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8 Free MIDI Packs That Are Completely Changing The Game

MIDI is the cornerstone of modern music production, offering an unparalleled platform for creating and manipulating sounds. 


It can transform the way you approach music and turn simple notes into extraordinary masterpieces. 


However, finding mind-blowing free MIDI packs that meet professional standards is nearly impossible.


That’s why we’re breaking down the 8 best free MIDI packs in the game.


Each free MIDI pack promises the highest quality, most professional sounds, and innovative progressions to elevate your music.


For every free MIDI pack mentioned, we’ll include:


  • A detailed description & insight ✓
  • What exactly it contains ✓
  • Unique features and exclusives ✓
  • How to creatively incorporate the included MIDI sounds ✓
  • Any special bonuses ✓


Armed with these free MIDI packs, you’ll have access to advanced melodies, intricate rhythms, and dynamic chord progressions. 


Whether you are an aspiring artist or an established producer, these free MIDI packs are designed to infuse your projects with unparalleled quality and versatility.


So, let’s dive in…


What is MIDI?


MIDI files 3 - Unison


MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a transformative communication protocol that enables musical instruments, computers, and other devices to connect and communicate.


This allows you to create, control, and manipulate sound in creative ways. 


MIDI doesn’t contain sound itself but acts as a series of messages, such as notation, pitch, velocity, and vibrato, among others, which trigger the sound module to produce audio.


Utilizing MIDI can elevate your tracks to a whole new level 一 providing unparalleled flexibility and creative freedom. 


With MIDI, you can easily:


  • Change keys
  • Adjust tempos
  • Manipulate individual notes to craft the perfect melody/rhythm


It allows for endless experimentation and gives you the ability to explore new and exciting musical ideas that can change your game.


The following free MIDI packs are curated to change your production game significantly. 


They open up a realm of possibilities, offering a vast array of unique melodies, rhythms, and progressions that can serve as the foundation or the finishing touch for your tracks. 


No longer do we need to read sheet music or be an expert in music theory to manipulate sounds.


Incorporating these MIDI packs into your workflow will enhance the quality of your tracks.


As well as streamline your creative process; enabling you to craft distinctive, professional, and compelling soundscapes.


The 8 Best Free MIDI Packs of 2023


Now that you have a solid understanding of what MIDI is and the transformative impact it can have on your tracks, let’s dive into the ultimate list of the best MIDI packs available today.


All the unique, professionally-crafted sounds and rhythms found in each of the following free MIDI packs will elevate your music to unprecedented heights.


#1. Unison Essential MIDI Melodies


Unison Essential MIDI Melodies 750x750 1 - Unison



The first game-changer on our list is the Unison Essential MIDI Melodies, which contain some of the most enchanting, captivating melodies around.


If you’re aiming to craft tracks that resonate and stick, focusing on the melody is key. 


It’s the melody that gets people humming and keeps your tunes on replay, ultimately making them hits. 


And, with this free MIDI pack, you’re getting a free taste of hit-worthy MIDI melodies that Unison Audio is renowned for.


Melodies have this unique charm 一 they draw listeners in and make a track not only memorable, but unforgettable. 


Incorporating the right melody can elevate your music, adding that extra layer of intrigue that’s irresistible. 


The Unison Essential MIDI Melodies pack provides you with 12 unique, hit MIDI melodies that you can instantly plug and play into your DAW’s piano roll.


The included MIDI melodies will ensure your music is not just heard, but truly listened to and felt.


NOTE: This is especially crucial for us hip-hop and trap music producers, where a good melody can set the tone and vibe of the entire track. 


With these MIDI melodies, you’ll be equipped to craft expressive melodies that are not just catchy but have the potential to turn your next track into an instant hit song.


Chart-topping hit song, I should say.


Download Unison Essential MIDI Melodies Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


MIDI Melodies - Unison


#2. Unison Essential MIDI Basslines


Unison Essential MIDI Basslines - Unison



Moving on to the next gem we have the Unison Essential MIDI Basslines pack. 


Ever noticed how a killer bassline can make a room shake and turn a track into an instant hit?


Well, that’s the power of bass at its finest.


And, with this free MIDI pack, you’re getting fire MIDI basslines that are guaranteed to make your tracks hit harder than ever before.


Bass holds a significant place in today’s music scene, especially in genres like hip-hop, EDM, lofi, and house music. 


It’s the element that gets people moving 一 creating an irresistible urge to dance. 


With the Unison Essential MIDI Basslines, you’re getting basslines that are:


  • Professionally crafted
  • Hard-hitting
  • Captivating
  • Ground-shaking & jaw-dropping


They won’t only capture everyone’s attention but also ensure your tracks are the ones making people hit the repeat button over and over again.


The best part?… These basslines are 100% royalty-free, customizable, and compatible with all your favorite sounds.


