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Music Producer Community: The 11 Best Production Forums (2024)

As a music producer, building a strong music producer community is incredibly beneficial. 


These communities can offer a wealth of knowledge, provide support, inspire creativity, and open networking opportunities that can be very beneficial for your career. 


That’s why we’re breaking down the 11 best music production forums today.


They can each enhance your production journey and connect you with talented music creators who share your passion and can offer valuable insights. 


Whether you’re looking for advice on mixing and mastering, feedback on your latest track, or music theory/sound design tricks, these forums are where you can find it all.


Throughout this article, we’ll break down:


  • The 11 best music production forums around
  • Expanding your knowledge base
  • The benefits/ability of a good production forum
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to exclusive resources
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Genre-specific discussions
  • Sound design and synthesis tips
  • Career advancement (very important)
  • Music production software and gear
  • Much more about building your music producer community


After reading this article, you’ll know everything about the 11 best music production forums around that can help you produce more confidently and gain exposure. 


You’ll have the tools and knowledge to not only improve your own production skills but also contribute to the community and share your experiences. 


Who knows, you might be offered a collaboration opportunity that can be your big break. 


So, let’s dive in… 


The Benefits of Music Production Forums


The journey to making it as a music producer can feel super daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By becoming a part of a solid music producer community through forums can significantly enhance your skills, network, and overall career in the music industry. Let’s break down why it’s beneficial before we jump into the 11 best music production forums in the game.


  • Expanding Your Knowledge/Skills


music producer community


Music production forums are endless treasure troves of information, where producers, from novices to professionals, share their wealth of knowledge. 


These forums are filled with threads on every aspect of production, like:


  • The basics of music theory
  • Recording techniques
  • Mixing, mastering, and editing
  • Sound design concepts
  • Etc. 


As a producer, you have the unique opportunity to learn music theory, recording techniques, and mixing tips from seasoned recording engineers and other music creators, all in one place.


Basically, any question you have can be answered in one of these invaluable forums.


  • Networking with Like-Minded People


Producers Talking - Unison


One of the most significant advantages of being part of a music producer community is the opportunity to network. 


Music production forums allow you to connect with like-minded people from around the world, interested in the same genres, software, and art of music production


These connections can lead to collaborations, feedback on your tracks, and even friendships that enrich your life and career in music.


  • Access to Exclusive Resources


Music Production 10 - Unison


Many music production forums offer exclusive resources to their members, including free music production software, samples, and innovative plugins


These resources can boost your production process significantly 一 allowing you to experiment and create with tools that might otherwise be out of reach. 


Additionally, forums often post opportunities like beat-making contests and feedback threads, which are invaluable for gaining exposure and improving your skills.


  • Problem Solving and Support


Starting Career Music Producer - Unison


Every music producer encounters technical difficulties and creative blocks, and music production forums are an excellent place to request help and find answers. 


Whether you’re struggling with a specific software issue or looking for advice on how to finish tracks, the community is there to offer support. 


The collective knowledge and experience of the forum can be a life saver when dodging the challenges of music production.


With these benefits in mind, let’s explore the 11 best music production forums of 2024, places where you can learn, share, and grow as a music producer.


The 11 Best Music Production Forums Around


Each of the following 11 music production forums offer unique benefits to music producers looking to enhance their skills, network, and career in the music industry. Whether you’re interested in software, sound design, recording techniques, or just want to connect with like-minded individuals, these communities are key. Remember, being active in these music production forums can provide you with valuable insights, resources, and connections that can help take your music production to the next level.


#1. KVR Audio Forum


KVR Audio - Unison


KVR Audio Forum is a go-to spot for music producers who are masters (and aspiring masters) of certain production software and plugins. 


It’s packed with threads that discuss everything from the latest in VSTs to music production software insights and reviews.


This forum is beneficial because it not only helps producers find the right tools for their studio but also provides a community where you can talk about: 



The network you build here, coupled with the extensive database of software and plugin information, makes it invaluable for anyone looking to up their production game.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned producer, joining KVR Audio can significantly expand your knowledge and resources in music production.


