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The 12 Best Sampler Plugins You NEED in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Sampler plugins are indispensable tools in the digital music production world. 


They can drastically expand your creativity and help you manipulate audio samples to create unique textures and sounds. 


These sampler plugins offer a bridge between recorded audio and synthesized sound, providing endless possibilities in sound design. 


So, as a music producer, it’s essential to know the best sampler plugins to enhance your production skills and elevate your musical creations.


In this article, we’ll break down the 12 best sampler plugins in the game, covering everything from advanced software options to free yet powerful tools. 


This will include:


  • The essence of sampler plugins & their role in music production ✓
  • Key features that define a top-tier sampler plugin ✓
  • Overview of the 12 best paid & free sampler plugins on the market today ✓
  • Deep dive into each sampler plugin’s unique capabilities ✓
  • Insights into the integration of these plugins into your workflow ✓
  • The creative potential of each sampler plugin ✓
  • Production tips on how to choose the right sampler plugin for your needs ✓
  • Practical applications and sound design/sample possibilities ✓
  • Much more ✓


After reading this article, you’ll not only know the 12 best sampler plugins for 2024 but be able to expertly use them to create legendary tracks as well.


Whether you’re creating intricate EDM beats or lush cinematic soundscapes, the right sampler plugin can help you transform your sound.


This way, you’ll have endless inspiration and innovation for your future hits.


So, let’s dive in…


What is a Sampler Plugin?


best sampler plugins


A sampler plugin is an essential tool in digital music production that can help you create captivating music and enhance your output volume. 


It’s a type of software that allows music producers to manipulate and integrate audio samples into their musical compositions. 


At its core, a sampler plugin is about versatility 一 giving you the power to use pre-recorded sounds (samples) in various creative ways. 


Whether you’re looking to incorporate realistic instrument sounds or unique audio effects, samplers provide the platform to do so.


  • The Power to Transform Sounds


Samplers3 - Unison


Sampler plugins stand out due to their ability to transform samples or loops.


You can: 



It helps you turn a simple sound into something completely new in record time.


This feature (and included settings) is especially crucial for genres like hip-hop and electronic music, where sampling is a fundamental part of the sound design process. 


The ability to tweak and alter samples makes sampler plugins incredibly powerful for creative music production.


  • Bringing Samples to Life


Samples Chopping - Unison


Another key aspect of a sampler plugin is its ability to bring samples to life through various playback methods. 


Whether it’s using a keyboard to trigger different samples or using MIDI to control playback, samplers offer a range of methods to integrate samples seamlessly.


This versatility ensures that samplers can fit into any workflow 一 making them a staple in the toolkits of modern music producers like yourself.


Now that you have a basic understanding of what sampler plugins are, let’s dive into the 12 best sampler plugins that you need in 2024.


#1. Drum Monkey by Unison Audio


Drum Monkey e1690404149695 - Unison


Drum Monkey by Unison Audio redefines the concept of a sampler plugin by offering an innovative approach to drum loop creation.


This unique plugin distinguishes itself by generating unlimited, genre-specific drum loops automatically.


Its versatility across 30 different music genres ensures that it caters to a wide range of musical styles, from hip-hop to rock.


Drum Monkey simplifies the drum creation process and infuses new life into tracks with its diverse and dynamic rhythms.


The power of Drum Monkey lies in its ability to inspire creativity and streamline workflow.


You can effortlessly generate and manipulate professional-quality drum loops and samples  enhancing your production process and focusing more on other creative aspects of your music.


The ease of use and the high-quality output make Drum Monkey an essential sampler plugin for producers looking to elevate their drum tracks.


Its integration into a music production setup brings a new level of efficiency and innovation  showcasing why it’s considered one of the best sampler plugins in 2024.


Download Drum Monkey Now


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


Drum Monkey 3 - Unison


  • Automatic generation of drum loops
  • Coverage across 30 music genres
  • Unlimited loop creation
  • Streamlines drum track production
  • Enhances creative workflow
  • User-friendly interface
  • One of the best sampler plugins for 2024


#2. UVI Falcon


UVI Falcon2 - Unison


UVI Falcon has established itself as one of the best sampler plugins in 2024, offering a wide array of features that make it a top choice for music producers. 


