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Free Beat-Making Software That You NEED in 2024 (Top 11)

Music production is a complicated process that requires not just talent and creativity, but also the right tools to bring your musical visions to life. 


That’s why, as a music producer, having access to the best beat-making software (especially when it’s free) can be a game-changer.


These tools can enhance your workflow, boost your creativity, and help you experiment with different sounds and textures. 


That’s why we’re breaking down the 11 best free beat-making software options for 2024, ensuring you have everything you need to produce legendary music.


We crowned these top picks based on their:


  • Ease and simplicity (improved workflow) ✓
  • Vast libraries of virtual instruments ✓
  • Versatility/flexibility ✓
  • Included features, functions, and capabilities ✓
  • User-friendly interfaces for all skill levels ✓
  • Real-time collaboration features ✓
  • Cross-platform compatibility ✓
  • High-quality audio outputs ✓
  • Support for external MIDI devices ✓
  • Educational resources for beginners ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything about the best free beat-making software options available. 


It will help you select the perfect tools for all your production needs.


Whether you’re laying down your first track or looking to refine your sound, these software picks will seriously elevate your beat-making game.


So, if you’re ready to create complex arrangements and polished mixes like a professional, let’s dive right in…


1. MPC Beats


free beat-making software


MPC Beats is like finding a gold mine for new and advanced beat-makers looking to enhance their music production game with a free version of super clean software.


It’s a powerhouse, packed with features that make beat-making not just accessible but incredibly fun for anyone.  


Whether you’re a beginner who wants to be the ultimate beat-maker or a seasoned producer looking to bang out beats on the fly, MPC Beats has got your back.


Imagine starting a project with access to world-class modern/vintage drum kits and samples right out of the box. 


MPC Beats doesn’t just provide a platform for creating basic beats; it allows for intricate: 


  • Layering
  • Sequencing
  • Manipulation of audio tracks


This way, like it’s inspiration, the original MPC, you can create unique sounds with ease. 


The beauty of this software lies in its simplicity combined with depth. 


You can start with a simple drum beat, layer in basslines, melodies, and harmonies using its vast library of virtual instruments; the possibilities are endless.


You won’t just be making beats and mastering your music production workflow, you’ll be creating true masterpieces that will impress the music business.


What sets MPC Beats apart is its seamless integration with MIDI controllers and audio interfaces 一 making it a versatile tool for both home studio and live settings. 


This beat-making software bridges the gap between hardware feel and digital convenience.


It allows producers of all levels to translate their creativity into digital masterpieces. 


For example, hooking up a MIDI keyboard to MPC Beats unlocks a whole new level of expressiveness, dynamic performances, and real-time adjustments.


Bottom line, if you’re looking to create beats with free software that can actually help you achieve that, this one takes the cake. 


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


MPC Beats3 - Unison


  • Wide range of drum kits for various genres
  • Expansive virtual instrument library
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • MIDI controller integration for hands-on control
  • Detailed sample editing capabilities
  • Flexible audio track manipulation
  • High-quality audio output for professional results
  • The best free beat-making software for music production


#2. Magix Music Maker Free


Magix1 1 e1707180829143 - Unison


Magix Music Maker Free brings the thrill of music production to your fingertips, offering an incredibly accessible platform for producing your unique sound. 


This software excels in providing a user-friendly experience without compromising on it’s feature set (which is pretty rare, let’s be honest).


From the moment you launch it, you’re greeted with an intuitive interface that demystifies the music-making process.


This makes this free beat-making software perfect for beginners yet powerful enough for more experienced users looking for quick and efficient ways to lay down ideas.


One of the standout features of Magix Music Maker Free is its vast library of free sounds and loops across various genres.


Meaning, you can endlessly experiment and blend different musical styles.


Whether you’re looking to create pulsating electronic beats, soulful hip-hop rhythms, or even cinematic soundscapes, there’s something for every producer


The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the workflow 一 allowing you to focus more on creativity and less on navigating complex menus.


