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The 20 Best Free VST Plugins That You Absolutely NEED In 2024

Free VST plugins can transform your tracks, bring your creative visions to life, and add that professional polish… 


If you know the best (actually useful) options available, that is.


As a music producer, especially when you’re working within a budget, knowing about the best free VST plugins available in 2024 is a game-changer. 


That’s why we’re breaking down the 20 best free VST plugins that you need in 2024.


They all have the power to transform your tracks from basic and boring to extraordinary and show-stopping.


And no, we’re not just listing names 一 we’re including all of the key features, in details, so you can pick the best options for your unique process.


We’ve chosen these 20 best free VST plugins based on their:


  • Sound quality ✓
  • Versatility ✓
  • User-friendly interface ✓
  • Creative flexibility ✓
  • Compatibility ✓
  • CPU efficiency ✓
  • Innovative features ✓
  • Regular updates ✓
  • Strong community Support ✓
  • Positive reviews (and experience) ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll have access to the 20 best free VST plugins that aren’t just impressive for their price tag, but a worthy competitor of the more expensive options.


They’ll help you create dynamic tracks, experiment with new sounds, and produce music like a seasoned pro; all without spending a penny. 


So, let’s jump in…


Table of Contents

What are VST Plugins? Breaking It Down


Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins are indispensable music production tools.


They function as software equivalents to traditional studio hardware, seamlessly integrating with digital audio workstations (DAWs) to expand your creative skills. 


Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, understanding the diversity and capabilities of VST plugins is essential for making music in today’s digital age.


#1. VSTi (Virtual Instruments)


best free vst plugins


Virtual instruments are the digital counterparts to real instruments. 


Free VST instruments, which we’ll break down today, allow you to access a wide array of instrument sounds right within your digital audio workstations, like:


  • Pianos
  • Strings
  • Synthesizers
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Etc.


They are pivotal in making music that requires diverse and versatile sounds 一 offering a level of realism and variety emulate actual instruments.


#2. VST Effects


VST effects 1 - Unison


VST Effects plugins, which we also incorporate, process audio data. 


They can add reverb, delay, compression, or other effects to your tracks, shaping and enhancing the sound. 


VST effects are crucial for mixing and mastering, as they allow you to polish and refine your music to professional standards. 




MIDI VSTs - Unison


MIDI VST plugins process MIDI data instead of audio. 


They can be used for: 


  • Generating MIDI patterns
  • Converting MIDI data into control signals for other VSTs
  • Creative MIDI effects like arpeggiation or harmonization


These plugins are invaluable for creating complex, dynamic musical elements and sequences in your tracks.


By incorporating VST plugins (wheter a paid version or free alternative) into your workflow, you open up a world of possibilities. 


Virtual Studio Technology makes it easier and more efficient to start creating high-quality music and enhance your sound design skills. 


Whether emulating the warm tones of real instruments or exploring new, unheard sounds, VST plugins are integral for modern music production. 


So, now that we covered the basics, let’s jump into the fun part… the best free VST plugins you’ll need in 2024.


#1. Zen Master by Unison Audio


Zen Master Stack Orange TinyPNG - Unison


Zen Master by Unison Audio emerges as a revolutionary free VST plugin, uniquely designed to infuse your sounds with an authentic lo-fi, warm, and vintage aura. 


This free plugin is renowned for its ability to transform any audio into a masterpiece of lo-fi magic in just seconds. 


Whether you’re layering textures for a chill-hop track or adding character to a vocal line, Zen Master provides the spark.


At its core, this free plugin offers an intuitive interface with five transformative knobs, each serving a distinct sonic purpose. 


These controls are masterfully created (with endless hours invested) to reshape sounds and elevate basic beats into masterpieces.


It synergizes the best of analog and digital realms 一 offering a hybrid solution to modern music production challenges.


5 Game-Changing Knobs


With Zen Master, complex sound processing is fused into an accessible format (5 knobs only), helping both beginners and veterans to explore the depths of lo-fi soundscapes.