This software excels in blending sampling with advanced synthesis, offering an unparalleled depth in sound design


Falcon’s user interface, while complex, provides detailed control.


This makes it a go-to choice for both straightforward sample playback and intricate sound manipulation.


Falcon’s versatility is one of its standout features, with over 20 oscillators covering various synthesis methods.


This includes advanced options like FM synthesis and wavetable synthesis.


This allows you to seamlessly blend acoustic instruments and synthesized sounds, catering to a wide range of music genres. 


Plus, you’ll be able to sculpt sounds with precision and creativity as it includes:


  • A deep modulation system
  • Dynamic filters
  • An extensive effects library


With Falcon, the possibilities for sound creation are limitless. 


Its modular architecture, coupled with its powerful sampling capabilities, opens up a world of sound exploration. 


From crafting cinematic soundscapes to intricate electronic beats, Falcon stands out as an incredibly powerful tool in the music production landscape.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


UVI Falcon - Unison


  • Covers a range of synthesis methods, including sample playback, wavetable, and FM (20+ oscillators)
  • Modular architecture
  • Advanced modulation system
  • Vast effects library
  • Extensive sampling capabilities:
  • Real-time pitch shifting
  • One of the best sampler plugins you can download right now


#3. TX16Wx Software Sampler (FREE)


- Unison


The TX16Wx Software Sampler, widely recognized as one of the best free sampler VSTs in 2024, is a testament to the capabilities of free music production tools. 


It offers a professional feature set without the price tag, making it an excellent choice for producers on a budget


TX16Wx draws inspiration from classic hardware samplers; blending nostalgia with modern functionality.


This sampler stands out for its detailed sample mapping and zoning capabilities 一 allowing for intricate sound layering and manipulation. 


Its built-in effects and processing tools add to its versatility, helping you shape your own sounds in numerous ways. 


Additionally, TX16Wx’s support for multiple sample formats makes it a flexible tool, suitable for a variety of production needs.


The user interface of TX16Wx, inspired by classic samplers, provides an intuitive and familiar experience for those accustomed to traditional sampling methods. 


While it offers a range of advanced features, its straightforward approach makes it accessible to beginners as well.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


- Unison


  • Detailed sample mapping and zoning
  • Built-in effects and processing tools
  • Support for multiple sample formats
  • Authentic emulation of classic hardware samplers
  • Professional features at no cost
  • Intuitive User Interface (Inspired by classic hardware samplers)
  • One of the best sampler plugins for 2024


#4. CMI V by Arturia


CVI V2 - Unison


CMI V by Arturia, a nod to the legendary Fairlight CMI, revives the spirit of one of the earliest digital sampling systems. 


In 2024, CMI V stands as one of the best sampler plugins, offering a blend of: 


  • Vintage charm
  • Modern functionality


It’s an emulation that goes beyond mere replication, adding contemporary features to the iconic sound of the Fairlight CMI.


This sampler plugin is renowned for its powerful sequencing capabilities 一 allowing you to manipulate your own samples in unique ways. 


NOTE: If you’d like to discover all about step sequencing, we’ve got you covered.


The onscreen keys and dedicated controls provide a hands-on experience, reminiscent of the original CMI. 


The inclusion of a wide array of samples and instrument presets offers a quick start for producers, while also allowing room for extensive customization.


CMI V doesn’t just emulate the classic Fairlight sounds… it expands on them. 


With its additive synthesis capabilities and unique modulation features, producers can venture beyond traditional sampling, exploring new sonic territories. 


This makes CMI V a versatile tool, suitable for music producers looking to infuse their tracks with both nostalgic and innovative sounds.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


CMI V - Unison


  • Emulation of the fairlight CMI
  • Powerful sequencing capabilities for unique sample manipulation.
  • Extensive sample libraries, presets, and instruments
  • Additive synthesis capabilities
  • Unique modulation features to manipulate your own samples & presets
  • Onscreen keys and controls
  • One of the best sampler plugins for 2024


#5. Serato Sample by Serato


Serato Sample2 - Unison


Serato Sample is a cutting-edge sampler plugin renowned for its efficient workflow and powerful features, making it a favorite among music producers in 2024. 


