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Serum Presets 2024: The Ultimate Guide To Unleashing The Serum Beast

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Serum Presets for 2023!


The quest for the perfect sound can be super daunting… and that’s where Serum presets come in.


Serum, a powerful wavetable synthesizer, offers endless possibilities for sound design and preset customization.


This comprehensive guide will not only introduce you to the world of Serum presets but also provide you with invaluable tips, tricks, and resources to help you create mind-blowing music.


Plus, we’ve included an extensive list of the best Serum Presets of 2023.


So, buckle up, and let’s revolutionize your sound together.


Table of Contents

Serum: A Brief Overview


Serum Xfer - Unison


Serum is a high-quality wavetable synthesizer plugin developed by Xfer Records, known for its pristine sound and intuitive interface.


It offers extensive wavetable editing capabilities and a robust modulation system, making it a favorite among producers across multiple genres.


With the ability to import samples and create custom patches, Serum provides endless possibilities for creative sound design.


Understanding Presets, Patches, and Samples in Serum


Before diving into the world of Serum presets, it’s important to understand the terminology.


  • Presets


Presets are pre-designed settings for Serum’s parameters, created by sound designers to produce specific sounds. They serve as a starting point, and allow you to access a wide range of sounds without having to create them from scratch.


  • Patches


Patches, synonymous with presets in digital synthesizers, refer to specific configurations of a synth’s parameters to create a particular sound. High quality patches can be further adjusted and modified to create unique sounds that match your overall vibe.


  • Samples


Samples are audio files that can be imported into Serum’s noise oscillator, providing an additional layer of manipulation. Once imported, samples can be tweaked and adjusted to create custom sounds and textures.


Installing and Organizing Serum Presets


To install Serum presets, simply locate the Serum presets folder on your computer and drag the downloaded preset files into the corresponding subfolders (e.g., “Presets” or “Tables”).


Once installed, the presets will be accessible within Serum’s preset browser.


For efficient workflow, organizing your presets is crucial.


Create subfolders within the main presets folder to categorize your presets based on genre (e.g., serum trap presets, premium packs, future bass packs), audio type, or any other criteria that suit your needs.


Essential Functions for Production & Sound Design


Serum offers a wide range of parameters that provide endless possibilities for sound design and preset customization.


Here’s a rundown of some of the most noteworthy parameters in Serum, with a brief description of each:


  • Oscillators A and B


OSC A B - Unison


These are the primary sound generators in Serum.


Each oscillator allows you to choose from a variety of wavetables and manipulate the waveform using the wavetable position, warp, and detune controls.


  • Sub Oscillator & Noise Oscillator


Sub Oscillator Noise Osc. - Unison


The Sub Oscillator provides an additional soundsource that can be used to add depth and body to your patches.


It features basic waveforms like sine, square, and triangle, and can be pitch-shifted and blended with the main oscillators.


The Noise Oscillator allows you to incorporate a wide range of noise samples into your patches, from white noise to more complex variations. This can be useful for adding character and texture to your sounds.


  • Filter


Serum Filters - Unison


Serum’s filter section includes various filter types, such as low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and comb filters.


You can use the filter to shape the frequency content of your patches, with controls for cutoff, resonance, drive, and more.


  • Envelopes & LFOs


Serum LFO - Unison


Serum features three envelopes:


  1. One dedicated to amplitude (Env 1)
  2. Two that can be assigned to modulate any parameter in the synth (Env 2 and 3).


Envelopes allow you to shape the dynamics of your sounds over time, with controls for attack, decay, sustain,


Serum includes four LFOs that can be used to modulate various parameters in the synth.


LFOs can add movement and rhythm to your patches, with customizable shapes, rates, and modulation depths.


  • Modulation Matrix


Serum Envelopes - Unison


The modulation matrix allows you to assign various modulation sources (LFOs, envelopes, velocity, etc.) to any parameter in Serum.


This can lead to complex and evolving sounds, with virtually limitless modulation possibilities.


  • Built-In FX Section


Serum FX section - Unison


Serum’s built-in FX section includes a range of effects like distortion, compression, reverb, delay, chorus, and more.


