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How To Promote Your Music As a Modern Day Music Producer

So you have the hottest beats on the planet, and you’re certain you could blow up if the right ears hear it.


Well, that’s where the magic of how to promote your music comes in. 


Luckily, we will divulge all the industry secrets you’ll need to get your tracks the recognition they deserve. 


From leveraging social media platforms to mastering the streaming game, this guide offers proven classics and creative options for promoting your beats.


In today’s article, we’ll be covering:


  • The Power of Social Media ✓
  • Mastering Streaming Platforms ✓
  • Music Blogs & Outreach ✓
  • Crafting an Effective EPK ✓
  • Live Beat-Making Sessions ✓
  • Networking & Industry Connections ✓
  • Independent Music Marketing ✓
  • Creative Self-Promotion Tips ✓
  • Much More ✓


By the end of this comprehensive guide, you’ll have an arsenal of effective strategies and tools at your fingertips. 


Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a newbie trying to make a name for yourself, these tips about how to promote your music will give you a successful roadmap to get your music out there.


So, let’s dive in…


The Power of Social Media Platforms


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the influence social media channels have, especially when promoting your beats and tracks.


So, let’s not waste any time and get right into it.


  • Promoting Your Beats Through Social Media Platforms


Social Media2 - Unison


So, you’ve crafted a killer beat and are stoked about it.


What next?… It’s time to get that beat heard, and social media platforms are the frontier.


Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, and especially TikTok, each platform has its own unique audience thirsty for fresh sounds.


Engagement is key on social media.


Instead of posting your beats and hoping for the best, engage with your audience.


This is a great way to keep the attention of existing fans and capture the attention of a new fan base.


You have to be creative and captivating by any means necessary to get those:


  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Reposts
  • Reshares
  • Etc.


These analytics can also give you the best insight into what’s working.


Building relationships with other producers and even indie artists can open up collaboration opportunities.


Plus, it’s an excellent way to share snippets and get immediate feedback directly.


Remember, each platform has its very own vibe.


Instagram, for example, is perfect for visual snippets of your DAW or even mini-tutorials on how you crafted a specific sound.


Whatever you do, make sure not to overlook the algorithms.


These digital gatekeepers can either bury your post or put it right in front of your target audience.


Learning how to leverage the algorithm can make a monumental difference in your music promotion efforts.


  • YouTube Music & Beat Videos


how to promote your music


YouTube is more than just a video-sharing platform; think of it as a vast, searchable audio library.


It’s an invaluable resource for beat discovery, especially for music producers looking to showcase their work.


Visuals aren’t just for songs 一 they can be for fire beats too.


A well-crafted visualizer video can set the mood and enhance the appeal of your beat. This extra layer of creativity can make your songs stand out and attract way more listeners.


YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is your best friend if you:


  • Optimize your video descriptions with relevant keywords
  • Encourage likes and comments
  • Engage with your audience


This will push your music videos up the recommendation list and help get your music heard.


Consistency and interaction are your allies here.


Don’t just post a music video and forget it 一 share it on your other social channels, and collaborate with other producers or even indie artists to showcase your beats in their work.


All of this amplifies your visibility (which is key).


  • Leverage TikTok for Beat Promotion


TikTok Music - Unison


As you probably know, TikTok is no longer just for dance routines and lip-syncs.


Beat-makers are joining in to boost their music career, and this platform offers a unique way to go viral as short, catchy beat snippets can get millions of views overnight.


Don’t underestimate the power of a viral challenge.


Creating a fun and engaging challenge around your beat can lead to exponential growth and interest.


I mean, Imagine millions of users creating content with your beat as the foundation 一 can you say beneficial?


The platform also allows you to interact directly with your audience. 


For example, you can: 


  • Go live
  • Show behind-the-scenes of your beat-making process
  • Share some interesting tips & unique techniques
  • Run Q&A sessions
  • Etc.


It’s a unique form of fan engagement that can pay off big time.


PRO TIP: Leverage the duet feature to collaborate with other beat-makers or even vocalists who can lay down some melodies or verses on your beats.


