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#1 Drum Pattern Generator: Transform Tracks with Elite AI


Drum patterns and drum loops are the heartbeat of any track 一 setting the rhythm, driving the pace, and grounding the melody. 


They can transform a simple chord progression into an infectious groove and elevate a song from good to unforgettable. 


In addition to creating an engaging listener experience, your drum beats must be clean, unique, professional, and captivating. 


So, as a music producer, knowing the best drum pattern generator in the game is key to achieving tracks with unmatched energy and life. 


That’s exactly why we’re talking about Drum Monkey today, the number one drum pattern generator available today, including its:


  • Innovative AI technology ✓
  • Easy generation of genre-specific drum patterns/drum loops ✓
  • Ability to help you overcome beat-block ✓
  • Vast sample library (over 3,000+!) ✓
  • Invaluable customization tools ✓
  • Unique workflow integration ✓
  • Professional-grade drum sounds ✓
  • Versatility across 30 popular music genres ✓
  • Much more about the #1 drum pattern generator ✓


You’ll be able to create and play around with drum patterns in any genre and master the art of dynamic drum patterns/drum loops. 


And, ensure your songs always meet industry standards, sound professional, and captivate your audience instantly. 


So, let’s dive in…


Introducing the #1 Drum Pattern Generator: Drum Monkey by Unison Audio


drum pattern generator


In the world of music production, finding the perfect drum pattern is paramount, and that’s where Drum Monkey by Unison Audio steals the show. 


This AI-powered drum pattern generator is not just any drum beat tool… It’s a revolutionary way to create drum patterns and drum loops that the world will notice. 


From the pulsating rhythms of EDM to the hard-hitting beats of hip-hop, Drum Monkey delivers with razor-sharp precision and ease. 


It combines 7,500+ proven genre-specific MIDI drum patterns and 3,000+ drum samples modeled off successful songs we all know and love.


With brand new, cutting edge AI technology (and Unison-exclusive “drum-pattern recognition” algorithms) the drum loops are proven to captivate people and keep them hooked. 


The genius behind Drum Monkey lies in its straightforward, yet powerful 3-step process to create legendary drum patterns:


  1. Select Your Genre 一 Select your preferred genre and length.
  2. Generate 一 Press the button to instantly generate a perfect drum loop.
  3. Drag & Drop 一  Drag & drop your new drum loop straight into your project in either audio/MIDI format, or export it for later.


Then, listen as Drum Monkey creates a professional-quality drum loop before your very eyes (again and again and again) until it’s perfect.


With a simple click, or tap on the space bar, it will jump into action by using its artificial intelligence to generate the perfect loop/pattern every single time.


Make sure to play around with the features of this AI-powered tool because you never know what show-stopping sound you’ll stumble upon. 


I know you’re already envisioning how much time and hassle this drum machine on steroids will save you in the future, and guess what? 一 You’re 100% right!


Download Drum Monkey Now


  • Create Mind-Blowing Drum Patterns/Drum Loops


Drum Monkey2 - Unison


Drum Monkey revolutionizes music production by making it easy to create professional drum patterns and drum loops


This innovative production tool is packed with a vast library of drum patterns inspired by hits from various genres 一 making it a powerhouse for musicians lacking inspiration.


With Drum Monkey, you get access to everything from complex hi-hat patterns for trap music to ground-shaking bass drums for hip-hop songs.


It ensures your music always hits the right note. 


You don’t even need to know a thing about music theory, arrangement, or drum machines. 


Its ability to bang out genre-specific drum loops means you’ll not only enhance your workflow but set a solid foundation for all your future drum beats. 


Drum Monkey is not just a drum machine…


It’s an essential AI-powered tool that simplifies the beat-creation process with its user-friendly interface and AI-driven technology. 


From uptempo dance hits to relaxed hip-hop vibes (equipped with snare drum sequences, open hi-hat rhythms, and deep bass tones), Drum Monkey has it all. 


This drum pattern generator ensures your tracks are not only heard but felt on an emotional level to offer endless original drum loops and royalty-free beats.  


So, if you’re looking to blend drum patterns from different genres or get inspiration for your next song, look no further.


To learn how to use Drum Monkey in mind-blowing, super advanced ways, we’ve got you covered.


  • A Fusion of Technology & Creativity (The Perfect Algorithm: Unleashed)


Binaural and Surround Sound Systems - Unison


Drum Monkey isn’t just a drum machine 一 it’s a revolutionary fusion of AI music technology and creativity, powered by the perfect algorithm. 


This unique algorithm sifted through thousands of royalty-free drum loops and drums patterns, learning from a variety of genres to generate endless options that:


  • Inspire
  • Are proven to work
  • Resonate with that specific genre
  • Meet industry standards
  • Elevate your drum beats
  • Captivate new listeners


It understands the intricacies of any unique time signature, rhythm dynamic, and the importance of a well-placed drum element (like a snare drum or open hi-hat). 


Plus, ensures that every drum beat it produces can seamlessly be dropped right into your unique projects; one, two, three.


This AI-powered approach means you’re not just working with static, boring drum loops, but undeniably addicting drum patterns and drum loop variations. 


There is no limit to how many intriguing drum beats you can make (with no drum machine needed!), so you can let your creativity run absolutely wild. 


It not only enables the creation of original drum loops but ensures your royalty-free drum beats maintain their unique character and stand out in the music industry


People are guaranteed to stop and listen when they hear your drum beats, helping them skyrocket to the top of the most popular playlists.




