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The 16 Best Music Production Apps You Absolutely NEED (2024)

Music production is one of the most creatively rewarding, not to mention extremely popular, career paths out there.


As a music producer, knowing all the best music production apps can seriously enhance your ability to create unique sounds and streamline your workflow.


Plus, ultimately, elevate your music production skills, and beats to new heights. 


They will help you to stay relevant in the fast-paced music industry, adapt to new creative challenges, and easily collaborate with artists or other producers.


Each music production app offers a unique set of tools and features designed to cater to different aspects of music creation, like:


  • Essential features to create an entire song/beat
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Comprehensive digital audio workstations
  • High-quality synthesizers and samplers
  • Extensive libraries of loops and samples
  • Advanced sequencing, mixing capabilities & mastering tools
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Support for external hardware and MIDI controllers
  • Real-time effects processing
  • Collaborative features for working with other musicians
  • Mobile music-making flexibility
  • Much more about the best music-making apps for production


By the end of this article, you’ll have access to the best music-making apps 一 allowing you to produce, mix, and master tracks on the go. 


You’ll be equipped to capture inspiration whenever it strikes, experiment with exciting sounds and genres, and collaborate with musicians worldwide. 


These music-making apps will not only boost your creative potential but also help you to work efficiently and professionally wherever you are.


Plus, unlike other articles, we’ll be incorporating specific details, functions, and unique capabilities; we’re not just writing a sentence or two about each one.


So, let’s dive in…


#1. GarageBand IOS


music production apps


GarageBand IOS is one of the top music production apps, particularly loved by Apple users (obviously).


It’s designed with an easy-to-use interface that makes music production accessible to everyone, from beginners to professionals. 


When it comes to virtual instruments and an extensive library of sounds, it’s top dog. 


You can create your music by playing keyboards, guitars, and drums directly on your iOS devices touch interface or by recording your voice. 


The app’s Smart Instruments feature allows even those without any musical training to produce complex music tracks effortlessly.


Another notable feature of GarageBand is its multi-track recording capability 一 enabling you to layer up to 32 tracks to create legendary beats.


This music-making app comes with a variety of pre-made loops, which makes it easy to produce songs without starting from scratch. 


Also, GarageBand offers integration with external hardware like MIDI keyboards, so you’ll have ultimate control over pretty much anything, unlike some other music-making apps. 


For iOS device owners, this app is available for free, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to explore music production without a significant investment.


#2. FL Studio Mobile


FL Studio Mobile 1 - Unison


FL Studio Mobile brings the powerhouse capabilities of its desktop version to the mobile sphere, making it a go-to for producers on the move. 


It stands out over other music production apps for its comprehensive suite of music production tools. 


This includes high-quality: 



You can dive into detailed sound shaping with a variety of effects like reverb, delay, and EQ adjustments


The step sequencer is perfect for producing beats and melodies with precision, while the piano roll editor allows for intricate note and chord adjustments.


It’s ideal for both beginners and seasoned music creators.


The cross-platform compatibility of FL Studio Mobile is a huge plus, offering the flexibility to start a project on your phone or tablet and then transfer it to a desktop for further refinement. 


Also, it supports importing and exporting MIDI files and projects 一 ensuring a seamless workflow across devices.


It’s designed with an intuitive interface that puts powerful production tools at your fingertips.


This makes it simpler to bring your musical ideas to life, regardless of where you are. 


For producers interested in electronic music and beyond, FL Studio Mobile offers a robust set of features that rival desktop music production software, all on your mobile device.


Side note, if you want to learn everything about the original FL Studio, we’ve got you covered. 


#3. Logic Pro for iPad


Logic Pro iPad - Unison


Logic Pro for iPad extends the professional-grade music production capabilities of Logic Pro to the iPad (super official).


It offers a mobile solution for music creators like yourself who are looking for a comprehensive digital audio workstation (DAW) on the go. 


It gives you advanced tools and all the features you’ll need, such as: 



With Logic Pro for iPad, users can effortlessly create, record, and produce music with the same level of depth and sophistication as the desktop version. 


The effortless integration with Logic Pro on macOS ensures a fluid transition between devices, allowing you to tweak your projects anywhere.