#2. Gearspace Forum


Gearspace - Unison


Gearspace is renowned for its focus on high-quality gear, studio setups, and recording techniques. 


This forum offers a broad spectrum of discussions from recording engineers and music producers who are serious about sound quality and music studio equipment. 


The conversations range from mixing and mastering to acoustic treatment, pro audio gear reviews, and everything in between.


What makes Gearspace unique is its comprehensive approach to both low-end theory and high-end gear 一 providing insights into making quality music regardless of budget.


It’s an excellent community for those who want to dive deep into the technical side of music production and learn from professionals.


As well as discuss the latest in music production forums, of course.


#3. Drum N Bass Forum


Dogs on Acid - Unison


Drum N Bass Forum (known as Dogs on Acid) is a specialized community that caters to enthusiasts of the drum and bass genre. 


It’s a place where you can dive into the specifics of: 



The forum is known for its archived threads full of production tips, sound design tricks, and genre-specific discussions. 


It’s an excellent resource for producers looking to specialize in this area of music, offering insights into unique sound creation, mixing, and mastering techniques.


All of which are tailored to the exciting drum and bass world. 


Joining this forum can help you connect with producers who share your passion and can offer targeted advice to help you refine your sound.


#4. Sound on Sound


SOS e1707084892187 - Unison


The Sound on Sound forum, associated with the renowned music technology magazine, serves as a invaluable for music producers seeking in-depth discussions on: 


  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Music production software


This platform stands out for its high-quality discussions, often led by industry professionals and experienced engineers. 


It covers a wide range of topics, including studio hardware, software techniques, and the latest in music production tech. 


Members can benefit from expert advice, detailed product reviews, and discussions on the art and science of music production. 


Sound on Sound’s forum is particularly valuable for producers looking to deepen their understanding of music production principles and stay updated on musical developments in the music industry.


#5. IllMuzik


illmuzik - Unison


IllMuzik is a forum specifically designed for hip-hop music producers and beat-makers


It stands out for its focus on the hip-hop genre 一 offering a platform to discuss beat-making, sampling, mixing, and mastering as it pertains to creating hip-hop music


The forum hosts beat battles, showcases member tracks, and provides resources and discussions on music industry trends to help you stay current and competitive. 


It’s a vibrant community where you can share your work, get feedback, and learn from others who are passionate about hip-hop. 


IllMuzik also offers articles and discussions on music marketing and career development when you register. 


This makes it a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to make a mark in the hip-hop music industry.


#6. r/EDMProduction


EDM Reddit - Unison


r/EDMProduction on Reddit is a vibrant online community focused on electronic music production. 


This forum is packed with producers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, sharing their knowledge, experiences, and music. 


What makes r/EDMProduction stand out is the sheer volume of resources available, including production tips, free sample packs, and feedback threads. 


It’s a dynamic platform where you can ask questions, post your music for critique, and learn from others’ experiences. 


The community is supportive and diverse 一 covering various topics from software and hardware to mixing and mastering. 


If you’re looking to immerse yourself in electronic music production, joining r/EDMProduction is just the sign you need to get inspired and informed.


#7. We Are The Music Makers


Music Producer 2 scaled - Unison


We Are The Music Makers on Reddit is a broad community that encompasses all aspects of music production. 


This forum is a melting pot of music creators, ranging from hobbyists to professional producers, offering a wide spectrum of discussions, including: 


  • Music creation
  • Production/sound design techniques
  • Software
  • Gear
  • The music business
  • Etc.


It’s an ideal place for producers who want to engage in general discussions about the music production process, seek advice, share their music, and get feedback from a diverse audience. 


The community is extremely supportive, reliable, and provides a wealth of knowledge on various topics and data.


In turn, it’s a great resource for anyone looking to improve their production skills, network with other music creators, and advance their career in the music industry.


#8. r/audioengineering


Reddit Audio Engineering - Unison


r/audioengineering is another Reddit community, but with a broader focus that encompasses all aspects of recording, mixing, mastering, and audio technology. 