It’s a great way to showcase your beats’ versatility and opens avenues for further collaboration.


Mastering the World of Streaming Platforms


Social media is where your audience/future fan base are, and you, as a beat-maker, have the opportunity to shine.


So, let’s delve into some key platforms where your beats can make a major impact in a short amount of time.


  • Spotify Playlists


Spotify Playlists - Unison


Spotify isn’t just for the Taylor Swifts and Drakes of the world.


Independent music producers and artists like yourself can also find significant traction here. 


Curated playlists are an underutilized tool for beat promotion, ranging from Spotify’s official playlists to community-curated ones.


First, ensure that your Artist Page is set up correctly and professionally.


Also, make sure all of your beats are well-tagged and properly categorized, accentuating your seriousness and professionalism.


Proper metadata can drastically improve the algorithm’s ability to recommend your tracks to the right audience. 


With millions of potential listeners, it’s a detail you can’t afford to overlook.


Submission to playlists should be a key part of your strategy. 


Whether submitting to Spotify’s official playlists or contacting independent curators, the process is an art.


It requires: 


  • Careful research
  • Meticulous planning
  • A personalized pitch
  • Patience


Interaction doesn’t end once you’re on popular playlists.


Promote your inclusion through all your social channels and encourage fans to like and share. 


These interactions improve your Spotify algorithmic ranking 一 which in turn increases your visibility on the platform.


Also, make sure to reach out to playlist curators, from which many like-minded people have benefitted.


Lastly, don’t underestimate Spotify analytics. 


It provides essential insights into listener demographics, engagement times, and more. 


This data isn’t just numbers; learning how to promote music is a roadmap for understanding your audience and refining your promotional strategy.


If you want to learn everything about how to get more plays on Spotify, we exposed all the secrets.


  • Apple Music: Why it’s Worth Your Time


Apple Music Spotify e1694217248647 - Unison


While Spotify gets much of the spotlight, Apple Music offers unique benefits for beat producers. 


This platform significantly emphasizes sound quality, a key factor when you want your beats to be heard as intended.


Apple Music for Artists (similar to Spotify for Artists) offers in-depth analytics. 


You can even see how many listeners of your beats are first-time listeners 一 offering insights into how well your marketing strategies are working.


Connectivity with the broader Apple ecosystem is another strength. 


Your beats can be featured in: 


  • Music podcasts
  • Video productions
  • TV shows
  • More


This will, in turn, provide an expanded audience reach that goes beyond just the Apple Music platform.


And, in today’s fast-paced world, creativity is vital to accrue new fans.


The editorial playlists and radio stations on Apple Music offer another avenue for exposure. 


Unlike Spotify, where algorithmic playlists rule, Apple’s human-curated playlists can provide an edge, given the subjective nature of music.


  • Other Streaming Services: Deezer, Tidal, and SoundCloud


Deezer - Unison


Don’t put all your eggs in the Spotify or Apple Music basket. 


Deezer, Tidal, and SoundCloud also offer excellent opportunities for additional beat exposure.


Deezer’s Flow feature, a personalized soundtrack feature, can be a great way to introduce new audiences to your beats. 


Deezer is popular in countries where Spotify and Apple Music have less impact, opening up global opportunities.


Tidal, known for its high-fidelity sound quality, attracts an audience that appreciates the nuances of a well-crafted beat.


Their exclusive playlists and artist-oriented model can help your tracks get the attention they deserve.


SoundCloud shouldn’t be overlooked either.


It’s a platform that celebrates indie artists and music producers. 


The community aspect of SoundCloud is strong, and its algorithm leans heavily towards discovery 一 often promoting lesser-known artists and producers to its user base.


Each of these platforms has its own unique features and audience. 


Diversifying your presence ensures you don’t miss out on potential fans and opportunities, which is crucial when learning how to promote your music like a pro.


Boosting Your Presence on Music Blogs


Music Blogs - Unison


Music blogs might seem like a relic of the past in the face of streaming giants and social media, but they remain a potent force for music discovery


Highly respected within the industry, a feature on a renowned blog can serve as a stamp of quality for your beats.


