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400+ Royalty-free Vocals For Unique & Intriguing Tracks (2024)

Vocal samples are the unsung heroes of modern music production.


They can infuse life into a beat, elevate a melody, and add a unique flair to any track.


That’s why, as a music producer, having access to the most legendary royalty-free vocals and knowing how to professionally incorporate them is essential.


It’s about more than just filling in gaps 一 it’s about creating an auditory experience that resonates with your audience.


In today’s article, we’ll break down:


  • The essence of vocal samples ✓
  • Benefits of royalty-free vocals ✓
  • Transforming music with vocal samples ✓
  • Diving into vocal loops ✓
  • Maximizing free vocals ✓
  • Genre-specific vocal sample selection ✓
  • 2 legendary vocal packs for 2024 (over 500+ vocal samples) ✓
  • Working with vocal phrases ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped to select and utilize vocal samples that not only enhance your tracks but also define your signature sound.


Plus, be able to navigate through different genres, infuse fresh energy into your projects, and collaborate with singers and artists like a professional.


So, let’s dive in…


The Power of Vocal Samples in Music Production


Vocal samples are more than just sounds; they are the heart of many modern tracks, bringing life and emotion to music. As a music producer, understanding and utilizing these vocal samples is crucial.


  • What are Vocal Samples?


royalty-free vocals


Vocal samples are snippets of vocal recordings used to enhance music tracks.


These vocal samples can range from single words to full vocal phrases and are integral to creating a distinct sound in music.


Producers often browse the internet for free vocal samples, but finding high-quality vocals can be challenging.


Good quality vocal samples: 



For a music producer, these samples are the building blocks for creating unique tracks.


The variety available in vocal samples is vast.


You can find everything from soulful melodies to energetic shouts 一 fitting various genres and moods.


Always look for samples that can add a unique touch to your tracks.


Free vocal samples, in particular, are a goldmine, especially when you’re experimenting or trying out new ideas (which you should always be doing).


  • Benefits of Using Royalty-free Vocals in Your Tracks


How To Make Money As a Music Producer Cover 1 scaled - Unison


Royalty-free vocals are a game-changer for music producers.


Unlike traditional samples, royalty-free vocals don’t require you to pay royalties to the original artist.


This means you can use them freely in your tracks without worrying about legal issues.


Royalty-free vocals are particularly beneficial for independent artists and producers who might not have the budget to pay for expensive music licenses.


Using high-quality, royalty-free vocals can instantly elevate your music.


They add a professional touch 一 enhancing the overall quality of your tracks.


Also, vocal samples save time too, as you don’t need to record vocals yourself or hire singers and songwriters.


This is especially useful when you’re working on tight deadlines or multiple projects.


  • How Vocal Samples Can Transform Your Music


How to EQ vocals - Unison


Vocal samples have the power to transform a simple melody into a captivating track.


They add depth and emotion, making your music more relatable and engaging.


A well-placed vocal sample can be the highlight of a song, creating memorable moments that listeners love.


For instance:


  • A haunting vocal loop 一 Can set the mood for an entire track.
  • A catchy vocal phrase 一 Can become the hook that everyone remembers.


Sometimes, playing around with different vocal sounds and textures can spark new ideas, leading to innovative tracks.


Good quality vocal samples are like colors on a palette; they give you the freedom to paint your musical canvas in unique ways.


Vocal Loops: Breaking it Down


Vocal Loops - Unison


Vocal loops are repeated sections of vocal sounds that create a rhythmic pattern


Vocal loops can range from a few beats to several bars in length and are used across various genres.


A good quality vocal loop has the power to set the tone for a track, providing a catchy rhythm that listeners can groove to.


For music producers, finding the right loop is crucial.


It should complement the other elements of the track/project and enhance the overall feel of the music.


The beauty of vocal loops lies in their diversity and flexibility.


You can find loops that are: 


  • Energetic
  • Soulful
  • Ethereal
  • Haunting
  • Etc.


Each brings a different vibe to your music 一 adding a unique twist to any project.


They are particularly useful when you’re stuck creatively, as they provide a starting point that you can build upon.


Vocal loops can be used in various creative ways.