This makes them a valuable resource for any music producer


Plus, this pack is loaded with 12 of the hottest, highest-quality free MIDI basslines in the game that will help make epic music that truly resonates.


This free MIDI pack is the secret sauce to producing legendary hip hop, EDM, trap (or any other popular genre) like a true professional.


Download Unison Essential MIDI Basslines Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


MIDI Basslines Break Down - Unison


#3. Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits


Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits 750x750 1 - Unison



If you’ve ever wanted to create perfect drum patterns that will leave everyone impressed, then the Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits pack is your key. 


Mediocre drum patterns?… 


They aren’t going to get your tracks anywhere near the top of the charts. 


But with this free MIDI pack, you’re getting a proven, field-tested method for creating radio-worthy drum patterns every single time.


Drums are the backbone of a track 一 they set the rhythm and create the vibe. 


Having drum loops and drum patterns that are of the highest quality is vital to moving up in the music production world.


That’s what this pack guarantees; top-notch, addictive drum patterns that can be easily dragged and dropped into your projects.


If you’re looking to create professional-sounding drum grooves instantly, look no further.


Whether you’re working on trap drum loops or exploring other packs for different vibes, these free MIDI files are versatile and a valuable addition. 


It’s like having a Grammy-nominated pianist and a world-class drummer all in one pack, giving your tracks the rhythm and groove they deserve.


When compared to other MIDI packs (free or otherwise) Unison Free MIDI Drum Kits is the undefeated champ.


Download Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


Unison Essential MIDI Drum Kits Info - Unison


#4. Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions


MIDI packs



The Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions pack doesn’t just have the name “famous” in it because it includes the hottest emulation of famous songs.


It has the word famous in the title because the included chord progressions can potentially make your tracks famous!


Chord progressions are the harmonic backbone of a track because they create unrivaled emotion and tension, making them captivating and essential. 


Choosing the right MIDI chord progression can turn your music from good to great.


And this free MIDI pack sets your tracks up for just that: greatness.


Inside this free MIDI pack, you’re getting a solid foundation of chord progressions identical to those from the biggest hit songs of all time. 


It’s like having the secret sauce of Led Zeppelin, Post Malone, Ariana Grande, and more, all in your hands (and for free, no less).


You can instantly plug & play each chord progression into your own music in order to:


  • Elevate your existing tracks to radio-worthy levels
  • Lay down a hit foundation for a new song right off the bat


These free MIDI chord progressions are not just an addition to your tracks.


They are an invaluable asset for any unforgettable beat, especially for hip-hop digital music producers. 


This free pack isn’t just the ultimate authentic collection of MIDI sounds.


It’s an authentic compilation of the music theory behind some of the greatest music ever produced. 


Whether you’re producing future bass/future house, EDM, or sticking to your favorite software synths, using these chord progressions and melodies can make your great music stand out and sound unique.


Plus, every chord progression included is completely royalty free, so you have all the creative freedom in the world.


Bonus: if you’re wondering how to create the most captivating chord progressions ever, we’ve got you covered.


Download Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


Unison Essential Famous MIDI Chord Progressions Break Down e1695591684892 - Unison


#5. Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack)


Unison Beatmaker Blueprint Free Teaser Pack Art Final 750x750 1 - Unison



The Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack) is not just a teaser; it’s a variety of sounds that are unparalleled, legendary, and invaluable. 


With 449 free samples, loops, and MIDIs, this free MIDI pack is a testament to the epic nature of the full Unison Beatmaker Blueprint.


Whether you produce electronic music, hip hop music, or pop, this free MIDI pack has something for you.


It will give you a taste of pro-quality sounds that are a rarity in the music production world, especially at a zero price tag.


Whether it’s drum loops, bass loops or melody loops with the included MIDI data/MIDI files, this pack has got you covered.


Crafting beats that leave a mark requires sounds that are polished, well-designed, and iconic are the very essence of this MIDI pack. 


Modeled after the biggest hits in beatmaking genres 一 every sample, loop, and MIDI in this ultimate collection is a show-stopper.


The freedom that comes with 100% royalty-free sounds is innovative and will help create mind-blowing beats that resonate with the masses.


Indulge in the Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack) and grasp the immense value it brings to your musical journey. 


It’s a stepping stone to legendary beats, a key to unlocking the extraordinary in the ordinary. 


Looking for the best (hip-hop, trap, lofi chords) MIDI pack around?


No need to look any further.


So, if you want to get your music the recognition it truly deserves and sculpt beats with one of the best MIDI packs of the year, you’ve got it!


Download the Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack) Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


Unison Beatmaker Blueprint Free Teaser Pack - Unison


#6. Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls


Unison Essential MIDI Hi Hat Rolls 750x750 1 - Unison



Next, we introduce the Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls, the ultimate collection for stepping up your hi-hat game. 


