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The 13 Best Chorus Plugins of 2024 For Epic Depth & Richness 

The chorus effect can add unmatched depth, richness, and spatial dimension to any track.


It’s one of the most popular effects used to enhance the sound of vocals, guitars, synths, and more to create a sense of movement and texture. 


So, as a music producer, knowing the best chorus plugins can significantly elevate your mixes and help you achieve professional-quality results with ease.


Each of the plugins we’re going to break down offer features/functions like:


  • A rich, lush sound ✓
  • Wide stereo spread ✓
  • Vintage analog warmth ✓
  • Versatile/flexible modulation effects ✓
  • User-friendly interfaces ✓
  • High-quality sound emulation ✓
  • Multi-voice options ✓
  • Subtle to intense modulation ✓
  • Voice-doubling effects ✓
  • Unique creative possibilities
  • Low CPU usage ✓
  • Much more ✓


After reading this article, you’ll have access to the 13 best chorus plugins available in 2024, each bringing its own set of features and benefits to your production setup. 


This knowledge will help you instantly enhance your song with professional-quality chorus effects 一 adding unmatched depth and dimension every time.


Plus, with the details we’re including (unlike some other articles), you’ll be able to immediately decide which ones are the best fit for you.


So, let’s dive in…


The 13 Best Chorus Plugins Around


Before we jump in, I just wanted to quickly recap what the chorus effect is and what chorus plugins are for. In a nutshell, the chorus effect duplicates your original signal, delays it slightly, and modulates the pitch of the delayed signals to create a thicker, richer sound. It mimics the natural variations in pitch and timing that occur when multiple performers play or sing the same part. Chorus plugins are used to achieve this effect digitally. Okay, now let’s get into it.


1. Studio D Chorus by UAD


best chorus plugins


The Studio D Chorus by Universal Audio is a high-fidelity emulation of the classic Roland Dimension D, renowned for its lush, spacious sound. 


This chorus plugin offers four selectable modes, each providing different intensities and styles of chorus (from subtle to more pronounced modulation). 


These modes allow producers to tailor the effect to their specific needs, whether enhancing vocals, guitars, or synths. 


The analog warmth and wide stereo spread makes it ideal for adding depth and dimension to any mix.


Unlike many other plugins, the Studio D Chorus maintains the clarity of the original signal while adding a rich, vintage character people love.


Plus, the straightforward user interface ensures that adjustments can be made quickly and easily, which makes it a favorite for both live performances and studio sessions. 


It really captures the essence of the original Roland Dimension D 一 providing a level of authenticity that is highly valued by professional producers. 


Bottom line, its pristine sound quality and ease of use makes it one of the best chorus plugins around.


Standout Features:


Studio D Chorus 2 - Unison


  • Emulation of Roland Dimension D
  • Four selectable chorus modes
  • Wide stereo spread
  • Analog warmth
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Ideal for vocals, guitars, and synths
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


2. Kilohearts Chorus


Kilohearts Chorus 1 e1716841247370 - Unison


Kilohearts Chorus is a flexible and innovative chorus plugin that’s part of the Kilohearts Snapin ecosystem, so you know you’ll get good value. 


It includes a wide range of modulation effects, from subtle detuning to intense warbling.


The clean and intuitive interface allows for precise control over: 


  • Rate
  • Depth
  • Mix


It will help you create unique and interesting sounds to help your tracks shine. 


Plus Its modular design means it can be combined with other Kilohearts Snapins for even more creative possibilities. 


What sets Kilohearts Chorus apart is its ability to enhance stereo width and add dynamic movement. 


You’ll be able to fine-tune your chorus effect with the detailed control it offers, so it’ll fit perfectly within your mix. 


Whether you’re looking to add subtle modulation or create complex, evolving chorus effects, Kilohearts Chorus delivers exceptional flexibility and quality.


NOTE: The Kilohearts Chorus is not just a standalone effect but also functions as a versatile chorus module within the Kilohearts Snapin ecosystem for seamless integration with other Snapin effects/presets.


Standout Features:


Kilohearts Chorus - Unison


  • Part of Kilohearts Snapin ecosystem (+ numerous chorus presets)
  • Wide range of modulation effects
  • Clean user interface
  • Precise control over rate, depth, and mix
  • Enhances stereo width and movement
  • Modular and versatile
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


3. Magic Switch by BABY Audio


Magic Switch 2 - Unison


Magic Switch by BABY Audio is a free one-button chorus plugin inspired by the iconic Juno-60 chorus, which is one of the most renowned in the world.


Despite its simplicity, it delivers a killer chorus effect that adds depth and character to any sound you’d like to apply it to.