They’re useful for techno producers, future house producers, hip hop producers, and everyone in between.


By applying these effects to your patches, you can further enhance your sounds and add depth and complexity.


  • Macro Controls


Macros - Unison


Serum features four macro controls that can be assigned to multiple parameters, allowing you to control several aspects of your audio with a single knob.


This can be useful for live performance or for quickly adjusting the character of your patches.


By understanding and exploring these key parameters, you’ll unlock Serum’s full potential and be well on your way to skyrocketing your production skills.


Exploring Serum Preset Packs


There are a huge number of Serum preset packs available, both free and paid packs, catering to various genres and styles.


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and sought-after preset packs.


Best Free Serum Preset Packs


  • Unison Serum Essentials


Unison Serum Essentials 750x750 1 - Unison



Unison Serum Essentials is a must-have pack for any producer, offering a diverse range of expertly crafted presets, from lush pads and powerful leads to pulsating basses and catchy plucks.


However, Unison Serum Essentials goes beyond just providing essential sounds for your productions; it also serves as a great learning resource for those looking to dive deeper into sound design with Serum.


The pack contains meticulously crafted presets that showcase Serum’s advanced capabilities, inspiring you to explore new techniques and approaches to shaping your sounds.


From smooth, evolving textures to cutting-edge leads and intricate plucks, Unison Serum Essentials offers a wide array of inspiring sounds that can be easily tweaked and personalized to fit your projects, regardless of the genre you’re working in.


With this pack in your arsenal, you’ll find yourself continually inspired and empowered to push the boundaries of your music.


  • Unison YouTube Tutorial Presets


Unison Youtube Tutorial Presets Art 750x750 1 - Unison



Unison YouTube Tutorial Presets is an invaluable resource for Serum users, providing a unique learning experience alongside a plethora of high-quality presets.


This pack not only equips you with an impressive collection of expertly designed sounds but also takes you behind the scenes, giving you exclusive access to the techniques and approaches used in creating these presets through Unison’s YouTube tutorials.


By following along with the tutorials and exploring the presets provided, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Serum’s powerful features, allowing you to unlock your creative potential and develop your sound design skills.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned producer eager to expand your knowledge, Unison YouTube Tutorial Presets serves as an indispensable tool for honing your craft and achieving professional results with Serum.


Best Top Trap, Hip-Hop & Lo-Fi Serum Packs


  • Unison Trap Collection for Serum


Unison Trap Collection - Unison



Unison Trap Collection for Serum is a game-changer for Trap producers, offering a wealth of high-quality presets to elevate your tracks.


Alongside the hard-hitting 808s and gritty leads, you’ll find detailed insight into the sound design process, enabling you to customize and shape these presets to fit your own style.


You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Serum’s capabilities and master the art of crafting impactful Trap sounds.


  • Unison Ice’d Out Collection for Serum


Iced Out Collection Final - Unison



Unison Ice’d Out Collection for Serum is a frosty, cutting-edge selection of presets designed for modern Trap and Hip Hop producers.


This pack delivers icy leads, chilling plucks, and frostbitten basses that will make your tracks stand out. Learn how to create your own unique, cold-hearted sounds by exploring the techniques used in the Ice’d Out Collection.


  • Unison Mello Collection for Serum


Mello Collection - Unison



Unison Mello Collection for Serum is a treasure trove of soothing, melodic presets that cater to Lo-Fi, Chillhop, and Ambient genres.


This pack offers more than just beautiful sounds; it provides a window into the techniques and approaches used to create these presets within Serum.


By exploring the Unison Mello Collection, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that will empower you to develop your own signature sound while taking full advantage of Serum’s capabilities.


Best EDM & MainStage Serum Pack


  • Unison MainStage Collection for Serum


Unison Mainstage Collection for Serum Art 750x750 1 2 - Unison



Unison MainStage Collection for Serum brings the energy and excitement of live performances into your music production, featuring presets expertly designed for EDM, Electro, and House genres.


