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The 13 Best Hip-Hop VST Plugins For Super Clean Tracks 2024

Hip-hop production requires a combination of hustle, creativity, and skill. 


To achieve professional-quality sounds that stand out in the hip-hop world, you’ll need the best hip-hop VST plugins available. 


With them, you can easily create show-stopping beats, lay down soul-shaking basslines, and manipulate your sounds in super unique ways.


This way, your tracks won’t only meet industry standards, but create a new standard.


That’s exactly why we’re breaking down the top 13 best hip-hop VST plugins that include everything you need to produce legendary hip-hop (and trap) beats, like:


  • High-resolution wavetable synthesis ✓
  • Ultra-clean oscillators for clear sound output ✓
  • Advanced sampling capabilities ✓
  • Real-time modulation and effects processing ✓
  • Intuitive interfaces for rapid workflow ✓
  • Dynamic EQ and mastering tools ✓
  • Extensive sound libraries and presets ✓
  • Compatibility with various hardware & software ✓
  • AI-driven assistance for mixing and mastering ✓
  • Granular synthesis for creative sound design/song creation ✓
  • Loop and sample manipulation in real-time ✓
  • So much more ✓


You’ll have access to the most powerful and versatile hip-hop plugins in the game which is, needless to say, game-changing.


You’ll be able to produce hip-hop beats like a pro, include the very best sounds, make sure your music is the highest quality, and give your tracks a unique edge.


Plus, point blank, the advanced features will help you blow the competition out of the water and ensure that you rise to the top.


So, let’s just dive right in…


#1. Drum Monkey


best hip-hop VST


Drum Monkey by Unison Audio offers an entirely new approach to creating the most captivating hip-hop drums in minute; easy to insanely complex.


It’s famous for its ability to generate a variety of rhythmically tight, genre-specific drum loops with just a few clicks. 


Its extensive library of drum sounds and patterns are unmatched.


You can quickly cycle through different patterns and sounds until you find the perfect match for your track, which drastically reduces the time spent on beat creation.


This way, you can spend time perfecting other elements and processes, because your drums will be the best they’ve ever been.


No two of your hip-hop drums will ever sound boring, basic, or predictable (talk about the ultimate cheat code to the top).


Drum Monkey not only speeds up the beat-making process but also packs your tracks with professional, studio-quality drum sounds that are essential for any hip-hop track aiming to make a long-lasting impact in the industry.


Download The #1 Hip-Hop VST Plugin Now!


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Genre-specific drum loop generation
  • Extensive library of hip-hop drum sounds and patterns
  • One-click pattern randomization for unique beats
  • User-friendly interface for efficient workflow
  • Ideal for quick creation and experimentation
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#2. Serum by Xfer Records


Serum 8 - Unison


Serum by Xfer Records is a cutting-edge VST synth that is highly regarded in the hip-hop community for its exceptional sound design capabilities. 


Its core feature (the high-res wavetable synthesizer) provides an extensive range of sound manipulation possibilities. 


This is perfect for producers and sound designers looking to create distinctive synths and basslines which are key to addicting hip-hop tracks.


Serum’s ultra-clean oscillators ensures that your sounds are pure and free from digital artifacts 一 allowing for crisp and clear audio output.


Which, as you know, is key when producing professional, streamable hip-hop tracks.


Simplifying complex sound design tasks is Serums straightforward, yet super powerful interface where you can easily: 


  • Import your own audio to create custom wavetables
  • Modify existing wavetables


Either way, you’re getting unparalleled control over your sound, which can make a huge different between basic and mind-blowing tracks.


Plus, the built-in suite of effects can add even more depth and dimension to your audio, with options for reverb, delay, distortion, etc.


All of which are adjustable in real time so you can achieve the desired texture and tone every single time.


Bottom line, if we’re talking hip-hop VST synthtss, then Serum is most certainly top dog.


BONUS: If you’re looking for the best premium Serum presets in the game, look no further.


Key Features of this VST Synth Plugin:


  • High-resolution wavetable synth/intuitive interface
  • Ultra-clean oscillators for clear sound
  • Custom wavetable creation and editing
  • Real-time effects (reverb, delay, etc.) processing for more hip-hop madness
  • One of the best hip-hop VST synths available


#3. Omnisphere by Spectrasonics


Omnisphere 5 - Unison


Omnisphere by Spectrasonics is another heavyweight in the hip-hop production scene, as you probably already know.


It’s famous for its sonic flexibility and huge library of over 14,000 unique sounds.


Omnisphere lets you tap into various virtual instruments, ranging from classic synths/basses to unique hybrids, and also supports user-created audio imports.


