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How to Get Placements as a Producer in 2024 (11 Proven Ways)

The fact that you’re a talented music producer is, unfortunately, not enough to automatically get you placements.


It requires strategic planning, relentless hustle and networking, and unmatched creativity 一 a magic person won’t just show up and open all the doors for you.


You’ll have to really step up and put your whole heart into it.


Plus, stay ahead of industry trends and constantly refine your production skills all the time, of course.


Today, we’re breaking down how to get placements as a producer that will actually get you real results and help get your music the attention they deserve.


In today’s article we’ll be breaking down techniques like:


  • Developing your own sound/high-quality beats ✓
  • Building a professional portfolio ✓
  • Networking with industry insiders ✓
  • Leveraging social media effectively ✓
  • Collaborating with major label artists ✓
  • How to sell beats online properly ✓
  • Entering competitive events ✓
  • Opportunities outside of the music production world ✓
  • Understanding sync licensing ✓
  • Utilizing targeted advertising ✓
  • Benefitting from industry workshops ✓
  • Creating exclusive subscription content ✓
  • Producing for tech applications, AI systems, etc. ✓
  • Much more about how to get placements as a producer ✓


If you follow this guide, you’ll be able to secure music production placements left and right, as well as get some serious clout in the music industry.


It’s all about taking advantage of each unique opportunity, using every platform you can think of, and putting out content that really makes an impact. 


Remember, it’s all about getting creative and thinking outside the box to make your mark in the music industry.


So, let’s dive deep in…


#1. Create Your Unique Sound & Build a Professional Portfolio


how to get placements as a producer


In today’s competitive music scene, you’ve got to find your own sound that prove you can create professional beats that stand out from all the rest.


To do so, you’ve got to: 


  • Experiment with different genres
  • Try out new techniques/methods
  • Take advantage of what you’re good at
  • Etc.


It’s always beneficial to bring something new and exciting to the table, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get extra creative.


Once you’ve mastered your unique style, building a professional portfolio is the next step to getting a placement (and hopefully a fat royalty check).


Your portfolio, or EPK, should not only showcase your best beats and be presented properly, but reflect your identity as a music producer as well.


It makes it easier for major labels and major label artists to understand your vision and ultimately want to hire you.


Remember, your portfolio is the key to more placements in the music industry, so make sure that all your beats are of the highest sound quality.


Each song should highlight your versatility and skill, so you want them to give professional vibes every single time.


Consider including a variety of different projects 一 from background music for a reality show to remixes or your interpretation of popular songs.


Anything that shows you can adapt/excel in various music contexts will help you find more opportunities and even secure major placements.

Just like how producers like ourselves constantly look for the best new plugins, equipment, and websites, the industry is always looking for the best new talent.


So, make sure you really get creative and blow them away.


#2. Network with Industry Professionals


Networking - Unison


Networking is still a fundamental strategy when you’re mastering how to get placements as a producer.


Try to attend music industry events (both in person and virtually) and visit major cities known for their vibrant music production scenes. 


Whether it’s a conference in a major city or a casual meet-up in local recording studios, these gatherings provide valuable opportunities to connect with: 


  • Sound engineers
  • Music supervisors & owners
  • Other producers/artists


Don’t underestimate the power of human interaction…


While social media can provide more than enough opportunity to sell beats and market your music, face-to-face meetings can make a longer-lasting impact (which is key).


Make sure to bring your confident energy to every interaction.


Building relationships with industry professionals can often lead to more placements, as your network starts to advocate for your music across studios and at major labels.


You never know, you could visit recording studios one day and be the head of that same studio a few years down the line.


#3. Social Media Visibility is Everything


Social Media2 - Unison


Social media is not just a platform for sharing cat videos…


It’s the most powerful form of promotion that most music producers don’t even know how to take full advantage of.


It can help you gain visibility and get placements like never before, whether it’s your first placement or 100th.


Start by optimizing your profiles on all major social media channels so they only highlight your best beats and projects.


Make sure to regularly post updates about your projects, share behind-the-scenes content, and engage with your followers to build a loyal community.


And of course always stay active and stay connected, as using social media for direct outreach can be super effective. 


Reach out to different artists and major label A&Rs who might be interested in your style, without being overwhelming or a stalker.


Additionally, social media advertising can be targeted to reach decision-makers in the music industry 一 helping your music gets in front of the right people.


Some great advice would be to always use analytics tools to track engagement, stay connected, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 


Pay attention to what content performs best and figure out why, like is it the:


  • Sound quality?
  • Genre/type of song? (even type-beats of certain artists)
  • Certain effects, sounds, or samples?
  • Etc.