Magix Music Maker Free also shines in its ability to let you expand your musical horizons with VST instrument and effect support.


This gives you the tools to take your productions to the next level. 


The software’s mix of accessibility, extensive features, and expandability makes it a solid choice if you’re looking to start your music production journey.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


- Unison


  • User-friendly interface for simplified music creation
  • Extensive sound and loop library for genre-spanning productions
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for effortless workflow
  • VST support for enhanced sound design
  • Built-in mixer for easy track adjustments
  • Versatile recording features for live acoustic instruments and vocals
  • The best free beat-making software for music production


#3. Waveform Free


Waveform1 - Unison


Waveform Free is a testament to the idea that powerful music production tools can indeed come without a price tag. 


It’s designed around the needs of modern producers, offering a comprehensive DAW experience that rivals many paid alternatives. 


Waveform Free provides an unrestricted workflow that encourages experimentation and creativity, making it an ideal choice for producers of all levels.


In fact, it’s super popular amongst DJs, as it’s all about those waveforms.


The software’s standout feature is its no-boundaries approach to track count and plugin usage; allowing you to build complex arrangements without hitting artificial limits. 


This freedom is crucial when: 


  • Layering audio tracks
  • Integrating MIDI sequences
  • Applying audio effects to create a rich, textured sound
  • Experimenting with different arrangements
  • Etc.


Waveform Free supports a wide array of plugins (including third-party VSTs) which means you can tweak your sound kit to your specific production style.


What makes Waveform Free particularly appealing is its focus on intuitive design. 


The single-screen interface ensures that all key tools are within reach 一 streamlining the music-making process and reducing the learning curve for newcomers. 


Plus, this digital audio workstation includes unique features like the pattern generator and advanced MIDI editing.


This can open up new creative possibilities and simplify otherwise complex tasks.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


Waveform2 - Unison


  • Unlimited track count for expansive projects
  • Comprehensive plugin support for customized sounds
  • Single-screen interface for focused production
  • Pattern generator for innovative beat creation
  • Advanced MIDI editing for precise control over your music
  • Cross-platform compatibility for flexibility
  • The best free beat-making software for music production


#4. Cakewalk by BandLab


Bandlab1 - Unison


Cakewalk by BandLab represents the (30 year) pinnacle of free music production software.


It offers an extensive feature set that makes it an epic digital audio workstation for any music producer (which is why it’s so highly renowned).


This software combines the legendary SONAR’s powerful tools with BandLab’s innovative social music platform 一 providing a unique blend of creative possibilities. 


Cakewalk is not just about making beats…


It’s about creating, sharing, and collaborating on music at a level that’s unprecedented in free software.


With a focus on professional-grade production, Cakewalk by BandLab offers advanced tools that can accommodate even the most complex productions tasks, like:



The software also includes a sophisticated audio engine that delivers pristine sound quality to ensure your tracks sound polished and professional. 


From the skylight user interface that adapts to your workflow to the extensive variety of built-in effects and instruments, Cakewalk provides an unmatched creative experience.


Cakewalk by BandLab also excels in collaboration, allowing you to connect with other musicians and producers within the BandLab community. 


NOTE: This feature not only opens up new avenues for creative partnerships but also provides a platform for sharing your music with the world. 


Whether you’re crafting detailed orchestral arrangements or laying down the next big hit, Cakewalk offers the tools and flexibility you need to bring your musical vision to life.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


Bandlab e1707180986401 - Unison


  • Advanced audio engine for professional sound quality
  • Skylight user interface for an adaptive workflow
  • Comprehensive editing and mixing tools for detailed music producers
  • Built-in audio effects and instruments for sound design
  • Collaboration features to connect with other artists
  • High-quality audio exports for distribution-ready tracks
  • The best free beat-making software for music production


#5. LMMS


LMMS - Unison


LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) stands out as a serious contender for producers seeking a comprehensive, open-source beat-making solution. 