  • Hypnosis


Hypnosis 2 e1687307037396 - Unison


Hypnosis applies a one-of-a-kind detune and width effect.


  • Imbalance


Imbalance 2 - Unison


Imbalance applies tape-modeled pitch wobbling that will bring a retro human feel to your sounds.


  • Electrify


Electrify 2 - Unison


Electrify applies carefully calculated bit-crushing to degrade your sounds in the classic lo-fi style.


  • Vinyl


Vinyl 2 - Unison


With Vinyl, you can layer in vinyl, crackle, or white noise, lending an authentic vintage vibe to your audio.


  • Ascend


Ascend 2 - Unison


Ascend applies an intriguing free reverb which is the perfect combination of spacious, warm and super clean.


Each twist and turn of these knobs opens up new realms of sonic exploration, making Zen Master not just a tool but an instrument in its own right.


With this invaluable free VST plugin you can Instantly add Zen Lo-Fi vibes to your sounds, unlock new creative possibilities, and have infinite inspiration at your fingertips.


And yes, it’s compatible with all major DAWs (digital audio workstations).


Download Zen Master Now


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Zen Master e1705708210942 - Unison


  • Hypnosis for unique detuning
  • Imbalance for retro pitch wobble
  • Electrify for lo-fi bitcrushing
  • Noise for authentic vintage character
  • Ascend for warm, spacious reverb
  • User-friendly interface
  • Perfect for making music that stands out
  • Generate the same results (and versatile sound) as paid plugins
  • One of the best free VSTs of 2024


#2. Native Instruments Komplete Start Bundle


Komplete Start 2 - Unison


Native Instruments’ Komplete Start Bundle is a comprehensive free VST plugin suite essential for kickstarting any music production project. 


This legendary bundle by Native Instruments offers a wide array of sounds and effects, perfect for music producers and sound designers working across different genres. 


Komplete Start stands as a testament to Native Instruments’ commitment to providing high-quality, versatile production tools.


Native Instruments variety is its strength; offering everything from synth sounds to organic instruments. 


NOTE: The recent addition of iZotope’s Ozone 11 classic EQ plugin enhances its capability for precise sound shaping. 


With free VST instruments like Hypha and Analog Dreams, and effects like Supercharger and Vinyl, this free VST plugin bundle is invaluable for creative music production.


This free VST plugin bundle is not just about the variety of sounds 一 it’s about the quality and creativity it brings to the studio


Whether laying down a synth track or experimenting with sound design, Native Instruments Komplete Start provides the tools needed to bring musical visions to life. 


Bottom line, Komplete Start is certainly one of the best free bundle of 2024.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Komplete Start 1 - Unison


  • Range of tweakable free VST instruments
  • Professional-grade effects, true to Native Instruments style
  • iZotope Ozone 11 EQ included
  • Suitable for various music styles (like electronic music, hip-hop, etc.) with one free emulation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#3. Softube Saturation Knob


Saturation Knob 1 e1705708798874 - Unison


Softube Saturation Knob is an epic free VST plugin that offers a unique approach to adding warmth/character to any track. 


Ideal for enhancing drums, bass, and vocals, this free plugin provides three distinct modes of distortion, each designed to cater to specific sonic needs. 


It’s a versatile tool, perfect for adding harmonics or grit to your sound.


The three saturation modes of this free plugin (Keep High, Neutral, and Keep Low) provide varying distortion characters


Saturation Knob 2 - Unison


  • Keep High 一 Distorts the low end while keeping high frequencies clean
  • Neutral 一 Offers a balanced distortion across the spectrum
  • Keep Low 一 Maintains the bass frequencies while distorting the higher end


This level of control makes it a must-have in music production and sound design.


Despite its simplicity, the Saturation Knob is a powerful tool that can help you bring that professionalism to your tracks.


Its user-friendly design, consisting of a single knob and a switch, is shocking when you hear substantial impact it can have on the integrity of your mix.


Whether in its native form or within Modular and Amp Room setups, when it comes to the best free VST plugins, this one is supreme.


