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Discover The #1 Beatmaking Course of 2024 (Get REAL Results)

Beat-making is a very intricate process that requires a deep understanding of music theory and sound design but also creativity and innovation.


It can be super hard to break into the industry and make an impact… unless you have access to the very best beatmaking course around, that is.


And that’s exactly why we’re introducing you to the Unison Beatmaking Secrets.


It will completely transform your approach to creating beats and proviide you with the skills needed to succeed in the competitive world of music production.


Plus, it will help open doors to career-defining opportunities that you never thought were possible before. 


Here’s just some of what you’ll get access to with this legendary beatmakng course:


  • Mastering the mental game of music production
  • Unleashing unparalleled creativity (the key to standing out)
  • Unlocking the secrets of sound design
  • Creating your signature sonic identity
  • Elevating beats with the highest level of arrangement tactics
  • Demystifying the magic of mixing and mastering
  • Branding, marketing, networking
  • Breaking into the music industry quickly
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at hit-making projects
  • Premium toolkit packed with industry-grade loops and samples
  • VIP access to a vibrant producer’s community
  • Professionally/industry tips, tricks, and techniques
  • So much more


With the help of this invaluable beat-making course, you’ll be able to create irresistible beats and attract the attention of top artists across various genres. 


You’ll master the technical aspects of music production, ensuring your tracks stand out for their quality and originality. 


Plus, you’ll have the strategies to effectively market yourself and break into the music industry like a professional. 


It will set the stage for a successful and sustainable career in beat-making.


So, let’s dive in…


Introducing the #1 Beatmaking Course of 2024: Unison Beatmaking Secrets


beatmaking course


Unison Beatmaking Secrets is a highly-renowned beatmaking course that is proven to skyrocket your success and solidify your spot in the music industry as a top producer.


Becoming a successful beatmaker, especially since the past two decades, is super rare, short-lived, and oftentimes overwhelming; which is where this course comes in. 


It’s the world’s first (and only) complete course that takes you from the initial idea to a finished, placement-worthy beat, breaking down the process every step of the way.


Spearheaded by platinum music producer LMC, this course peels back the layers of making hit beats and securing placements. 


If you’re not familiar with LMC, he’s renowned for making beats for legends like:


  • Lil Skies
  • NLE Choppa
  • Gucci Mane
  • DaBaby
  • So many more


It’s crafted to eliminate the frustration associated with endless YouTube tutorials and the confusion of complex music theory. 


Instead, this course replaces that entire process with a clear, proven strategy that leads to real life, long-lasting results. 


  • Everything You Need For Beatmaking Success


Music Production 2 - Unison


This comprehensive course is designed to arm you with everything needed to truly thrive in today’s competitive music industry. 


From developing a bulletproof creative process that sets you up for success, to mastering the intricacies of sound design and music marketing, this course covers it all. 


If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to create chart-topping beats and achieve your goals, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Much More Than The Average


EDM Drop - Unison


And it doesn’t stop at just music production either…


This course also dives into essential marketing and branding tips to ensure you know how to breakthrough once you have the keys to beatmaking success.


This life-changing knowledge empowers you to: 


  • Sell more beats
  • Land more placements
  • Navigate the industry


Plus, even though it’s primarily taught in FL Studio, the skills and techniques you’ll learn are universally applicable.


This makes the entire course a perfect fit regardless of your preferred DAW (Ableton, Logic Pro, etc.) 一 making it possible to learn and practice comfortably.


  • Over 8 Hours of Invaluable Training Videos


Production - Unison


What sets Unison Beatmaking Secrets apart is its accessibility and commitment to delivering profitable outcomes. 


With over 8 hours of streamlined, no-fluff training videos, the course is designed to be self-paced.


It allows you to learn on your own time and apply what you’ve learned directly to your work, in order to evolve as effectively as possible.


This makes it an ideal choice for any producer at any skill level 一 whether you’re just starting out, looking to break through to the next level, or aiming to totally take over.


This course has the potential to catapult your music career forward, regardless if:


  • You’re pressed for time
  • Haven’t made your first beat sale online
  • Lack industry connections
  • Can’t seem to gain any true traction
  • Etc.


