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16 Free Music Distribution Services That ACTUALLY Get Results

Music distribution is the heartbeat of getting your sound heard.


It’s the key to unlocking doors in the digital music world and successfully reaching audiences worldwide.


In an age where streaming platforms dominate, the right distribution strategy can help your music skyrocket to the top of the charts.


As a music producer or artist, knowing the best free music distributors is crucial for your career growth and maximizing your reach without draining your finances. 


In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down:


  • The best 16 free music distribution services ✓
  • How to distribute your music efficiently across platforms ✓
  • Insider tips and tricks for maximizing your reach ✓
  • The benefits of choosing free distribution channels ✓
  • Key features of each distribution service ✓
  • Understanding royalties and revenue streams ✓
  • Balancing quality and cost in music distribution ✓
  • Networking and promotional strategies for music exposure ✓
  • Techniques to distribute your music for free like a pro ✓
  • Much more ✓


You’ll be equipped to strategically distribute your music, manage your digital presence, and tap into the lucrative potential of streaming services. 


Plus, gain insights into navigating the music distribution landscape like a professional, ensuring your music reaches a broader audience.


As well as earns your tracks the recognition they truly deserve. 


So, let’s dive in…


Understanding Music Distribution


Music Distribution e1701209238366 - Unison


Music distribution, a crucial aspect of the music industry, is the bridge between your final record and your future fans.


It’s how you distribute your music across various streaming services and online stores, reaching listeners worldwide.


This process has evolved from physical sales to digital platforms, and understanding this evolution is key for any music artist looking to promote music and leave a mark.


In the era of digital music distribution, artists have the power to directly reach their audience without the need for traditional record labels or indie labels.


This shift has opened doors for independent artists and producers 一 allowing them to retain more control and revenue from their music.


A good music distribution service ensures your tracks are properly: 


  • Formatted
  • Uploaded
  • Up to industry standards


As well as makes it available to your fans across all major streaming platforms.


By distributing music online, you can access a global audience, a prospect that was challenging to achieve in the past.


The role of a music distributor in this process is pivotal.


They are responsible for getting your music heard on different platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.


Now that we touch on that let’s break down the 16 most effective (proven) free music distribution services that produce massive results.


#1. DistroKid


free music distribution


DistroKid has significantly impacted the digital music distribution space since its inception in 2013. 


Philip Kaplan founded DistroKid as a go-to service for independent artists and rights-holders to distribute and stream their music on various online retailers. 


The platform is known for its straightforward approach.


It allows artists and producers to keep 100% of their earnings 一 a feature that resonates with independent musicians. 


This policy was notably highlighted when a DistroKid release topped the iTunes charts, marking a groundbreaking moment for music artists retaining full revenue from their music/beats.


The Teams Feature


DistroKid has continually evolved to meet the needs of its users.


The introduction of the “Teams” feature in 2016 showcases DistroKid’s commitment to facilitating collaborative music projects.


It automates the distribution of royalties to collaborators and shareholders.


DistroKid’s innovative initiatives also highlight their role as a leader in music distribution, like:


  • Partnerships with Spotify for cross-platform uploads
  • Data mining for record labels to discover new artists


In 2022, this free music distribution service expanded its services with DistroVid, allowing members and non-members to upload music videos via subscription.


Regarding free music distributors and supporting independent artists, this free music distribution service is invaluable.


#2. TuneCore


Tunecore - Unison


TuneCore is a titan in free music distribution, especially renowned for its effectiveness in aiding independent artists to distribute their music globally.


It’s a platform that’s been around for a while, cementing its place as a staple in the music distribution world. 


What sets TuneCore apart for me, as a music producer is its comprehensive reach. 


Whether you want your music on Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal/SoundCloud, or other global music streaming services, TuneCore makes it possible. 


This broad reach is essential for music artists and producers seeking to maximize their music exposure and tap into a diverse audience across different streaming platforms.


Straightforward & Efficient


Another aspect where this free music distribution service shines is its straightforwardness and efficiency. 


The service is exceptionally user-friendly.


This makes it easy for artists, producers, and songwriters to release their music without getting bogged down in the complexities of the distribution process. 