Side note, if you’re confused on how to install VST plugins, we’ve got you covered.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Saturation Knob - Unison


  • Keep High for low-end distortion
  • Neutral for balanced distortion
  • Keep Low for high-end distortion
  • Versatile for various audio sources
  • User-friendly design, great for sound design 
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#4. MT Power DrumKit 2


MTPower3 - Unison


MT Power DrumKit 2 sets a new standard in the world of free VST plugins for drum sampling. 


Designed for pop, rock, and metal productions, this free drum sampler brings the authentic, high-quality sounds of an acoustic drum kit to your studio. 


Unlike many expensive drum samplers, MT Power DrumKit 2 has been engineered to fit perfectly in any mix, thanks to its pre-processed samples with: 



Where many drum sample programs/drum kits fail, particularly in full mix scenarios, MT Power DrumKit 2 excels. 


Its kick and snare drums cut through any mix with clarity, maintaining a natural and dynamic feel without sounding overly compressed. 


This free VST plugin addresses common issues faced in powerful pop or rock productions.


It ensures that each drum sound (whether it’s the kick or the snare) stands out distinctly even among dense instrumentation.


MTPower6 - Unison


MT Power Drum Kit 2 isn’t just about high-quality drum samples 一 it’s about providing a realistic and dynamic playing experience. 


The built-in compressors offer additional control over compression levels. 


NOTE: Its comprehensive Groove Library, filled with thousands of rhythms, alongside innovative fill-creating functions, enables the creation of smooth, lifelike drum tracks. 


The detailed processing of cymbal sounds, particularly the hi-hats, further enhances the realism of this exceptional free VST plugin.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


MTPower5 - Unison


  • High-quality acoustic drum sounds
  • Pre-processed for immediate mix fit
  • Clear kick and snare in any mix
  • Realistic cymbal velocities
  • Extensive Groove Library
  • Built-in channel compressors
  • One of the best free VST instruments/drum kits of 2024


#5. Xfer OTT


OTT 1 - Unison


Xfer OTT, a re-creation of a widely-used aggressive multiband compressor, has become a staple in the free VST plugin community.


This is especially true among dubstep and electronic producers


This free VST plugin offers an unparalleled level of control over compression; making it a valuable tool for dynamic sound shaping. 


Its ability to manipulate compression upwards and downwards across different frequency bands allows for a polished enhancement of tracks.


  • The depth control 一 Allows users to scale the amount of compression applied.
  • The time control 一 Adjusts the attack and release times across all bands. 


This level of control, combined with input and output gain settings, makes it an ideal tool for both subtle and dramatic sound alterations. 


The visual display of input and gain reduction over the low, mid, and high bands provides an intuitive/immediate understanding of how the compression is affecting the sound.


If you’re looking to add a punchy, aggressive edge to their tracks, Xfer OTT is an indispensable free VST plugin. 


Its ease of use, coupled with its powerful sound shaping capabilities, makes it suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals in the electronic music scene.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


OTT2 1 - Unison


  • Aggressive multiband compression
  • Depth control for compression scaling
  • Adjustable attack/release times
  • Input and output gain controls
  • Visual compression display
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#6. Flex Reverb by Platone Studio


- Unison


Flex Reverb by Platone Studio is a standout free VST plugin that offers a high-quality plate reverb that can elevate both your music and your audience’s experience. 


This free VST plugin distinguishes itself with its easy-to-use interface and the convincing, clear sound it provides. 


Flex Reverb’s automated reverb EQs disperse sound in a way that enriches any mix.


Flex Reverb is not just about high-quality sound 一 it’s also about accessibility. 


The reverb comes with simple controls for: 


  • Pre-delay
  • Time
  • Size


It allows you to tweak the reverb to your specific needs with ease.


The extensive filtering section for shaping the reverb EQ adds another layer of control, making it an excellent tool for both novice and experienced producers.