It eliminates all distractions and excuses, helping you to completely transform your outcomes.


By the end of this course, you’ll not only have the capability to produce beats you’re genuinely proud of but also the strategies to make a full-time career out of your passion for beatmaking. 


Remember, it’s taught primarily in FL Studio, but the techniques are universal, so don’t worry if you use other DAWs (like Ableton Live or Logic Pro).


This course is broken down into 5 proven modules; let’s break them down now.


Download Unison Beatmaking Secrets Now


Module 1: Mindset & Creative Process


Module 1 BM - Unison


In the realm of hip-hop music production, the journey toward becoming a successful music producer starts within. 


Module 1 of the Unison Beatmaking Secrets course addresses the foundational element of any successful career in beat-making: a bulletproof mindset and efficient creative process. 


It’s designed to equip aspiring beatmakers with the mental fortitude and creative strategies necessary to navigate the many challenges of the industry. 


I know it sounds obvious and unimportant, but the way this course approaches this key component to beatmaking success is truly revolutionary. 


  • Breaking it Down


GhostProducer1 - Unison


It breaks down the reasons why most producers fail to transition their hobby into a successful career. 


It highlights the importance of belief, confidence, hustle, and a positive mindset in overcoming these obstacles. 


By introducing students to belief and confidence hacks, this music production module ensures that you can remain resilient and focused no matter what.


Whethre you’re presenting beats to artists, engaging with the music community, or negotiating sales, this music production module is invaluable. 


Plus, it will help you create a schedule, week to week (tailored to every type of person) to relieve some of that time management anxiety as well.


  • Optimal Workflow Setup


Music Production 10 - Unison


Module 1 lays the groundwork for mastering the art of beat-making with an “Optimal Workflow Setup” that will destroy beat block and fast track the production process


This is where any music producer can learn to harness their creativity effectively 一 setting a solid foundation for the rest of their journey in hip-hop music production.


The lessons here are not just theoretical 一 they can be applied to your work right now to bring your tracks to a whole new level.


Regardless of DAW used, be it FL Studio, Ableton Live, or Logic Pro, you’ll be able to put these techniques into effect like a champ.


  • Transform Your Creative Process


Music Producers - Unison


This music production module is about transforming the way producers approach their creative process. 


It ensures you’re equipped with the skills and mindset to: 


  • Create impactful hip-hop beats (or whatever genre you produce)
  • Arrange your tracks for maximum appeal
  • Solidify a successful career in the industry


Through this comprehensive approach, Unison Beatmaking Secrets offers a blueprint for success that transcends the basic act of producing beats. 


It imparts a sense of confidence and purpose in producers at every skill level. 


Never in your entire life did you think a beatmaking course could cover so much valuable insight into making a song (and career) blow up so quickly.


Module 2: Sound Selection and Sound Design


Module 2 BM - Unison


Sound selection and sound design are pivotal elements in the creation of hip-hop beats that capture the essence of the genre and resonate with artists and listeners alike. 


Module 2 of Unison Beatmaking Secrets dives into the entire process of becoming a master sound manipulator.


From choosing the right sounds and designing unique audio elements to some of the most well-kept production, sound design, and beat-making techniques around, it has everything.


  • Leave Your Mark on the Music Industry


Music Producer Community4 - Unison


This module is jam-packed with knowledge for hip hop producers looking to make a serious impact in the music scene. 


It addresses a common pitfall among beatmakers: using sounds that don’t align with the vibe of the track, which can lead to beats that feel disjointed or amateurish. 


It breaks down all of the essential techniques and methods needed to get ahead. 


  • Synths, Samples, MIDI, and Beyond


Synths3 - Unison


Through this module, you’ll learn to navigate the vast world of synths, samples, and MIDI, applying these tools in a way that enhances your beats’ overall feel and appeal. 


This module isn’t just about selecting sounds 一 it’s about transforming them into the backbone of your tracks. 


Whether you want to hip-hop learn or use samples creatively, it covers every aspect of what only industry professionals know (and now you!). 


