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The Best DJ Software According to Your Favorite DJs (Top 11)

DJ software is the heart and soul of a DJ’s performance, providing the tools needed to mix, remix, and animate tracks live. 


Anything that ensures the crowd goes absolutely wild is key.


There is so much DJ software out there, but not many of them live up to the hype. 


Good DJ software includes comprehensive track analysis, extensive feature sets for live performance, seamless hardware integration, and intuitive user interfaces. 


And that’s exactly why we’re breaking down the best DJ software according to your favorite DJs. 


This way, you can be assured it includes everything you’ll need to go kill your set or enhance your DJing skills to the industry standard.


The following DJ software includes features/functions like:


  • Reliable performance ✓
  • Advanced track analysis ✓
  • Seamless hardware integration ✓
  • Real-time audio manipulation ✓
  • Comprehensive library management ✓
  • Creative DJing tools ✓
  • Immense feature sets for studio & live performance ✓
  • Video mixing capabilities ✓
  • Standalone functionality ✓
  • Streaming service support ✓
  • Beginner-friendly interfaces ✓
  • Extensive effects and looping options ✓
  • Much more ✓


After this article, you’ll have access to the best DJ software for enhancing your live performances and streamlining your music preparation. 


Plus, you’ll know how to select the right features and tools to elevate your DJing skills like a true professional. 


Whether you’re playing at a club, a concert, or any other venue, the DJ software we’re breaking down today will help you find your perfect match. 


So, let’s just jump right in…


#1. Serato DJ Pro


best DJ software


Serato DJ Pro , DJ Jazzy Jeff’s favorite software, is praised for its powerful features/seamless performance and loved by scratch DJs worldwide.


This software is ideal for pumping out dynamic and engaging performances.


Serato DJ Pro supports a wide range of DJ controllers and mixers (from brands like Pioneer DJ and Denon DJ), which ensures widespread compatibility. 


Key features include real-time track analysis, which is super important for matching beats and setting cue points accurately during live performances.


The interface of Serato DJ Pro is carefully designed to be intuitive 一 allowing you quick access to essential functions like loop controls and sample triggers. 


Serato DJ Pro also includes the “Scratch Bank” feature, which provides rapid access to scratch samples and tracks for spontaneous creativity. 


DJs like yourself can utilize Serato’s famous colored waveforms for precise beat matching, and the ‘Smart Sync’ option for flawless tempo alignment. 


NOTE: Serato DJ Pro offers a suite of iZotope-powered effects such as Echo, Reverb, and Phaser, which are customizable and can be applied with precision in real-time.


Bottom line, if you’re a DJ looking for the best of the best DJ software, look no further than Serato DJ Pro.


Key Features of Serato DJ Pro:


  • Impressive DJ controller support
  • Real-time track analysis
  • Intuitive interface with cue points
  • Scratch Bank feature perfect for scratch DJs
  • Colored waveforms
  • Smart Sync
  • iZotope effects
  • One of the best DJ software options around


Serato DJ Pro’s design and functionality make it a favorite among legendary DJs globally like A-Trak and Kittens.


Its innovative features provide a versatile platform that’s perfect for various DJing styles, from hip-hop to electronic music and everything in between.


Whether you’re performing in a club or recording in a studio, Serato DJ Pro offers the tools and reliability needed to produce top-notch DJ sets/regular gigs.


#2. Engine DJ


Engine DJ - Unison


Engine DJ is a solid software solution designed to enhance DJ performances by offering unique features for both live and studio settings. 


Engine DJ stands out with its ability to operate standalone on Denon DJ hardware, meaning you can perform without a laptop (a feature that revolutionizes DJ setups). 


This software also supports direct integration with streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and TIDAL 一 providing endless music libraries for you to explore.


The user interface of Engine DJ is clean and straightforward, so it’s super easy for DJs to manage their tracks and playlists efficiently. 


It also includes advanced key analysis/key detection and sync features so you can , harmonize your mixes perfectly. 


Engine DJ’s ability to automatically analyze tracks for BPM, key, and beat grids in real-time is unmatched when it comes to accuracy and speed, hands down.


Also, it features a ‘Track Preview’ option that lets DJs listen to tracks without loading them into a deck, which will greatly enhance your workflow during performances.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Standalone capability
  • Streaming service integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced key analysis/key detection
  • Real-time track analysis
  • Track Preview feature
  • One of the best DJ software options around


Engine DJ offers a compelling mix of innovative features that both beginners and experienced DJs can seriously appreciate.


Plus, its standalone operation and seamless streaming integrations make it particularly appealing for DJs looking for flexibility and extensive music access during their sets.