The clarity and realism of the reverb produced by Flex Reverb make it a valuable addition to any music production setup


Whether you’re a beginner just starting in the world of music production or a seasoned professional, this free VST plugin offers a level of quality and versatility hard to find in other free offerings.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


- Unison


  • High-quality plate reverb
  • Convincing, clear sound
  • Easy-to-use graphic EQ
  • Adjustable pre-delay, time, size
  • Realistic sound diffusion
  • One of the best free reverb plugins of 2024


#7. Heatwave by Slate Digital


Heatwave e1705709277185 - Unison


Heatwave by Slate Digital is a one-of-a-kind free VST plugin that specializes in adding saturation to your audio


Designed to be fast, effective, and free, Heatwave is the perfect tool for music producers looking to add grit and aggressiveness to their sounds. 


Its unique ability to preserve the original transients of the sound makes it ideal for a variety of applications 一 from adding sizzle to drum parts to beefing up a funk bass.


At the heart of Heatwave’s design is its simplicity, dominated by a single mix knob that unleashes the plugin’s full potential. 


This free VST plugin skillfully hides its complex workings behind a user-friendly interface, which eliminates the need for technical know-how. 


To achieve its distinct sound, Heatwave uses a combination of: 



The main control, Drive, is where the magic happens 一 adjusting saturation, EQ, and compression


The Input control works in tandem with Drive 一 customizing the sound by pushing audio into the algorithm. 


The Clip button and Output control further refine the output, offering additional control over the final sound character. 


It’s perfect for making music that is intricate and professional.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Heatwave Drive - Unison


  • One-knob saturation control
  • Preserves original transients
  • Transient shaping and compression
  • Versatile for drums, guitars, bass
  • Simple yet powerful interface; great for making music easily
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#8. Supermassive by Valhalla


Supermassive 4 - Unison


Valhalla Supermassive is designed to create vast soundscapes of delay and reverb, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in free VST plugins. 


Perfect when you’re looking to add depth and space to their tracks, 


Supermassive offers a range of modes, each with its unique character, from lush reverb clouds to otherworldly delays.


Supermassive’s 20 modes (including Gemini, Hydra, and Andromeda) offer a variety of attack, decay, and echo density settings 一 allowing for precise sound manipulation. 


Supermassive2 - Unison


Whether you need a fast attack with a shorter decay or a slower attack with a very long decay, Supermassive provides the flexibility to meet any creative demand.


Each mode in Supermassive, from Lyra to Virgo, is designed to bring a distinct sonic character to your tracks. 


The plugin’s intuitive interface, coupled with its self-documenting feature, makes it easy for you to dive into the depths of delay and reverb.


It can help transform your music into something extraordinary and, when compared to other free VST instruments, this free plugin takes the cake.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Supermassive 3 - Unison


  • 20 unique reverb/delay modes; sounds great; unique sound
  • Wide range of attack and decay settings
  • High echo density for lush sounds
  • Intuitive, self-documenting interface
  • Perfect for creating expansive soundscapes
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#9. TDR Nova


TDR Nova - Unison


TDR Nova stands out as a versatile parallel dynamic equalizer.


It reflects the perfect blend of a parametric equalizer’s layout with the functionalities of a dynamic processor


This free VST plugin is a go-to tool for tackling various audio challenges, from mastering issues to enhancing drum buses or addressing sibilance in vocal tracks.


TDR Nova’s user-friendly interface, combining WYSIWYG drag-and-drop display with classic knobs, offers quick and seamless access to its powerful processing capabilities.


With four dynamic EQ bands (plus high-pass and low-pass filters), Nova can handle the most intricate demands in music production.


This free VST plugin is not just an EQ; t’s a multi-purpose tool capable of: 


  • Dynamic equalization
  • Frequency-selective compression
  • Multi-band and wideband compression


The intuitive equal loudness functions assist in making optimal settings without being distracted by loudness differences.


This is why we deemed TDR Nova a must-have in any producer’s toolkit. 


The only difference between this free plugin and paid options is honestly the price tag.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


TDR Nova - Unison


  • Dynamic equalization
  • Frequency-selective compression
  • Multi-band and wideband compression
  • User-friendly interface, just as good as any paid option
  • Versatile for various audio tasks
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#10. Surge by Surge Synth Team


Surge 1 - Unison


Surge, created by the Surge Synth Team, is a powerful subtractive hybrid synthesizer that stands out in the world of free VST plugins. 


