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EXCLUSIVE Synth Samples That Are Making Major Waves in 2024!

Synth samples have the ability to completely transform your tracks, especially when it comes to EDM. 


They can bring depth, emotion, and a unique signature to your music, as well as elevate your sound to professional levels. 


Plus, when used creatively, you’ll be able to turn even the most basic ideas into complex, show-stopping tracks. 


So, as a music producer, it’s super beneficial to have access to the top synth samples around, which is exactly what we’re bringing to you today.


In today’s article you’ll discover the most captivating sounds around, including:


  • EXCLUSIVE sounds from music legends ✓
  • Unique one-shots ✓
  • Signature synth loops ✓
  • Deep basses & heavy 808s ✓
  • Crisp hi-hats & punchy kicks ✓
  • Catchy MIDI melodies & basslines ✓
  • Professional sound design tips ✓
  • Compatibility with each major DAW type ✓
  • Royalty-free sounds for unlimited use ✓
  • Much more in all categories ✓


With these synth samples, you’ll be able to inject your tracks with unmatched quality and character. 


Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to experiment with different genres and styles, which will help you enhance your skills and match your vision. 


Whether you’re looking to make a statement on the dance floor or find your signature sound, all the samples included will help you get there.


#1. The Unison Ultimate One-Shot Bundle


synth samples



The Unison Ultimate One-Shot Bundle is a game-changer for producers looking to make a name in the industry. 


Packed with over 1,600 unique one-shots, this collection is designed to: 


  • Elevate your tracks
  • Gain more attention/streams
  • Help you build a loyal fan base


By using these top-notch sounds, you’ll be able to create music that not only impresses your fans but top artists as well. 


This bundle transcends all musical bounds 一 offering something for every genre or type of producer with 11 different types of instruments. 


Plus, with everything organized and ready to drag & drop, you’re saving precious time with one download (+ no more beat block!).


The sheer volume of sounds, totaling 11GB and recorded at a pristine 96kHz and 24-bit depth, so it’s always up to industry standards.


Yes, even when you’re bending and shaping these sounds beyond their original form. 


Whether you’re stretching, transposing, or plugging these one-shots into your favorite sampler, the process is seamless. 


This level of flexibility allows you to effortlessly add unique vibes to your tracks. 


Download The Ultimate One-Shot Bundle Now


#2. Unison Artist Series – Tchami “Eternal Sounds”


Unison Artist Series Tchami 22Eternal Sounds22 Art 750x750 1 - Unison



Unlock the secret to mainstage-worthy house tracks with the Unison Artist Series – Tchami “Eternal Sounds” pack. 


This exclusive collection is Tchami’s first and only, including sounds that match his energy and vibe. 


The same ones that skyrocketed him to fame (and you can be next). 


With performances at festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland, Tchami’s influence on the house and deep house scenes is undeniable… 


And this sample pack brings you a slice of that success. 


It includes all of the mind-bending sounds he’s been perfecting throughout his career so you can make the same type of dancefloor-destroying tracks


With over 30 synth loops that resonate with Tchami’s signature style, alongside bass loops, one-shots, epic drum samples, and much more, this collection is truly invaluable. 


Each element, from irresistible hi-hats to the dynamic FX, is an opportunity to become the next big name in the EDM scene. 


Plus, with MIDI files and synth shots included, you’ll have endless possibilities to tweak and personalize your tracks (which you can get techniques for later on).


Download Tchami’s Exclusive Sounds Now


#3. Unison Artist Series – VOLAC “KILLA SAMPLE PACK”


Unison Artist Series VOLAC KILLA SAMPLE PACK Art 750 Sized - Unison



Get ready to take over the house and bass house scenes with the Unison Artist Series – VOLAC “KILLA SAMPLE PACK.”


This is your backstage pass to the sounds that have put VOLAC on the map, with their tracks blowing up on labels like Insomniac, Spinnin’, and Night Bass. 


If you’ve ever wanted to make tracks that not only top playlists but also turn the dance floor into a frenzy, then download this pack because you won’t find one better.


You’ll get access to everything that makes VOLAC’s tracks irresistible, like: 


  • Basses that make the club vibrate
  • Synths that stick in your head
  • Kicks that hit right in the chest
  • Etc. 


From bass and synth loops to hi-hats and MIDI melodies/basslines that can turn any track into an anthem, this pack is an invaluable download. 


If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.


It includes 30 bass loops, 29 bass one-shots, 31 synth loops, 28 synth one-shots, and a sick variety of kicks, claps, hi-hats, and percussion


Plus, the FX and VOX samples add that extra edge to make your tracks even more click-worthy and unforgettable. 


With 61 MIDI melodies & basslines, believe me, your creative mind is going to get triggered like never before. 


If you’re looking for boring ancient WAV sounds you hear everyday, then just click out of this article right now. 


But, if you’re looking for high-quality sounds and to be the king of the bass house kingdom, then download this pack right now because VOLAC is handing you the key.


Download VOLAC’s Signature Sounds Now


Bonus: Tips for Your New Synth Samples


Getting your hands on these synth samples is just the beginning. Here’s how you can push these synth samples even further and make your popular music run the charts (and playlists).


  • Layer Your Loops


Layering Samples - Unison


Combining different synth loops can create a richer, more complex sound


Experiment with layers from various packs to find unique combinations that elevate your tracks.


  • Experiment with MIDI


MIDI files 3 - Unison


Drag each MIDI file into your DAW and pair them with your new synth samples. 


This allows you to tweak the notes and rhythms 一 giving you full control over the musicality of your samples.


  • Utilize Sidechain Compression


Sidechain Compression 1 - Unison


Apply sidechain compression to your synth samples using the kick drum as a trigger. 


This will make your tracks pump/breathe and add life to the music.


  • Slice and Dice


Arranging Vocal Chops - Unison


Take a one-shot or loop and chop it up in your sampler. 


Playing around with different segments can lead to unexpected and captivating melodies and rhythms.


  • Pitch Shift for Mood


Pitch Shifting - Unison


Change the pitch of your synth samples to match the mood you’re aiming for; higher pitches can add excitement, while lower pitches can provide depth and seriousness. 


  • Filter for Effect


Synth Samples Cover - Unison


Use a filter to gradually introduce a synth loop or to create a drop with these epic synth samples.


Automating a filter sweep can create tension and release, which is essential for dynamic tracks. 


If you’re looking for a sign to work on your filter game, here it is.


  • Create Custom Instruments


Pasted 3 - Unison


Load your one-shots into a sampler and map them across the keyboard


This transforms all the samples into playable instruments 一 offering endless creative possibilities. 


  • Reverb for Space


Reverb Plugins 1 - Unison


Apply reverb to your synth samples to place them in a virtual space. 


Whether you’re going for a small room or a vast hall, reverb adds dimension to your sound, giving you free synth range to get as creative as possible.


  • Delay for Depth


Delay Plugins e1697071521830 - Unison


Add a delay effect to your synth samples after you download them to create echoes. 


This can fill out your track, add rhythmic complexity (or simply make your sounds more interesting) and help cement your future as a top producer you don’t find every day.


  • Explore Granular Synthesis


Granular Synthesis - Unison


Take a single one-shot and use a granular synthesizer to: 


  • Stretch it
  • Pitch it
  • Morph it into something entirely new


Granular synthesis can turn a simple sound into a legendary soundscape


I mean, there are two folders that producers fall into: basic and mind-blowing 一 learning creative techniques will always make sure it’s on point.


Now, go take these epic synth samples and make tracks that people go crazy! 


Until next time…



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