Hi-hats are more than just rhythmic elements; they are the intriguing details that can make your tracks groove and add that extra layer of finesse. 


If you are looking to get your music the recognition it deserves, incorporating the best of the best free MIDI hi-hats is crucial.


These aren’t just any free hi-hat rolls.


They are perfectly produced MIDI hi-hat rolls, crafted meticulously to fit into any genre and make your tracks addictive. 


A basic, predictable drum pattern isn’t going to cut it; you need perfection.


And that’s precisely what Unison MIDI Drum Packs deliver 一 a proven, field-tested method for creating radio-worthy drum patterns consistently.


Having the perfect hi-hat rolls that align with your genre and resonate with your audience is what’s going to separate your tracks from the rest.


As well as make your listeners demolish that repeat button over and over again.


If you’re wondering how to create, manipulate, and tweak hi-hats to create completely addicting sequences, we’ve got your back!


Download Unison Essential MIDI Hi-Hat Rolls Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


MIDI hi hat rolls breakdown - Unison


#7. Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials


Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials 750x750 1 - Unison



With the Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials pack you can elevate your music to unprecedented heights.


These are not just scales and melodies.


They are a treasure trove of musical sophistication aimed at distinguishing your music from the competition.


Unison brings to the table a collection that is the epitome of advanced musical theory 一 opening doors to unparalleled melodic and harmonic possibilities


All the elements within this free MIDI pack will help you make tracks that are not just heard, but truly remembered, including:



The Advanced Scales MIDI pack from Unison is a revelation in music production (especially for those who seek to make a significant impact without a degree in music theory).


These meticulously crafted free MIDI files are your personal gateway to producing standout music.


Plus, they’re infused with complexity and depth that resonate on a different frequency


Every MIDI file in this pack is a step towards creating awe-inspiring tracks across all genres 一 turning each play into an unforgettable journey.


Downloading the Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials is like tapping into a well of musical genius that a select few get access to.


It will help you weave intricate harmonies and melodies seamlessly. 


When it comes to free MIDI packs and free MIDI files, there’s no better value.


NOTE: If you’re wondering what MIDI files are, our descriptive article has all the answers.


Download Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Essentials Break Down - Unison


#8. Unison MIDI Box (Free Teaser)


Unison MIDI Box Free Teaser Pack Art 750 - Unison



Unleash a symphony of creativity with the Unison MIDI Box (Free Teaser) and let your music stand testament to the legendary sounds that this pack harbors. 


This is not just a collection of chord progressions, MIDI files, melody loops and what not.


It’s an experience, a journey through musical realms that are explored by only the finest. 


With 55 meticulously crafted free MIDI files, this free teaser is your gateway to the illustrious world of the full version of Unison MIDI Box


All the included melody loops, chord progressions, basslines, etc. are brushstrokes of musical genius.


This free MIDI pack is a reservoir of pro-quality free MIDI files 一 the kind that distinguish the maestros from the amateurs.


It’s a treasure trove of free MIDI files (better than Key Chords MIDI pack, Cybersynth Soundscapes MIDI pack and Python MIDI collection combined) modeled after the biggest hit songs across genres.


Plus, it’s designed by the world’s top music theory experts, sound designers, and producers, so you know these free MIDI files are super legit and unique.


Every MIDI file is a step towards crafting music that: 


  • Deeply resonates
  • Tells an addicting story
  • Leaves a long-lasting impression
  • Can help you reach the top of the charts


Plus, the 100% royalty-free nature of these MIDIs gives you the freedom to create without boundaries, to explore without limits.


The Unison MIDI Box (Free Teaser) is undeniably irresistible, serving as a blueprint for musical innovation and inspiration. 


The included free MIDI files are a doorway to discovering your unique sound and creating music that moves, excites, and captivates.


So, needless to say, when it comes to free MIDI packs and free MIDI files, this one should go down in the hall of fame.


Download the Unison MIDI Box (Free Teaser Pack) Now


This Free MIDI Pack Contains:


MIDI Box BreakDown - Unison


MIDI Packs: Final Thoughts


It’s clear how integral MIDI is to modern music production, that’s a fact.


These free MIDI packs will provide you with a wealth of options to enhance creativity and elevate the quality of your tracks.


The influence of professional, chart-topping sounds within these free MIDI packs can significantly shape your music.


As well as give you endless inspiration, and make your beats innovative.


By integrating these legendary elements, you can produce work that stands out in a competitive music landscape and resonates with a broad audience.


To sum it up, these MIDI packs are essential tools for any producer looking to refine their craft and create chart-topping music.


They offer a glimpse into the possibilities of music production encouraging the creation of unique and professional-sounding tracks.


Armed with these resources, you are well-equipped to dominate the music production scene and make your mark with impactful and memorable music.


So, go ahead and create the wave, don’t ride it.


Until next time…



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