You’ll be able to recreate your favorite sampling techniques or utilize MIDI in creative and unique ways, whether you produce hip-hop, EDM, or don’t even know yet.


When it comes to getting creative in the music production field, there’s no better course or teacher.


Download The #1 Beatmaking Course EVER


  • Loopmaking & Manipulation Tricks


Loops - Unison


With a focus on “Loopmaking and Manipulation Tricks,” all students are taught how to craft their signature loops from scratch or modify existing ones to create something entirely new and captivating. 


Additionally, this music production module covers the creation of drum kits and loop kits that not only elevate your own music but also serve as valuable assets in the producer community.


The skills acquired in this module are crucial for anyone looking to produce hip-hop music that stands out.


Unlike other courses, it offers the perfect blend of creativity and technical skill that can turn a simple beat into a hit.


It’s like the ultimate master class for students of music mastery.


  • Mastering Sound Selection/Design


Sound Design2 - Unison


By mastering sound selection and design, you equip yourself with the ability to turn your tracks into an unforgettable experience.


It will ensure that your work is not just heard but remembered; an essential step for producers on their path to success.


With this knowledge and techniques, you’ll be able to develop a distinctive sound that aligns with the evolving trends of the hip-hop industry.


Module 3: Arrangement


Module 3 BM - Unison


Producing beats that not only resonate with the core of hip-hop and other popular genres, but also captivate big artists and the broader audience requires mastery in arrangement. 


Module 3 of Unison Beatmaking Secrets zeroes in on this critical aspect of music production, guiding producers through the entire process of structuring their songs for maximum impact. 


This module is dedicated to unveiling the secrets behind arranging beats that are emotionally compelling and commercially irresistible. 


  • 6 Fundamental Elements


Music Production 4 - Unison


Discover the only 6 elements you need to focus on to make placement-worthy beats and ignore the rest. 


It stresses the importance of simplicity and focus, teaching producers that sometimes less is more when it comes to creating hits. 


It will essentially teach you why complexity is the enemy of top hits and how you can optimize them in your own tracks. 


This way, you can watch your songs soar to the top of everyones’ playlist.


  • Beyond the Basics


rb chord progressions e1691532012368 - Unison


The module goes beyond the basics of beat arrangement, introducing producers to advanced techniques for creating:



It demystifies the concept of complexity in music, showcasing how focusing on key elements can lead to more effective and memorable beats.


These are things that heavy-hitters like Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Drake, Mac Miller (r.i.p) are well aware of, and they’re right within grasp!


No matter the software or tools you use (like Native Instruments choices) you’ll be able to implement the beat-making process seamlessly.


  • The Simple Space Test


new artists - Unison


Additionally, the “Simple Space Test” offers a practical tool for producers to evaluate their arrangements.


It ensures that your beats have the necessary room for artists to add their unique touches. 


Basically, it instantly tells you if a big artist will vibe with your beat or think it’s wack, which you will do every time you get to the arrangement stage for guaranteed success. 


This aspect of the course is invaluable for those looking to elevate their songs from good to great.


It provides a clear framework for producing beats that not only meet but exceed music industry standards. 


  • Details, Details, Details


Music Producer 2 - Unison


Through detailed lessons, examples, programs, and breakdowns Module 3 empowers producers to refine their arranging skills. 


It will help you create beats that align with the latest trends and ‘types,’ regardless of genre, like hip-hop or lo-fi, and pave the way for successful domination. 


Most programs will not include certain facts or omit the really beneficial/secret information (go ahead, open your browser and see for yourself), but this course doesn’t leave out anything. 


And yes, you can go at your own pace, it’s not one of those “class meets at 6 and you’ll miss the founding member” deals 一 it’s just about improving your process.


Become a Beat-Making Master Now


Module 4: Mixing and Mastering


Module 4 BM - Unison


Module 4 of this invaluable course takes producers into the precise world of mixing and mastering, where good beats are transformed into great ones.


It’s a delicate art for music producer students that, when implemented correctly, can completely change your career.