The single control makes it incredibly easy to use 一 providing instant results that can enhance your mix in a major way. 


Magic Switch offers an insanely realistic warm, vintage sound that fits perfectly regardless of genre or style.


The beauty of Magic Switch lies in its ability to deliver professional-quality results with minimal effort, so it’s pretty sweet.


Even beginners can achieve a lush, analog chorus effect without any hassle because it’s so simple to use.


Its ability to instantly add a touch of warmth and richness to any track makes it a favorite of many busy producers who need quick and effective results. 


The unique combination of simplicity and high-quality sound makes Magic Switch by BABY Audio indispensable for adding a classic chorus effect to your toolkit.


Standout Features:


Magic Switch 3 - Unison


  • Free plugin/free download
  • One-button operation
  • Inspired by Juno-60 chorus
  • Interesting, lush chorus effect
  • Adds depth and character
  • Easy to use; perfect for mixing like a master
  • Perfect for synth/guitars/vocals
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


4. Multiply by Acon Digital


Acon Digital - Unison


Multiply by Acon Digital is a versatile and free chorus plugin that stands out with its unique (and super interesting) voice-doubling effect. 


It features up to six voices, each with independent: 


  • Delay times
  • Modulation rates


This way you can create complex chorus effects that will add some edge to your tracks.


The phase randomizing filter ensures a natural and smooth sound 一 making it especially useful for vocals or your favorite synth.


This feature prevents comb-filtering and maintains the clarity and integrity of the original signal.


Multiply’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly, so you can properly fine-tune the depth, rate, and mix to achieve the desired effect you’re going for.


Whether you’re aiming for subtle detuning or more intense modulation, Multiply by Acon Digital provides the flexibility needed for various applications. 


Its efficient performance and high-quality sound make it an excellent choice for producers looking for a solid chorus effect without the cost. 


Multiply’s combination of advanced features and ease of use make it one of the most impressive free chorus plugins around.


Standout Features:


Acon Digital 3 - Unison


  • Free chorus plugin/free download
  • Voice-doubling effect with up to six voices
  • Independent delay times and modulation rates
  • Phase randomizing filter for natural sound
  • User-friendly interface
  • Chorus preset options that show its interesting voice-doubling and phase randomizing capabilities
  • Flexible control options
  • One of the best chorus plugins/free plugins around


5. TAL-Chorus-LX


TAL Chorus LX - Unison


TAL-Chorus-LX is a free chorus plugin that faithfully emulates the Juno-60’s iconic chorus effect with two modes (I and II) that provide different levels of chorus intensity. 


  • Mode I 一 Offers a subtle, lush chorus.
  • Mode II 一 Provides a more pronounced, rich modulation.


Unlike some other free plugins, its user interface is simple and easy to use (yet impactful), so it’s perfect for quickly adding a vintage touch to your tracks.


One of the key features of TAL-Chorus-LX is its ability to create wide, immersive stereo fields 一 enhancing the spatial quality of synths, vocals, and guitars


The low CPU usage ensures that it can be used on multiple tracks without impacting system performance, so that’s always great.


TAL-Chorus-LX’s authentic emulation of the Juno-60 chorus is unmatched, so it’s a favorite in a lot of production communities for classic, analog warmth. 


Its design will help you with quick, effective sound-shaping, so it’ll be a really valuable addition to your setup.


Standout Features:


TAL Chorus LX 2 - Unison


  • Free download
  • Emulates Juno-60 chorus
  • Two modes: subtle (Mode I) and rich (Mode II)
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Creates wide stereo fields
  • Ideal for synth, vocals, and guitars
  • Low CPU usage
  • One of the best chorus plugins/free plugins around


6. Soundtoys MicroShift


MicroShift - Unison


Soundtoys MicroShift is a powerful chorus plugin that combines pitch-shifting and delay to create expansive stereo effects that will help your music get noticed.


This plugin offers three distinct modes, each inspired by classic hardware units like the: 


  • Eventide H910
  • H949
  • AMS DMX 15-80s


These modes provide a wide range of modulation possibilities for you to play around with 一 from subtle widening to dramatic, shimmering effects.


The MicroShift’s user interface is simple yet powerful (like many of the other best chorus plugins) with controls for detune and delay.


Its pitch-shifting capabilities enable it to add harmonically epic and interesting textures, which can transform a static mix into a dynamic and engaging soundscape


Also, the intuitive design ensures that you can quickly dial in the perfect effect, whether they’re looking to add subtle movement or bold modulation. 


The combination of high-quality sound and ease of use makes MicroShift one of the best chorus plugins around (plus the chorus presets don’t hurt).