With this pack, you’ll not only have access to unique sounds but also learn how to harness Serum’s potential to create your own dynamic, show-stopping presets.


Gain insight into the sound design process and elevate your music with the Unison MainStage Collection for Serum.


Best House & Techno Serum Preset Packs


  • Unison Deep House Collection for Serum


Unison Deep House Collection for Serum Art 500x500 1 1 - Unison



Unison Deep House Collection for Serum is a must-have for any Deep House producer.


This pack features an extensive selection of groovy basslines, atmospheric pads, and cutting-edge leads, all crafted to capture the essence of the genre.


Learn how to create your own unique Deep House sounds in Serum by exploring the techniques used to design these presets.


  • Unison Techno Collection for Serum


Unison Techno Collection for Serum Art 500x500 1 1 - Unison



Unison Techno Collection for Serum is an essential resource for techno producers, offering a wealth of top-notch presets designed to bring the energy and intensity of the genre to your productions.


Discover the secrets behind crafting powerful techno sounds in Serum by diving into the presets and learning about the techniques used to create them.


  • Unison Tech House Collection for Serum


Unison Tech House - Unison



Unison Tech House Collection for Serum is an indispensable tool for Tech House producers, featuring a diverse range of expertly designed presets that capture the essence of the genre.


It offers funky basslines, quirky leads, and rhythmic plucks that will add energy and groove to your productions.


Gain insight into the sound design process and learn how to create your own driving, groovy Tech House sounds within Serum.


Best Multi-Genre & Starter Preset Packs


  • Unison Serum Starter Pack


Unison Serum Starter Pack 750x750 1 1 - Unison



Unison Serum Starter Pack is the perfect introduction to the world of Serum presets, providing a versatile collection of sounds suitable for various genres.


This pack includes leads, basses, pads, and plucks that showcase the potential of Serum, allowing you to get started on your sound design journey and create professional-sounding tracks with ease.


  • Unison Psytrance Collection for Serum


Unison Psytrance Collection - Unison



Unison Psytrance Collection for Serum is a treasure trove of psychedelic presets that will take your Psytrance productions to new heights.


This pack offers a wide array of mind-bending sounds, including hypnotic leads, mesmerizing pads, and pulsating basses that will transport your listeners to another dimension.


Delve into the presets and learn how to create your own otherworldly sounds in Serum.


Tips for Personalizing Your Serum Preset


By exploring Serum’s various parameters, such as oscillators, filters, envelopes, and LFOs, you can tailor each preset to fit your creative vision.


Don’t be afraid to tweak settings and experiment with different combinations to create unique patches.


Make Use of Wavetable Editor


Custom Wavetables - Unison


Serum’s wavetable editor offers endless possibilities for sound designs.


Manipulate existing waveforms or create your own from scratch to achieve a truly unique masterpiece.


Utilize MIDI Clips and Wav Loops


MIDI serum - Unison


Incorporating MIDI clips and wav loops into your projects can provide a solid foundation for building your music.


These clips and great loops can inspire new ideas and help you achieve a cohesive sound across your production.


Future Bass (FB) and Serum Presets: A Perfect Match


When it comes to the world of electronic music, few genres have captured the hearts and minds of most producers quite like Future Bass.


With its lush chords, catchy melodies, and energetic beats, FB has become a staple in the modern music landscape.


Serum Presets are Ideal for Future Bass


The versatility of Serum makes it an ideal choice for creating FB music.


Serum’s wavetable synthesis allows for a wide range of sounds, from smooth pads and plucks to gritty basses and soaring leads.


The synth’s extensive modulation capabilities enable you to create the rich, evolving textures that are characteristic of the FB genre.


The Top Future Bass Serum Preset Pack:


Must-Have Bass Serum Preset Pack


  • Unison Chillout Collection for Serum


Chillout Collection - Unison



Unison Chillout Collection for Serum is an essential pack for producers who are looking to create relaxing, atmospheric tracks.


This collection is perfect for Chillout, Downtempo, and Ambient genres, offering a diverse range of lush pads, ethereal leads, and soothing basses.


