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10 Melody Generator Plugins For Captivating, Mystical Melodies

Melodies are the heartbeat of any musical composition, weaving through songs to create emotional resonance and memorable experiences.


They can transform simple chord progressions into captivating musical narratives, infusing life and character into every note.


As a music producer, knowing the best melody generator plugins is essential to creating these captivating beats with ease and innovation.


In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down:


  • Cutting-edge melody generator plugins ✓
  • Key features of each melody generator plugin ✓
  • Compatibility details with various DAWs ✓
  • Customization options for personalized music creation ✓
  • Insights into AI-powered melody generation ✓
  • How to create music that stands out ✓
  • Much more ✓


After reading this article, you’ll be equipped to create captivating melodies and intricate musical patterns.


As well as harness the power of AI to elevate your music production skills like a professional.


Whether crafting the next chart-topper or exploring new soundscapes, these melody generator plugins will be your key to unlocking a world of limitless musical creativity.


So, let’s dive in…


What is a Melody Generator Plugin?


melody generator


In the evolving landscape of digital music production, a melody generator plugin stands out as a pivotal tool.


These advanced, inspired software applications (often powered by AI technology) assist artists and producers in creating captivating melodies.


Essentially, a melody generator functions by leveraging AI to generate musical sequences.


This can significantly streamline the music creation, especially for those looking to infuse fresh, innovative ideas into their compositions with the help of AI music.


All without having to leave your home studio.


Melody generators are not just about automating melody creation but about augmenting a musician’s creative potential.


They open up limitless possibilities for creating music, like:


  • Chord progressions
  • Notes
  • Rhythms


Whether you’re a seasoned musician battling writer’s block or a new artist seeking inspiration, melody generators are an endless source of creativity.


They can guide you toward crafting unique, memorable melodies and songs that genuinely outshine your competition.


So, after this article, prepare to say goodbye to dull, basic melodies and hello to chart-topping songs.


Now, let’s jump into the 10 absolute best melody generator plugins!


#1. MIDI Wizard

MIDI Wizard - Unison


MIDI Wizard by Unison Audio is an innovative tool that revolutionizes how music producers create chord progressions and melodies.


It has the ability to instantly generate unlimited, hit-worthy sequences in an astounding 30 genres of music.


This melody generator plugin is designed to augment your workflow and transform it enabling you to finish double the music in half the time.


It’s an essential tool for gaining a competitive edge in the music industry, offering infinite inspiration at your fingertips.


MIDI Wizard ensures you never encounter a creative block again.


With MIDI Wizard, the fusion of different genres becomes seamless, empowering you to find your unique sound and upload music you’re truly proud of.


The core of MIDI Wizard lies in its ability to generate mind-blowing melodies and captivating chord progressions.


These elements determine whether a song will be a fleeting listen or a captivating hit.


This way, your melodies are memorable and emotionally triggering, incorporating proven patterns from chart-topping songs.


It is an invaluable resource for overcoming the dreaded producer’s block, offering a wellspring of ideas and inspiration.


With MIDI Wizard, you can complete unfinished projects and release music that resonates with your audience and make them hit that repeat button over and over again.


Download MIDI Wizard Now


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Instant generation of unlimited chord progressions and melodies
  • Supports 30 different music genres
  • Enhances workflow and creative process efficiency
  • Provides a competitive advantage with cutting-edge algorithms
  • Infinite inspiration to prevent creative blocks
  • Custom-generated chord progressions from basic to advanced levels
  • Ability to generate radio-worthy, emotionally triggering melodies
  • Random generation of professional-level chord progressions and melodies
  • One of the best melody generator plugins for 2024


With MIDI Wizard, music producers can transcend the limits of human creativity.


As well as access a realm of infinite musical ideas and eliminate the frustration of producer’s block, which is invaluable.


It is the world’s first and only genre-specific chord progression and melody generator that actually sounds good, after all.