One of the standout features of Logic Pro for iPad is its powerful mixer and automation capabilities, which enable precise control over the entire music production process


You can also take advantage of the advanced MIDI editing tools, which makes it easier to sculpt perfect melodies and beats. 


This music production app supports external hardware (such as MIDI controllers and microphones).


It will seriously upgrade your music-making experience with hands-on control and high-quality audio capture with one download. 


For producers who demand the highest sound quality and production flexibility, Logic Pro for iPad delivers an unparalleled mobile production environment.


One that mirrors the functionality and performance of its acclaimed desktop counterpart, so you know it’s going to bring the heat.


#4.iMPC Pro 2 by AKAI Professional


IMPC PRO 2 - Unison


iMPC Pro 2 by AKAI Professional transforms your iOS device into a powerhouse sampling and beat-making studio, reflecting the legendary MPC workflow. 


This epic music production app was created for producers who thrive on creating unique beats and samples, offering a wide variety of professional-grade tools for: 


  • Sampling
  • Editing
  • Beat programming


With its intuitive interface, iMPC Pro 2 provides an impressive immersive experience 一 allowing you to easily capture samples using your device’s microphone.


Or, import them from various sources, of course.


The app’s audio track recording feature, along with its ability to layer samples and loops, gives you the flexibility to build complex tracks and textures.


NOTE: The standout feature of iMPC Pro 2 is its integration with the Splice sounds library, which gives users access to a huge collection of high-quality samples and loops. 


This collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for creating music, providing inspiration and resources for nearly any genre. 


Additionally, itincludes a powerful sequencing toolset, which gives you precise control over beat programming and sample triggering


With support for Audio Units and Inter-App Audio, iMPC Pro 2 can be integrated into a wide iOS music production ecosystem.


This allows it to function beautifully alongside other music-making apps. 


For those looking to emulate the iconic MPC experience on their iOS device, iMPC Pro 2 by AKAI Professional offers an unrivaled blend of classic workflow and modern innovation.


#5. KORG Gadget


KORG Gadget - Unison


KORG Gadget stands out as a versatile music production app that delivers a unique collection of synthesizers and drum machines.


Yes, they are each modeled after KORG’s legendary hardware, so you know it’s legit.


If you specialize in electronic music, this one is perfect for you because it offers a wide range of sounds that are perfect for all EDM subgenres.


The intuitive interface of KORG Gadget simplifies the music creation process, which lets you focus on creating songs and sound effects rather than technical details. 


Each “gadget” within the app operates as an independent instrument, which lets you combine and tweak all the unique sounds offered for powerful soundscapes.


Beyond its impressive sound synthesis capabilities, KORG Gadget includes a powerful sequencer that supports intricate pattern creation and song arrangement. 


This makes it an ideal tool for producing music directly on your mobile device, whether you’re sketching out ideas or finalizing a track.


NOTE: It also encourages collaboration with features designed to share projects with other users and even export MIDI files for use in the best music production software. 


For producers looking for an all-in-one solution that bridges the gap between mobile convenience and studio-quality sound, KORG Gadget is key.


It offers an expansive set of features and tools that promote creativity and efficiency in music production (and helps you destroy beat-block as well!).


#6. BandLab


BandLab ios - Unison


BandLab redefines the concept of mobile music production by offering a cloud-based music creation platform that allows for collaboration amongst musicians worldwide. 


This music-making app is not like all the other music production apps out there.


It’s a social network for music creators, providing tools for recording, editing, and sharing music within a vibrant production community


With BandLab, users can access epic instruments and effects to produce music directly from their mobile device 一 making it accessible to musicians of all skill levels. 


It’s mix editor is super noteworthy, offering a straightforward yet powerful interface for:



One of the most compelling features of BandLab, unlike some other music-making apps, is its commitment to making music production accessible to everyone. 


It’s completely free to use (free version), so you don’t have to worry about any barriers that often come with high-end music production software


Additionally, BandLab includes features like unlimited project storage in the cloud 一 ensuring that your work is safe and accessible from anywhere. 