This way, you can personalize your soundscapes even more with this powerful plugin.


You can also get crazy with your hip-hop sound design experimentation thanks to its:


  • Built-in arpeggiator
  • Granular synthesis capabilities
  • 500+ wavetables


And when it comes to integration abilities, it’s undefeated…


It’s compatible with a wide variety of hardware synths which makes it even more valuable in both live setups and your home studio.


Plus, this great plugin excels in creating atmospheric textures and deep, rumbling basslines and features powerful modulation options for days.


So, you can bet your bottom dollar that your sound can be tweaked to perfection.


Whether it’s a hip-hop banger, a trap anthem, or anything in between, Omnisphere is a staple plugin that you should definitely invest in.


BONUS: If you’re looking for the dopest free Omnisphere presets around, we’ve got you covered.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Extensive sound library bundle with over 14,000 presets
  • Support for user audio imports
  • Built-in arpeggiator and granular synthesis
  • Compatible with a wide range of hardware/software
  • Deep modulation capabilities for new ideas
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#4. Native Instruments Massive


Massive - Unison


Massive by NI is a hip-hop producers dream thanks to its thick, full sounds and powerful bass capabilities.


At the center of its magic is modulation options galore, so tweaking your sounds is not only easy, but super fun as well.


Remember, in order to create dynamic beats/grooves that are foundational when it comes to hip-hop music, you’ve got to be precise and professional.


Massive offers a range of wave-scanning algorithms combined with a sick selection of filters and effects to mold your sounds into new, exciting textures.


Its drag-and-drop modulation assignment lets you quickly assign complex modulations 一 making it simple to experiment with different sound design techniques.


NOTE: Its ability to handle up to 85 different wavetables will help you create cutting-edge hip-hop productions with an insanely broad sonic palette.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Wave-scanning synthesis with multiple modulation options
  • Extensive filter and effects system
  • Efficient, easy-to-navigate interface for producers and artists
  • Supports complex modulations with drag-and-drop
  • Versatile sound manipulation for hip-hop (and other genres like trap, funk, rock, pop, EDM, etc.
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#5. Nexus by reFX


Nexus 4 - Unison


Nexus by reFX stands out as a go-to VST plugin for hip-hop producers who prioritize efficiency and quality in their sound selection (which, I hope is all of you).


Known for its vast library of high-quality presets, Nexus makes it easy to find the perfect sound without the need for deep tweaking.


This is invaluable in a fast-paced production world we find ourselves in.


It excels in providing polished playlist-ready sounds that cover a wide range of hip-hop (and trap) needs from powerful leads to ambient pads.


Nexus also features a user-friendly interface with a streamlined workflow 一 making it straightforward to layer sounds and apply effects


Its expansion packs are epic, offering genre-specific sounds that are perfect for hip-hop, trap, and R&B; basically anything to help you expand your horizons.


Plus, the built-in arpeggiator, sequencer, and various effects let you get real creative with your sound-shaping for legendary productions.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Extensive library of high-quality presets 
  • Efficient, user-friendly interface
  • Genre-specific expansion packs
  • Built-in arpeggiator and sequencer
  • Comprehensive effects section
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#6. Sublab by Future Audio Workshop


Sublab by Future Audio Workshop - Unison


SubLab by Future Audio Workshop is specifically designed for hip-hop producers focused on creating powerful, resonant bass lines that are a staple in the genre. 


In one convenient package, it combines:



It’s what helps Sublab deliver those heavy, impactful 808s and sub-bass sounds needed to make hip-hop tracks that actually get noticed.


SubLab’s unique feature set includes a specialized sub-bass oscillator to ensure that the low-end frequencies are clean and present in the mix.


It includes a range of high-quality samples and presets specifically designed for hip-hop and trap music, so you’ll always have a great variety to choose from.


Sublab also features a distortion module that can add grit and character to the bass, along with a comprehensive set of modulation tools to tweak the sound to perfection.


Everything you’ll need to produce show-stopping hip-hop tracks, you’ll find it here


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Specialized sub-bass oscillator for clean low ends
  • Combines synthesis, sampling, and effects for epic music
  • Intuitive interface designed for quick sound shaping
  • Cool distortion and modulation tools the best bass you’ve ever heard
  • High-quality presets for hip-hop, trap, pop, and other popular genres.
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#7. Kontakt by Native Instruments


Kontakt 1 - Unison


Kontakt by Native Instruments is an industry-standard sampler that plays a very important role in modern hip-hop production. 


Its extensive library and powerful scripting engine allow producers to manipulate sound at a molecular level, creating detailed and expressive instrument sounds. 


