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10 Top Sites For Construction Kits That Are New & Unique

Making beats that stand out and are arranged perfectly can be a challenge. Unless you have the right sounds, that is. 


That’s why we’re breaking down the top 10 sites that have the best construction kits in the game (at the time of this writing, of course). 


This way, you can produce tracks that not only include the best sounds around, but completely dominate the competition.


What the following construction kits have to offer:


  • High-quality samples and loops ✓
  • 100% royalty-free sounds ✓
  • Deep basslines ✓
  • Punchy drums ✓
  • Intricate melodies ✓
  • MIDI files ✓
  • Pre-mixed stems ✓
  • One-shots & hi-hats ✓
  • Genre-specific kits ✓
  • Exclusive artist packs ✓
  • Innovative sound design ✓
  • Much more ✓


After reading this article, you’ll have access to the most show-stopping construction kits in the game. 


They’re all high-quality and meticulously designed. 


So, you’ll definitely be able to elevate your music production and create standout tracks every single time.


So, let’s jump in…


What Are Construction Kits? Quick Recap


construction kits


Construction kits are pre-packaged collections of: 


  • Samples
  • Loops
  • MIDI files
  • Even stems 


They’re designed to help music producers quickly and efficiently create professional-sounding tracks. 


They typically contain a variety of musical elements 一 such as deep basslines, punchy drums, intricate melodies, unique one-shots, and much more.


These kits are genre-specific, so you can always find the right sounds for your unique style (whether it’s hip-hop, EDM, pop, or any other genre). 


The included MIDI files allow for easy manipulation and customization, giving producers the flexibility to tweak and personalize the sounds to fit their unique vision. 


Construction kits are beneficial because they save time and provide high-quality, professionally crafted elements that can elevate the overall production quality. 


By using construction kits, you can focus more on creativity and arrangement, rather than spending hours searching for or creating individual sounds.


So, now that you know what a construction kit actually is, let’s break down the top 10 sites that offer the best construction kits in the game…


#1. Unison Audio


Beatmaker Box Cover - Unison


Unison Audio is highly renowned in the industry for its high-quality construction kits, like the famous Beatmaker Box. 


Everything is packed with drum loops, one-shots, MIDI files, and pre-mixed stems that make creating chart-topping beats an absolute breeze. 


The samples are meticulously designed by top producers, sound designers, and engineers to ensure your music sounds professional and polished. 


The Beatmaker Box has it all when you’re looking for:


  • Heart-stopping basslines
  • Killer drums
  • Enchanting melodies
  • Anything in between


Another standout offering from Unison Audio is the Melody Collection 一 featuring thousands of MIDI melodies that can instantly spark inspiration. 


And help you break out of beatblock in a snap.


The Drum Essentials kit also gives you unmatched sound, with high-quality drum samples that are pre-processed for immediate use.


Unison’s construction kits are versatile, show-stopping, and created by the best in the game, so you know you’re getting top quality. 


Bottom line, you’ll always have the best sounds in the world with Unison Audio’s construction kits, period.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


Unison Audio Banner - Unison


  • Beatmaker Box: Comprehensive all-in-one kit
  • Melody Collection: Thousands of MIDI melodies
  • Drum Essentials: Pre-processed drum samples
  • Genre versatility: Hip-hop, EDM, Trap, Latin, and more
  • The most legendary sounds/samples around
  • Provides you with endless inspiration
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#2. Splice Originals


Splice 2 1 - Unison


Splice Originals is a go-to for producers looking for a diverse range of construction kits. 


Their kits are genre-specific (like Tech House), offering high-quality samples and loops that are constantly updated to keep your music fresh. 


Each bundle is designed with the essential sounds and soundscapes needed to help you produce beats that the professionals will be impressed by.


What sets Splice Originals apart is its seamless integration with all major DAWs 一 allowing you to drag and drop samples directly into your projects


So, needless to say, the creation process is simpler than ever.


Whether you’re working on hip-hop, EDM, or any other genre, Splice Originals has a construction kit that will fit your needs and inspire creativity.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


Splice 1 1 - Unison


  • Genre-specific construction kits
  • High-quality, regularly updated samples
  • Seamless DAW integration
  • Deep bass lines and intricate drum loops
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#3. Big Fish Audio


Big Fish Audio 2 - Unison


Big Fish Audio is a leader in the world of construction kits, known for their professionally recorded and produced kits.