Use this data to really refine your methods and make sure you’re not just creating beats and wasting studio time, but making an actual impact.


This single aspect can save you many hours of frustration and put you in a higher demand, even if it’s just one single placement that helps you go viral.


#4. Create Exclusive Content for Subscription Services


Music Production 1 2 - Unison


Subscription services like Patreon or Bandcamp can help most music producers to monetize their creativity by providing exclusive content to their subscribers. 


Consider launching a subscription model where you release: 


  • Special edition tracks
  • Early access to new songs
  • Exclusive content/offers
  • Etc.


For instance, you might create a series where subscribers receive one new beat each week, created specifically for that platform.


It will show off your ability to create high-quality music on a consistent basis.


NOTE: To enhance the appeal of your subscription service, offer tiered memberships where higher tiers might include monthly one-on-one sessions. 


This is where you’ll provide feedback on subscribers’ projects or host live Q&A sessions discussing music production techniques, sound design, interesting sounds, and so on.


This creates a community around your brand, keeps your audience engaged, and starts a deeper connection with your fans (which is very useful).


It can help you with mastering how to get placements as a producer as you watch your network grow and evolve. 


#5. Collaborating with Other Artists and Producers


Music Producer 2 - Unison


Collaboration, as I’m sure you know, expands your reach and exposes your music to new audiences. 


So, teaming up with artists who have a different sound or a complimenting style can result in show-stopping tracks that attract a bigger audience.


For example, if you specialize in hip-hop or trap, try partnering with an electronic music  producer to blend genres and create a unique sound.


It will enhance your chances of landing more placements across diverse music scenes.


When approaching other artists or producers, present a clear idea of what you bring to the table and how the collaboration could benefit both of you.


Always ensure that collaborations are built on mutual respect and clear communication about: 



This will avoid conflicts and ensure a professional relationship, which is key.


By joining forces, you can leverage each other’s strengths, attract new audiences, and increase your chances of getting more placements.


NOTE: Try out different platforms like SoundBetter or CollabFinder to connect with potential collaborators and see what it’s all about.


#6. Make Sure You Seat Beats Online The Right Way


Selling Beats Online 2 - Unison


When you want to sell beats online and are looking for beat placements that actually lead to something, you can’t just post them and hope for the best… 


You need to create a personal website with an easy-to-navigate interface where your beats are clearly categorized by: 


  • Genre
  • Mood
  • Price
  • Instrumentation


Many producers don’t actually do this (believe it or not it’s a huge issue), which record labels and major artists don’t love.


Include high-quality previews of your beats, and make sure each track is tagged with relevant keywords like “hip-hop beat” or “ambient background music.”


This will improve SEO, which is super important to get a placement, and attract more fans/clients from search engines (try platforms like BeatStars or Airbit).


Also, offer flexible licensing options 一 from non-exclusive leases to exclusive sales. 


Regularly update your inventory and run promotions or discounts during special events or holidays to keep the audience engaged and encourage more sales.


This will maximize your revenue from beat sales and help you get paid properly.


NOTE: Type beats can be your best friend when it comes to getting a placement and making music people flock to.


This is not only because they’re super hot right now, but because they can lead to exclusive rights sales… maybe from your favorite artist, or even Taylor Swift.


Remember, when it comes to mastering how to get placements as a producer, the sky is not even the limit; get creative!


#7. Participating in Beat Battles, Remix Contests, Etc.


Remix Contests - Unison


Online/local beat battles and remix contests are excellent for proving your skills and gaining exposure. 


Platforms like SKIO Music frequently host contests where the winners can receive dope prizes or recognition from a well-known major artist or label.


Participating in these contests not only challenges you to refine your production skills but also puts your music in front of influential figures in the music industry.


When entering these competitions, tailor your submissions to the contest’s specific criteria while still maintaining your unique style. 


For example, if a contest is looking for a pop song remix, think about how you can add your signature touch while respecting the overall vibe. 


Winning or even placing in these contests can lead to direct opportunities 一 such as features on popular music blogs or social media sites.


Remember, when you’re learning how to get placements as a producer, it’s all about increasing your visibility and enhancing your chances of success in creative ways.


  • Pro Tip: How to Get the Attention of Music Supervisors


Music Industry 1 - Unison


Music supervisors are key players, especially when it comes to placements in: 


  • Films
  • TV shows/commercials
  • Video games
  • Etc.


To catch the attention of a music supervisor, make sure your music fits the emotional and thematic requirements that they specify (and present your beats properly).


Regularly update your online portfolio with clear tags and descriptions that make it easy for supervisors and sound engineers to find what they need for their specific project.