Which, in all honestly, should be every DJ.


#3. Native Instruments Traktor Pro


Traktor 3 - Unison


Native Instruments Traktor Pro is highly regarded in the DJ community for its cutting-edge features and the creative freedom it offers. 


Show-stopping DJs like the Aphex Twins and Porter Robinson swear by it.


Traktor Pro is known for its four-deck mixing console, which allows your to layer multiple tracks and samples to create complex, mind-blowing soundscapes. 


The software includes a range of built-in effects like: 


  • Filter 一 Modifies frequencies to highlight or reduce sounds. 
  • Delay 一 Echoes sound with adjustable timing and feedback.
  • BeatSlicer 一 Slices audio to rearrange rhythmic patterns.


All of which can be used to enhance your songs dynamically so people instantly stop and notice.


Traktor Pro is celebrated for its Remix Decks feature, which allows DJs to remix tracks on the fly and integrate loops and samples easily into their sets. 


It also includes precise beat matching with its advanced syncing capabilities 一 ensuring that transitions between tracks are smooth and tight. 


Another notable feature is the ‘Stems’ format support, which lets DJs manipulate individual components of a track such as vocals, bass, drums, and melody separately. 


Honestly, anything compatible with Traktor hardware is pretty solid.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Four-deck mixing making it one of the best DJ mixing software choices amongst professional DJs
  • Built-in effects
  • Remix Decks
  • Advanced syncing
  • Stems format support
  • One of the best DJ software options around


Native Instruments Traktor Pro was created especially for DJs who value flexibility and control over their music, so quality is never an issue.


Its comprehensive feature set supports a wide range of DJing styles and techniques, which makes it perfect for pushing the boundaries of digital DJing.


Side note, if you’d like to discover the best headphones for DJs, we’ve got you covered.


#4. Rekordbox


Rekordbox e1713140765972 - Unison


Rekordbox, developed by Pioneer DJ, is a staple in the world of DJ software, renowned for its seamless integration with Pioneer DJ hardware. 


Legends like Armin van Buuren and Steve Aoki are big, big fans.


This software excels in music management and allows DJs to prepare and perform their sets from a single library 一 enhancing the DJing experience with streamlined workflow. 


Rekordbox features an intuitive layout and solid performance capabilities, including professional sound quality and low-latency audio processing.


Key functionalities of Rekordbox include advanced track analysis, which scans BPM, beat grids, and key, allowing DJs to match beats and harmonize tracks effortlessly. 


This software also supports a variety of performance modes, such as Export, Performance, and DVS, to suit different DJing styles. 


One of its standout features is the Lighting control, which automates lighting sequences in sync with the music, transforming DJ performances into immersive shows.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Pioneer DJ integration
  • Comprehensive music management
  • Advanced track analysis
  • Multiple performance modes
  • Lighting mode
  • One of the best DJ software options around


Rekordbox is favored by DJs who appreciate its adaptability and the powerful performance features that come with it, because its not just good value, it’s great.


No wonder it is one of the most popular DJ software options around.


Whether preparing songs in the studio or performing live, Rekordbox provides the tools necessary for a top-notch DJing experience.


#5. VirtualDJ


Virtual DJ - Unison


VirtualDJ is one of the most popular DJ software options globally, known for its versatility and technology-driven features for both audio and video mixing. 


This software is highly adaptable, supporting over 300 controllers and offering a user-friendly interface that makes it unparalleled.


VirtualDJ sets itself apart with its high-definition video mixing capabilities 一 allowing you to mix music videos or add visuals to your audio tracks.


This is one of the reasons Carl Cox absolutely loves this one.


What stands out is the innovative features of Virtual DJ like its real-time stem separation technology, which lets DJs isolate vocals, drums, bass, and melodies on the fly. 


This feature is incredibly useful for creating custom mashups and remixes. 


It also includes powerful effects and transitions and smart quantizing for easy looping and syncing.


As well as support for broadcasting live DJ sets directly to social media platforms, which is super beneficial.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Supports audio and music videos/video mixing/video playback
  • Real-time stem separation
  • Compatible with 300+ controllers
  • Smart quantizing and other innovative music tech
  • Social media broadcasting
  • Better than most DJ software options around


VirtualDJ remains a favorite among DJs who require a flexible and feature-rich platform for their creative expressions. 


Its ability to handle both audio and video seamlessly makes it an excellent choice for any DJ (or sound designer) looking to expand their performance capabilities.


#6. Ableton Live


Ableton Interface e1689711787704 - Unison


Ableton Live is not just another DJ software 一 it’s a powerful digital audio workstation that is highly favored by music producers and DJs alike.