It’s a powerhouse that rivals paid software thanks to its features and functions, which are perfect for both beginners and more experienced music makers. 


With LMMS, you’re not just getting free music-making software…


You’re stepping into a community-driven project dedicated to making music production accessible to everyone.


Diving into LMMS, you’ll find virtually endless amounts of instruments, samples, and plugins.


Yes, they cover all the most popular music genres and styles. 


Its built-in synthesizers, drum machines, and sample tracks allow for deep sound exploration and experimentation. 


What’s truly remarkable about LMMS is its commitment to user freedom.


This freedom is eviden by its cross-platform operating systems compatibility.


Meaning, it ensures that whether you’re operating system is Windows, macOS, or Linux, you have access to a top-tier music production environment.


LMMS also excels in user empowerment through its intuitive interface and epic feature set 一 all you need to create high-quality beats and break into the music industry.


This free beat-making software includes: 


  • A Song-Editor 一 For composing melodies
  • A Beat+Bassline Editor 一 For crafting compelling rhythms
  • A Piano RollFor detailed MIDI editing


These tools, combined with the ability to import various audio file formats and VST plugins, make LMMS a versatile and powerful option for producers.


Especially if you’re looking to push the boundaries of your creative expression.


Side note – if you want to learn all about different audio file formats, we’ve got you covered.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


LMMS2 - Unison


  • Cross-platform compatibility for broad accessibility
  • Extensive music library of instruments and samples for diverse soundscapes
  • Powerful synthesizers and drum machines for dynamic beat creation
  • Song-Editor, Beat+Bassline Editor, and Piano Roll for basic music composition
  • VST plugin support for expanded sound design options and musical ideas
  • Active community for support and collaboration; great free beat-making tool
  • The best free beat-making software for music production


#6. SoundBridge


SoundBridge - Unison


SoundBridge offers a sleek, modern approach to music production with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. 


This free DAW is designed for producers who value a streamlined workflow without sacrificing the depth of features necessary for professional-grade music creation. 


SoundBridge’s intuitive layout and touch-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for musicians of all levels (especially those who prefer to make music on the go).


Within SoundBridge, you’ll find: 


  • A full-featured mixer
  • High-quality effects
  • Robust automation tools


All of which will help you gain precise control over your audio tracks.


This free beat-making software also emphasizes collaboration, featuring built-in support for the RitMix drum machine and an awesome set of editing tools. 


This blend of features ensures that from recording to mixing, SoundBridge equips you with everything you need to produce polished, release-ready music.


What sets SoundBridge apart is its commitment to making music production accessible to everyone. 


It includes a vast array of tutorials and learning resources 一 making it easy for newcomers to get up to speed quickly. 


Additionally, SoundBridge supports MIDI hardware and third-party VST plugins.


It allows you to extend its advanced functionality and tailor this beat-making software to match your creative needs, no matter how complex.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


SoundBridge2 - Unison


  • Streamlined interface for an efficient workflow
  • Comprehensive mixer and effects for professional sound quality
  • Built-in RitMix drum machine for intricate beat programming
  • Extensive automation and editing tools for creative flexibility
  • Support for MIDI hardware and VST plugins for advanced functionality
  • Free tutorials and resources for easy learning
  • The best free music-making software for music production


#7. Ardour


Ardour 1 - Unison


Ardour is a powerhouse in the world of free beat-making software.


It offers a professional-level DAW experience that appeals to serious producers and audio engineers alike. 


It’s built with the needs of real beat-makers, producers, and sound designers in mind.


Meaning, it provides extensive recording, editing, and mixing capabilities that allow for intricate sound manipulation and large-scale production projects


Ardour’s open-source nature means it continually evolves, incorporating feedback from a global community of users to enhance its functionality and usability.


Ardour’s versatility is one of its strongest suits, supporting a wide range of: 


  • Audio and MIDI formats
  • Hardware interfaces
  • Plugins


Whether you’re working on dense multitrack recordings or complex MIDI arrangements, Ardour provides the tools you need to achieve your vision. 


