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The #1 Chord Progression Generator Will Seriously Shock You!

Chord progressions have the power to evoke feelings, set the tone, and hold down the melody in a piece of music. 


They can transform a simple melody into an emotional journey and make the difference between a forgettable track and a chart-topping hit. 


So, as a music producer, having access to the #1 chord progression generator on the planet is a major come-up.


It can help you create compelling music like a professional and provide an endless source of inspiration whenever you need some (or are suffering from beat block).


In today’s article, we’ll break down:


  • The importance of chord progressions in music production ✓
  • Breaking down MIDI Wizard 2.0 ✓
  • Genre-specific creation capabilities ✓
  • AI-powered perfection in chord progressions ✓
  • The three creative modes: Chord, Melody, Hybrid ✓
  • The power of redesigned algorithms ✓
  • Built-in synth & sampler features ✓
  • Enhancing music with epic built-in effects ✓
  • AI chord progression detection (drop chords right in) ✓
  • Precision with added parameters ✓
  • Simple steps to generate hit-worthy chord progressions ✓
  • Detailed customization with the built-in piano roll ✓
  • Much more ✓


You’ll not only discover the #1 chord progression generator but also receive expert tips and tricks to enhance your music production skills. 


Plus, with this invaluable tool, you’ll be able to unlock your full creative potential and generate captivating chord progressions every single time. 


Whether you want to completely revolutionize your workflow, find unique sounds, or simply need some inspiration, MIDI Wizard 2.0 is designed to support and elevate your tracks to professional heights. 


So, let’s dive in…


The Importance of Chord Progressions in Music Production


chord progression generator


Chord progressions play a major role in the music production process, helping to set the tone for any track in any style.


Whether you want to create a hip-hop anthem or an upbeat pop track, chord progressions will help give you that authenticity.


The chords you choose will determine the emotional direction your song is going and what you’re trying to make your audience feel (e.g., fun, sad, heartbreak, inspired, etc.).


Understanding how and why chord progressions work are also keys to creating unforgettable melodies that stick in your listeners’ heads for days.


Common chord progressions give us a familiar sense of harmony and rhythm, but it’s the innovative twists on these sequences that often lead to a hit song. 


As a music producer, the ability to play with these chord progressions creatively is everything, however, not everyone knows music theory or chord construction


That’s where a chord progression generator comes in to save the day.


By generating chords that fit into countless musical styles, these tools can spark creativity 一 offering endless ideas and helping break through any creative block. 


They’re not just a crutch for those new to music production.


Trust me, even the most seasoned producers can find new inspiration from the chord sequences the following chord progression generator provides.


Introducing: MIDI Wizard 2.0 (Generate Chords With Ease)


MIDI Wizard 2.0 1 - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 by Unison Audio is the world’s first genre-specific chord progression and melody generator powered by artificial intelligence. 


This revolutionary tool is changing the game in the production world by providing endless generations of hit-worthy chord progressions and melodies across 32 genres of music. 


It’s designed to supercharge your workflow and creative process 一 helping you to finish double the music in half the time (with twice the appeal).


Creating music with MIDI Wizard 2.0 is incredibly straightforward, involving three simple steps:


  1. Select
  2. Generate
  3. Drag-and-drop


You’ll begin by selecting your preferred genre, key, mode, type, and length. 


With a press of a button, MIDI Wizard 2.0 instantly generates a hit-quality chord progression or melody. 


The final step involves dragging and dropping the new chord progression or melody straight into a project or exporting it for later use. 


Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want to seriously enhance your chord progression game, MIDI Wizard 2.0 is unmatched. 


It will give you an almost unfair edge over the competition that will ensure your tracks stand out and form a major impact. 


MIDI Wizard 2.0’s cutting-edge AI technology not only generates beautiful chord progressions (major chord, minor chords, borrowed chords, etc.) but also creates melodies that perfectly complement your chords. 


This fusion of AI technology and creativity means you never have to face beat-block again because you’ll always have infinite inspiration right at your fingertips.

This way, you can experiment and find your signature sound effortlessly.


Download MIDI Wizard 2.0 Now


What Makes MIDI Wizard 2.0 The Best Chord Generator Available?


Unison’s MIDI Wizard 2.0 stands out for its precision and versatility, but what makes it number one? Well, let’s break it down…


  • Genre-Specific Creation


MIDI Wizard Genres - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 revolutionizes music production with its unparalleled genre-specific creation capabilities for any genre, tempo, key, or style. 


Unlike other chord progression generators that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, MIDI Wizard 2.0 elevates itself by providing custom-generated chord progressions and melodies across 32 distinct genres. 