Standout Features:


MicroShift 2 - Unison


  • Combines pitch-shifting and delay
  • Three modes inspired by classic hardware
  • Simple yet powerful user interface/settings
  • Chorus preset options inspired by classic hardware
  • Adds width and depth to mixes
  • Ideal for vocals, synths, and guitars
  • Creates rich, expansive stereo effects
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


7. Arturia Chorus JUN-6


Arturia Chorus JUN 6 - Unison


If you’re looking for the best recreation of the legendary Juno-6 chorus, then the Arturia Chorus JUN-6 is the answer to your prayers.


It offers two distinct modes so you can easily switch between different chorus intensities, and is perfect for pronounced, rich modulation and a vintage vibe.


Its user interface is designed to be both nostalgic and user-friendly, mirroring the look and feel of the original hardware with super modern features like: 



The authentic emulation of the Juno-6 chorus sound ensures that your tracks have that classic analog warmth and depth.


It also includes a stereo spread control, which allows for precise adjustments to the width of the effect to further enhance the spatial quality of your mix


The Chorus JUN-6 is legendary, and its ability to deliver the iconic sound of the Juno-6 with modern functions is truly impressive.


Standout Features:


Arturia Chorus JUN 6 2 - Unison


  • Faithful recreation of Juno-6 chorus
  • Two modes: subtle (Mode I) and rich (Mode II)
  • Nostalgic and user-friendly interface
  • Stereo spread control
  • Chorus presets that emulate the classic Juno-6 
  • Enhances harmonic content
  • Ideal for synths, guitars, and vocals
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


8. Eventide TriceraChorus


Eventide TriceraChorus e1716842246584 - Unison


Eventide TriceraChorus draws inspiration from the show-stopping tri-chorus effects of the 70s and 80s with three chorus voices (left, center, right).


They’re all modulated by a three-phase LFO to create a dynamic and evolving sound, with controls for:


  • Rate
  • Depth
  • Feedback


This way, you’ll be able to make detailed adjustments to each individual chorus voice. 


It will give you a super vibrant sound that evolves over time.


TriceraChorus excels at adding depth/dimension to synths, guitars, and even full mixes, so if you’re looking for professional-quality modulation effects, look no further.


NOTE: One of the standout features of TriceraChorus is its ability to provide a wide, immersive stereo field, so it’s perfect for adding a lush, vintage chorus effect.


Plus its flexibility to create both subtle and dramatic modulation effects is on point.


The high-quality sound mixed with intuitive design make TriceraChorus one of the best chorus plugins around for added depth and character.


Standout Features:


Eventide TriceraChorus 2 - Unison


  • Inspired by 70s and 80s tri-chorus effects
  • Three chorus voices modulated by a three-phase LFO rate
  • Intuitive interface with detailed controls
  • Adds depth and dimension to mixes
  • Great chorus presets/preset options
  • Ideal for synths, guitars, and full mixes
  • Provides a wide, immersive stereo field
  • One of the best chorus VST plugins around


9. Blue Cat’s Chorus


Blue Cats Chorus - Unison


Blue Cat’s Chorus is one of the best chorus plugins because of its rich sound and more extensive control options. 


From subtle detuning to intense vibrato, you’ll be able to sound-shape all day with its wide array of modulation effects.


What makes Blue Cat’s Chorus really interesting is its high-quality sound and adaptability… 


It can produce both subtle and dramatic effects, so it’s perfect for all genres and styles.


Plus its ability to enhance the overall mixing process without overwhelming other elements is also pretty impressive.


You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll have cohesive, polished tracks.


Standout Features of Blue Cat’s Chorus:


Blue Cats Chorus 2 - Unison


  • Versatile modulation effects
  • User-friendly interface with detailed controls
  • High-quality sounds
  • Ideal for synths, guitars, and vocals
  • Wide range of effect built-in
  • Enhances overall mix/mixing process
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


10. D16 Group Syntorus 2


Syntorus e1716841646362 - Unison


D16 Group Syntorus 2 is celebrated for its pristine, analog-style warmth and intricate modulation capabilities, featuring:


  • Three LFOs
  • Two delay lines


It’s designed for precision and detailed control over each parameter, which makes it possible to create anything from subtle choruses to wild, modulated effects. 


This precision makes it ideal for adding depth and character to synths, guitars, and other instruments over some other chorus plugins.


Syntorus 2 stands out due to its ability to impart analog warmth, which is essential for achieving a vintage vibe, as you know.


Its unique combination of three LFOs and two delay lines ensures that your modulation effects are both rich and complex. 


It’s super effective in maintaining the clarity of the original sound while adding a beautiful chorus effect.