The first step is to identify niche blogs that align with your genre (hip-hop, trap, lofi, r&b, pop, etc.) and style of beats. 


All blogs, and music bloggers behind it, have their own flavor and audience 一 targeting the right ones can exponentially amplify your reach and future fans.


NOTE: Tools like Hype Machine can help you find blogs most relevant to your music.


Once you’ve made your list, the outreach begins. 


This isn’t the time for mass, generic emails; you’ll need to personalize your pitch.


You can do this by listening to the music they feature, reading their articles thoroughly, and tailoring your outreach accordingly.


When crafting your pitch, make sure to provide exclusive content, like:


  • Unreleased beats/songs and new music
  • A unique remix
  • An insightful interview about your production process
  • Any features or admirable projects
  • Exclusive music promotion tips


Exclusive content attracts the blog and provides them with value, making them more likely to feature you.


Getting featured is just the beginning 一 promoting that feature is the next step. 


Share the article across your social media, include it in your electronic press kit, and use it as a conversation starter when contacting other industry professionals.


Lastly, maintain the relationships you build with bloggers, journalists, and other influential music fans.


The music industry thrives on connections, and a good relationship can yield future features, interviews, and perhaps even collaborative projects.


Building an Effective Electronic Press Kit


EPKs - Unison

Your EPK Checklist


An Electronic Press Kit is essentially a pre-packaged set of promotional materials and is vital when learning how to promote your music.


For a beat producer, this should include: 


  • High-quality audio files of your best beats
  • Hi-res images
  • A professionally written bio
  • Etc.


Include a clear-cut discography that showcases your range as a music producer 一 this is your portfolio, so treat it as such.


Also, consider adding video content of you working in the studio, hosting live beat-making sessions, or creating new music.


Press coverage, testimonials, and social proof can serve as effective third-party validations. 


NOTE: If you’ve been featured in blogs, podcasts, or any other media, include that in your EPK.


Your EPK should also be easily accessible and downloadable (ideally through a one-click download link). 


You never know when an opportunity might arise, so having an easily shareable EPK can make all the difference.


Lastly, always keep your EPK updated. 


It’s an evolving portfolio that should reflect your current work, not just past achievements.


Regularly update it with new beats, press features, and other relevant milestones.


How To Promote Your Music Online Effectively


From live streaming your creative process to building anticipation for your new beats, the online realm is an indispensable toolkit for music promotion.


So, let’s discuss how to take advantage of that fact so you can promote your music more efficiently.


  • How to Promote Live Beat-Making Sessions


Making a beat - Unison


Live streaming has taken over various platforms, and it’s not just for gamers or lifestyle vloggers.


As a producer, streaming your beat-making process can attract a dedicated community of fans and other musicians.


Twitch, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live are some platforms where you can set up your virtual studio.


The key to a successful live beat-making session is engagement, as it’s not a one-way broadcast; it’s a dynamic interaction. 


  • Answer questions from the audience
  • Explain your production techniques
  • Take suggestions for tweaks in real-time


This makes viewers feel involved and invested in your creative process.


Quality matters, both in terms of the audio and the visual setup.


Invest in a good camera and an excellent audio interface to ensure your beats sound as crisp live as they do in production.


Good lighting can also enhance your streams.


Don’t forget to archive these sessions or break them down into shorter highlight reels.


These can serve as evergreen content 一 providing value long after the live session ends.


Post these on your YouTube channel or social media to continually attract new viewers and new fans.


  • Get Creative with Marketing Your Beats: Thinking Outside the Box


Movie Music Production e1685051553972 - Unison


Traditional marketing methods are tried and true, but when you’re learning how to promote your music, innovation sets you apart.


Consider partnerships with non-musical brands (especially those that resonate with your target audience).


Imagine releasing music as the backdrop for a popular YouTube channel’s content or a limited edition streetwear drop.