This software sampler stands out for its user-friendly interface, which helps you easily find and manipulate samples and other source material. 


Serato Sample is particularly notable for its world-class pitch-shifting algorithm 一 making it a go-to tool for creative sampling and beat-making.


One of the most celebrated features of Serato Sample is its “Find Samples” functionality. 


This feature automates the process of discovering exciting segments within audio files, significantly enhancing the efficiency of sample-based music production


Additionally, the intuitive chopping and time-stretching tools of Serato Sample enable you to easily tailor samples to fit your musical vision.


Serato Sample’s efficient workflow is complemented by its high-quality sound processing capabilities. 


The ability to quickly manipulate and tweak samples using a range of intuitive controls makes this sampler VST an invaluable asset in any music producer’s toolkit.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


Serato Sample - Unison


  • User-friendly interface, better than most VST samplers
  • Efficient workflow
  • World-class pitch-shifting algorithm
  • “Find Samples” feature makes it stand out amongst other VST samplers
  • Intuitive chopping and time-stretching tools
  • High-quality sound processing
  • One of the best sampler plugins/software samplers for 2024


#6. XO by XLN Audio


XO2 - Unison


XO by XLN Audio emerges as a standout sampler VST in 2024, especially for producers focusing on rhythmic and percussive elements


This software sampler revolutionizes drum programming with its unique approach to organizing and manipulating drum sounds. 


XO’s visual interface intelligently categorizes similar drum sounds 一 enhancing the workflow and creative possibilities for beatmakers and producers.


The sampler shines in its ability to make drum programming both visually appealing and intuitive. 


You can explore a wide array of drum sounds, effortlessly manipulating and swapping them within your projects


The emphasis on workflow efficiency makes this sampler VST an ideal choice for producers looking to streamline their beat-making process.


XO’s combination of a visually guided workflow with a comprehensive sound library positions this sampler VST as a top choice for producers of all kinds.


Especially those who prioritize rhythm and groove in their music production workflow.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


XO - Unison


  • Unique visual interface
  • Intelligent sound categorization
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Comprehensive drum sound library, better than most VST samplers
  • Intuitive auditioning and swapping
  • One of the most Ideal VST samplers for beat-making and sound design
  • One of the best sampler plugins for 2024


#7. KONTAKT by Native Instruments


KONTAKT Sampler - Unison


KONTAKT by Native Instruments remains a titan in the world of sampler VSTs in 2024, renowned for its vast capabilities and extensive sound library.


As a flagship sampler plugin, KONTAKT is equipped with a wide array of: 


  • Tools
  • Settings
  • Features 


They all cater to both simple and complex sampling needs, so it’s truly priceless.


KONTAKT is widely used by music producers for its extensive sample libraries, which include a broad range of instruments and soundscapes.


The software sampler excels in its deep scripting capabilities, allowing for highly customizable instruments. 


Whether it’s layering multiple sounds or creating intricate multi-timbral arrangements, KONTAKT provides the tools and flexibility needed for advanced sound design. 


The KONTAKT user interface (while comprehensive) is designed to facilitate an intuitive workflow 一 making this sampler VST accessible to a wide range of users.


The ability of KONTAKT to integrate seamlessly with a vast array of third-party libraries further solidifies its position as a staple in the music production community. 


Its versatility and depth make KONTAKT an indispensable tool for creating rich, detailed soundscapes. 


When it comes to VST samplers, KONTAKT is a true veteran that will help you think outside the box.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


KONTAKT2 - Unison


  • Vast sound libraries, exclusive to KONTAKT users
  • Perfect for creating samples and loops of your own
  • Deep scripting capabilities
  • Multi-timbral arrangements (unlike other VSTs)
  • Intuitive user interface to create masterpieces with ease
  • The ability to integrate third-party libraries in record time
  • Versatile and in-depth, better than most VST samplers
  • One of the best sampler plugins/VST samplers for 2024


#8. Omnisphere by Spectrasonics


Omnisphere Sampler - Unison


Omnisphere by Spectrasonics remains one of the best sampler plugins in 2024, known for its vast library and hybrid approach. 


