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How To Get SoundCloud Plays Fast For Maximum Exposure (2024)

SoundCloud is more than just a music platform; it’s a musical community.


With its expansive reach and diverse user base, it can be the launching pad for emerging artists, providing exposure, feedback, and even potential collaborations. 


As a music producer (or aspiring musician), it’s essential to understand how to maximize this platform to help get your music heard.


Whether refining your profile, engaging with the community, or promoting music, certain strategies can help you get more SoundCloud plays fast and efficiently.


That’s why we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about how to get more SoundCloud plays.


In today’s article, we’ll be breaking down:


  • The importance of SoundCloud in today’s music industry ✓
  • How to get SoundCloud plays fast ✓
  • Refining your SoundCloud profile ✓
  • Producing high-quality new music  ✓
  • How to attract your target audience ✓
  • Marketing strategies & music promotion ✓
  • Engaging with the SoundCloud community ✓
  • Utilizing private links (& SoundCloud upload tips) ✓
  • Collaborative efforts with independent artists ✓
  • Securing more SoundCloud followers ✓
  • Much more ✓


After this blog post, you’ll have the knowledge needed to maximize your SoundCloud presence and get your songs heard.


Not only will you get more SoundCloud plays, but you’ll also engage with a larger community and be able to market your music like a true professional.


Plus, acquire a few tips to secure more followers/more listeners overnight and ensure your tracks stand out in a saturated market.


The world of SoundCloud offers endless opportunities, and with the right approach, your music can resonate with countless listeners across the globe.


So, let’s dive in…


Why SoundCloud Plays Matter as a Music Producer


How to get SoundCloud plays


In the digital music realm, particularly for hip-hop and trap producers like us, SoundCloud has emerged as the pivotal platform.


SoundCloud isn’t just a site to upload tracks… It’s a platform where raw beats morph into chart-busting numbers, and bedroom producers can catch global attention.


For many, it’s where our own music first gets heard.


But it’s not just the platform itself that’s magic; it’s those play numbers that signify relevance and resonance.


When you see more SoundCloud plays racking up, it’s your musical validation.


It tells the world that your tracks stand out among the sea of music-making and contain something special (alluring).


Beyond validation, the more SoundCloud plays you get, the better it is strategically.


The more SoundCloud plays you gather, the more SoundCloud’s algorithm favors you 一 pushing your tracks higher and placing them in recommended playlists. 


NOTE: This is invaluable in genres like hip-hop and trap, where competition is fierce.


Let’s face it: in the music industry, perception is crucial.


A track with thousands of SoundCloud plays instantly gains credibility and piques the attention of new listeners.


Plus, it keeps your existing audience engaged, excited, and super interested.


It’s a snowball effect: plays attract more plays, attract more listeners, attract more followers, attract more attention, etc.


Perfecting Your SoundCloud Profile


Your SoundCloud profile makes the first impression before listeners even hit that play button.


Let’s break down how you can ensure that impression is lasting.


  • Craft a Compelling Bio


SoundCloud Bio - Unison


Your SoundCloud bio is a window into your musical soul, reflecting your journey, influences, and musical aspirations.


It shouldn’t just be a timeline of your milestones but a story that lures listeners in; remember, fans today aren’t just buying into music; they’re buying into the artists.


Additionally, your bio should touch on your unique selling points.


For example, mention that if you blend old-school hip-hop with modern trap beats.


Or, perhaps you’ve collaborated with other artists or music producers with some traction 一 name-drop them!


NOTE: Include links to your other social media platforms, website, or featured articles about you can be a plus.


However, avoid making it too long, repetitive, or boring.


Instead, it should be: 


  • Concise
  • Engaging
  • A reflection of who you are


Lastly, the call-to-action is essential when creating a compelling bio and learning how to get plays on SoundCloud.


Whether you’re asking listeners to check out your newest track, follow you, or sign up for a newsletter, ensure it’s clear and enticing.


  • Importance of Profile Image & Cover Art


Music Notes 1 - Unison


Visuals matter, especially in a digital age where a profile picture or cover art can be the difference between someone clicking on your track or scrolling right past.