This ease of use is a significant advantage 一 especially for emerging artists navigating the distribution landscape for the first time. 


TuneCore’s emphasis on providing a hassle-free experience while ensuring your music reaches a wide array of digital stores is a big plus for any music artist looking to make an impact in the digital music world.


#3. Amuse


Amuse - Unison


Amuse stands out in the free music distribution landscape, branding itself as the world’s only free music distributor.


This music distribution service is ideal for artists who wish to maintain complete control over their master rights and royalties.


Amuse caters to modern musicians’ needs by offering free music distribution to all major music platforms without compromising artists’ rights.


This approach aligns perfectly with the needs of independent artists who are cautious about maintaining their creative and financial independence.


Track Your Progression


The services provided by Amuse go beyond just distribution.


They offer a comprehensive platform for music artists and producers to release and track music effectively through their mobile app.


This feature is invaluable for artists on the go 一 providing flexibility and control over their music distribution process.


Additionally, Amuse reimagines the classic record deal with its unique approach to artist support.


They offer tailored license deals designed to grow with the artist, investing in their song/cover song over a specified period while ensuring that the artist retains full rights.


#4. UnitedMasters


UnitedMasters - Unison


UnitedMasters is a music distribution platform designed to empower artists at every stage of their music career


Recognized for its unique approach to music distribution, this distribution company offers plans tailored to the needs of different artists.


Yes, including a free plan with no hidden costs. 


The DEBUT plan, ideal for emerging artists, allows you to release music while retaining 90% of your royalties. 


NOTE: For those seeking more, the SELECT plan, at $59.99 per year, offers unlimited music releases and the opportunity to keep 100% of the royalties. 


This plan also includes exclusive brand and sync opportunities 一 underlining UnitedMasters’ commitment to providing music artists with comprehensive career support.


The Full Package


UnitedMasters distinguishes itself by providing a platform where artists can own their masters and chart their independent course. 


Unlike other music distributors, their service extends beyond distribution to include: 


  • Early access to over 35 top streaming platforms
  • Exclusive brand and sync licensing deals
  • Playlist pitching
  • Editorial and radio pitching
  • Automated artist marketing campaigns


This robust offering underscores UnitedMasters’ dedication to connecting artists with the world’s biggest brands and supporting their growth as independent entrepreneurs.


#5. RouteNote


Routenote - Unison


RouteNote has established itself as one of the top independent music distribution companies.


This is especially true if you want to make your mark in the music world quickly.


By offering a straightforward and efficient route to get music distributed globally, RouteNote ensures that your creative output reaches fans across various streaming platforms.


What makes this free music distribution service especially appealing is its flexibility in catering to artists at different stages of their music careers.


Whether you’re just starting out or have an established fan base, RouteNote adapts to your unique needs 一 ensuring your distributed music is heard far and wide.


Enhanced Focus


With RouteNote, you’ll get access to a free service distributing your music to over 50 of the biggest digital platforms, including giants like Spotify and Apple Music.


This extensive reach is vital for any artist aiming to significantly impact the digital music landscape. 


Furthermore, RouteNote’s commitment to supporting new artists in their musical journey is evident in their regular partnerships with new services.


Which, in turn, constantly expands the avenues for discovering your music. 


Their approach of partnering with new platforms and flexible pricing models makes this distribution company an excellent choice for artists seeking effective music distribution without financial strain


So, if you’re looking to distribute your music easily, this free music distribution service is a prime choice.


#6. Stem


Stem e1701210462899 - Unison


Stem is a game-changer in the music distribution landscape, especially for indie artists looking to make a mark in the music industry. 


Offering a unique blend of music and video distribution, this free music distribution service stands out by simplifying the complex process of: 


  • Digital rights management
  • Online monetization


Stem brings transparency and ease to the music distribution process, making it more accessible for artists and producers to distribute music worldwide online.


This includes major streaming services worldwide like Apple Music, Spotify, and others.


Modern Music Industry Needs


The platform isn’t just about distribution; it’s an in-depth solution that addresses the needs of the modern music business.


What most people find particularly compelling is Stem’s approach to handling royalties.