This synthesizer is perfect for producers looking to create complex sounds, thanks to its dual-scene setup. 


Each scene acts as an independent instance of the synthesis engine 一 allowing for intricate layering or split patches.


Surge features three oscillators per voice and offers eight oscillator algorithms, including: 



Surge Oscillator - Unison


It provides a wide range of versatile sound possibilities. 


Its classic oscillator, for example, can morph between pulse and saw waves, adding a sub-oscillator and self-sync for richer sounds. 


For example, you can a track where the lead synth line uses the punchy FM2/FM3 oscillators, while the background pads are crafted using the lush Wavetable algorithm.


This free VST plugin doesn’t stop at oscillation. 


It offers extensive modulation options, with 12 LFO units per voice and flexible routing that can breathe life into your sounds. 


The effects section includes high-quality algorithms like Delay, Reverb, and EQ, enabling you to polish your sounds within the plugin. 


Surge is an ideal tool for music producers aiming to create unique sounds, from aggressive basslines to ethereal pads.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Surge Modulation LFO2 - Unison


  • Dual scene synthesis
  • 8 oscillator algorithms
  • Band-limited oscillators
  • 12 LFO units per voice
  • Extensive modulation routing
  • High-quality effect algorithms
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#11. Rare Bundle by Analog Obsession


Rare Bundle1 - Unison


Rare Bundle by Analog Obsession is a testament to classic sound emulation in the free VST plugin realm. 


This bundle, emulating the vintage Pultec EQ, offers two frequency bands with independent Boost and Attenuation controls. 


The ability to boost and attenuate the same band simultaneously gives it the unique character that made the original Pultec EQ so beloved.


Unlike the original hardware, Rare includes a pre-EQ gain stage for added saturation before the EQ circuit. 


This feature allows for subtle coloration or more pronounced effects.


This makes it perfect for warming up a vocal track or adding punch to drums.


The addition of Rare SE in the bundle brings L/R and M/S processing capabilities 一 offering more creative control over the stereo field/stereo signal/stereo effect.


Rare SE builds upon the original plugin with: 


  • Linkable Left/Mid and Right/Side sections
  • The ability to solo these sections for precise EQing


With 4X oversampling available, the Rare Bundle provides the warmth and character of vintage hardware with the flexibility of a software plugin.


It’s ideal for giving your mixes that classic analog feel


If you have an ‘analog obsession’ (no pun intended) this free plugin is perfect.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Rare Bundle2 - Unison


  • Vintage EQ emulation; it’s what analog dreams are made of
  • Separate boost and attenuation
  • Pre-EQ gain stage; great for production and sound design
  • L/R and M/S processing (Rare SE)
  • Solo Left/Mid, Right/Side sections
  • 4X oversampling option, which some other instruments don’t include (especially free VST instruments)
  • One of the best free VSTs of 2024
  • The only difference between this VST plugin and paid options is the price tag


#12. Decent Sampler


DecentSampler - Unison


Decent Sampler stands as a top sampler in the world of free VST plugins.


This free plugin is designed to handle libraries in the DecentSampler format, offering improved library management and stability. 


For producers and versatile sound designers, this means a more efficient and reliable tool for integrating samples into their projects.


Decent Sampler is not just about playing samples 一 it’s about offering creative possibilities and endless inspiration.


DecentSampler in FL Studio - Unison


With developments like LFOs and modulation options on the horizon, it’s bound to become an even more versatile tool in your arsenal.


Imagine using it to add rhythmic movement to a pad sound or to dynamically modulate a sampled instrument, which opens up new dimensions in your music production.


The user-friendly interface of Decent Sampler makes it accessible to producers of all skill levels, while its potential for multiple outputs promises more complex routing options for advanced users. 