Remember, when it comes to attracting listeners, it starts with that first sneak peak, so you have to make it count in order to stay at the top of their minds.


Your profile image should look super professional 一 capturing the essence of you as a music producer or artist.


Next, cover art for each track or album on SoundCloud shouldn’t be an afterthought.


The aesthetics often tie deeply with the music’s mood, so having compelling and high-quality cover art is crucial.


Think of it as the book cover for your sonic story.


Like any other facet of the music production world, consistency is key, so make sure everything is consistent in terms of:


  • Design
  • Color scheme
  • Typography
  • Vibe


This can help create a brand identity, which, when it comes to marketing music, is the key to making you (and your music) memorable and intriguing.


Over time, listeners will recognize your tracks just by the cover art.


Investing in good graphic design or collaborating with artists can elevate your SoundCloud profile and help you get more SoundCloud plays, so don’t skimp out.


  • Using Metadata and Relevant Tags


SoundCloud Genre Tags - Unison


Metadata might sound technical, but it’s the unsung hero for getting more SoundCloud plays.


Think of meta data as the SEO for your new tracks 一 properly tagged tracks have a higher chance of being discovered by new listeners.


#1. Genre tags are essential.


Let’s say you’re producing hip-hop or trap beats… those will be your primary tags (if you produce different genres, the same principle applies).


However, it would help if you dug deeper than your main genre and ask yourself certain questions.


They should be questions like is your track more chill or aggressive or is it old-school or does it contain a modern blend?


These sub-genres (tags) can help reach niche audiences looking for that specific vibe.


Remember, you can get creative and, without being untruthful, incorporate new or trending genre tags that are gaining a lot of traction on Sound Cloud that week.


#2. Relevant tags extend beyond genres.


Think of moods, instruments used, or even events when you’re creating a meta data description or tag.


For instance, if you believe your track is perfect for workout playlists or nighttime drives 一 always make sure to tag those.


It casts a wider net for potential listeners.


While it’s essential to be aware of trends, staying true to your sound is crucial.


The authenticity in music often shines the brightest. So, while you adapt, ensure your signature touch remains intact.


#3. Another overlooked aspect is the track’s description.


While it’s a space to describe the track’s backstory or inspiration, smartly incorporating keywords can increase its discoverability.


For instance, mentioning collaborations, instruments, or software used can attract more niche audiences.


#4. Collaborations or featured artists should be rightly credited in the track title.


It not only gives them due credit, but if they have their own following, it increases your track’s visibility in searches.


Bottom line, when you’re learning how to get SoundCloud plays, mastering the meta data and tag game is vital.


Producing High-Quality Music


At the heart of it all, content is king. The track itself is the most critical component when it comes to how to get more plays on SoundCloud.


So, let’s jump in so you can learn how to get SoundCloud plays with exquisite tracks.


  • How Great Music Naturally Gains Traction


Music Production Scales - Unison


While strategies can amplify your reach, the music’s quality is paramount.


Great music that resonates and has been meticulously crafted will attract more listeners; that’s a proven fact.


It’s the difference between momentary virality and a lasting impact.


Think about the classics in the hip-hop and trap scene; they’ve endured time because they struck an emotional chord.


In the digital age of instant sharing, a great track is more likely to be shared across: 


  • Different social media platforms
  • Playlists
  • Personal recommendations


Every share acts as an endorsement, multiplying your reach exponentially and helping you get more SoundCloud plays.


Furthermore, platforms like SoundCloud have recommendation algorithms.


High-quality music (gaining more likes, shares, and plays) is naturally prioritized 一 so your new tracks will get placed in ‘recommended’ or ‘similar tracks.’


Therefore, your organic visibility will increase, and, in turn, you’ll get more hype and acquire more SoundCloud followers and plays on SoundCloud.


This, coupled with strategic marketing, can excel your tracks to stardom and show people you consistently make great music.


  • Engaging with Other Artists and Producers for Feedback


Music Producer 2 - Unison


There’s a goldmine of talent on SoundCloud, that goes without saying.


Engaging with fellow artists and producers isn’t just about networking 一 it’s about growth, music promotion, and gaining popularity.