Kontakt is not just a sampler…  it is also a platform for integrating comprehensive third-party libraries.


This can include anything from cinematic soundscapes to vintage drum machines essential for hip-hop beats that are meant to take over.


The software’s immense flexibility is complemented by its advanced sampling features, such as: 



These features will help you transform simple samples into complex masterpieces that make people stop and really pay attention.


If you’re looking to layer sounds and manage large libraries efficiently, there’s no better choice than Kontakt, let’s be honest.


I mean, it hasn’t reached legend status for no reason, after all.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Advanced sampling capabilities with a broad library
  • Support for extensive third-party libraries
  • Powerful scripting engine for sound manipulation
  • Time stretching and pitch shifting features for innovative music
  • Efficient management of large audio libraries for any idea you have
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#8. Spire by Reveal Sound


Spire - Unison


Spire by Reveal Sound is a star in the hip-hop production community for its versatile synthesis capabilities.


This VST synth provides the perfect blend of analog and digital sound creation techniques with its four multimode polymorphing oscillators.


Meaning, you can create virtually endless sounds from classic emulations to futuristic creations, and everything in between.


It offers an impressive variety of filter types and modulation options, including: 


  • 4 macro controls
  • 4 envelopes
  • 4 LFOs
  • An advanced arpeggiator


Spire’s high-quality unison voices can be used to thicken up sounds.


This is especially useful for creating the deep, resonant basslines and sharp, piercing synths that help define hip-hop music


Its intuitive interface and wide range of presets make it easy to use while still offering depth for those who want to dive into crazy sound design, so overall it’s pretty solid.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Four multimode polymorphing oscillators
  • Wide range of filter types and modulation options
  • High-quality unison voices for thickening sounds 
  • Advanced arpeggiator for cool new ideas
  • Intuitive interface and comprehensive presets
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#9. Arcade


Arcade - Unison


Output’s Arcade is a loop synthesizer that has revolutionized the way hip-hop producers mess around with samples and loops


Unlike traditional VST plugins, Arcade streams content directly from the cloud, with new kits and loops added daily (seriously, every single day).


This ensures that the sounds are always fresh and current with new musical trends. 


It’s intuitive interface makes it super easy to manipulate loops and samples on the fly 一 making each beat shine.


Arcade includes tools to transform loops into playable instruments, with features like:


  • White keys 一 For playing loops
  • Black keys 一 For modifying them
  • Sliders 一 To manipulate everything from tone to timing


This kind of real-time customization is invaluable for hip-hop producers looking to add some originality and edge to their beat. 


Also, Arcade’s extensive library spans a variety of genres, like trap, rock, funk, pop, EDM, etc. 


So, you’ll certainly have endless inspiration whether it’s straight hip-hop or you’re looking for an interesting hybrid (which I totally encourage, guys). 


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Cloud-based loop and sample streaming
  • Created daily updates for drum kits, vocals, and loops
  • Real-time loop and sample manipulation 
  • Playable loops and extensive modulation options
  • Genre-spanning sound library for all modern music (trap, pop, etc.).
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#10. FabFilter Pro-Q 3


FabFilter Pro Q 3 3 - Unison


FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is a must-have EQ plugin in any hip-hop producer’s toolkit known for its exceptional sound quality and flexible functionality. 


This high-precision EQ allows for both surgical and creative equalization, with up to 24 bands per instance. 


My favorite features are: 


  • Dynamic EQ options (of course)
  • Zero latency mode for live tracking
  • The unique spectrum grab feature


The intuitive interface of Pro-Q 3 supports effortless editing, with each band capable of operating as a bell, high/low shelf, high/low cut, or tilt shelf filter. 


This flexibility is ideal for refining vocals, tightening bass, or enhancing clarity in drum tracks (crucial for all hip-hop productions). 


It also supports mid/side processing 一 essential for managing the spatial elements of your mixes. 


This way, you’ll ensure that all the hip-hop songs you’re laying down have the proper depth and dynamics when people hear them. 


Like most FabFilter plugins (in my opinion), this is a great plugin option for music of all kind.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • High-precision equalization with up to 24 bands
  • Dynamic EQ options for responsive frequency adjustments
  • Zero latency mode suitable for live applications
  • Spectrum grab feature for intuitive frequency editing
  • Supports mid/side processing for pristine mixes
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#11. Battery 4


Battery 4 - Unison


Battery 4 by Native Instruments is a knockout drum sampler specifically designed for the creation and manipulation of drum sounds.


This is, of course, vital for professional hip-hop production.