#2. Captain Melody EPIC


Captain Melody EPIC - Unison


Captain Melody EPIC emerges as a groundbreaking tool in the world of AI melody generators, designed for both seasoned musicians and those new to the craft of music production.


This plugin, renowned for its ease of use and powerful features, empowers users to create melodies that resonate with their artistic vision.


Whether you’re working on a complex composition or just starting out, Captain Melody EPIC offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of melody creation.


Its advanced algorithms enable users to generate melodies in any key or scale 一 making it an invaluable asset for creating music in various genres (like hip-hop, rock, trap, jazz, house, etc.).


What sets Captain Melody EPIC apart is its ability to adapt to your style.


It ensures that each melody you create is unique and harmonically compatible with your project.


This plugin doesn’t just automate the melody-making process; it enhances it.


It provides you with a versatile tool that aids in translating your musical ideas into reality and creating beats that sound familiar yet are incredibly unique.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Adaptable to multiple styles
  • Powerful melodic visualization
  • Color-coded note guidance
  • User-friendly for non-pianists
  • Compatible with major DAWs
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


With these key features, Captain Melody EPIC is an essential tool in the arsenal of music producers and singers who want to generate captivating melodies effortlessly.


Using this melody generator plugin, you’ll be proud of every song you’ve created from here on out.


Its integration with major DAWs further ensures a seamless production experience.


#3. Orb Producer Suite


Orb Producer Suite - Unison


The Orb Producer Suite is a sophisticated and versatile AI-powered melody generator offering various tools tailored for music production.


This comprehensive suite includes four distinct plugins: 


  • Orb Melody
  • Orb Bass
  • Orb Arpeggios
  • Orb Synth


Each is engineered to enhance different aspects of musical creation.


The suite’s AI technology facilitates the generation of high-quality melodic patterns and loops 一 simplifying the creative process for music producers of all skill levels.


The Orb Producer Suite’s design caters to the diverse needs of music creators.


Its modules provide a rich tapestry of sounds and rhythms, allowing artists to experiment with various musical elements.


The suite’s intuitive interface and powerful capabilities make it an invaluable resource for those looking to push the boundaries of digital music production.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Unlimited melody generation
  • Harmony analysis & bass line optimization
  • Customizable arpeggios creation
  • Versatile synthesizer functionality
  • Polyrhythms engine for complex rhythms & songs
  • Lyrical melody enhancements 
  • Chain blocks for extended musical pieces
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


With its comprehensive features, the Orb Producer Suite stands as a testament to the advancements in AI-generated music, offering limitless possibilities for music creators.


Whether you can sing or not, you can now create intricate melodies on the spot.


With the Orb Producer Suite, watch your songs skyrocket to the top and have people play them repeatedly.


#4. RapidComposer


RapidComposer - Unison


RapidComposer, an advanced melody generator, has recently introduced version 5.0, marking a significant upgrade in its capabilities.


This version, raved about on their site, brings a suite of new features designed to enhance the music creation process. 


RapidComposer’s strength lies in its ability to offer a comprehensive toolset that caters to intricate composition needs and intuitive music-making.


Version 5.0 of RapidComposer heralds a new era in AI-generated music 一 introducing tools that seamlessly blend creativity and AI technology.


The new features not only cater to the technical aspects of music production but also aim to inspire and elevate the creative process.


This makes it a valuable asset for any music producer looking to create epic beats.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Advanced Rhythm Lab
  • MIDI Transformer for creative phrases
  • DAW-like global composition view
  • VST/VST3 sound effect integration
  • Ghost Tracks with an ‘unghost’ option
  • Refined, inspired plugin handling for epic beats
  • Enhanced velocity editor for manual editing
  • Revamped user interface for easy play
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


RapidComposer’s blend of innovative features and user-friendly interface positions it as a top choice for music creators seeking to generate captivating melodies and explore new musical ideas.


So, if you’re looking for a way to create songs that shine, search no further.