Two experiences that are becoming increasingly popular are:


  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Augmented reality (AR)


Creating immersive musical experiences using these technologies can offer unique value to your audience and help you, as well as your great music, stand out.


NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) have revolutionized how digital assets are owned and sold.


Some producers are even using NFTs to sell beats.


You can as well, by giving the buyer a sense of exclusivity and ownership that isn’t possible through traditional online sales platforms.


Also, make sure to leverage data analytics.


Platforms like Spotify for Artists or YouTube Studio provide valuable data on listener demographics and engagement. This information can guide you in tailoring future marketing strategies.


Finally, never underestimate the power of compelling storytelling.


Things like: 


  • The narrative behind a beat
  • Your musical journey
  • The inspiration for your next project


Remember, stories resonate with people, so use your platforms to share these narratives.


  • Building Hype for New Releases


Music Circles e1690146769342 - Unison


Pre-release marketing for upcoming releases is critical.


You can start building anticipation with teaser videos, associated music videos, countdown timers, or exclusive previews for mailing list subscribers.


NOTE: Offering ‘sneak peeks’ of your beat/music online can drive excitement and engagement.


Consider releasing a single beat as a lead-up to a more extensive collection or album.


Use this single to assess the market response and tweak your promotion strategy for the main release accordingly.


Collaborate with influencers or other artists to preview your beats.


Their endorsement offers social proof and extends your reach to their followers, effectively multiplying your audience.


Once the beat or collection drops, the promotion shouldn’t stop, so make sure to:


  • Highlight user-generated content of people using your beats
  • Share positive reviews
  • Continue to engage with your community


Post-release marketing is equally critical to maintaining momentum and continuing to get your music heard.


Email marketing is a timeless yet effective strategy; a well-timed, expertly-crafted email can make a significant impact.


Personalized emails can go a long way, whether it’s an announcement of the new release or a thank-you email post-release with exclusive content.


Networking & Making Industry Connections


Navigating the music industry is often about who you know as much as what you know. Effective networking can open doors and enhance your music career.


Here’s how to leverage your connections and create new ones in the music industry/music business.


  • Reaching out to Music Industry Influencers


Music Promotion 2 - Unison


Influencers in the music industry can act as significant catalysts for your music production career.


However, reaching out to them requires a well-crafted strategy…


A generic message or email will most likely be ignored, so your approach must be personalized and genuine.


Remember always to do your research.


In order to know the right talking points and help understand how your music could offer them value, you should:


  • Get familiar with their work
  • Know their personal preferences (and dislikes)
  • Highlight your strengths


Once you’ve initiated contact and there’s expressed interest, aim to maintain the relationship.


Periodic updates on your work can keep you in their radar, and they may think of you for future opportunities.


Remember, influencers are often swamped with requests for reviews or promotions.


A ‘no’ from an influencer is not a dead end but perhaps a postponement; keep improving your craft and stay consistent in your outreach efforts.


  • Securing Music Licensing Deals


Music Licensing 4 - Unison


Music licensing is an often-overlooked but lucrative avenue for producers, one you should certainly invest in.


Try licensing your beats for use in:


  • TV shows
  • Commercials
  • Personal projects
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Etc.


This will not only generate revenue but also significantly increase your exposure.


Approaching licensing requires a solid understanding of copyright laws and contract negotiations.


It’s essential to get legal advice to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal and that your intellectual property is adequately protected.


Numerous platforms act as intermediaries between musicians and companies seeking to license music.


NOTE: Websites like Songtradr, Audiojungle, or even specialized agencies can help you find the right fit for your beats.


Like any other aspect of the music industry, networking plays a crucial role in licensing.


Attending industry events or trade shows can provide valuable connections that could lead to licensing opportunities.


Last but not least, your portfolio should be diverse 一 different types of media require different kinds of music. 


A well-rounded portfolio can significantly increase your chances of securing a licensing deal.


Marketing Your Music Independently


Being an independent artist/producer in the music industry and learning how to promote your music online has never been more feasible, thanks to endless online resources and streaming platforms.