The ability to experiment with different time signatures and adjust drum kits on the fly with this drum pattern generator can help further refine your sound


It’s seriously an invaluable tool for anyone looking to elevate their own beats to professional levels, not just jam sessions. 


  • 3,000 + Sample Factory Library


Drum Monkey Sample Library - Unison


The ability to make drum beats wherever, whenever is good enough, right?… Well, not in Drum Monkey’s eyes.


Its extensive sample factory library offers over 3,000 unique, professional, radio-quality drum samples modeled off of the most popular drum beats around. 


So you can either: 


  • Instantly generate perfect drum loop with the proven, genre-specific samples
  • Use your favorite samples that you already know and love
  • Combine them to create infinite possibilities


From tight and snappy snares to a booming bass drum and crisp hi-hats, each sample this drum pattern generator offers is tweaked to perfection.


Meaning, you’ll have a variety of sounds to listen to, choose from, and play around with.


This huge collection enables you to manipulate your drum loops with precision to ensure your tracks carry the signature sound you envision.


  • Pro Tip: Defeating Beat-block with Drum Monkey


Beat Block Cover - Unison


Beat-block can mess with even the most experienced producers and musicians, but Drum Monkey will help you destroy it on sight, unlike typical drum machines. 


With its extensive library of drum patterns, including original drum loops and royalty-free drum beats, this drum machine serves as an endless source of inspiration. 


When you’re stuck or feeling uninspired, simply generate a variety of loops (in any genre you’d like) to help fire up some new and exciting ideas. 


For example, blending a complex snare drum pattern with a lively open hi-hat sequence or cymbals can instantly give your track new energy. 


Remember, Drum Monkey is more than just a drum machine 一 it’s the ultimate content creation tool, ready to help you break creative limits with legendary drum beats.


And remember, always make sure to experiment, try layering sounds for depth, and customize until you’re completely happy.


Check Out the Top Drum Pattern Generator


  • Built-in Piano Roll


Drum Monkey Piano Roll - Unison


Drum Monkey goes way beyond simple drum beat generation as it features a pretty sick built-in piano roll


It allows for even deeper customization over your sounds, each drum loop opening up a new possibility. 


For example, it lets you tweak individual elements of a drum pattern to match that unique track 一 adjusting elements like: 



Whether you’re fine-tuning a bass drum hit or adding a unique touch to your hi-hats, the piano roll offers the precision and control needed to create your perfect sound.


  • Built-in Saturator


Drum Monkey Fatten - Unison


The built-in saturator in Drum Monkey is a game-changer for producers seeking to add depth, warmth, and punch to their drum sounds


This feature is designed specifically for drums, ensuring that your beats cut through the mix with power and clarity. 


By simply adjusting the saturator settings, you can transform a flat-sounding loop into a dynamic, impactful part of your track 一 giving your music the edge it needs to shine.


NOTE: All you have to do is click and drag the “Banana” icon and watch your drums increase in thickness, power, and punch; no drum machine knowledge is needed.


Additional Standout Features


Since Drum Monkey has so many standout features, we’ll just name a couple more real quick so you can understand just how revolutionary it is.


  • ADSR Envelope Shaper/Panning


Drum Monkey ADSR - Unison


The option to individually customize each sample to your desired punchyness, tightness, or placement in the stereo field. This lets you shape your drum loops to your exact preference before you drag & drop or export them from this drum pattern generator.


  • Groove Saver


drum pattern generator


With trillions of generation possibilities, you’ll want to save some of the loops you create for later use, just like a traditional drum machine. And that’s what you can do with the groove saver. You can store your favorite loops into your user bank as presets with a single click. Yes, including your full drum patterns with all MIDI and samples so you can use them at any time. 


  • Drag & Drop Your Own Favorite Samples


Drum Monkey 3 - Unison


You can drag & drop all your own favorite samples onto the drum pads and use them for generation. So, you can playback your new drum loops with the sounds you already love. That means you’ll have total freedom control to swap samples on the fly and try out different options with no limits. And yes, this is in addition to the 3,000+ pro-quality sample factory library (mind-blowing, right?). 


Bonus: Drumloop AI (The Runner Up)


Drumloop AI - Unison


While Drum Monkey leads the way in drum pattern generation, Drumloop AI emerges as a noteworthy runner-up. 


Like Drum Monkey, Drumloop AI uses the power of artificial intelligence to create drum patterns and loops like drum machines. 


Drumloop AI also excels in generating AI-generated drum loops that can fit into various projects, from electronic music production to hip-hop beats.


It provides a fresh perspective on rhythm and beat creation


Drumloop AI might not be as intricate or professional as Drum Monkey, but Drumloop AI is still an interesting drum pattern generator if you’re looking for drum kits, hi-hat patterns, time signature variations, etc. 


Both tools offer immense value and features, but Drumloop AI stands as a great drum machine runner-up, as Drum Monkey’s extensive capabilities remain unmatched.


Drum Pattern Generator: Final Thoughts


By now, you can see that Drum Monkey stands out as the most innovative drum pattern generator on the market. 


Its exclusive AI technology simplifies the process of creating complex and captivating drum patterns, making it easy and exciting for you to elevate your music. 


This drum pattern generator doesn’t just generate beats 一 it inspires creativity and transforms the way legendary drums are made. 


For anyone looking to push their tracks beyond the ordinary, Drum Monkey offers a cutting-edge solution that can help you put your competition to shame.


So, go download this one-of-a-kind drum pattern generator if you’re ready to set new standards and break boundaries like a professional.


Until next time…


Generate Legendary Drum Patterns/Loops Now!



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