It’s not just about getting your music heard on streaming platforms 一 it’s also about ensuring that the financial side of your music career is managed effectively. 


This is crucial for independent artists who often juggle multiple career roles.


#7. Music Gateway


MusicGateway - Unison


Music Gateway, a standout name in the free music distribution service realm, is an ideal choice for artists at any stage of their music career. 


It’s one of those platforms that distributes your music worldwide to major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.


This free music distribution service keeps 100% of the sales royalties for its users.


That aspect is particularly beneficial for independent artists who want to maximize their streaming revenue without compromising their earnings.


Spotify recognizes Music Gateway’s distribution service as an Official Preferred Provider.


This is a testament to the quality and reliability of Music Gateway in the digital music distribution world.


Promotional Support


Another aspect of Music Gateway that people find highly beneficial for artists is its promotional support. 


Whether you’re just releasing a single or an entire album, luckily, Music Gateway provides tools for pre-save campaigns.


This is crucial for building anticipation and engagement among listeners. 


This support extends to promotional campaigns across: 



This will help your music reach a more global audience.


So, if you’re looking for an outstanding, highly respected music distribution service that will help you with promotional support, Music Gateway is perfect.


#8. Ditto


Ditto e1701210900202 - Unison


Ditto Music is a dynamic choice in the world of free music distribution services, catering to the needs of independent artists who seek complete control over their musical creations.


With Ditto, artists can upload unlimited singles, EPs, and albums to various global music services.


Ditto covers over one hundred music streaming, download, and social platforms.


This expansive reach is crucial for artists looking to establish a global presence.


One of the most alluring aspects of this free music distribution service is its financial model.


Artists and producers keep 100% of the royalties earned 一 a testament to Ditto’s commitment to fostering independence and fair treatment in the music industry.


In-depth Insights


The service’s offerings extend beyond mere distribution.


Ditto provides artists with in-depth insights into their music’s performance across various platforms and countries, enabling strategic career planning.


Additionally, the Ditto app enhances the distribution experience by offering access to: 


  • Royalties
  • Promotional tools
  • Real-time data analytics


These features empower artists with the knowledge and flexibility required to navigate the music industry successfully.


Ditto’s commitment to independent artist development is evident in their scouting for emerging talents with creative tracks.


This offers opportunities to sign with Ditto Plus for enhanced marketing support.


#9. Soundrop


Soundrop e1701211113192 - Unison


As a music producer, it’s crucial to get your music heard, which is where Soundrop, a prominent name in free music distribution, emerges.


Designed for creators, Soundrop simplifies the distribution process, allowing artists and producers (like you) to focus more on the creative part of music.


With Soundrop, you can distribute your songs/cover songs to a wide range of platforms and enjoy the freedom of a no upfront fee structure.


This approach is perfect for independent artists keen to maintain financial flexibility while expanding their reach.


Music Distribution


Soundrop stands out with its unique offerings. For just 99 cents per song/cover song, this music distribution service ensures your music is distributed across major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. 


This cost-effective model is particularly appealing as it eliminates the burden of recurring fees 一 a common hurdle in the music distribution journey. 


Soundrop only takes a 15% cut from your earnings, aligning their success with yours.


This artist-friendly approach makes Soundrop an attractive option for music producers looking to distribute their music without breaking the bank.


#10. AWAL


AWAL e1701211191522 - Unison


AWAL, a key player in the digital music distribution world, offers a unique proposition for artists looking to level up in the music industry. 


Emphasizing independent artist freedom and control, AWAL allows members to maintain control over their releases and develop their careers at their own pace.


Therefore, it is free from the constraints of traditional long-term contracts. 


This approach is particularly advantageous for artists seeking a more flexible and artist-centric distribution path. 


NOTE: This free music distribution service takes a 15% revenue share, supporting global distribution to major digital music services.


Along with in-depth accounting, playlist pitching considerations, and continuous content support.


Innovation and Motivation


AWAL’s focus on innovation and independent artist development is evident in its range of services. 


With the A&R team’s involvement, artists’ music gets the attention it deserves, and the possibility of further collaboration when the time is right. 