This software sampler has gained a reputation for being incredibly powerful, blending sampled sounds with sophisticated synthesis. 


With its extensive collection of sampled instruments, Omnisphere provides producers with a wide array of sounds to explore and incorporate into their music.


The capability of Omnisphere extends beyond traditional sampling with sampled instruments. 


Its hardware synth integration feature is a unique offering in the market today 一 transforming over 65 classic hardware synthesizers into hands-on controllers


This innovative approach bridges the gap between hardware and software, providing a tactile experience for the user. 


The sampler’s ability to generate complex soundscapes makes it an essential tool for music producers looking for depth and versatility in their sound design.


NOTE: Omnisphere’s intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make it accessible to anyone, despite its comprehensive feature set. 


Its sound library is constantly updated, ensuring that it remains relevant and continues to offer fresh sounds. 


This software sampler’s synthesis capabilities, combined with its expansive library, make this sampler VST a top choice for producers in various music genres.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


Omnisphere Sampler2 - Unison


  • Hybrid sampling and synthesis approach
  • Extensive sound library you can hear with one download
  • Hardware synth integration
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Regularly updated sound collection of samples and loops (the output is insane)
  • Versatile sound design capabilities, better than most VST samplers
  • One of the best sampler plugins for 2024


#9. Waves Cr8 Creative Sampler


CR8 Creative Samplers - Unison


Waves Cr8 Creative Sampler emerges as a standout choice among sampler VSTs in 2024. 


It has carved a niche for itself with its straightforward approach to sampling, combined with powerful creative features. 


This sampler plugin is designed for those who value quick and efficient workflow without sacrificing creative potential.


Cr8’s strength lies in its ability to manipulate and control samples intuitively. 


The sampler allows for swift loading and editing of audio files, making it a time-efficient tool in a producer’s arsenal. 


Its range of features includes: 


  • Multimode filters
  • Effects
  • Intuitive controls


They are all designed to facilitate creative sampling. 


This VST samplers ability to host and process multiple samples simultaneously makes it a versatile and potent option for sound design (for example, synthesis).


Waves Cr8 stands out for its user-friendly interface, which, for example, simplifies the sampling process.


It’s ideal for producers who want to quickly create and experiment with samples, offering a balance between simplicity and powerful functionality.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


CR8 Creative Sampler2 - Unison


  • Efficient and straightforward sampling process
  • Powerful creative features for each sample or loops
  • Quick loading and editing of audio files
  • Multimode filters & effects to help you hear new things and think outside the box
  • Intuitive user interface, better than most VST samplers
  • Ability to process multiple samples, each sample meticulously
  • One of the best sampler plugins for 2024


#10. GlitchMachines Polygon 2 Sampler


Polygon - Unison


GlitchMachines Polygon 2 Sampler is a unique addition to the list of the best sampler plugins for 2024.


It caters to those who work with experimental and avant-garde soundscapes. 


This software sampler is known for its ability to transform and manipulate samples in unconventional ways 一 making it a favorite for creative sampling.


Polygon 2 stands out with its focus on granular synthesis and glitch effects, allowing producers to take their sound design to new, unexplored territories. 


Its wide array of features includes: 


  • Advanced modulation options
  • Multimode filters
  • A host of effects


They are all perfect for creating intricate, unique, and evolving sounds of all kinds. 


The sampler’s capability to load and manipulate two samples simultaneously opens up possibilities for complex sound layering and texturing.


The plugin’s interface, while advanced, remains user-friendly and intuitive. 


It ensures that even producers new to such creative sampling can navigate its features and settings with ease. 