Sharing your tracks (and genuinely seeking feedback) can provide invaluable insights.


For instance, it can help you pinpoint elements that need tweaking or use production techniques you hadn’t considered.


Collaborative listening also brings forth a sense of community.


Today, music production, especially in genres like hip-hop and trap, is as much about collaboration as individual brilliance.


When you engage, you also open doors for: 


  • Potential collaborations
  • Remixes
  • Notable features


When it comes to marketing music and music promotion, a simple principle applies: when you support others, they’re more inclined to support you back.


So, play their tracks, comment constructively, and share their SoundCloud link.


This mutual appreciation boosts morale and can amplify your reach when they reciprocate.


SoundCloud Marketing Strategies


With higher-quality music in your arsenal, amplifying its reach is the next step to getting more SoundCloud plays, reaching your target audience, and transcending different genres.


Enter: marketing strategies that can help you start promoting your tracks successfully.


  • Leveraging Social Media Platforms


Music Promotion Social Media - Unison


Social media isn’t just about selfies and memes; it’s a potent tool for music producers.


Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok offer various opportunities to showcase your new tracks.


By creating engaging content around your new music, you can attract new listeners and get your music heard across a new fan base.


This can include things like:



Don’t forget that hashtags on platforms like Instagram and Twitter can increase your music’s visibility tenfold and help you get even more SoundCloud plays.


Collaborate with influencers, music enthusiasts, or independent artists to feature your track in their content


This will expose your music to their followers and help your get more SoundCloud plays.


Platforms like TikTok have shown how virality can be achieved with one catchy snippet or even chord progression.


Remember the tracks that suddenly became popular because of a dance challenge?… That could be your song.


Make sure to engage with the platform’s trends and create challenges around your new music.


  • Email Marketing for New Track Releases


Email e1689284071185 - Unison


It might sound old-school, but email remains a potent tool in the digital marketing world.


Creating a mailing list of your existing audiences ensures a direct line of communication.


Every time you release a track, instead of hoping they’ll stumble upon it, you can notify them directly and, in turn, get more SoundCloud plays.


Start by integrating email sign-ups on your other platforms, be it your website or even through social media prompts.


Offering exclusive content or early access to tracks can entice a new fan base to subscribe.


Once you have a list, segmenting it can make your communications even more effective and help you answer the question of how to get SoundCloud plays fast.


Different segments could get tailored recommendations, increasing the chances of them clicking ‘play’ and sharing your SoundCloud link.


NOTE: Engaging visuals and a compelling CTA (Call To Action) in these emails can significantly boost plays.


Remember not to spam your subscribers or existing listeners.


Overloading them with emails can lead to unsubscribes 一 striking the right balance between informative and pushy is the key.


  • Cross-promotion with Other Artists & Producers


Producers Talking - Unison


Collaborations are a two-way street, benefiting both parties involved.


When you collaborate with another producer or artist, you get exposed to their audience and vice versa (which is a great social media strategy).


It’s like doubling your marketing reach without doubling the effort.


Plus, collaborations often result in unique songs, which can help get your music heard and get more plays on SoundCloud.


Fusing your style with another artist can lead to fresh, captivating tracks that appeal to a broader audience.


Think of the iconic collaborations that have become chart-toppers.


Lastly, once the collaboration is out, cross-promotion amplifies its overall reach.


Both producers sharing the track on their respective platforms ensures maximum exposure to different audiences.


Therefore, it’s a true win-win.


Engaging with the SoundCloud Community


SoundCloud, at its heart, is a community-driven platform.


Engaging actively with its vast ecosystem can drive organic growth and foster meaningful relationships.


Let’s dive deeper into how to help you successfully make your mark.


  • Being Active in SoundCloud Groups & Repost Chains


SoundCloud Repost - Unison


SoundCloud groups (dedicated to genres, themes, or even geographies) are hubs for enthusiasts.


By being active in these groups, you can expose your tracks to a niche audience that’s already interested in your genre by:


  • Sharing your tracks
  • Asking for feedback
  • Commenting and sharing


Repost chains, on the other hand, are a more structured way of mutual promotion. 