The AWAL Insights Tool and AWALGo App provide artists with vital insights into streaming activities, including demographic data and playlist additions. 


Plus, AWAL Academy offers resources like: 


  • Videos/video tag
  • Q&As
  • Articles 


They’re all aimed at developing artists, growing audiences, and optimizing campaigns.


If you want to distribute your music easily and efficiently, this free music distribution service is ideal.


#11. Symphonic


Symphonic - Unison


Symphonic, established in 2006, positions itself as a comprehensive digital music distribution company that is 100% independent. 


This independence aligns with its mission to support and grow the brands and businesses of independent artists, indie labels, and managers. 


This music distribution service offers various services, including: 


  • Digital and video distribution
  • Royalty collection
  • Music promotion
  • Much more


This emphasizes its role as a multifaceted platform for creators.


Unlike other music distribution companies, Symphonic is more than just distributing music.


It’s about maximizing reach and earnings for artists through technology, music distribution networks, and monetization services.


Over 200+ Digital Service Providers


The global reach of this free music distribution service is a standout feature, as it distributes music to over 200 digital service providers.


This extensive network ensures that artists monetize every stream and usage of their music across platforms like Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube.


Plus, Symphonic helps artists increase their music revenues on various user-generated content platforms.


The platform also offers the unique SplitShare feature 一 allowing unlimited collaborators to be invited for free, with provision for analytics and automatic payments.


This, and other additional features, is invaluable for artists working with engineers, featuring artists and producers.


Symphonic’s commitment to providing real-time TikTok Analytics further underlines its dedication to offering innovative and tailored services to its users.


#12. Songtradr


Songtradr - Unison


Songtradr, a notable entity in the music distribution landscape, offers versatile subscription options tailored to the needs of artists and producers at various stages of their music career. 


The platform’s distinct feature is its Lite Subscription, which is priced at $19 per year and is ideal for solo artists. 


This plan includes: 


  • Unlimited uploads for each release
  • 100% distribution royalties
  • Full control of music rights
  • Advanced analytics
  • Trend reporting
  • 60% of sync revenue


For artists looking for more comprehensive support, Songtradr’s Pro Subscription offers unlimited distribution for up to 100 artists.


It starts at $5 per month or $49 per year.




The Pro Subscription on this music distribution service provides many additional benefits.


They include mobile notifications, reduced licensing upfront fees, and unlimited releases to all major distribution outlets.


This plan also ensures artists receive 80% of sync revenue and 100% distribution royalties 一 emphasizing Songtradr’s commitment to independent artist profitability and creative control.


The flexibility in its subscription models makes Songtradr an attractive choice for independent artists and music producers seeking a distribution service that can scale with their evolving music career.


#13. Indiefy


Indiefy - Unison


Indiefy emerges as an accessible and free music distribution service tailored for independent musicians.


This free music distribution service simplifies the music distribution process.


It enables artists and producers to succeed in today’s dynamic music industry without the complexities of traditional publishing and record label constraints.


Indiefy’s approach is to make music distribution straightforward and user-friendly 一 emphasizing the ease of publishing singles or albums with a free account.


Their service is designed to be uncomplicated.


You provide the music and some basic information, and Indiefy takes care of the rest, including global free distribution to various online music stores.


What’s better than being able to distribute your music for free with a free plan?


Get Your Music Career Jumping


Unlike other music distribution companies, this platform is designed to empower artists at the beginning of their music careers.


Indiefy offers a custom cover editor, a daily analytics tool to understand the audience, and educational resources through their blog and events.


The Indiefy Basic service is free and provides fundamental features for musical releases, ideal for artists just starting out.


If you’re looking to distribute your music for free, you should have a vested interest in this free music distribution company.


Additional services like Indiefy PRO are available for those requiring more advanced tools, offering comprehensive support to jump-start a musical career.


Indiefy’s commitment to providing a straightforward and supportive platform makes it a notable choice for artists and producers seeking to distribute their music and gain industry knowledge.


#14. Boost Collective


Boost Collective - Unison


Boost Collective emerges as a distinctive option in the free music distribution, particularly appealing to up-and-coming artists and producers.