The platform also provides a wealth of royalty-free samples and loops, giving you endless possibilities for creativity without the worry of copyright infringement


For musicians and producers looking to connect, collaborate, and create music with ease, BandLab offers a unique and powerful way.


One that totally perfected mobile music production and community engagement.


#7. n-Track Studio


ntrack - Unison


n-Track Studio transforms your mobile device into a full-blown digital audio workstation (DAW) at your fingertips.


This makes it a super smart choice for iOS and Android users looking for one of the best music production apps out there. 


This music production app (unlike some other music production apps) excels in multi-track recording, letting you:


  • Record
  • Edit
  • Mix your songs


All with a level of depth and flexibility that rivals desktop music production software. 


With support for both audio and MIDI tracks, n-Track Studio caters to a wide range of music production needs, from recording live instruments and vocals to programming MIDI sequences


Its built-in effects and virtual instruments further excels the music-making process, providing you with the tools needed to refine your unique (signature) sound.


A standout feature of n-Track Studio is its cross-platform compatibility, which enables seamless synchronization of projects across iOS, Android, and desktop versions. 


This ensures that producers can work on their music whenever inspiration strikes, regardless of the device at hand. 


It also offers advanced features such as step sequencer for beat-making, audio looping, and real-time input processing.


These are all essential for creating professional-quality tracks every time.


With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, n-Track Studio is an excellent choice for music makers looking for solid, reliable music production apps.


#8. Beatmaker 3


Beatmaker 3 1 - Unison


Beatmaker 3 is celebrated among electronic music producers and beat-making aficionados for its advanced sampling and sequencing capabilities. 


This music-making app serves as a comprehensive beat production environment, where users can manipulate samples with unparalleled precision and creativity. 


Beatmaker 3’s powerful audio engine allows for slicing, stretching, and pitch shifting.


It lets you to transform all of your samples into entirely new and unique sounds. 


The app’s intuitive workflow and robust feature set, including: 



It helps with the creation of complex beats and tracks like your own personal assistant.


Beyond its sampling prowess, Beatmaker 3 shines with its integration capabilities 一 supporting both AUv3 plugins and external MIDI controllers. 


This opens up endless sound possibilities and lets you expand your sonic palette with virtual instruments and effects from other developers. 


NOTE: It also offers a flexible scene mode, which is ideal for live performances. 


It lets you trigger loops and sequences on the fly, unlike some other music production apps out there. 


Whether in the studio creating intricate tracks or on stage delivering dynamic performances, Beatmaker 3 stands as a powerful tool for anyone serious about beat making and electronic music production.


#9. AUM


AUM2 - Unison


AUM is an audio mixing, routing, and processing application that stands out for its ability to serve as the central hub for a complex mobile music production setup


Designed with both simplicity and flexibility in mind, AUM allows producers to connect and control various music apps and hardware inputs in real-time. 


It excels in managing audio signal flows, making it possible to: 


  • Mix together multiple audio sources
  • Apply effects
  • Route them to various outputs


With its clean and intuitive interface, AUM supports inter-app audio and AUv3 plugins, which lets you integrate various instruments and effects into your setup.


What makes AUM particularly valuable is its capacity for live performance and improvisation. 


Musicians can use this music-making app to create complex audio landscapes by layering sounds from different sources, adjusting levels, and tweaking effects in real-time. 


The app also features MIDI control support, allowing for the automation of volume, pan, and effect parameters 一 providing a hands-on feel to digital music production. 


AUM’s high-quality audio engine ensures that the sound remains pristine, whether you’re mixing for a live set or when you record in the studio (or home studio).


For producers and live performers alike looking for what to download next, AUM offers a versatile and powerful platform for audio mixing and creative experimentation.


#10.KORG Module Pro


Korg Module - Unison


KORG Module Pro is renowned for its outstanding sound quality and vast array of high-fidelity instrument sounds.


It’s actually ia favorite among professional musicians and producers looking for realistic grand piano, organ, and synthesizer tones on their mobile device. 


This music-making app excels with its intuitive interface and performance features, which are designed to accommodate both live performance and studio recording.


It includes a pretty impressive range of instrument libraries, each meticulously sampled to capture the essence of the original hardware. 


