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9 Music Production Websites To Seriously Enhance Your Skills

As a music producer, it’s all about constantly growing, learning, and evolving. 


So, you’ll need access to the best tools and resources available in order to enhance your skills and make sure you stand out above the competition.


That’s why we’re breaking down the 9 best music production websites that will enhance your capabilities and fuel your creative fire. 


They include everything you’ll need to become the next great producer or sound designer.


The following 18 music production websites will give you access to:


  • Extensive libraries of samples and loops ✓
  • Advanced plugins and virtual instruments ✓
  • Comprehensive tutorials and courses ✓
  • Collaborative tools for real-time music creation ✓
  • Access to exclusive sounds and effects ✓
  • Platforms for mastering and mixing tracks ✓
  • Community forums for networking and advice ✓
  • Regular updates on the latest music tech ✓
  • Much more about the best music production websites ✓


With all this invaluable information, you’ll be able to enhance your skills, create beats with the best sounds possible, and dominate the competition.


Plus, build a music production community that can help get you inspired and get access to some of the best mixing, mastering, and sound design tutorials around.


So, let’s just dive right in…


#1. Unison Audio


music production websites


Unison Audio is the number one destination for music producers looking to elevate their sound, skill set, and success rate.


This legendary beat production website includes an unmatched variety of royalty-free: 


  • MIDI packs & sample packs
  • Presets
  • Plugins
  • Professional tutorials
  • Much more


Whether they’re free or paid, they can all help you create the most innovative, show-stopping beats/songs imaginable.


It also provides extensive professional courses in mixing, mastering, songwriting, beat-making, and sound design.

And these are not just any ordinary courses…


You’ll get access to the biggest industry secrets taught by top producers in the game (it’s really more beneficial than I can even describe).


Plus, the blog you’re reading right now is pretty darn valuable if I do say so myself. 


Bottom line, whether you’re looking for free sounds, the ultimate sound design course, or anything in between, Unison Audio has got you covered. 


  • NOTE


Unison Audio Sample Libraries - Unison


It will open you up to a whole new world of music production mastery right from your browser 一 putting all the other music production websites to shame.


And when it comes to the sounds available, your mind will truly be blown.


#2. Splice


Splice 2 - Unison


Splice revolutionizes the way music producers can access and utilize sound libraries and various beat-making tools


It offers a crazy collection of royalty-free samples and loops so you can discover new, unique sounds into your track regardless of genre/style.


Splice’s discord is particularly loved for its real-time collaboration features 一 allowing artists and producers to work together from anywhere in the world. 


  • NOTE


Splice 1 - Unison


Splice offers a subscription model that provides daily credits for downloading individual sounds, which encourages continuous exploration and creativity.


For those who mix and master their own tracks, Splice also hosts plugin rentals so you’ll be able to access high-end tools without a ridiculous upfront cost.


#3. Native Instruments


NI 1 e1714077888197 - Unison


Native Instruments is a powerhouse in the world of virtual instruments and beat-making software, essential for any modern producer and studio setup.


Their extensive range of products includes industry-leading: 



If you’re not sure the Komplete Suite is, it’s jam-packed with all the tools needed for professional production, performance, and sound design. 


For music producers looking for ultimate beat creation, there’s Maschine…


  • NOTE


NI Maschine - Unison


Maschine a sick hardware-software combo that integrates seamlessly with any of their software to improve workflow and creativity (straight fire).


Also, when compared to other music production websites, I can honestly say their community platform is on point.


Music producers from around the world come together to collaborate, share/play tracks, learn how to play around with a new virtual instrument, and gain inspiration from new friends.


All in all, if you don’t know about Native Instruments and haven’t heard it be called one of the best music production websites before, it’s a true treasure trove.


#4. Point Blank Music School


Point Blank Music School2 - Unison


Point Blank Music School is not just another educational website to help you start making music; it makes sure your songs are refined to perfection.


Offering courses in mixing, mastering, sound design, and music production, Point Blank is the perfect way to get your skill level up right from your browser.


Their courses are now available online 一 taught by renowned experts who have been in the game their whole life, so you can expect top-tier information.


For producers looking to get hands-on experience, Point Blank also provides opportunities to work on real projects and receive personalized feedback.