It offers an innovative approach by providing unlimited free releases to over 150 stores without any upfront cost.


This feature is especially beneficial for artists starting their musical journey and needing a platform that supports frequent releases without financial burdens. 


It’s not a good deal; it’s a phenomenal deal. 


You can start distributing your music right now if you’d like. Boost Collective’s model is built on the idea of growing alongside artists. 


This platform offers services beyond free distribution 一 underlining its commitment to developing talent and meeting all your music distribution needs.


Evolving Needs


What sets this music distribution service apart is their understanding of the evolving needs of modern artists.


They distribute music to major stores like Spotify and Apple Music, ensuring your music reaches a wide audience.


Unlike some other distributors, this free music distribution service is recognized for its effective Spotify promotion services, which have become a complimentary offering for artists using their platform.


This integration of distribution and promotion creates a holistic approach, catering to the various facets of your music journey.


The company’s commitment to artist growth is evident in its flexible model, designed to support artists at different stages of their music career. 


Other music distributors aren’t as genuine or supportive, so if you’re just starting to distribute your music, Boost Collective is a great choice.


#15. FreshTunes


FreshTunes2 - Unison


FreshTunes offers a compelling option for artists seeking free music distribution services. 


This platform stands out for its commitment to providing free worldwide distribution, enabling artists to upload their music to major platforms like: 


  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • All without any upfront cost (or hidden costs)


This music distribution service prioritizes the artist’s autonomy.


It ensures you retain 100% of your rights and royalties, a crucial aspect for independent musicians looking to maintain full control over their work.


Simple and Accessible


The service provided by FreshTunes is characterized by its simplicity and accessibility.


Artists and producers can easily upload their music and artwork, fill in the necessary metadata, and send their release to the chosen platforms after a quick review process.


The platform supports both emerging and established artists, offering: 


  • Basic and advanced stats
  • Different payout thresholds
  • Songwriter royalties options based on the free plan chosen


Whether you are a solo artist or managing multiple artists, FreshTunes offers plans that cater to various needs.


This includes a Pro plan for more extensive services that this free music distribution offers.


#16. Amazon Music For Artists


Amazon Music Artists - Unison


Amazon Music, a major streaming service player, allows artists and producers to distribute their music online with Amazon Music For Artists.


Amazon Music’s approach is appealing as an independent artist or producer due to its simplicity and reach. 


Using platforms like RouteNote, you can easily upload your music to Amazon Music.


It will ensure your songs/cover songs are available on Amazon Music and Amazon’s Digital Music store.


This is crucial for extending your reach to a wide audience, including Amazon’s substantial user base 一 which can significantly boost your music career.


Keep Your Revenue


The flexibility offered by Amazon Music through RouteNote’s distribution models is another highlight.


You can choose between a free model, where you keep most of the revenue or a premium model for full revenue retention.


This flexibility is vital for artists managing their budgets and revenue streams.


It’s especially true when navigating the early stages of your music journey or even as an established artist or producer looking to maximize profits.


Free Music Distribution: Final Thoughts


Music distribution, as you now know, is a vital tool in the arsenal of any artist or music producer.


It can help you amplify your reach, connect with audiences worldwide, and establish your presence on major streaming platforms.


As well as offering a pathway to monetize your talent, it’s the bridge between your creative process and your fans.


And, with the help of these 16 free music distribution services, you can navigate this landscape like a professional.


This will ensure your music not only gets heard but also gets the appreciation it deserves.


Before you dive into distributing your tracks, I highly recommend checking out our highly-renowned Free Project Files.


This fantastic resource includes 3 free project files, each available in Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic Pro formats.


They’re the best way to see precisely how professional-quality tracks are made.


By studying these project files, you can gain invaluable insights into production techniques, arrangement, and mixing allowing you to elevate your music to a whole new level.


Knowing how to improve your own music before you begin distributing it is key to making a lasting impact in the music world.


Remember that the journey of a music artist is as much about creation as it is about distribution.


By leveraging these free music distribution services and honing your production skills with resources like the Free Project Files, you’re setting yourself up for success.


So, go ahead, make your mark in the music industry, and let the world hear what you have to offer.


Until next time…



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