#5. Pilot Melody


Pilot Melody - Unison


Pilot Melody is part of the innovative Pilot Plugins suite by Mixed In Key, representing a significant leap in AI-assisted music production.


This plugin harnesses a new generation of artificial intelligence to create a dynamic interaction between the music producer and the AI.


It’s designed to accelerate the creative process, enabling the creation of: 



The essence of Pilot Melody lies in its ability to empower music producers with control over the AI 一 ensuring that the creative direction remains in the hands of the artist. 


Pilot Melody stands out for its versatility and adaptability to various musical styles, making it an indispensable tool for modern music production.


You’ll be proud of everything you’ve created with this plugin every single time.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • AI-assisted interactive melody creation
  • Customizable style control with macro knobs
  • Easy integration into music tracks
  • Infinite options for melody, bassline, and arpeggio generation
  • Powered by the Phase Plant synthesizer
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


As part of the Pilot Plugins suite, Pilot Melody offers a cutting-edge approach to unique melody generation.


It blends AI technology with artistic control to unlock new creative potentials in music production.


#6. Melody Sauce 2


Melody Sauce 2 - Unison


Melody Sauce 2 is a comprehensive melody creation tool designed to elevate the music production process.


This plugin, developed by EVAbeat, stands out for its innovative use of AI technology, enabling producers and artists to quickly generate melodies.


Its features cater to various genres, making it a versatile tool for creating AI-generated music.


Melody Sauce 2’s strength lies in its ability to simplify the melody creation process while offering a high degree of customization so you can incorporate melodies with ease.


It’s an ideal tool for producers seeking to quickly generate and refine ideas into polished musical pieces.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Comprehensive melody creation tool
  • Sound Engine with nearly 100 sounds
  • Over 300 style settings for various genres & song styles
  • Advanced Editor for detailed melody editing
  • Additional controls for loop length and octave
  • Resizable and redesigned user interface
  • Improved algorithms with AI-powered engine
  • Compatible with all major DAWs
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


Melody Sauce 2, with its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface, is an excellent choice for music producers looking to explore new melodic territories.


As well as enhance their creative workflow.


#7. Melodya


Melodya - Unison


Melodya is an innovative melody generator and motive editor acclaimed for its simplicity and depth.


It strikes a delicate balance between ease of use and offering detailed control over the melody creation process. 


Melodya is not limited to generating new melodies 一 it also provides the unique capability to transform existing melodies in diverse and exciting ways.


This allows for a high degree of creative freedom.


This plugin excels in flexibility and depth, providing musicians and songwriters with various tools to explore musical ideas. 


It’s a valuable asset for those looking to push the boundaries of their musical creativity.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Motive editor with one-click melody generation
  • Advanced rhythm mapping algorithm
  • Melodic and rhythmic transformations
  • Chord track for melody generation
  • Modern genre suitability with rhythm generators
  • MIDI file import and editing
  • Multiple melodic and rhythmic transformations
  • Detailed melody, rhythm, and vocals options
  • Two workflow options for melody creation
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


Melodya’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for creating captivating melodies and exploring new musical ideas.


So, if you want your next song to rise to the top of the charts, Melodya can help you achieve that.


#8. AudioCipher


AudioCipher - Unison


AudioCipher stands as a unique and innovative tool in the world of melody generator plugins. 


It’s a MIDI generator that uniquely translates words or phrases into MIDI sequences


This novel approach allows music producers to turn linguistic concepts into musical elements, providing a fresh source of inspiration and creativity. 


AudioCipher’s ability to interpret text into music opens up new avenues for artistic expression.


This makes it a standout choice for those looking to infuse their music with originality and depth.


The plugin’s versatility is further enhanced by its compatibility with various scales and chord types, along with advanced rhythm controls. 