Their advanced MIDI editing features are actually super solid.


Its detailed editing features, from sample-accurate automation to comprehensive plugin management, ensure that you have granular control over every aspect of your music.


Moreover, Ardour emphasizes workflow efficiency by offering customizable interfaces and keyboard shortcuts that adapt to your personal production style. 


This digital audio workstation is not just about the technicalities of music production 一 it’s about having a creative environment where your ideas can thrive without limitation.


For producers looking to dive deep into audio engineering and music production without financial barriers, Ardour presents an unmatched opportunity.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


Ardour2 - Unison


  • Unique features to help you record, mix, and edit audio like a pro
  • Support for a wide range of audio and MIDI formats
  • Extensive plugin compatibility for creative sound design
  • Customizable/intuitive interface for all beat-makers
  • Easy, straightforward, free download
  • The best free software for music production


#8. Soundtrap


Soundtrap - Unison


Soundtrap stands out as a unique player in the realm of free beat-making software by emphasizing collaboration and cloud-based music creation. 


This platform is designed for musicians who thrive in a collaborative environment because it allows you to work with artists from around the globe in real-time. 


Soundtrap’s streamlined, web-based interface ensures that you can start making beats instantly, with no need for complicated installations or setups.


What makes this free version a compelling choice is its elaborate music library of loops, virtual instruments, and all the features you’ll need.


This includes high-quality effects and easy-to-use mixing tools


Soundtrap provides a versatile platform that caters to all aspects of music production for things like:



Its commitment to accessibility is further demonstrated by its compatibility across various devices 一 enabling you to create and edit your projects on the go.


Another standout feature of Soundtrap is its educational aspect. 


It offers an extensive array of tutorials and resources to help you create beats, use a drum machine, break into the music industry, become better beat-makers, etc. 


This makes it an excellent tool for teachers and students in music education programs


Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics of beat-making or a seasoned producer seeking to collaborate with others, Soundtrap is awesome.


It offers an engaging and interactive experience that is hard to beat (especially for free).


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


Soundtrap2 - Unison


  • Cloud-based collaboration for real-time music creation
  • Extensive library of loops and virtual instruments, perfect for creating beats with complex elements
  • Cross-device compatibility for music production on the go
  • High-quality effects and mixing tools for professional sound
  • Educational resources for learning and teaching music
  • The best free music-making software for music production


#9. Amped Studio


Amped Studio - Unison


Amped Studio is a revolutionary browser-based beat-maker studio that combines the power of traditional digital audio workstations with the flexibility of online creation. 


Its cutting-edge technology enables new and advanced beat-makers to create, edit audio, and produce their own music directly in their web browser.


It eliminates the need for heavy software downloads or powerful computer hardware which, when you create beats that are complex, is super important.


Amped Studio is designed to cater to beat-makers of all levels, giving you that seamless experience from beat-making to final product.


The platform stands out for its hybrid approach, which allows users to work with both audio and MIDI in a highly intuitive (free version) environment. 


Amped Studio comes loaded with a variety of virtual instruments, effects, and loops 一 enabling you to explore a wide range of musical styles and textures


Its innovative features, such as the VST plugin compatibility in a web-based application, push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital music production.


Amped Studio’s emphasis on accessibility is evident in its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the music-making process without compromising on functionality. 


The software also offers unique collaboration features, enabling you to work with other artists and beat-makers in a dynamic online environment. 


Whether you’re laying down beats, composing melodies, or mixing tracks, Amped Studio can help make your beat/production process seamless.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


Amped Studio2 - Unison


  • Browser-based music production for easy access
  • Free download, premium features
  • Hybrid track handling for flexible music creation
  • Comprehensive virtual instrument and effects library
  • VST plugin support for enhanced sound design
  • Collaboration features for working with other artists
  • The best free beat-making software for music production


#10. Splice Beat Maker


Splice - Unison


Splice Beat Maker is an online platform that revolutionizes the way producers create beats and collaborate on music projects. 