KORG Module Pro’s expansive sound library is further enhanced by its compatibility with external MIDI controllers.


This, of course, is perfect for expressive performances and more dynamic control over the virtual instruments.


Beyond its core library, KORG Module Pro provides extensive customization options, with detailed parameter adjustments for each instrument (so you can get precise).


NOTE: It app also integrates seamlessly with KORG Gadget, which other music production apps don’t offer. It allows you to expand your music production skills by incorporating Module’s sounds into Gadget’s workflow. 


For producers focused on creating music with rich, authentic instrument sounds, KORG Module Pro offers a portable solution that doesn’t compromise on audio quality.


Its ease of use, coupled with the depth of its sound library, makes it an indispensable tool for musicians of all genres, from classical to electronic music producers.


#11. Reason Compact


Compact - Unison


Reason Compact puts the legendary sound and flexibility of Reason’s synthesizer, drum machines, and samplers into a compact, mobile-friendly format. 


This music-making app is designed to inspire creativity, offering a powerful yet accessible platform for: 


  • Synthesizing unique sounds
  • Creating epic beats
  • Building tracks
  • Etc.


With its straightforward layout, Reason Compact is particularly appealing to beginners and those who want to quickly sketch out musical ideas. 


The app includes a selection of Reason’s acclaimed instruments, like the Europa Synthesizer, which provides extensive modulation and waveform options for producing complex, evolving sounds. 


So, this is a big advantage over other music production apps.


Additionally, Reason Compact features a user-friendly sequencer for arranging your musical ideas into complete songs. 


Its integration with the larger Reason ecosystem allows users to start projects on their mobile device and then transfer them to Reason on a desktop for further development. 


This app also supports MIDI control 一 giving you the ability to play instruments with a MIDI keyboard and enhancing the tactile experience of music creation. 


For producers looking for the creative power of Reason in a portable format, Reason Compact delivers a streamlined (yet potent) toolset for on-the-go music production.


It just makes it easier than ever to bring your musical ideas to life, no matter where you are.


#12. Real Drum


Real Drum - Unison


Real Drum turns your mobile device into a lifelike drum kit, offering an immersive and interactive experience for drummers and beat-makers. 


This music production app is celebrated for its realistic sound and response, simulating the experience of playing an actual drum set. 


With a variety of drum kits/presets and the ability to customize the layout and sounds of the drums, Real Drum caters to a wide range of styles and preferences. 


Users can practice drum patterns or create new beats using the app’s touch-sensitive pads, which are designed to mimic the dynamics of real drumming.


One of the key features of Real Drum is its extensive library of loops and rhythms, which serve as a great learning tool or as inspiration for creating music. 


It also includes a ‘record’ feature, which allows you to capture your drum performances and use them in your projects.


Additionally, Real Drum supports MIDI, which lets the app work with external drum pads and controllers for an even more authentic drumming experience. 


Whether you’re a seasoned drummer looking for a portable practice tool or a music-maker in need of realistic drum sounds for your songs, Real Drum is fire. 


It offers a versatile and engaging solution for incorporating drum beats into your music that other music production apps just can’t match.


#13. Drum Pad Machine


Drum Pad Machine - Unison


Drum Pad Machine is a popular app among electronic music producers and beat makers around the world.


Unlike other music-making apps, it’s known for its intuitive grid-based interface that makes creating beats and music loops effortless and fun. 


This music-making app is packed with a wide range of sound packs across various genres, from hip-hop to EDM, enabling you to explore different musical styles. 


Each pad on the grid triggers a specific sound or loop, and users can combine these to create complex rhythms and tracks. 


It also features easy-to-use tools for: 


  • Adjusting tempo
  • Applying effects
  • Modifying samples


This allows for a high degree of customization that some other music production apps can’t match.


A standout feature of Drum Pad Machine is its focus on accessibility for beginners while still offering depth for more experienced users. 


This music-making app includes tutorials and challenges that help users learn the basics of beat making and improve their skills. 


Also, Drum Pad Machine supports real-time collaboration.


For those looking to dive into beat making or expand their production toolkit, Drum Pad Machine offers a dynamic platform that encourages experimentation and creativity in music production.