This forum is a goldmine for music producers looking to deepen their understanding of the technical side of music production. 


The discussions include everything from microphone techniques and acoustic treatment to software recommendations and gear reviews. 


Every post is essentially an opportunity to grow and evolve. 


The community is made up of both hobbyists and professional recording engineers.


This makes it an ideal forum to join to get detailed answers to technical questions or advice on improving your studio setup


Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced producer looking to refine your skills, r/audioengineering offers a wealth of knowledge and a supportive community to help you advance in your music production journey. 


#9. Home Recording


Home Studio Space - Unison


Home Recording is a forum that caters to music producers (and artists) who are setting up or improving their home studios. 


This platform offers a wealth of information on: 


  • Music production software
  • Recording techniques
  • Gear
  • How to achieve the best quality recordings from the comfort of your home 


The community discusses various aspects of home recording, from microphone placement and acoustic treatment to software recommendations and mixing tips. 


It’s an excellent resource for music creators at all levels wanting to record like a pro. 


Plus, it provides tips, tricks, and advice on how to produce professional-quality music without the need for an expensive music studio setup. 


When you join Home Recording, it can help you navigate the challenges of home production. 


As well as ensure you get the most out of your space and equipment when you create/record music.


#10. r/SynthRecipes


Synths3 - Unison


r/SynthRecipes on Reddit is a unique niche website dedicated to the unique process of synthesis and sound design.


This music producer community is ideal for music producers looking to recreate specific sounds or develop new ones.


It provides a collaborative space to discuss techniques, software, and hardware related to sound synthesis. 


Whether you’re interested in electronic music production or any genre that involves synthesizers, this forum provides detailed discussions, tutorials, and advice to help you master the art of sound design. 


It’s an invaluable resource for producers interested in diving deep into the technical aspects of creating unique sounds


Members share their insights and experiences to help you learn music theory and apply it in innovative ways (plus, possibly make new producer friends along the way). 


Whether you’re working with live sound or creating masterpieces from your home studio, r/SynthRecipes is an invaluable resource.


#11. IDM Forums


IDM Forums - Unison


IDM Forums cater to a diverse group of music producers 一 focusing on genres like EDM, Techno, and more experimental sounds. 


It’s a vibrant community that offers a platform to break down: 


  • Music theory
  • Sound design
  • Music marketing/distribution
  • Enter production competitions


What sets IDM Forums apart is its commitment to creative projects and collaborations among its members. 


Here, you can join beat battles, share your tracks, and get constructive feedback. 


This forum is a fantastic place to network with producers who are set on pushing the boundaries of music. 


Whether you’re looking to improve your production skills, find new inspiration, or just talk about music with people who get it, IDM Forums is the place to be.


Music Producer Community: Final Thoughts


The right music producer community can significantly elevate your production skills.


Plus, give you access to opportunities that can seriously accelerate your career and get your name out there.


From specialized forums like Drum N Bass and IDM Forums to broader communities like r/EDMProduction and Gearspace, there’s endless knowledge, inspiration, and support available.


Each forum offers a unique perspective, creating an environment where you can get your questions answered and discover information that actually matters to your journey.


It’s within these communities that you can truly expand your skill set, network with other music creators, and stay ahead on top of the latest trends and technologies.


When talking about music producer communities and career opportunities, I’ve got to mention this insanely beneficial, highly-renowned Affiliate Program.


It presents a unique chance for members of this program to learn from some of the industry’s top producers and sound designers.


This way, you can be the topic of the forums (as you’ll be so successful), as opposed to just being a member.


Plus, you’ll be an exclusive part of a music producer community that include inspired, motivated producers like yourself.


In fact, it’s one of the most creative ways to earn extra income and make your musical dreams come true.


It’s all about learning, growing, and evolving whether it’s through forums to learn or programs to earn.


Remember, the competitive world of music production requires dedication, outreach, and getting creative.


So, go out there and build your music producer community 一 you never know the opportunities that are right in front of you until you get involved!


Until next time…



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