This includes popular genres like:



This feature is a serious game-changer for producers of all types as it really zeros in on a specific genre’s unique sound and rhythm.


For example, pop music might benefit from catchy, upbeat chord progressions, while a techno song thrives on repetitive, hypnotic patterns and sequences. 


By catering to the specific needs of each unique genre, MIDI Wizard 2.0 empowers producers to create authentic music.


What’s really cool about this feature is how it helps you experiment and find your own sound. 


Maybe you want to mix jazz chords into an R&B song or add some electronic elements to a hip-hop track, MIDI Wizard 2.0 makes this easy by letting you mix and match.


So, needless to say, the creative possibilities are truly endless. 


  • AI-Powered Chord Progressions for Perfection


MIDI Wizard 2 1 e1681240596433 - Unison


At the heart of MIDI Wizard 2.0 is its cutting-edge AI technology, designed to generate perfect chord progressions and melodies as we talked about.


This AI-driven approach makes sure that every single chord progression and melody generated is harmonically rich and cohesive. 


Plus, of course, pushes the boundaries of creativity beyond human limits and Roman numeral breakdowns. 


The AI analyzes thousands of hit songs across various genres to understand what makes a chord progression or melody resonate with listeners. 


Then, it applies these insights to create new music that has the potential to become the next big song on the charts.


This means access to an infinite source of inspiration with this chord progression generator that is up-to-date with musical theory and current music trends 一 helping you to create professional compositions. 


Its ability to generate chord progressions that work flawlessly within any given key or scale eliminates any trial and error.


For example, if you’re looking to create a song in the key of A minor, you can rely on MIDI Wizard 2.0 to generate the top (never repeated) chord progressions in that category.


This level of precision and creativity ensures that musicians can focus on expressing their ideas without getting tied down by the technicalities of chord progression construction.


Side note, if you’d like to touch up on minor chords, major chords, or other music chords, we’ve got you covered.


  • Chord Mode, Melody Mode & Hybrid Mode


MIDI Wizard 3 1 - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 elevates music production flexibility with its three innovative modes: 


  • Chord Mode
  • Melody Mode
  • Hybrid Mode


These three distinct modes can help you create mind-blowing chord progressions, melodies, and hybrids to blow your competition out of the water.


Chord Mode focuses on generating diverse and complex chord progressions.


It gives you options between block chords for a more traditional sound or rhythm chords for a dynamic, groove-based feel


This versatility allows you to lay the harmonic foundation of your tracks with ease, whether you’re aiming for the simplicity of common chord progressions or the depth of more inspired sequences/patterns.


Melody Mode shifts the focus to creating catchy, memorable melody lines that can serve as the top line of a track. 


Whether you prefer longer leads that capture the essence of a song’s emotion or short plucks that add rhythmic texture, Melody Mode is key. 


It provides the tools needed to create captivating melodies that stand out. 


Hybrid Mode is where the true magic happens 一 combining the strengths of both Chord and Melody Modes with additional AI insights to produce groundbreaking music. 


This mode is perfect when you want to play around with genres or experiment with harmonic and melodic elements simultaneously.


Plus, MIDI Wizard 2.0 was completely revamped with redesigned algorithms that generate even more compelling (and genre-specific) chord progressions!


Download The #1 Chord Progression Generator In The World


  • Built-in Synth, Sampler, and 200 Factory Presets


MIDI Wizard Synth Sample Presets - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 is not just about generating chord progressions and melodies… 


It’s also equipped with a world-class built-in synth and sampler, accompanied by 200 factory presets designed to satisfy every musical style and genre. 


This integration transforms MIDI Wizard 2.0 from a chord progression generator into a full-blown music production tool.


For example, each time you generate a chord progression or melody with this chord progression generator, a synth preset is automatically loaded 一 matching the genre of your music. 


It ensures that the sound quality is top-notch right from the start, which is key.


As musicians, this means immediate access to a variety of sounds without having to leave the chord player environment or load an external instrument (like a guitar). 


Whether you’re looking for a lush pad for an ambient track or aggressive bass for some techno movement, the included presets cover all key sounds. 


Plus, the ability to tweak these presets with macros or mix and match them offers endless possibilities to shape your sound exactly how you want it. 


This feature seriously speeds up the creative process, so you can experiment with different textures and tones effortlessly.


  • Enhancing Your Chord Progressions with 16 Built-in Effects


FX Features MIDI Wizard - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 provides 16 world-class built-in effects to further polish and perfect your music to form the ultimate show-stopper.


These audio effects range from Auto-Pan, Bitcrush, Chorus, to Verb and Wobble.


They each offer the unique ability to add depth, texture, movement, and character to your chord progressions. 