This flexibility ensures that AudioCipher can be used across various musical genres 一 making it an invaluable tool for producers and composers.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Transforms words into MIDI melodies and chords
  • Offers a range of 9 scales, including major, minor, and diatonic modes
  • Includes six chord types for diverse harmonic textures
  • Features chord and rhythm randomization options
  • Provides rhythm controls for detailed sequence creation
  • Standalone application with drag-and-drop MIDI functionality
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


AudioCipher’s innovative approach to melody generation, combining linguistic elements with musical creativity.


This makes it a unique and valuable addition to any producer’s toolkit.


#9. Scaler 2


Scaler 2 e1700957117523 - Unison


Scaler 2 is a cutting-edge music theory workstation meticulously designed to assist in discovering: 



It’s not merely a melody generator; it’s a comprehensive toolbox that transforms making music into an intuitive and enjoyable experience.


This plugin excels in listening to incoming MIDI or audio data, analyzing the key of your music, and suggesting chord progressions that align perfectly with your song.


Scaler 2 boasts an impressive collection of over 400 song and genre-based chord sets and over 200 artist chord sets.


This provides a vast reservoir of inspiration for new progressions and melodies. 


The ‘Create’ mode in Scaler 2 offers chords compatible with your existing chord progression 一 enabling you to develop complex melodies effortlessly.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • Intuitive chord progression, melody, and bassline generation
  • Advanced key detection and chord progression suggestions
  • Extensive library with over 600 chord sets
  • Over 200 artists chord sets for diverse musical inspiration
  • Over 300 unique genre, common & mood-based chord sets
  • Hundreds of scales to explore different musical moods
  • Performances, phrases, sequences, basslines, and melodies
  • Export MIDI, chord progressions, or entire sessions to your DAW
  • One-finger pitch, chords & melodies with Bind MIDI function
  • Modulation suggestions for new musical destinations
  • One of the best AI melody generator plugins for 2024


Scaler 2 is a powerhouse AI melody generator for music creators, offering tools to craft intricate chord progressions and melodies that resonate with their artistic vision.


#10. Bonus: Songen (iOS)


Songen - Unison


Songen revolutionizes music generation on mobile devices with its AI-powered iOS app, tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of music producers.


This app offers a unique approach by generating an endless stream of original, royalty-free music loops and songs.


Its capability to export both MIDI and audio formats on the go makes it an exceptional tool for producers looking to capture musical ideas instantly.


What sets Songen apart is its ability to create comprehensive musical elements like chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and drum loops in various genres.


This versatility is coupled with options to fine-tune elements like: 


  • Tempo
  • Key
  • Instrumentation


You’ll feel like a musical genius with the level of customization available.


The app’s intuitive design allows for quick generation of music ideas, which can be exported for further development in a DAW or shared as audio files for sampling or demo tracks.


Key Features of this Melody Generator Plugin:


  • AI-powered music idea generation
  • Endless creation of unique music loops and songs
  • MIDI and audio export capabilities
  • Customizable musical elements across genres
  • Options to adjust tempo, key, and instrumentation
  • Compatibility with DAWs for advanced production
  • Regular updates to align with trending music genres
  • One of the best AI music generator plugins for 2024


Songen distinguishes itself with its innovative approach, combining advanced AI technology with user-friendly features.


This will empower you with a versatile and creative tool for music production on the go.


Melody Generator Plugins: Final Thoughts


As we’ve explored the world of melody generator plugins, it’s clear that these tools are invaluable for enhancing creativity and efficiency in music production.


Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, these plugins offer a gateway to an endless world of musical possibilities.


And to further boost your creative arsenal, don’t miss out on the legendary Free Essential MIDI Melodies pack.


This collection features 12 unique, hit-worthy MIDI melodies, perfectly crafted to make your tracks catchy and stand out.


Incorporating these melodies into your work, alongside the power of these 10 melody generator plugins, will undoubtedly elevate your music production to new heights.


Embrace these tools and unleash the full potential of your musical genius.


Until next time…



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