Its creative potential and flexibility is why top dogs like Deadmau5 and Skrillex use it on a daily basis.


Unlike traditional DJ software, Ableton Live excels in live performances and music production, offering a suite (feature-wise) designed for real-time composition and improvisation. 


Its unique Session view allows musicians and DJs to arrange clips and loops non-linearly for layering and mixing that goes beyond conventional track transitions.


Ableton Live also offers advanced MIDI capabilities and supreme instruments and effects and supports various controllers and hardware.


So, if we’re talking highly versatile for live setups, then Ableton Live can deliver.


Key features include warp markers for stretching and syncing music without altering pitch, and an extensive collection of built-in audio effects to transform your sound.


The software also supports Max for Live, providing access to show-stopping custom instruments and effects created by the user community.


Side note, if you’d like to discover all the best Ableton Live stock plugins, we’ve got you.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Session view for non-linear mixing
  • Advanced MIDI support with every download
  • Warp markers
  • Built-in audio effects & other DJ products
  • Max for Live integration
  • One of the best DJ software options around


Ableton Live is one of the most popular DJ software choices for DJs and producers who demand a high degree of control and innovation in their live sets and music production. 


Its extensive toolset allows for endless creative exploration, making it a standout choice in the electronic music scene, for sure.


#7. djay Pro


Djay - Unison


djay Pro by Algoriddim is a popular DJ software that integrates seamlessly with streaming services like Spotify, TIDAL, and SoundCloud.


So, needless to say, you’ll have access to music libraries galore.


It was designed to be intuitive yet powerful, including something for beginners, seasoned professionals, and anyone in between. 


djay Pro offers a unique feature set (including AI-driven mixing tools like Neural Mix), which allows you to isolate beats, instruments, and vocals in real-time.


It also supports a range of hardware from leading DJ equipment manufacturers, and it features a modern interface that adapts flexibly to different user setups.


From portable DJ controllers to professional club systems, it’s perfect.


djay Pro also includes a variety of audio effects, high-definition waveforms, and four-deck mixing capabilities. 


NOTE: For video DJs, it provides video mixing and effects that sync with your music to enhance the overall sensory experience.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Integration with streaming services
  • Neural Mix technology
  • Flexible user interface
  • Four-deck mixing
  • Video mixing capabilities
  • One of the best DJ software options around


djay Pro is known for its cutting-edge features and ease of use, making it a favored option for DJs who want to leverage the latest technology in their performances. 


Whether you’re creating/manipulating audio or video mixes, djay Pro offers the tools needed to create club-shaking, high-quality DJ sets.


This is what makes it one the most popular DJ software options around.


#8. Serato DJ Lite (Free)


Serato DJ Lite - Unison


Serato DJ Lite is a simplified version (free version) of Serato DJ Pro, designed specifically for beginner DJs to start mixing with minimal fuss. 


It provides a friendly introduction to the world of DJing without overwhelming newcomers with too many features. 


This software supports popular DJ controllers, making it easy to start mixing with actual DJ hardware. 


Serato DJ Lite also offers basic functionalities such as hot cue points and loops 一 allowing you to experiment with different mixing techniques


Its straightforward interface is clean and user-friendly, displaying only essential information to help new DJs focus on learning the craft.


Plus, it includes a practice mode where no hardware is needed, which is perfect for beginners to practice their mixes anywhere, anytime.


NOTE: Although it lacks many advanced features found in Serato DJ Pro, such as detailed FX controls and expanded sample decks, Serato DJ Lite still benefits from Serato’s high-quality audio processing.


This ensures that your mixes will sound professional every time.


Serato DJ Lite an excellent gateway for aspiring DJs who eventually plan to upgrade to Serato DJ Pro as they advance their skills.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Straightforward interface with cue points and loops
  • Supports popular controllers
  • Practice mode
  • Basic effects of Serato DJ Suite Pro
  • Performance pad view
  • One of the best DJ software/DJ mixing software options around


Serato DJ Lite serves as a perfect way for aspiring DJs to start mixing with a setup that mimics professional gear 一 it’s the best budget-friendly DJ mixing software around.


It will help you with the foundational skills needed to advance your DJing career.


#9. PDCJ Dex 3 DJ


PDCJ Dex 3 DJ - Unison


PCDJ Dex 3 DJ is an exciting DJ software option that allows DJs to manage and mix music, music videos, and even karaoke files all from one interface. 


This makes it particularly suitable for DJs who perform at a bunch of events where different formats of media are required. 


It supports a broad array of audio and video formats, so you’ll be able to use your existing media libraries without conversion, which is always good.