Networking at industry events and directly reaching out via email can also be effective. 


When contacting music supervisors, just remember to be professional, brief, and direct about how your beats and skills can meet their needs. 


Include links to your most relevant tracks and always follow up if you don’t hear back. 


Demonstrating persistence and a professional approach can make a significant difference in the music production world.


#8. Produce Music with Sync Licensing in Mind


Sync Licensing - Unison


When creating music with the intention of sync licensing, think about how your tracks can enhance visual media. 


This means producing music that can effectively convey certain emotions (like angry, scary, sad, happy, etc.) or complement various scenes and moods. 


Understanding the types of music that are in high demand for films, TV, advertisements, and video games can guide your production choices.


Build a diverse library of tracks that can be easily adapted for different uses. 


Regularly submitting your work to music libraries and sync licensing platforms can increase your chances of getting your music heard by the right people. 


Remember, the more versatile and accessible your music is, the more likely it is to be picked up for major placements.


NOTE: When you’re learning how to get placements as a producer, Tools like DISCO or SyncTank can help organize and pitch your music to music supervisors.


#9. Attending Music Industry Workshops & Music Camps


Music Events - Unison


Workshops and music camps are not only ideal places to learn new skills but also perfect for networking with industry professionals. 


For instance, attending events like ASCAP’s “I Create Music” Expo or BMI’s songwriting workshops can connect you with established: 


  • Songwriters
  • Producers
  • Industry titans
  • Music business executives


The most amazing music industry events are spread around each major city, often including panels, critique sessions, and networking mixers.


This gives you the direct line to influencers who can offer expert advice and potential collaboration opportunities (it’s all about opportunities, remember that).


Take advantage of these gatherings to display your capabilities and initiative. 


Prepare a digital or physical copy of your best work to share, and be ready to discuss your music production process and overall vision.


 Engaging in discussions and asking insightful questions during sessions can make sure people see you as a professional, committed music producer


NOTE: Following up after the event with new contacts via email or social media can cement relationships and open doors to future placements and projects.


#10. Offer Production Tutorials and Masterclasses


Music 1 1 - Unison


Sharing your knowledge through tutorials, affiliate programs, and masterclasses is key when mastering how to get placements as a producer.


It not only establishes you as an expert, but also helps you connect with up-and-coming producers who might later become collaborators or refer you to great opportunities. 


And since everything is done online, you can reach people worldwide.


Focus on topics that are both foundational and innovative, such as: 



By providing valuable content, your audience will stay engaged, appreciative, and impresseed 一 which can translate into more interest and demand for your music.


When you’re wondering how to get placements as a producer, don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.


Ensure that each tutorial or masterclass is packed with interesting examples and step-by-step instructions that help both beginners and more advanced producers. 


Also, offer personalized feedback sessions as part of your courses, which adds value and attracts more participants (and future personal production jobs).


#11. Develop Music for Apps, Smart Home Devices, Etc.


Production Apps - Unison


As technology continues to advance, so do the opportunities for music producers like yourself.


You can open up a whole new world of possibilities for getting placements by developing music specifically for:


  • Music apps
  • Smart home devices
  • VR
  • Other tech innovations


This specialty market requires you to think about how music interacts with technology and user experiences 一 leading to innovative tracks and collaborations.


Engage with tech companies and app developers to explore opportunities for integrating your music into their products. 


For instance, try creating soothing soundscapes for wellness apps or dynamic background scores for mobile games.


It can help you increase your audience and major placement opportunities.


All of your songs should not only showcase your versatility as a music producer but also enhance your visibility across different industries.


How to Get Placements as a Producer: Final Thoughts


When you’re mastering how to get placements as a producer, just remember that each and every step we included can help you succeed.


The music industry is competitive, and getting placements will require not just talent but a super strategic approach to networking, creating, and marketing your beats.


It all contributes to how quickly and often you’ll secure that bag.


Now, if you’re really trying to learn how to get placements as a producer, the number one thing to consider is how good your sounds are.


You can’t use boring, basic, overused samples all day long, you need sounds that will help blow the minds of whoever listens.


And that’s exactly where this new, highly-renowned Free Mainstage Blueprint comes in.


It contains 647 mind-blowing (free) samples, loops, and MIDIs 一 ensuring you have access to the most professional, captivating, and unique sounds in the game. 


With crazy drum build-ups, bass shots, melodies, and so much more, your tracks are sure to stand out and grab the attention of music industry professionals.


So, keep pushing the boundaries of your creativity and never let an opportunity pass you by or a rejection get you down; it’s all about hustle, hustle, hustle.


Until next time…




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