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The Top Free Vocal Samples of 2024 (+ Expert Tips & Tricks)

Vocal samples are the secret sauce that can take your music to the next level. 


Whether it’s a catchy vocal loop, a vocal one-shot exclamation, or complex vocal chops, they can inject life into your track. 


However, when it comes to free options, it can seem like searching for a needle in a haystack.


Luckily, in this article, we’re not just offering you some of the best free vocal samples of 2023 一 we’re also dishing out creative ways to use them like a pro.


In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down:


  • The allure of great vocal samples ✓
  • The best free vocal sample pack of 2023 ✓
  • The art of vocal loops ✓
  • The magic of vocal chops ✓
  • The impact of vocal one-shots ✓
  • Advanced vocal techniques for added intrigue ✓


By the end of this guide, you won’t just have access to some of the most professional free vocal samples in the game. 


You’ll also gain expert insights, tips, tricks, and techniques to use vocal samples, chops, and loops creatively. 


So, let’s dive in…


The Best Free Vocal Sample Pack of 2023: Unison Free Vocal Samples


Unison Free Vocal Samples 750 - Unison



The Unison Free Vocal Samples pack just dropped, and it’s already making major waves in the production world, containing some of the best vocal samples around.


This free pack is an innovative way to reshape and enhance your beats completely.


You’re not just adding vocals to your tracks; you’re infusing them with a sonic signature, carefully curated by seasoned vocalists and professional sound designers


Think of this pack as your team of expert collaborators committed to elevating your musical ventures to pro levels.


With this pack, you’ll instantly access 20 pristine, studio-quality vocal samples 一  each offering a distinct emotive tone and character. 


These are not basic sounds like other sample packs contain…


They are alluring elements that can tell a captivating story within your unique track


From haunting vocal loops to intricate chops and impactful one-shots, this pack is the complete package of vocal elements that can suit multiple producers, genres, sounds, and styles.


So, if you’re looking for the ultimate list of free vocal samples, search no more because when you download this pack, you’ll have them all in one place.


But here’s the clincher: These free vocal samples are 100% royalty-free.


Create tags, remix, and even commercially release your tracks without a second thought about the data.


The world is your huge playground, and Unison just handed you the key to unlock your most impressive sounds.


BONUS: Throughout the article, we will discuss how you can creatively manipulate, tweak, and transform these free vocal samples to perfection.


So, you will have access to the dopest free vocal samples of 2023 and expert advice about how to help you get your music the recognition it deserves.


Without a doubt, you will hear the difference with these legendary sounds.


This one certainly takes the cake regarding the best sample packs you can choose from on the internet.


Download the Unison Free Vocal Samples Now


Mastering the Use of Vocal Loops, Vocal Chops, and Vocal One-Shots


So, now that we’ve dug deep into the renowned Unison Free Vocal Samples let’s delve into the vocal elements found within: vocal loops, chops, and one-shots.


  • The Versatile Realm of Vocal Loops


Vocal Loops - Unison


Vocal loops are not just repetitive sound segments; they’re rhythmic and melodic narratives that can either lead your track or supplement its atmosphere.


These vocal loops are the heartbeat of many hit records in genres ranging from hip-hop to EDM.


Imagine sifting through the Unison Free Vocal Sample Pack (free download) and stumbling upon a vocal loop that perfectly resonates with your project’s vibe. 


Well, no need to imagine, as this pack has free vocal samples that fit any genre, type, or production style.


These vocal loops could be the missing puzzle piece 一 providing the flow and texture that binds your composition together and makes your tracks shine.


Don’t underestimate the dynamism of a good vocal loop, as it can:



Music Producer 2 scaled - Unison


In a trap beat, a loop with a haunting melody can add emotional depth to the hard-hitting drums and 808s.


With vocal chop loops, you also get the room to experiment with audio effects


A subtle delay or a touch of reverb can transform an ordinary loop into an extraordinary sonic experience. 


This allows you to create signature sounds that stand out in the saturated world of digital music production and work to your advantage.


  • The Complex Artistry of Vocal Chops


free vocal samples


Vocal chops are the spices of your musical dish.


These short (yet super impactful) snippets can successfully: 


  • Punctuate a beat
  • Introduce unexpected melodic twists
  • Serve as the main hook


The key lies in their placement, processing, and the creative intent behind their use.


Think about using the Unison Free Vocal Sample Pack’s vocal chops to slice and dice your way to a dynamic arrangement that sounds perfect.