#14. Samplr


Samplr - Unison


Samplr is a unique and innovative app designed for musicians and producers who want to explore new ways of creating music through innovative sampling. 


Unlike traditional music production apps, Samplr focuses on the experience of manipulating audio samples directly on your device’s touchscreen, which is pretty cool.


This music production app allows you to play, loop, and modify your samples using a variety of gestures; making the process of creating music intuitive and engaging. 


Not to mention super fun, of course.


Samplr offers a playground for sonic experimentation with all the features, like:



It will help you to transform any sound into a musical instrument.


Samplr’s interface is designed to encourage creativity 一 featuring several play modes that alter how samples are triggered and manipulated. 


Users can slice, stretch, and morph samples with ease, creating complex textures and evolving soundscapes


It also includes a built-in recorder and support for importing audio from various sources which ensures that inspiration is never too far away.


For producers looking for a music-making app that breaks away from conventional music-making processes, Samplr offers an inspiring and immersive approach to sampling and sound design.


It provides a fresh perspective on electronic music production.


#15. Noir by Ruismaker


Noir - Unison


Noir by Ruismaker is an innovative music production app that combines drum synthesis with a sequencer to create dynamic beats/rhythms with a focus on bass-heavy genres.


It stands out for its unique approach to sound generation, using a blend of synthesis and sampling to produce deep, textured basslines and percussive elements


Noir offers a range of customizable parameters for each sound, including: 



It helps you tweak and refine their beats to perfection. 


The built-in sequencer is intuitive, so you can easily program complex rhythm patterns and sequences that breathe life into your music productions.


A key feature of Noir is its AUv3 compatibility, meaning it can be used within a host user-friendly DAW as an Audio Unit extension, integrating seamlessly into the workflow of mobile music producers. 


This allows for greater flexibility and the ability to layer Noir’s distinctive sounds with other instruments and effects within a project. 


The app’s interface is designed for real-time manipulation 一 providing a hands-on experience that encourages experimentation and exploration.


For producers looking to add depth and character to their beats, especially in genres like techno, dubstep, and drum & bass, Noir by Ruismaker offers a powerful and creative tool that stands out in the mobile music production landscape.


Music production apps like this one can seriously boost your track’s appeal.


#16. Groovepad


Groovepad e1711839848160 - Unison


Groovepad serves as an accessible entry point for aspiring DJs and producers, offering an easy-to-use platform for creating beats/songs across a variety of genres. 


It features an extensive library of sound packs and sound effects, from hip-hop and house to dubstep and drum & bass.


Meaning, you can experiment with different styles and find your unique sound


Groovepad’s interface is user-friendly, with a grid of pads that trigger loops and samples, and intuitive controls for: 



This setup makes it simple for beginners to start producing music right away, while still offering depth for more experienced users to explore.


One of the standout aspects of Groovepad is its emphasis on music creation as a fun and engaging activity. 


Unlike some other great music-making apps, this one includes features like FX effects, including filter, flanger, and reverb, that can be applied in real-time to add polish and character to tracks. 


Groovepad also encourages sharing, with built-in options to export and share your creations on social media or with friends. 


Music Production Apps: Final Thoughts


The music production apps we covered today won’t only speed up your workflow, but help you to create professional-quality tracks with ease. 


You’ll be able to lay down your ideas whenever inspiration strikes and experiment with a diverse range of sounds and instruments.


Plus, the perk of having such powerful tools at your fingertips means you can work from anywhere, just like a professional.


To further enhance your music production skills, don’t forget to check out these Free Famous Beatmaker Template Essentials


This invaluable resource contains the most accurate and organized structures of hit tracks in Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic Pro. 


Every invaluable template is designed to give you a solid foundation for your tracks and a deeper understanding of how professional beats are created.


Plus, it lets you use any sounds you want to tweak, customize, and truly make each template your own. 


They can help you master the structures that have proven successful in the music industry for massive results.


With the right music production apps and resources at your disposal, you have everything you need to create chart-topping music. 


So, go embrace the power of these tools, unleash your creativity, and start making the music you’ve always dreamed of.


Until next time…



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