Point Blank Music School 1 - Unison


This, as you know, is super beneficial as music producer.


So, if you’re looking for the best music production websites for enhanced learning and professional growth, it’s certainly a great contender.


#5. Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique 1 - Unison


Plugin Boutique is one of the best music production websites to help you discover the latest and most innovative digital tools (plugins, software, rent-to-own options, etc.).


It offers a diverse range of plugins from synthesis and modulation to mixing and mastering utilities, so you can create freely.


One of the standout features of Plugin Boutique is their user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of finding the right tools.


This way, you can browse and compare plugins super easily.


  • NOTE


Plugin Boutique 2 - Unison


For the record, it frequently offers exclusive deals and free plugins.


This makes it one of the best music production websites for beat-makers who value affordability and the highest quality products.


For those new to music production, Plugin Boutique also hosts video tutorials and reviews 一 helping you to maximize your new tools.




LANDR1 - Unison


LANDR offers automated mastering services that deliver professional quality with incredible speed, perfect for music production perfectionists everywhere.


Beyond mastering, LANDR offers digital distribution channels that help producers and artists release their music across multiple platforms, including: 



All without the need for a traditional record label or secret connections.


What makes LANDR also standout in the world of best websites is their expansive library of royalty-free samples and loops.


It’s continually updated to inspire and enhance the music creation process. 


  • NOTE


LANDR2 - Unison


For music producers interested in collaboration, LANDR’s network allows connections and project sharing with peers.


It’s perfect for production, mastering, and publishing purposes of any kind.


#7. Loopmasters


Loopmasters 1 - Unison


Loopmasters is one of the best music production websites to find high-quality sounds (like one shots) and loops that will instantly enhance your tracks.


It offers an extensive collection of royalty-free samples across various genres like pop, EDM, trap, folk, hip-hop, rock, etc.


This wide variety guarantees that you’ll find something that matches your unique style.


Loopmasters also excels in offering sound packs and production kits designed by some of the industry’s leading producers and developer masterminds.


Overall, their sound selections are on point and their quality is pretty impressive.


  • NOTE


Loopmasters - Unison


Additionally, the site includes helpful video tutorials and track templates, which are invaluable for producers looking to refine their mixing and beat-making skills. 


Loopmasters’ commitment to quality and variety makes it a top choice for producers aiming to discover show-stopping sounds and elevate their tracks.


#8. Music Radar


Music Radar 1 - Unison


Music Radar is perfect if you’re looking for:


  • Music gear
  • Software
  • Production techniques


What makes it stand out above some other best music production websites is in-depth reviews and buying guides for the latest studio equipment


So, your studio setups will be on point.


When compared to other best websites, Music Radar excels at banging out tutorials and tips on mixing, mastering, and sound design as well.


  • NOTE


Music Radar 2 - Unison


It also features interviews with leading music producers 一 offering insights and inspiration that can spark creativity and refine your production skills. 


For those looking to for the best websites to stay updated on trends/beats and music production techniques, Music Radar is an invaluable resource.


#9. Sonic Academy


Sonic Academy - Unison


Sonic Academy is renowned for its detailed video tutorials and courses created for EDM music producers who want to master various production software and techniques. 


Sonic Academy offers a wide range of tutorials covering everything from basic beat-making tricks to advanced sound engineering.


It’s ideal for EDM producers at any skill level. 


Side note, if you’re looking for the most innovative beat-making course around, we’ve got you covered.


  • NOTE


Sonic Academy 2 e1714078486988 - Unison


Sonic Academy is also the home of ANA 2 and Kick 2, two of their flagship plugins known for their versatility and quality in sound production.


If you haven’t played around with these yet, it’s definitely worth the time.


The Best Music Production Websites For Music Producers: Final Thoughts


Each one of the best music production websites we covered today can seriously enhance your skills.


They all offer unique and innovative tools/resources to help you create professional-quality beats with the best sounds available.


Whether you’re a newbie or looking to refine your expertise, these best music production websites provide everything you need to succeed. 


And blow the competition out of the water, which is kind of the whole point, am I right?


So, go check out these popular, invaluable websites and keep experimenting, learning, and evolving so you never get left behind.


Until next time…




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