It offers an expansive library of high-quality samples (like drum samples) and loops from renowned sound designers and artists.


In fact, I would call it invaluable for music producers looking for some extra inspiration and top-notch sounds. 


Splice Beat Maker’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows for quick and easy beat creation 一 making it accessible to producers at any skill level.


One of the key advantages of Splice Beat Maker is its integration with the broader Splice ecosystem, which includes access to millions of sounds, MIDI files, and presets


This integration allows you to seamlessly create high-quality beats with unique elements and expand your creative possibilities with just a few clicks.


Additionally, Splice’s community features offer a platform for: 


  • Feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Discovery


It can connect you with a global network of artists and music creators, which is always beneficial.


Splice Beat Maker’s focus on simplicity and quality is evident in its workflow, which encourages experimentation without overwhelming users with unnecessary complexity. 


Whether you’re creating hip-hop beats, EDM, or any genre in between, Splice Beat Maker provides the free tools and resources needed to create beats that make an impact.


Essential Features of This Free Beat-Making Software:


Splice2 - Unison


  • Extensive sample and loop library from top sound designers
  • Drag-and-drop interface for straightforward beat creation
  • Integration with Splice sounds for endless creative options
  • Community features for music business collaboration and feedback 
  • High-quality audio files/audio clips/exports for professional-grade tracks
  • The best free beat-making software for music production


#11. GarageBand


What is GarageBand on Mac - Unison


GarageBand, developed by Apple, is a staple in the free music-making software world, renowned for its user-friendly interface and rich feature set. 


It provides a comprehensive suite of free tools for:



GarageBand is exclusively available on macOS and iOS devices 一 offering seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem.


This software is beloved by beginners and seasoned musicians alike for its vast library of loops (like drum loops), virtual instruments, and smart features.


Smart features in Drummer and Smart Instruments. 


These tools make it easy to produce music that sounds professional with minimal effort and get musical ideas you might not have thought of.


GarageBand also supports external instrument and microphone inputs, so you can record your performances directly into the software if wanted.


Another strong point of GarageBand is its education and tutorial offerings to help you create music/your own beats that can top the charts.


NOTE: Apple has developed a range of in-app lessons for various instruments.


This makes it an excellent platform for those looking to learn music production or improve their instrumental skills. 


Whether you’re recording your first song, producing a track, or scoring a video, GarageBand provides an extensive, accessible platform for all your creative needs.


Essential Features of This Free Music-Making Software:


Garageband Audio Editing - Unison


  • Intuitive user interface perfect for beginners
  • Extensive library of loops and virtual instruments
  • Smart Instruments and Drummer for easy music creation
  • Support for external instruments and microphones
  • In-app lessons for learning music production (audio files, MIDI, etc.)
  • Better than most free beat-making programs


Free Beat-making Software: Final Thoughts


With the right free beat-making software you can create true masterpieces that instantly capture people’s attention and help your music stand out.


These 11 free beat-making software options offer a gateway to endless creativity, inspiration, and growth.


With features like vast libraries of virtual instruments, cross-platform compatibility, and real-time collaboration, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with them.


But having the right beat-making software is just the beginning… 


To truly elevate your music, you’ll need the best tools and plugins at your disposal, which is where the legendary Zen Master (free) comes into play.


It’s a new, free plugin that is taking that music production world by storm with it’s unique lo-fi effects, both analog/digital variations, designed to enhance your tracks. 


This powerful plugin integrates seamlessly with any of the free software mentioned to ensure ensuring your songs not only stand out but dominate.


In the end, the journey of music production is about finding the right combination of tools, inspiration, and creativity.


With the best free beat-making software at your fingertips and Zen Master in your toolkit, you’re well on your way.


So, embrace these resources and let them guide you towards producing beats that reflect your unique style and vision.


Until next time…



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