Afterwards, you’ll be ready to compete in the hip-hop industry and master this delicate music production process.


This segment of the course focuses on the innovative techniques and signature tricks that can elevate a beat from the home studio to the professional soundscape of hip-hop’s biggest hits.


Think of how your favorite producer incorporates that clean, pristine mix and master 一 you’ll be able to do those techniques too!


It’s like one of the top exclusive music producer/songwriting classes around that you never thought you could get in to.


Remember, it’s displayed in FL Studio, but the techniques are universal.


  • The Proper Process: Breaking it Down


Pro Q 3 Mixing and Mastering Features - Unison


The final mix and master of a track can make or break its success.


That’s why this music production module is designed to arm producers with the knowledge to polish their beats to perfection.


It covers the essentials of processing chains, revealing how to achieve a clean, powerful sound without relying on an extensive collection of third-party plugins.


Other courses just include the basic, obvious steps 一 not this one!


The art of mixing and mastering in hip-hop music production cannot be understated, and Module 4 breaks down the specific methods tailored for:


  • Vocals
  • Placements
  • Clients
  • Artists (even the pickest ones, like Kanye West)
  • Soundtracks


It ensures that hip-hop producers all over the world can tweak their approach to the needs of the project at hand.


From song to song, essentially, it will guarantee that sloppy mixes and unbalanced masters are a thing of the past (and that’s straight from students of this legendary course).


  • The Perfect Mix & Master (An Inside Look)


Mixing 1 - Unison


This includes learning the balancing act of mixing and how to ensure that each element of the beat sits perfectly in the mix 一 providing clarity and punch. 


Plus, you’ll get access to mastering chain secrets used by platinum producers.


It gives you access to a step-by-step guide to taking your tracks to the professional level in terms of:


  • Loudness
  • Depth
  • Overall sonic quality


Whether you’re working in FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, or any other popular DAW, the skills taught in this music production module are indispensable for anyone looking to make an impact in the hip-hop scene.


It will ensure your hip hop beats not only sound professional and keep people interested, but stand out in the crowded marketplace of musicians as well.


I mean, every week someone else tries to make music or teach a class, but with this course, every song will be perfection. 


Module 5: Marketing, Branding, and Business


Music Marketing Strategy - Unison


Module 5 of this beatmaking course transitions the focus from creating the perfect beat to:


  • Marketing/promotion
  • Branding
  • Mastering the complex landscape of the industry


In this vital music production course module, LMC shares the wisdom earned from years and years of experience at the top of the hip-hop scene. 


It provides beatmakers with the tools needed to not just create music but to also make a name for themselves.


If you decide you really want to get serious about taking your career to the next level, no classes or programs have generated more success than this one. 


Hands down, it’s the most beneficial way to get that virality you’re searching for to date.


  • Developing Your Brand


Pop Music - Unison


This beatmaking course segment divulges the intricacies of developing a powerful personal brand that resonates with your target audience.


It will break down how to manipulate the vast power of social media to build a huge online presence. 


This course teaches producers how to create compelling emotions around their music, ensuring their beats don’t just get heard but remembered and sought after. 


With insider advice on engaging directly with artists and the mainstream music community, including the use of an “Ultimate DM Script” for effective communication, this music production module leaves no stone unturned.


It’s designed to elevate producers from talented artists to savvy music entrepreneurs.


  • The Business Side of Beatmaking


Producers Talking - Unison


You’ll also be gaining access to rare knowledge on the business side of beatmaking that they would never teach in a regular class.


This includes everything from understanding the fine print in music production contracts to navigating music contracts (like pay or schedule) with confidence.


It underscores the importance of being vigilant against industry pitfalls that could destroy your career and royalties


By providing a deep dive into marketing strategies that help sell more beats and secure more placements, this music production module ensures producers can confidently step into the market, ready to make their mark. 


The lessons extend beyond transactions, offering a sense of community and connection within the music industry 一 which is invaluable for long-term success.