But independence also demands a greater responsibility when you’re learning how to promote your music.


So, let’s delve into how to market your music independently and effectively.


  • Creating a Music Marketing Plan To Help Promote Your Music


Music Marketing Strategy - Unison


Before diving into various promotion strategies, create a comprehensive music marketing plan.


This should be your blueprint, detailing everything from your initial analysis to your budget and timelines.


Setting clear objectives is crucial and can help you efficiently promote your music.


Defining these goals clearly in your marketing plan is super important, like:


  • Increasing your following on streaming platforms/streaming services
  • Selling a certain number of beats
  • Securing a placement
  • Getting your music featured on high-profile music blogs
  • Showcasing an upcoming release


Your marketing plan should be fluid, which allows you to adapt and tweak your strategies as you go along.


The digital world is forever changing 一 what works today may not work tomorrow.


A good marketing plan also factors in contingencies.


What will you do if a social media platform changes its algorithm or your main website goes down?… Always be prepared for the unexpected.


Lastly, review and adjust: this can’t be stressed enough.


A music marketing plan isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it deal; you’ll need to regularly review its effectiveness and make adjustments.


This will optimize your strategies for better results.


  • Utilizing Artists Services


Digital Distribution - Unison


Several artist services are available online that can assist in distributing your music, collecting royalties, and more.


Companies like DistroKid, TuneCore, and CDBaby offer invaluable services for independent artists.


Don’t ignore niche artist services that cater specifically to producers, sound designers, artists, and songwriters.


These platforms can offer more tailored services, from specialized promotion to more lucrative revenue-sharing models.


One thing you need to keep in mind is always to read the fine print.


Before committing to any artist services, understand what you’re getting into by asking yourself:


  • What percentage do they take?
  • What rights are you giving away? 
  • Are there any hidden catches?


Leverage these services also to gain insights into your listener demographics.


Many offer analytics that can help you better understand your fan base 一 providing data that can be incredibly beneficial for your marketing strategies.


NOTE: While these services offer a lot of conveniences, remember that they’re a tool, not a magic wand.


You’ll still need to actively promote your music and engage with your fan base for the best results.


  • Bonus: Creative Self-Promotion Tips & Tricks


Music Production 2 - Unison


Self-promotion doesn’t have to be all spreadsheets and analytics; there’s room for creativity.


Think about utilizing beat battles online to showcase your skills or creating a viral challenge around one of your beats.


Gamification is an underused strategy in music promotion.


Encourage your music fans to share your music by offering rewards or exclusive content, which can elicit a sense of community and make fans feel part of your journey.


As I touched upon before, never underestimate the power of storytelling.


Whether you’re sharing how a beat was made or the struggles you’ve faced in your music career, a compelling story can create emotional connections (which brings loyalty).


Also, don’t shy away from experimentation, like:


  • Unconventional beat drops
  • Unique promotional partnerships
  • Trying out completely different genres (or inventing an entirely new one)


Lastly, remember to always be authentic in your self-promotion efforts.


Fans can sniff out inauthenticity from a mile away, and nothing turns people off quicker, so always be true to yourself, your brand, and your music.


How To Promote Your Music: Final Thoughts


Properly promoting your music can make all the difference in your journey as a music producer.


It’s a bummer that so much good music goes unheard due to lack of proper promotion.


That’s why I wanted to spill all these secrets, tips, and strategies on how to promote your music like a pro.


Before you go off to implement all these music promotion tips, it’s essential to make sure your beats are top-notch.


After all, even the best marketing can’t save mediocre music.


For that, you’ll want to get your hands on the Beatmaker Box (Free Teaser Pack).


This pack contains 18 loops that are fully-loaded with audio stems and MIDI to take your beats to the next level.


They’re all professionally designed and super unique, giving you the pristine sounds you need before you start your promotion game.


Remember, promoting your music is an ongoing process so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.


Stay consistent, be creative, and always keep an eye on what’s trending in the music industry.


With this guide in hand, you’ve got everything you need to put your music on the map.


Until next time…



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