Whether you’re layering intricate soundscapes or looking for a reliable sample player, Decent Sampler is a valuable addition to any music production setup.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


DecentSampler2 - Unison


  • Stable sample playback
  • Improved sample libraries management
  • Future-proof features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatility for all skill levels; great feature set
  • One of the best free VST instruments of 2024


#13. Spitfire Audio LABS


Labs - Unison


You know it, you love it, and it had to be included: Spitfire Audio LABS


If you don’t know, LABS offers an infinite series of free virtual instruments that redefine the capabilities of free VST plugins; each one with a very versatile sound.


Designed for musicians by musicians, this free plugin is not just accessible but also incredibly versatile. 


Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned producer, this free plugin provides a range of sounds that can elevate any project, all within an award-winning, user-friendly interface.


With Spitfire Audio LABS, you have access to an expansive library of free VST instruments, from orchestral textures to unique soundscapes


You have a variety of free VST instruments at your fingertips, from lush strings to ethereal pads and everything in between. 


NOTE: LABS’s dedicated plugin is compatible with any DAW.


LABS is more than a free VST plugin 一 it’s an opportunity for endless musical creativity.


Its intuitive design makes it easy to find and manipulate sounds, while its compatibility ensures that you can bring its rich, detailed sounds into any musical project. 


If you’re looking for the great sounds of real instruments and want to start creating true fire, look no further.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Labs2 - Unison


  • Infinite series of free VST instruments/virtual instruments
  • Award-winning, easy-to-use free plugin
  • DAW compatibility/mono compatibility
  • Great sounds for a range of musical genres (like electronic music)
  • One of the best free VSTs of 2024


#14. Camel Crusher


CamelCrusher1 - Unison


Camel Crusher is a renowned free distortion and saturation plugin that has become a staple in music production. 


Its versatility allows it to be used on various audio sources, from drums (like Steven Slate drums (free) to vocals, adding warmth and character. 


Compatible with both Mac and Windows, Camel Crusher is a popular choice among producers for its ability to add grit and edge to mixes.


With two distinct distortion algorithms, Camel Crusher can deliver everything from subtle saturation to full-blown distortion. 


You can use it to add crunch to a snare drum or to give a bass line more presence in the mix; whatever your thing, Camel Crusher is up for the challenge.


This free plugin also features a versatile filter module and a dynamic range compressor 一 making it a comprehensive tool for shaping your sound.


Camel Crusher’s master output control allows you to fine-tune the overall sound, achieving optimal levels for your entire mix or master. 


Whether you need to control the dynamics of a track or simply want to add some color, Camel Crusher’s potent distortion effects and intuitive interface make it an essential free VST plugin for any producer.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


CamelCrusher Distortion - Unison


  • Powerful distortion and saturation 
  • Versatile filter module/modulation matrix
  • Dynamic range compressor; great sound
  • Suitable for a variety of audio sources
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024
  • Rivals paid plugins; one of the top free VST instruments


#15. Analog Lab Play


Analog Lab Play - Unison


Analog Lab Play is a free VST software instrument that opens up a world of musical possibilities. 


With a library of 100 essential elements, this plugin is perfect for producers and musicians looking to find (or refind) their passion for music with elements like:


  • Mix-ready synths
  • Keys
  • Basses
  • Pads
  • Etc.


The sounds, derived from the award-winning V Collection, Pigments, and beyond, offer unparalleled quality and diversity.


Analog Lab Play not only provides a vast array of sounds but does so in a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. 


Analog Lab Play Browse - Unison


Whether you’re exploring pianos, organs, or analog synths, the smart browsing feature allows you to quickly find the perfect sound for your project. 


The Sound Store, updated monthly with new sound expansions, ensures that your sonic options are always fresh and inspiring.