Discover All The Secrets To Professional Beat-Making


Plus, 3 Exclusive Bonuses (Over $650 value)


Even though this course alone is enough to completely transform your process, enhance your skills, and make a real career out of beatmaking, it still offers 3 additional bonuses. Let’s break them down…


Bonus #1: 4 Project Walkthrough


Bonus1 BM - Unison


The first bonus that accompanies Unison Beatmaking Secrets is a deep dive into the creative process of LMC.


It gives you exclusive look at the making of hit beats through the 4 Project Walkthrough. 


This exclusive content, valued at $400, pulls back the curtain on the music production techniques and thought processes behind some of LMC’s most successful tracks.


And yes, it includes those that have secured placements with artists like Lil Skies. 


There’s no reference track or YouTube tutorial that can give you insights and exclusive methods like this.


  • Step-by-Step To Success


Music Money - Unison


By walking you through these project files step-by-step, the instructors view provides a hands-on learning experience that is both inspiring and educational.


It differs from other music producer courses as the students can actually get a glimpse into how top beats are created from the top music producer around.


This bonus is particularly invaluable for producers looking to understand the nuances of professional beatmaking in action.


It gives you expert insights and techniques that can be applied to elevate your music to placement-worthy status.


Bonus #2: Beatmaking Secrets Toolkit


Bonus 2 BM e1707613521245 - Unison


Included as the second bonus in the Unison Beatmaking Secrets course is the Beatmaking Secrets Toolkit, a comprehensive collection of over 200 hit:


  • Loops
  • Samples
  • MIDIs
  • Plus, 10 project templates


This toolkit is designed to supercharge your music production library with the highest quality sounds, samples, and patterns, curated to inspire and enhance your beatmaking process. 


The inclusion of project templates offers a unique opportunity to jumpstart your creations, providing a structured framework that you can customize and make your own. 


  • Even Mult-Platinum Grammy-Winning Producers Rave About it


EDM crowd - Unison


Utilized by LMC and other multi-platinum and Grammy-winning producers, these tools are not just additions to your arsenal…


They’re a significant upgrade that ensures your beats have that professional edge needed to stand out in the competitive world of music production.


It’s basically like your making a schedule for success or taking the ultimate beatmaking master class.


Bonus #3: Beatmaking Secrets Private Facebook Group Access


Bonus 3 BM - Unison


The third bonus, granting access to the Beatmaking Secrets Private Facebook Group, valued at $150, opens the door to a community of like-minded producers and industry professionals.


This exclusive group serves as a dynamic platform for networking, feedback, and support.


You can:


  • Share your work
  • Review new music
  • Ask questions
  • Gain insights from peers and seasoned industry professionals alike


It’s honestly better than most music classes with the amount of production and songwriting knowledge being tossed around. 


  • Massive Opportunities


Music 13 - Unison


The collective knowledge and experience within this community are invaluable, offering a continuous learning environment that extends well beyond the structured lessons of the entire course.


If you demand success but you’re not seeing it, this course will show you the connection needed to become chart-topping musicians.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an FL Studio user or Ableton Live user, you’ll get answers to all production and songwriting questions.


Whether you’re seeking advice on a tricky mix, looking for collaboration opportunities, or simply wanting to stay connected with the latest trends and technologies in beatmaking, this course bonus ensures you’re never left behind.


Bottom line, unlike other courses, it sets you up for long-term success and sustainability. 


Final Thoughts


Unison Beatmaking Secrets isn’t just a course 一 it’s a guaranteed way to transform your passion for beat-making into a career.


This legendary course stands out as an unparalleled resource in the music production world, meticulously designed to take you from the basics of sound selection to the complexities of marketing and success.


You’ll be learning how to master every step of the beat-making process in order to really make a long-lasting mark.


With the expertise of platinum producer LMC guiding you through each module, you’ll gain invaluable insider knowledge and unmatched skills that are rare to come by.


This course help you with everything you need to not only excel in your craft but also to stand out in a saturated market.


From mastering the mental game to unlocking the full potential of your creativity, and from revolutionizing your brand to confidently stepping into the music industry, Unison Beatmaking Secrets is the key to unlocking all your dreams.


Until next time…


Download Unison Beatmaking Secrets Now



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