Producers and artists come together in these chains, agreeing to repost tracks from other members so both parties can get more plays on SoundCloud.


This creates a ripple effect where every track (and SoundCloud link) gets amplified reach.


However, it’s crucial to choose groups and repost chains wisely.


Look for active communities where members engage genuinely and ensure the group’s theme aligns with your music.


There’s no point in sharing your hard trap beats in a soft lo-fi group or rock gathering.


Lastly, remember that these groups are not just promotional tools… they’re musical communities.


Engage genuinely, offer help, and share tips 一 you’ll find that the benefits you reap go way beyond just increased plays and more SoundCloud plays.


  • Creating Exclusive Content for Followers


DJ Live - Unison


Exclusive content acts as a reward for your loyal followers and existing audience, giving them a reason to come around and stick around.


This could be behind-the-scenes content, production tutorials, or even unreleased snippets of your own music.


Breakdowns of famous tracks can be intriguing for the audience.


By dissecting a popular track and explaining its elements, you showcase your expertise and provide value to budding producers and keen listeners.


Another avenue is: 


  • Engaging Q&A sessions
  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything)


It allows followers to interact directly and ask about your production techniques, inspirations, or future collaborations.


Such sessions foster a deeper connection, ensuring that your followers feel a personal bond with you.


This will encourage them to promote your tracks and share your SoundCloud link.


Also, consider creating a closed community for such fans, be it on Discord, Telegram, or any other music promotion platform.


This community can be your sounding board, early listeners, and, most importantly, your most significant supporters.


  • Private Links: Sharing with Radio Stations & Music Blogs


Radio Producer - Unison


Before publicizing your next SoundCloud upload, consider contacting influential platforms using a private link.


Radio stations, for example, can provide an invaluable boost.


Sharing an exclusive track with them can result in airplay 一 reaching a vast audience (who appreciate different genres) quickly.


Music blogs, especially those that cater to niche genres, have a super committed audience.


By providing them with an exclusive first listen (private link), you’re offering value.


In return, a feature or review on such a blog post can direct a surge of listeners to your SoundCloud profile and help you with attracting listeners who appreciate good music.


When reaching out, ensure your pitch is personalized.


Generic emails are easy to spot and often get ignored, so highlight why your track would be a good fit for their platform and express genuine appreciation for what they do.


Building relationships with these platforms can lead to consistent features in the future.


Which, in turn, can help you when you’re figuring out how to get SoundCloud plays quickly and efficiently.


  • How To Get Plays on SoundCloud: Wider Audience Reach


SoundCloud guy Listening - Unison


When two artists collaborate, it’s not just a merger of sounds but also audiences.


Mutual promotion can lead to a significant increase in SoundCloud plays.


For instance, if a trap producer collaborates with a lo-fi hip-hop artist, both parties can tap into each other’s fan bases, expanding their reach and getting their music heard.


When discussing music promotion, there’s no better outlet than collaboration.


Certain things can help amplify your tracks visibility, like:


  • Social media shoutouts
  • Joint live sessions
  • Duetting on TikTok
  • Simple reposts on SoundCloud


The combined effort ensures that the song reaches every nook and cranny of both producers’ audiences.


It’s also beneficial to occasionally reflect on collaborations, like sharing stories or experiences of working together.


This adds a personal touch 一 making fans more invested in the track and, by extension, leading to more SoundCloud plays.


Moreover, continuous engagement post-collaboration, like commenting on each other’s tracks or sharing milestones related to the joint track.


It keeps the momentum going and ensures you both get more SoundCloud plays.


How To Get SoundCloud Plays: Utilizing Promo Channels & Platforms


In today’s digital age, multiple platforms can amplify your tracks and help get more SoundCloud plays.


Leveraging them can lead to exponential growth in plays and followers.


  • SoundCloud Promotional Channels


SoundCloud - Unison


Promotional channels on SoundCloud are dedicated profiles that share and promote tracks from various artists.


For hip-hop and trap producers, these channels can be goldmines, as they have established audiences looking for fresh beats and tracks.


Reaching out to these channels can give your track an instant boost. 