For example, you can take a vocal chop and processing it with pitch-bending techniques to create an otherworldly sound that becomes the centerpiece of your next hit.


This method has influenced many great producers and popular beats.


Vocal Chops 2 e1684705596400 - Unison


But don’t stop there… 


Try sequencing various chops to form entirely new vocal phrases or melodic lines. 


You can even experiment with reverse playback 一 adding an element of surprise and complexity to your arrangements.


Let’s not forget the transformative power of effects. 


Adding granular delay or glitch effects to a vocal chop can generate textures that not only sound innovative but also stretch the boundaries of what’s considered “musical.”


If you’re looking for how to create epic vocal chops in any DAW, we’ve got you covered.


  • Vocal One-Shots: Short, Yet Impactful


Vocal One Shot 2 - Unison


If vocal loops are the heartbeat and vocal chops the spices, then vocal one-shots are the exclamation marks in your musical stories. 


These are the rapid-fire, impactful sounds that give instant character to your tracks.


Finding a gem of a vocal one-shot in the Unison Free Vocal Sample Pack (free download) is all but a guarantee.


It might be just the sound you need to underline a transition or emphasize the drop in a trap track.


However, the real magic happens in your home studio


Take that one-shot and pass it through a series of modulation effects; maybe add a touch of chorus or flange to make it stand out. 


Chorus Effect - Unison


Layer it with a synthesized sound, and you might stumble upon a timbre that’s never been heard before.


The flexibility of one-shots allows for intricate detailing. 


You can pan them across the stereo field for a 3D listening experience, or feed them into a sampler to construct new melodies.


The possibilities are truly endless.


They are quick but potent tools that can make a world of difference in your beats and help get your tracks the hype they deserve.


Advanced Techniques for Creative Use of Vocal Samples


You’ve got the basics down and your toolkit is stocked with some premium free vocal samples from Unison Audio.


Now, let’s elevate your game with some advanced techniques that’ll make your tracks stand out even more.


  • Granular Synthesis of Free Vocal Samples for Evolving Soundscapes


Granular Synthesis - Unison


For those looking to step outside the traditional boundaries of vocal samples, granular synthesis offers an exciting option. 


By breaking down vocal samples into tiny grains and reassembling it in a myriad of ways, you can create evolving, almost ethereal soundscapes.


Take a simple vocal one-shot from the Unison pack (free download) and transform it into a shifting, complex texture that evolves over time. 


With granular synthesis, the voice becomes an instrument of its own 一 capable of producing sounds that defy categorization.


NOTE: Tools like Max for Live’s Granulator II or Native Instruments’ Kontakt offer comprehensive granular synthesis features.


They can help you turn even a simple vocal snippet into a fully developed musical idea.


  • Vocal Sample Layering for Textural Complexity


Vocal Layering - Unison


Another advanced technique is layering different types of free vocal samples to create a rich textural landscape within your composition. 


This can involve layering vocal loops with chops or one-shots, or different pitches and formants of the same vocal sample.


For instance, take a melodic vocal loop and a rhythmic one-shot from the Unison pack (free download).


Process each differently; maybe add some reverb to the loop and a phaser effect to the one-shot. 


Then, play them simultaneously but offset by half a beat. 


The resulting texture can be shockingly unique vocals 一 adding an intriguing layer of complexity to your track.


The creative possibilities when it comes to vocal layering are truly endless. 


With layering, you can: 


  • Construct unique rhythmic patterns.
  • Create haunting atmospheres.
  • Form entirely new vocal phrases. 


The key is to experiment with the vast possibilities, armed with the superior quality of samples from the Unison pack.


You have no idea what you can produce with some creativity and unique thinking.


Free Vocal Samples: Final Thoughts


If there’s one takeaway from this exploration, it’s that vocal samples are indispensable in the modern music production scene.


They’re the x-factor, the spice, the narrative — giving your tracks a unique personality.


You can utilize vocal one-shots for impact, create rhythmic stories with vocal loops, or incorporate complex textures with vocal chops.


Whatever you decide, it will help you add layers of emotional depth and intrigue to your tracks, capturing your listeners’ attention.


And let’s not forget about the Unison Free Vocal Samples.


Trust me, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen vocal samples; they’re game-changers.


Now you have access to some of the hottest, most professional free vocal samples in the game, and you know exactly how to creatively manipulate them for jaw-dropping results.


So, go experiment with these free vocal samples and let your creativity run wild.


Until next time…


Download the Unison Free Vocal Samples Now



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