These construction kits cover a broad range of genres, providing high-quality sounds that add some serious depth and character to your tracks. 


Big Fish Audio’s kits include everything from drum loops and one-shots to MIDI files and full song kits, so you can get as creative as you’d like.


One unique aspect of Big Fish Audio is their insane attention to detail when it comes to recording and production value.


They often feature live-recorded instruments 一 adding an authentic and organic feel to your tracks that is pretty impressive.


Big Fish Audio also offers themed collections, such as vintage or world music, which in personal opinion are out of this world.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


Big Fish Audio 1 - Unison


  • Professionally recorded and produced kits
  • Detailed samples and loops to add to your collection
  • Versatile kits for various genres/inspiration
  • Full song kits and MIDI files included
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#4. ADSR Sounds


ADSR Sounds - Unison


ADSR Sounds has versatile, cutting-edge construction kits that really put love and dedication into each exclusive sound.


They offer hundreds genre-spanning kits that are perfect for inspired producers looking for innovative and high-quality sounds. 


Each construction kit from ADSR Sounds is packed with epic samples, loops, and MIDI files that can help you blow the competition away.


ADSR Sounds guarantees it has a kit for you, whether you produce:


  • Hip-hop
  • EDM
  • Ambient tracks
  • Trap
  • Pop
  • Etc.


What truly sets ADSR Sounds apart is their commitment to the producer community


Alongside their construction kits, they provide endless tutorials, masterclasses, and production tips 一 making it a one-stop shop for both sounds and education. 


This focus on learning and development ensures that you not only get access to great sounds but also enhance your overall production skills


NOTE: The kits from ADSR Sounds often feature unique sound design elements like atmospheric pads, experimental textures, and cinematic impacts.


It will give your tracks a distinctive edge, hands down.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


ADSR Sounds 2 - Unison


  • Wide array of genre-spanning kits
  • Expertly crafted samples, loops, and MIDI files
  • Commitment to producer education with tutorials and masterclasses
  • Unique sound design elements like atmospheric pads and cinematic impacts
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#5. Producer Loops


Producer Loops - Unison


Producer Loops offers an extensive range of construction kits that cater to various genres, especially hip-hop.


Every construction kit included is packed with samples, MIDI files, and one-shots that are perfect for creating unique and exciting tracks.


Their professional kits are designed to provide high-quality sounds that are ready to use in your projects right now.


A highlight of Producer Loops is the quality of their drum loops and basslines, which are super solid, let alone essential for building solid tracks. 


Their kits usually include pre-mixed stems as well, so it’s simple to integrate them.


The versatility and quality of these construction kits make Producer Loops a great resource for any innovative music producer.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


Producer Loops 2 - Unison


  • Extensive range of genre-specific kits
  • High-quality drum loops and bass lines
  • Pre-mixed stems for easy integration
  • Ready-to-use bundle, samples and one-shots for inspiration
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#6. Loopmasters


Loopmasters 2 - Unison


Loopmasters is a staple in the underground music production community, known for its high-quality construction kits.


Their kits are designed by top producers and sound designers, ensuring you get professional-grade sounds for your tracks. 


Loopmasters offers kits for a wide variety of genres, including hip-hop, house, and techno 一 each packed with various samples, loops, and MIDI files.


The diversity of sounds available from Loopmasters is impressive. 


From punchy drums and hi-hat options to deep bass lines and beautiful melodies, their kits provide all the elements needed to create high-quality tracks. 


NOTE: Loopmasters also offers exclusive artist series packs, giving you access to unique sounds created by some of the industry’s top producers.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features For Hip-Hop:


Loopmasters 3 - Unison


  • High-quality kits designed by top producers
  • Plenty of hip-hop genres covered (+ others)
  • Exclusive artist series packs; super fun to play around with
  • Professional-grade samples, loops, and MIDI files
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#7. Prime Loops


Prime Loops - Unison


Prime Loops is known for its contemporary construction kits that inspire and elevate your music production to the next level.


Their kits are packed with high-quality samples, loops, and MIDI files that cover a wide range of genres 一 including hip-hop, EDM, and pop. 


Prime Loops stands out for its innovative sound design and unique sample packs, combining live instrumentation and analog synthesis.