Polygon 2’s emphasis on innovation and experimentation makes it a valuable tool for pushing the boundaries of conventional music production.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


Polygon2 - Unison


  • Focus on granular synthesis and glitch effects
  • Advanced modulation options
  • Multimode filters (including low-pass) and a wide range of effects
  • Ability to layer two samples simultaneously
  • Intuitive yet advanced interface
  • Ideal for experimental sound design
  • One of the best sampler plugins for 2024


#11. TAL-Sampler


TAL Sampler2 - Unison


TAL-Sampler is another standout name in the 2024 roundup of the best sampler plugins. 


This software is a nod to the classic hardware samplers of the past, offering a blend of vintage feel with modern digital functionality. 


TAL-Sampler is admired for its straightforward approach to sampling. 


This makes it a preferred choice for producers who appreciate the simplicity and warmth of classic samplers.


One of the defining features of TAL-Sampler is its intuitive interface, which simplifies the samples/sampling process.


It is equipped with features like multimode filters and a rich set of modulation options 一 providing the necessary tools for detailed and expressive sample sound design. 


TAL-Sampler is capable of loading one sample, two samples, or however many samples you’d like, offering flexibility in sound creation. 


This is similar to Ableton’s sampler, for those of you who work within Ableton.


TAL-Sampler’s ability to recreate the characteristic sound of vintage hardware samplers, coupled with its ease of use, makes this sampler VST a great option.


Especially those looking to infuse their music with a touch of hardware sampler nostalgia while benefiting from the precision of modern software.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


TAL Sampler - Unison


  • Vintage sampler emulation (including the best hardware sampler)
  • Straightforward and intuitive interface
  • Multimode filters for precise output 
  • Rich modulation options, emulating the best hardware sampler
  • Single or multiple sample loading capability
  • Emphasizes simplicity and warmth
  • One of the best sampler plugins/software samplers for 2024


#12. Independence Free by Magix (FREE)


Independence - Unison


Independence Free by Magix, standing out as one of the best free sampler VSTs in 2024, is a testament to the accessibility and quality of modern music production tools. 


As a free software sampler, it offers an impressive range of features without any cost.


NOTE: This makes it an excellent choice for producers on a budget or those just starting in music production.


This sampler is notable for its 2 GB sound library, full of carefully selected, high-quality instruments. 


The variety of sounds available in their sound libraries, from, for example, acoustic instruments to electronic beats, makes Independence Free a versatile tool.


Additionally, the sampler’s ability to load and edit audio files efficiently, combined with its support for third-party sample libraries, adds to its appeal. 


Whether you’re an Image Line user, Ableton user, or a newbie, this sampler plugin is ideal.


Independence Free is not just one of the many basic software samplers 一 it’s a comprehensive tool for creative sampling. 


This sampler VST offers an intuitive workflow, making it easy for you to integrate your own samples and craft your own sound. 


The flexibility and quality of Independence Free make it an invaluable resource, especially for producers looking for free, yet powerful, sampling software.


Key Features of This Sampler Plugin:


Independence2 - Unison


  • 2 GB high-quality sound library
  • Variety of instruments included in this sampling software
  • Efficient audio file loading and editing
  • Support for third-party sample libraries
  • Comprehensive and creative sampling capabilities
  • Intuitive workflow, especially for free sampling software
  • One of the best free sampler plugins/software samplers for 2024


Best Sampler Plugins: Final Thoughts


Navigating through the dynamic world of sampler plugins can be a thrilling journey, with the right resources.


As we’ve seen, each plugin, from UVI Falcon’s sophisticated synthesis to the intuitive drum loop generation of Drum Monkey, offers unique features that cater to diverse production needs.


Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, understanding the best sampler plugins is crucial.


It can help you elevate your beats and enhance your workflow in 2024.


The right sampler can be the key to translating your musical ideas into reality offering endless possibilities for sound manipulation, design, and innovation.


As technology continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable is essential for making a lasting mark in the industry.


Remember, the best sampler plugin is not just about the features; it’s about finding the one that resonates with your unique creative process and enhances your musical vision.


After this article, you’re now equipped to choose the sampler plugin that best suits your style and master music production and sound design like a true professional.


Until next time…



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