It’s super valuable for producers who want to enhance their tracks with high-quality, analog-style modulation (which, let’s be honest, we all do).


Standout Feature Set:


Syntorus 2 - Unison


  • Analog-style warmth; updated from the previous version
  • Three LFOs and two delay lines
  • Precise control over parameters
  • Wide range of modulation effects
  • Perfect plugin for synths and guitars
  • Contains a Solina String Ensemble emulation
  • Adds depth and character to your sounds
  • One of the best chorus VST plugins/VST version plugin


11. Universal Audio Brigade Chorus


Brigade e1716841857610 - Unison


Universal Audio Brigade Chorus is a modern emulation of the iconic Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, which is celebrated for its rich, liquid tone and signature analog warmth. 


It replicates the original pedal’s sound to perfection 一 both the classic chorus and vibrato modes that made the CE-1 a staple in the music industry. 


What sets the Brigade Chorus apart is its ability to faithfully capture the lush, swirling sounds of the original hardware. 


It also includes a stereo widening feature that enhances the spatial dimension of your tracks, making them sound larger and more immersive. 


NOTE: The Brigade Chorus provides a unique input section with adjustable gain, which can be used to drive the chorus effect even harder.


This attention to detail ensures that whether you’re looking to add subtle movement or dramatic texture, the Brigade Chorus delivers with epic authenticity.


Standout Features:


Brigade 2 - Unison


  • Emulation of Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
  • Rich, liquid tone you don’t hear everywhere
  • Knobs for depth, rate, and mix
  • Adds lush, vintage-style modulation
  • Captures the essence of original hardware better than most other chorus plugins
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


12. Valhalla Space Modulator


Valhalla Space Modulator - Unison


Valhalla Space Modulator is a very interesting chorus plugin that offers a variety of modulation effects, perfect for creative and experimental sounds.


It features a range of modulation options that can be combined to create rich, complex textures, including: 



The plugin’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from subtle, warm choruses to wild, otherworldly effects. 


Plus its low CPU usage ensures that you can use it extensively without compromising your system’s performance. 


This flexibility and unique modulation capabilities make Valhalla Space Modulator one of the best chorus plugins for mixing and pushing the boundaries of sound design.


Standout Features:


Valhalla Space Modulator 2 - Unison


  • Wide range of modulation effects
  • User-friendly interface with detailed controls
  • Creates immersive stereo fields
  • Suitable for subtle and extreme effects
  • Low CPU usage for all chorus types
  • Ideal for creative sound design
  • Definitely worth the software download
  • One of the best chorus plugins around


13. Native Instruments Choral


CHORAL - Unison


Native Instruments Choral is a powerful chorus plugin that features four different chorus modes: 


  • Universal 一 Offers a classic chorus effect.
  • Ensemble 一 Provides a rich, multi-voice modulation.
  • Dimension 一 Perfect for adding spatial width.
  • Analog 一 Delivers warm, vintage-style choruses.


Each one provides a distinct sound character that you can experiment with.


Its user interface is simple and easy to navigate (rate, depth, mix, and feedback), and its high-quality sound and versatility is top-tier.


Native Instruments Coral can seamlessly blend these chorus modes so you can create unique textures and sonic landscapes. 


Whether you’re looking to subtly enhance a vocal track or completely transform a synth line, Choral delivers with precision and musicality. 


NOTE: Choral also includes built-in presets that showcase its diverse potential, so you’ll have a solid starting point for your creative experimenting. 


It will add depth and dimension to every mix.


Standout Features:


Native Instruments Choral 2 - Unison


  • Four distinct chorus modes
  • User-friendly interface with precise mixing knobs
  • High-quality sound; everything sounds great
  • Adds depth and dimension
  • Versatile modulation options
  • One of the best chorus VST plugins around


The Best Chorus Plugin: Final Thoughts


The best chorus plugins can really elevate your music production, adding depth, richness, and a professional edge to your tracks. 


They offer a wide range of modulation effects and sound enhancements that can transform your mixes and make them sound more polished/dynamic. 


Plus, help you achieve that perfect blend and texture in your soundscapes.


Speaking of elevating your tracks, don’t miss out on the show-stopping Free Vocal Samples pack, which includes 20 unique vocal samples included. 


They’re polished, perfectly processed, and created by expert vocalists and producers, so you know you’ll be getting the best value.


Plus, they’re 100% copyright- and royalty-free, so you can use them however you’d like without any legal worries. 


You can, for example, layer the lush harmonics of these vocals with the rich modulation and versatile modulation effects each plugin contains.


Remember to think outside of the box and never stop experimenting. 


It will give you the professional edge you need to produce high-quality music that really sticks with your audience.


Until next time…




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