It comes packed with an extensive library of over 200 professionally designed drum kits, including a wide range of hip-hop-specific sounds from classic to innovative styles. 


Even if you don’t have an idea what you’re doing, the inspiration this bundle brings will help you unleash your creative beat-making beast.


The clear, intuitive interface allows for deep sound customization 一 from layering samples and adjusting start points to applying effects and tuning drums.


Each cell in Battery 4 can hold multiple samples, and each sample can be edited with a robust set of parameters including: 


  • Volume
  • Pitch
  • Pan
  • Etc.


So you’ll always have detailed control over the dynamics/texture of your drum sounds. 


Plus, it’s powerful tagging system makes finding the right sounds simple and easy.


Therefore, as hip-hop producers who need drum sounds all day, everyday, Battery 4 has got you covered.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Extensive drum kit library/drum samples with over 200 drum kits including kicks, snares, one-shots, etc.
  • Deep sample customization capabilities
  • Multi-sample support per cell
  • Solid tagging system for quick sound retrieval
  • Intuitive interface for streamlined workflow/recording/mixing/mastering tasks
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


#12. iZotope Ozone 11


Ozone 11 - Unison


iZotope Ozone 11 is a mind-blowing mastering suite that is invaluable for hip-hop producers aiming to achieve a polished, commercial-quality sound. 


Ozone provides advanced mastering tools in one integrated plugin, including: 


  • Spectral shaping
  • Dynamic EQ
  • Maximizer


They’ll help make sure all of your hip-hop productions are not only loud but dynamic and clear 一 maintaining the vibrancy of the mix.


And guarantees that every single element, from one-shots and kick drums to vocals, is shining as it should.


Ozone is a great plugin that stands out for its AI-powered Master Assistant, which can automatically suggest starting points for signals and sound profiles.


It also includes a variety of modules for immersive sound processing, such as the Imager, which widens the stereo field without sacrificing punch in the lows. 


Ozone’s vintage modules, including EQ, compression, and tape saturation, offer warmth and character that can enhance any hip-hop track. 


They’ve made it a point to really think about the hip-hop producer (and artists) with this software, so it has definitely lived up to the hype. 


Speaking of tape saturation, if you want to know the top saturation plugin available, we’ve got you covered, just click here.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Integrated suite of mastering tools for high-quality sound
  • AI-powered Master Assistant for tailored music processing
  • Dynamic EQ and spectral shaping for detailed sound adjustment
  • Stereo Imager for spatial enhancement
  • Vintage modules for analog warmth and character (and new ideas)
  • One of the best VST plugins available


#13. Bonus: Sylenth1 


Sylenth1 2 - Unison


Sylenth1 by LennarDigital might be an OG, but it still deserves its place on this list because its analog-inspired synthesis capabilities are top-tier.


It shines when it comes to recreating the rich, fat sounds of analog synths which is perfect for creating that vintage hip-hop vibe.


Sylenth1 features a dual oscillator setup (each capable of generating up to 8 voices per note) 一 providing a thick sound that’s essential for impactful hip-hop bass and leads.


NOTE: Its oscillators can perform both frequency and ring modulation, which adds yet another layer of complexity and texture to your sound. 


Its four filter sections deliver a range of sonic sculpting options, supported by analog-sounding drive controls to warm up or distort the sound a bit as needed. 


It also include a pretty impressive modulation section for extensive customization of sound dynamics and expression, so you can go crazy with each and every song/beat you’ve created.


I’m telling you, don’t count Sylenth out; at the end of the day, it’s a beast if you know how to use it.


Key Features of this Hip-Hop Plugin:


  • Analog-inspired synthesis for warm, deep sounds right from your home studio
  • Dual oscillators with up to 8 voices each, of course
  • Frequency and ring modulation capabilities
  • Four filter sections with analog drive controls that give me life
  • Comprehensive modulation options to ensure your beat shines
  • One of the best hip-hop VST plugins available


Best Hip-Hop VST Plugins: Final Thoughts


Having access to the best hip-hop VST plugins is key for any producer looking to make a real impression on not only your listeners, but the industry as well.


All of the best hip-hop VST plugins we’ve covered certainly can help you get there 一 from basic music production tasks to insane sound design techniques.


Whether you’re producing hard-hitting beats, designing unique synth sounds, or polishing your hip-hop tracks to perfection, you’ve got what you need.


Remember, it’s all about expanding your horizons and becoming a true master of your craft, so you can use any plugin like a professional.


Plus of course, create show-stopping tracks that end up on the top of playlists.


So, go use these hip-hop VST plugins to not only be part of the hip-hop game, but to control and break the rules.


Until next time…




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