NOTE: It’s crucial to ensure that your music aligns with the channel’s theme before doing so to resonate with that target audience.


An upbeat trap beat might not fit well on a channel dedicated to chill hip-hop vibes.


While some channels promote for free, others might charge a fee, so it’s essential to weigh the potential reach against the cost.


Investing in promotions can be fruitful, but it’s vital to ensure that you’re getting value for your money, and will ultimately help you get more SoundCloud plays.


Building long-term relationships with these channels can be beneficial.


Regular features can lead to consistent growth in plays, and over time, your association with a prominent promo channel can boost your credibility in the SoundCloud community.


  • Exploring Other Platforms for Cross-Promotion 


Apple Music Spotify e1694217248647 - Unison


SoundCloud is just one piece of the digital music puzzle for both seasoned professionals and aspiring musicians.


Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and even TikTok have massive audiences that can be tapped into to help you learn how to get SoundCloud plays.


Sharing snippets or previews of your SoundCloud tracks on these platforms are just a few tips that can increase traffic and plays.


For instance, TikTok’s short-form content is perfect for showcasing: 



A viral TikTok sound can lead to thousands, if not millions, of SoundCloud plays.


Similarly, sharing playlists that include your tracks on Spotify or Apple Music can introduce your SoundCloud profile to a broader audience.


Engage with fans on these platforms and direct them to your SoundCloud for exclusive content or full tracks; it’s a great social media strategy.


The interconnected web of digital music platforms ensures that success in one can lead to growth in others.


Leveraging visual platforms like Instagram or YouTube can be beneficial as well.


Music videos, production tutorials, or even simple track visualizers can attract viewers and, in turn, listeners (and more plays) on SoundCloud.


When learning how to get SoundCloud plays quickly, remember it’s all about keeping your existing audience interested and gaining traction for new fans.


  • Music Marketing: How to Market Your Music (Bonus)


Strategies Marketing - Unison


Music marketing is a multifaceted journey when figuring out how to get SoundCloud plays, especially as an aspiring musician/producer.


Beyond producing high-quality tracks, understanding the intricacies of digital marketing is crucial for any producer.


SEO isn’t just for websites, as the following can increase your visibility in searches and help you get more plays:


  • Proper tagging
  • Enticing descriptions
  • Captivating track names


Keeping up with trending keywords or popular phrases in the hip-hop community can make your SoundCloud tracks discoverable.


Ads (be it on social media or music platforms) can amplify your reach.


Targeted ads, focusing on fans of other artists or different genres, can lead to a higher conversion rate 一 ensuring that your investment translates to more SoundCloud plays.


Remember to continuously engage with analytics, as SoundCloud provides detailed insights into plays, likes, reposts, and more.


Understanding these metrics, recognizing patterns, and tweaking your strategies can lead to sustained growth.


And, of course, help you get more SoundCloud plays.


How To Get SoundCloud Plays: Final Thoughts


Navigating the vast universe of SoundCloud can sometimes feel overwhelming.


However, with the right strategies and insights, knowing how to get SoundCloud plays becomes a streamlined process.


As we’ve delved deep into the intricacies of profile optimization, community engagement, collaborations, and marketing strategies, it’s evident that there’s a formula to SoundCloud success.


The importance of understanding how to get SoundCloud plays cannot be understated.


Each play represents a potential fan, collaborator, or opportunity in the music industry.


Now, to give your journey an added edge and ensure your tracks are ready to upload, grab these Free Project Files.


This legendary pack contains 3 Free Project Files that show exactly how professional-quality tracks are made.


It’s an invaluable asset for any music producer wanting to top the charts.


Witnessing firsthand how professional tracks are structured, layered, and mixed can offer unparalleled insights.


It’s the best way for you to dissect and learn the intricacies of sound production  ensuring that when you create, you’re uploading only the highest caliber of music to SoundCloud.


Remember, it’s not just about how to get SoundCloud plays.


It’s about creating connections, building a loyal fanbase, and, most importantly, sharing your unique sonic stories with the world.


Equip yourself with the right knowledge, tools, and passion, and there’s no limit to where your music can take you.


Until next time…



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