So you can only imagine how captivating the hybrid sounds are. 


The variety of kits available from Prime Loops is seriously impressive, so you’ll never run out of mind-blowing options to play around with.


Prime Loops also offers exclusive artist packs, which gives you access to insane sounds that were created by some of the industry’s top producers.


Bottom line, Prime Loops undoubtedly has some of the best construction kits out there.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


Prime Loops 2 - Unison


  • Contemporary construction kits/bundle options
  • High-quality samples, loops, and MIDI files
  • Innovative sound design
  • Exclusive artist packs for inspiration
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#8. Black Octopus Sound


Black Octopus Sounds - Unison


Black Octopus Sound is highly regarded for its detailed and high-quality construction kits, making it a favorite of many talented producers.


Their kits cover a wide range of genres, including: 



Each construction kit from Black Octopus Sound is packed with meticulously crafted samples, loops, MIDI files, and even presets for popular VSTs.


It ensures that you have all the elements needed to create polished and professional tracks like your favorite producers.


What sets Black Octopus Sound apart is their commitment to pristine production value and unique soundscapes


Their kits often feature live-recorded instruments, world music elements, and experimental textures that add a distinct flavor to your tracks. 


For example, their “Leviathan” series is renowned for its huge collection of sounds 一 including powerful drum hits, deep basslines, and atmospheric effects. 


Additionally, Black Octopus Sound offers in-depth tutorials and producer insights that help you get the most out of their kits.


So, whether you’re new to the game or an OG, there’s something for you.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


Black Octopus Sounds 2 - Unison


  • Detailed and high-quality construction kits
  • Wide range of genres covered
  • Detailed samples, loops, and bundle options
  • Versatile kits for various fun genres
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#9. Output’s Arcade


Arcade 1 - Unison


Output’s Arcade is revolutionizing the way producers use and create construction kits with its ever-expanding library and intuitive features.


Each construction kit in Arcade is designed to spark creativity and help you build unique tracks effortlessly. 


The interface is straightforward, yet super powerful, so you can manipulate your samples and loops like a boss.


This makes creating future-inspired tracks not only possible but super fun.


NOTE: Arcade’s subscription model ensures that you always have access to the latest kits, keeping your sound fresh and current. 


Covering plenty of popular genres, from hip-hop to electronic, Output’s Arcade provides endless possibilities for your music production. 


Its focus on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, which makes it a unique and valuable tool for any serious producer.


Types of Construction Kits & Standout Features:


Arcade 2 - Unison


  • Expanding library of kits for endless inspiration
  • Intuitive interface for easy manipulation
  • Subscription model for constant updates
  • Wide genre coverage to fit your collection
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


#10. Bonus: Capsun ProAudio


Capsun - Unison


Capsun ProAudio is known for its genre-defining construction kits (now through Splice) with a modern edge that specializes in trap and hip-hop. 


Their kits are meticulously designed to deliver high-quality samples, loops, and MIDI files that provide producers with modern taste.


One of the standout offerings from Capsun ProAudio is their “Trap Supreme” series. 


This series is packed with: 



Each providing all the essential elements needed to create cutting-edge trap music like a true boss.


Additionally, the kits feature melodic loops, vocal chops, and atmospheric effects that add depth and character to your tracks. 


Capsun ProAudio also includes detailed MIDI files, so you can customize and create unique variations all day long.


Their construction kits are perfect for producers who want to stay current with the latest trends in trap and hip-hop.


Types of Construction Kit & Standout Features:


Capsun ProAudio - Unison


  • Genre-defining kits with modern sound design
  • High-quality samples, loops, and MIDI files for each pack
  • Attention to detail in sound design for fun/inspiration
  • Unique one-shots included (just go to cart/add and that’s it)
  • One of the best sites for construction kits around


Construction Kits: Final Thoughts


Finding the right construction kits can seriously streamline your music production process and give you access to unmatched sounds.


Ones that can take your tracks from boring and predictable to show-stopping and full of intrigue.


The sites we broke down in today’s article all offer the best of the best construction kits for producers of any genre and style.


With endless samples, loops, MIDI files, and more, these construction kits will undoubtedly inspire creativity and enhance your skills (and workflow).


So, go ahead and check them out so you can discover the perfect sounds for you.


Until next time…




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