By exploring the presets and techniques used to create these sounds, you’ll gain valuable insights into crafting your own unique Chillout tracks while fully harnessing the power of Serum.


Tweaking and Personalizing Future Bass Serum Presets


While using Future Bass presets can save you time, it’s essential to personalize these presets to make them your own.


Tweaking certain parameters can help you mold the sound to your liking. These include:


  • The filter cutoff
  • Envelope settings
  • LFO rates


Additionally, don’t be afraid to layer multiple presets to create a fuller, more complex outcome.


Expanding Your Future Bass Sounds with Serum


As you become more comfortable with Serum and the world of bass sounds, you’ll likely want to explore further and create your own custom presets.


Start by analyzing the presets you love and identifying the elements that make them unique.


Then, experiment with different wavetables, modulation sources, and effects to develop your signature sounds.


Basically, Future Bass and Serum presets are a match made in heaven.


By using and customizing a Future Bass preset pack, you can quickly and effectively create music that showcase the genre’s unique qualities.


Creative Ways to Use Serum Presets


In addition to using presets as starting points for your beats, there are several creative ways to employ Serum presets in your productions.


Here are some techniques, tips, and tricks to help you get the most out of your presets and elevate your good sounds to great sounds.


  • Layering Presets for Richer Sounds


Layering Presets - Unison


Layering multiple presets together can result in a richer and more complex sound.


By combining presets with complementary frequency ranges or textures, you can create unique and full-bodied patches.


For example, try layering a thick bass preset with a brighter, more melodic synth preset to achieve a powerful and harmonically rich sound.


  • Automating Parameters for Dynamic Effects


Serum Presets


Automating various parameters within Serum presets can add movement and interest to your patches.


For example, try automating the filter cutoff to create a sweeping effect, or modulate the wavetable position for evolving timbres.


You can also experiment with automating effects parameters like reverb and delay to add depth and space to your sounds.


  • Resampling and Granular Processing


Resampling - Unison


Serum’s resampling capabilities allow you to create unique textures and sounds by recording the output of the synth and then re-importing it as a wavetable or a sample.


This sample technique can lead to entirely new sounds that can be further manipulated using granular processing techniques, such as time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and randomization.


  • Creating Rhythmic Patterns with LFOs


LFO Shape and Rate - Unison


Serum’s LFOs can be used to create rhythmic patterns by modulating various synth parameters.


Try assigning an LFO to the volume or filter cutoff and sync it to your project’s tempo.


By adjusting the LFO shape and rate, you can create intricate rhythmic patterns and grooves that add excitement to your tracks.


  • Designing Custom FX Chains


Custom FX chain - Unison


Serum’s built-in FX section provides a wide array of effects that can be used to enhance your presets.


Experiment with different effect combinations and signal routing options to create custom FX chains tailored to your desired sound.


Try placing a chorus effect before a distortion unit for a lush, saturated sound, or use a combination of delay and reverb to create spacious, atmospheric textures.


  • Experimenting with Unconventional Modulation Sources


While LFOs and envelopes are common modulation sources in Serum, you can also experiment with more unconventional sources, such as the noise oscillator or a custom wavetable.


By assigning these unique sources to modulate parameters like filter cutoff or wavetable position, you can achieve unexpected and captivating results.


  • Utilizing Velocity and Aftertouch


Aftertouch 1 - Unison


To add expressiveness and nuance to your patches, consider incorporating velocity and aftertouch modulation into your presets.


By assigning these modulation sources to parameters like filter cutoff, volume, or effects mix, you can create patches that respond dynamically to your playing and offer a more immersive, expressive experience.


Final Thoughts


In this ultimate guide, we’ve explored the vast world of Serum presets, from essential free and paid packs to tips for personalizing your presets and developing your unique sound.


Serum presets have the potential to transform your music, making your productions stand out from the crowd.


With this newfound knowledge and arsenal of resources, you’re now equipped to unlock your creativity and take your music skills to new heights.


So, dive in and unleash the power of Serum presets in your projects.


Until next time…

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