With MIDI integration implemented in all versions (including the free version), Analog Lab Play lets you dive right into creating music with your preferred MIDI controller


Its main features, including 100 presets and four macros for easy sound manipulation, make it a versatile tool for any music production or performance scenario.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Analog Lab Play Main View - Unison


  • 100 mix-ready presets; great feature set
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Sound Store for new expansions
  • MIDI integration for making music that is true to you
  • Ideal for a variety of music styles
  • One of the best free audio plugins of 2024


#16. Ample Guitar M Lite II by Ample Sound


Ample Guitar M II Lite by Ample Sound - Unison


Ample Guitar M Lite II, a creation of Ample Sound, is an amazing free VST plugin offering the rich and authentic sound of an acoustic guitar. 


With 866 samples at 16bit 44.1kHz, this free plugin achieves a high level of realism and detail. 


Its Direct from Disk (DFD) technology ensures efficient sample playback, making it ideal for detailed and expressive guitar parts.


This free VST plugin stands out with features like controllable resonance and rich fingering noise 一 bringing more life and realism to guitar tracks. 


The Cycle & Rhombic Sampling structure of this free plugin optimizes sample utilization. 


It ensures all MIDI notes and velocity layers are distinct. 


Certain articulations add to the expressive capabilities, like:


  • Sustain
  • Hammer-on
  • Pull-off
  • Palm mute


It’s perfect for everything from rhythmic strumming to intricate fingerstyle playing.


Ample Guitar M Lite II includes Capo Logic and Doubling Guitars for intelligent play, according to guitar rules and stereo width. 


The CPC (Customized Parameters Control) allows deep MIDI CC and automation integration. 


The Poly Legato and Slide Smoother features, along with Combined Articulation, provide a seamless playing experience. 


Whether you’re composing a serene acoustic backdrop or a lively lead guitar part, this free VST plugin delivers.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Ample Guitar M II Lite by Ample Sound 2 - Unison


  • 866 high-quality guitar samples; insane sample libraries
  • Rich fingering noise for realism (it sounds great)
  • Multiple articulations for dynamic play
  • Intelligent guitar logic feature set; perfect for making music that sounds realistic
  • Customizable parameter control 
  • One of the best free VST instruments of 2024


#17. Youlean Loudness Meter


Youlean 2 e1685296717217 - Unison


Youlean Loudness Meter is an indispensable free plugin for achieving the perfect loudness in your mixes. 


It offers detailed measurements, which ensures that you meet the strict loudness standards for film and TV. 


This free plugin is calibrated for accuracy and gives you options for each top streaming platform (like Spotify), which is super beneficial.


With features like loudness graphs and history viewing, Youlean Loudness Meter helps you analyze your audio with precision. 


It supports mono, stereo, and 5.1 channel content 一 making it versatile for various audio post-production tasks. 


Youlean Loudness Meter2 - Unison


You can use it to make sure your film’s soundtrack meets broadcast standards or to balance the loudness of your music for various streaming and distribution sites.


NOTE: Its low CPU consumption and resizable GUI make it suitable for any screen, whether high DPI or not. 


Its mini view, combined with presets for TV, film, and production, offers an even more streamlined and simplistic experience. 


Use it on your mix or master to prevent it from sounding crushed and maintain professional quality. 


If you’re looking to download free VST plugins that can help you get that perfectly balanced sound, this free plugin is a great option. 


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


Youlean Loudness Meter4 - Unison


  • Accurate loudness measurements
  • Detailed loudness and true peak graphs
  • Supports mono, stereo, and 5.1 content
  • Low CPU usage and resizable GUI
  • Ideal for film, TV, and music production
  • One of the best free plugins of 2024


#18. Kilohearts Essentials


kHz - Unison


Kilohearts Essentials is a comprehensive collection of free VST plugins, crucial for everyday sound design and mixing. 


This growing bundle includes vital effects like: 



Therefore, providing you with a unified design for optimal workflow in any DAW.


As part of the Kilohearts ecosystem, these plugins can be loaded as Snapins in any Kilohearts Snapin Host (like Phase Plant, Multipass, or Snap Heap).


You can use the Limiter to control the dynamics of your latest track or the Flanger to add a psychedelic touch to a synth line. 


kHz2 - Unison


The integration with the Kilohearts ecosystem opens a universe of sound modulation possibilities, better than almost every other free VST plugin version available today.