One popular technique is layering different loops to create a rich, textured sound.


This can add depth to your tracks, making them more dynamic and interesting.


NOTE: Combining a high-pitched, ethereal loop with a deeper, rhythmic one can create a captivating contrast that grabs the listener’s attention.


It’s all about getting creative and experimental.


The Most Legendary Vocal Sample Packs for 2024


The world of vocal samples is ever-evolving, with new packs constantly being released. Let’s dive into some of the most legendary packs for 2024.


#1. The Unison Vocal Series – Aaron Richards “Talk About It” Vol. 1


Aaron Richards - Unison



The Unison Vocal Series – Aaron Richards “Talk About It” Vol. 1 is a standout pack in the vocal sample landscape.


This vocal sample pack features the exceptional talents of Aaron Richards, known for his captivating voice and emotive delivery.


The vocal samples in this pack are of very good quality, meticulously recorded to capture the nuances of Aaron’s vocal performance.


They range from powerful leads to delicate adlibs, offering a huge array of options for producers.


What makes this pack particularly appealing is its versatility.


All of the samples, raved about by top labels, are suitable for a range of genres 一 from hip-hop and pop to electronic music and everything in between.


This is a vocal sample pack that you do NOT want to miss out on, so go download it right now.


Download The Unison Vocal Series – Aaron Richards “Talk About It” Pack Now


This Pack Includes:


  • 80 Unique Vocal Lines
  • 137 Unique Adlibs
  • 120 Unique Vocal Chops available in Dry&Wet (totaling 240)
  • 2 In-depth Vocal Processing Video Tutorials
  • Bonus 1: Unison Theory Blueprint PDF (54 Page Chord/Melody Writing Guide)
  • Bonus 2: Unison Vocal Secrets PDF (25 Vocal Processing Tricks)
  • Bonus 3: Unison Loop Pack (200 WAV Loops, 10 for each of the 20 main music genres)


#2. Unison Free Vocal Samples


Unison Free Vocal Samples 750 - Unison



The Unison Free Vocal Samples pack is a treasure trove for producers looking for free high-quality vocals.


This vocal sample pack offers a diverse collection of vocal samples 一 from soulful melodies to catchy phrases.


What sets this pack apart is the sheer quality of the vocal samples.


They are all:


  • Crystal clear
  • Well-recorded
  • Free of any background noise
  • Intriguing
  • 100% royalty-free


This makes them a perfect fit for professional tracks.


These samples are not only super good quality but also incredibly versatile.


They can be used in a huge variety of genres 一 adding depth and emotion to your music, making your listeners instantly captivated.


Whether you’re creating an upbeat dance track or a moody ambient project, these samples can provide the vocal element you need to elevate your music.


And they can be available to you with one free download.


Download Unison Free Vocal Samples Now


This Pack Includes:


  • 20 professional-quality vocal loops, chops, and one-shots


Essential Tips for Working with Vocal Phrases


Vocal Phrases - Unison


Using vocal phrases in your songs requires technical skill and creative intuition.


The first step is to find a phrase that resonates with the theme and mood of your track.


Once you have the right vocal phrase, the next challenge is to integrate it seamlessly into your tracks.


This often involves adjusting the tempo and pitch to match your track.


A good quality vocal phrase should complement the other elements and sounds of your song, not overpower them.


Creative processing is also key.


To add a unique flavor to the vocal phrase, experiment with effects like:



Sometimes, even reversing or chopping up the phrase can lead to interesting results.


Remember, the goal is to make the vocal phrase an integral part of your track 一 enhancing the overall listening experience.


Royalty-free Vocals: Final Thoughts


The world of royalty-free vocals opens up a realm of endless possibilities for music producers.


By incorporating royalty-free samples into your tracks, you not only ensure legal peace of mind but also embrace a vast universe of creativity and innovation.


These samples offer the flexibility to experiment with different sounds and styles.


They allow you to craft tracks that are truly unique and resonant.


Remember, using royalty-free samples is not just a cost-effective solution  it’s a doorway to discovering new musical horizons.


Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, the rich landscape of royalty-free vocals is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.


Dive in, and let these samples inspire and transform your music into something unforgettable.


Until next time…



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