PCDJ Dex 3 includes an advanced media file browser with search, playlist creation, and many other organizational features that make music management super simple.


The software’s mixing engine is sick, offering manual and automatic mixing capabilities along with real-time effects to enhance the audio or video tracks. 


PCDJ Dex 3 also includes a professional mixer layout that mimics physical DJ mixers, complete with: 



It supports up to four DJ decks for audio and video mixing 一 allowing DJs to expand their creative potential and unleash that beast.


Also, the software’s video mixing feature includes text, image, and video overlays, which makes it a powerful performance tool for VJs and mobile DJs alike.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Audio and video mixing
  • Karaoke capabilities 
  • Automatic beat-mixing
  • Advanced media library management with every download
  • Key detection and harmonic mixing
  • One of the best DJ software/DJ mixing software options around


PCDJ Dex 3 DJ is ideal for DJs looking to perform with music, music videos, and karaoke in a single, unified platform. 


Its extensive feature set and flexible performance capabilities make it a popular choice for versatile, adventurous entertainers.


#10. Denon DJ SC LIVE 4


Denon DJ - Unison


The Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 is an all-in-one DJ system that integrates the Engine DJ software, offering DJs a standalone solution without the need for an external computer. 


This unit is designed for DJs who prefer a more hardware-focused approach but still require the flexibility and features of software. 


The SC LIVE 4 features a 7-inch touchscreen that provides direct access to all powerful software functions and displays: 


  • Waveforms
  • Library information
  • Performance settings


This system supports streaming services directly on the device so you can stream music without additional hardware.


In addition to its standalone capabilities, the Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


Meaning, if you wanted to stream background music or link up with other wireless devices in your setup, there shouldn’t be any problems.


The hardware offers four channels of mixing, jog wheels, performance pads, and various inputs and outputs for integrating other gear into the setup. 


This product stands out in the market for its combination of versatile DJ software capabilities with the tactile feedback and solidness of traditional DJ hardware.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • Standalone functionality
  • Built-in touchscreen interface
  • Direct access to streaming services
  • Four-channel mixing
  • Dedicated FX controls
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • One of the best DJ software options around


Denon DJ SC LIVE 4 offers a comprehensive DJ solution that combines flexibility and high performance.


It’s for DJs looking to streamline their setup while maintaining creative control over their sets.




DJUCED - Unison


DJUCED is an intuitive and feature-rich DJ software that makes it easy to start DJing, while still providing enough advanced features to grow into. 


It’s actually a super solid place for newbies to start without getting overwhelmed.


DJUCED provides a visual and tactile DJing experience with its graphical interface and support for many DJ controllers. 


This powerful software includes precise sound engine technology to ensure high-quality sound output, which is essential for live performances.


Some of my favorite DJUCED features are the comprehensive track prep tools, smart track suggestions based on tempo and key detection compatibility, and the integrated video mixing feature.


With it, you can sync visuals with your music sets, which is awesome.


It also comes with a sampler, loops, and effects, which can be easily accessed and manipulated during live performances. 


DJUCED is designed to be approachable for novices while providing expansive functionality that also attracts more seasoned DJs looking to enhance their performances without the complexity of more professional DJ software.


And, I’ve got to say, even though it’s not the most advanced, it certainly gets the job done.


Key Features of this Popular DJ Software:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Hot cue points, loops, and effects
  • Powerful sound engine
  • Perfect for live performance in the DJ booth or digital music in your home studio
  • Smart music management
  • Video mixing capabilities
  • One of the best DJ software options around


DJUCED is perfect for DJs who need a straightforward yet effective tool to manage their performances, no matter how complex.


It ensures you can focus on the music and crowd rather than complex technical setups. 


Whether you’re just starting out or have been DJing forever, DJUCED provides a solid platform for all your DJ needs.


Best DJ Software: Final Thoughts


As a DJ, the software you pick will significantly influence your ability to mix tracks, captivate your audience, and kill your sets. 


That’s why any of the best DJ software options we covered today are guaranteed to help you enhance your performances and create dynamic sets like a professional. 


To take your DJ skills to the next level, you’ve got to check out this famous Free FX Pack, which contains 20 Free FXs to add some serious ear candy to your sets.


This pack is perfect for DJs looking for legendary uplifters, impacts, downlifters, misc sounds, and more. 


These professional FXs are all proper, polished, and perfectly processed, so you know you’ll be getting the best of the best to spice up your music.


So, go use the best DJ software to unlock your creative potential and get your audience hype like never before.


Remember, with the best DJ software in your hands, every performance can be an unforgettable, immersive (hopefully mind-melting) experience.


Until next time…



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