And, since it was created by experienced developers, Kilohearts Essentials ensures high-quality audio processing with minimal CPU load. 


This makes it an excellent choice for professional music production and sound design


Plus, with lifetime free updates, investing in Kilohearts plugins means continuous improvement and compatibility.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


kHz3 - Unison


  • Collection of essential effects
  • Compatible with Kilohearts Snapin Hosts
  • High-quality audio processing
  • Low CPU load
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Ideal for sound design and mixing
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#19. TAL-Noisemaker


NoiseMaker - Unison


TAL-Noisemaker, renowned for its exceptional sound and low CPU usage, is a virtual analog synthesizer that stands out in the free VST plugin market. 


With 128 factory presets, TAL-Noisemaker offers a wide array of sonic possibilities, which makes it one of the best free VST plugins you need in 2024.


Its three oscillators (each with unique controls and waveforms) provide a foundation for creating everything from rich basses to shimmering leads.


The oscillators in TAL-Noisemaker include: 


  • Pulse
  • Saw
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Sine
  • Noise waveforms


These options are perfect for discovering a diverse range of unique timbres


NoiseMaker2 - Unison


The plugin’s FM and ring modulation capabilities help create complex harmonic textures, and its 4x oversampled filters (with multiple types) provide detailed tone shaping. 


You can sculpt a pad sound with subtle movement using the LFOs or create a punchy bassline that cuts through the mix with the resonant filters; the possibilities are endless.


TAL-Noisemaker is designed for ease of use, with no hidden panels and a straightforward interface. 


This makes it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced producers alike. 


Plus, its extensive modulation options, including routable ADSRs and two versatile LFOs, are ideal for sound exploration, unlike some other of the best free VST plugins.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


NoiseMaker3 - Unison


  • Three oscillators with diverse waveforms
  • FM and ring modulation capabilities
  • 4x oversampled filters
  • Extensive modulation options; great feature set
  • 128 factory presets
  • User-friendly interface
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


#20. DiscoDSP OB-Xd


OB Xd 1 - Unison


DiscoDSP OB-Xd brings the timeless sound of the classic Oberheim OB-X synthesizer to the digital realm. 


This free VST plugin is perfect for those seeking the rich, full-bodied tones characteristic of vintage synths. 


Whether used in electronic music, live instrument recording, or film scoring, OB-Xd adds a unique and expressive quality to any sound.


OB-Xd enhances the original OB-X design (with features like micro random detuning) for a fuller sound. 


Its continuous blendable multimode filter and absence of internal effects mean that its raw sounds can be shaped and enhanced with external processing. 


NOTE: The inclusion of MTS-ESP support allows for precise tuning adjustments, catering to the discerning synth musician.


The OB-Xd’s updated features, like Pulse Width Modulation controls and advanced filter capabilities, provide more control over sound shaping. 


From creating sweeping pads to punchy basslines, OB-Xd is a versatile tool that brings the warmth/character of a classic synth (now a free synth) straight to your home studio.


Key Features of This Best Free VST Plugin:


OB Xd4 1 - Unison


  • Classic synthesizer emulation
  • Micro random detuning for richer sound
  • Advanced filter and envelope features
  • MTS-ESP support for micro-tuning
  • Ideal for a variety of musical genres
  • One of the best free VST plugins of 2024


Best Free VST Plugins: Final Thoughts


The best free VST plugins of 2024 are truly game-changers.


They’ve opened doors for all music producers, giving everyone the chance to create amazing music without spending a dime.


These plugins are like having a top-notch music studio right at your fingertips, and the best part?… They’re absolutely free.


Whether you’re making beats, composing tracks, or experimenting with new sounds, these VST plugins offer the tools you need to bring your musical ideas to life.


So, as you dive into the world of music production, remember that these free VST plugins are here to help you enhance your skills and make legendary music.


They prove that you don’t need a lot of money to make great music, just creativity and the right tools.


Use these 20 best free VST plugins to explore, create, and push the limits of your music.


With these legendary free options, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve.


Until next time…


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