)
  • Perfect for beginners looking for music production courses
  • Music theory and composition essentials
  • Creating complete tracks from start to finish
  • All the most beneficial music production lessons around


Music Production Lessons: Final Thoughts


Binaural Audio Producers - Unison


So there you have it; the most beneficial music production lessons available today.


Exploring these top music production courses can significantly elevate your skills and creativity, plus help you dominate the industry. 


Each course offers unique insights and professional techniques that cater to all aspects of music production 一 from start to finish.


By investing in these music production lessons, you’ll get access to invaluable tools that will help you produce high-quality tracks and develop your signature sound.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, trust me, it’s worth the investment.


Remember, the key to long-lasting success in this competitive field requires constant learning, growing, and evolving, so don’t sell yourself short.


Until next time…




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