These effects within the same chord progression generator mean that you can apply expert sound processing without needing any additional production software.


Plus, each effect is fully adjustable, so you can play around with subtle nuances or dramatic transformations of the sound. 


For example, a simple chord progression can be transformed into a spatial, ethereal sequence with the use of the Space or Verb effects found in this chord progression generator.


Or, a melody can be given an analog warmth and grit with the Bitcrush and Saturate effects. 


The suite of effects this chord player provides will help you achieve professional-sounding songs every single time 一 helping your idea come to life.


  • AI Chord Progression Detection


MIDI Wizard AI Detection - Unison


One of the standout features of MIDI Wizard 2.0, and my personal favorite, is its AI Chord Progression Detection capability. 


This chord player feature allows you to drag in existing MIDI chord progressions, and the software will intelligently generate matching melodies. 


For example, it will ensure that your melody harmonizes perfectly with the chord progression without any awkward, harsh moments. 


This is particularly useful for expanding upon a rough idea or integrating MIDI Wizard 2.0 into a more extensive production keyboard setup.


The AI’s ability to understand and adapt to your chord progressions just proves how this chord progression generator can support and enhance the creative process unlike any other chord player available today.


It provides a super useful way to connect your inspiration or first chord to the epic final product that, for the record, is hard to beat.


Whether you’re working with pre-made chord progressions or custom creations, this feature guarantees that your melodies will always complement your chords. 


It adds that extra layer of depth and cohesion to your song that can help it get the hype it deserves. 


Check Out This Revolutionary Chord Progression Technology


  • Pro Tip: Added Parameters for Precision


MIDI Wizard Added Feature - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 also offers additional parameters for precision, including velocity sensitivity, swing, and labeled chord progressions. 


These features provide you with the tools needed to humanize your chord progressions and melodies 一 making them sound more natural and expressive. 


  • Velocity sensitivity 一 Adds dynamic variation right from your keyboard.
  • Swing 一 Introduces a groove or shuffle to the rhythm.
  • Labeled chord progressions 一 Help you to understand harmonic structure.


These parameters will not only school you on chords and chord progressions but skyrocket your theory skills, like scale/sequence manipulation, to a whole new level. 


By breaking down these complex music theory concepts and offering control over the finer details, MIDI Wizard 2.0 stands out as the best chord progression generator ever.


  • Bonus: Built-In Piano Roll for Enhanced Chord Progression Customization


MIDI Wizard Piano Roll - Unison


MIDI Wizard 2.0 further elevates chord progression creation with its advanced built-in piano roll (the perfect cherry on top).


It offers unparalleled customization to help you create the perfect progression. 


This feature stands out as a major, not minor, tool for music producers who demand precise control over every aspect of their music (which you certainly should!). 


With the piano roll, you can dive deep into the chord progressions generated by MIDI Wizard 2.0:


  • Modifying notes to exact specifications
  • Changing chord voicings
  • Tweaking timing to achieve the desired feel and complexity of your track


For example, let’s say MIDI Wizard 2.0 generates a chord progression that is a solid starting point, but you envision a few chords playing with different rhythms, inversions, or borrowed chords…


The piano roll makes these adjustments intuitive and straightforward. 


This level of customization ensures that your chord progressions are not just unique but are also perfectly aligned with the emotional tone and style of your sequence. 


The piano roll also features scale highlighting 一 which is an invaluable aid for ensuring chord progressions and melodies go together flawlessly. 


This function visually indicates which notes (like the tonic) are within the scale, which simplifies the process of adding additional parts or improvising over the generated chord progressions. 


By reducing the guesswork in note selection, tempo, etc., you can focus more on creativity and less on the technicalities of music theory (like Roman numerals). 


As a producer looking to enhance their game and make sure each song you create, from the intro to the verse, is up to music industry standards.


I mean, there really isn’t anything more beneficial if you ask me.


Chord Progression Generator: Final Thoughts


MIDI Wizard 2.0 is your key to creating mesmerizing chord progressions that captivate listeners and set the bar for hit songs. 


It will help you to enhance your creative process, learn advanced music theory effortlessly, and experiment with any genre you want.


As a music producer, the capabilities of this chord progression generator are invaluable resources that can significantly elevate the quality (and impact) of your music. 


Plus, helps you get endless inspiration and break out of beatblock in a snap.


So, go ahead and use this groundbreaking tool to create tracks that leave your listeners speechless and your competition crying.


With MIDI Wizard 2.0, you have everything you need to transform your musical ideas into reality, consistently producing work that is professional, polished, and uniquely yours.


Until next time…


Download MIDI Wizard 2.0 To Enhance Your Tracks Today!



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