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Analog Mixer: The 9 Best Analog Mixers Ever (Don’t Miss Out)

Analog mixers are the heart of many audio setups.


They’re the control center where multiple sound sources are balanced, tweaked, and blended together.


Whether you’re recording in a home studio, hosting a podcast, or managing a live performance, a quality analog mixer can significantly elevate your audio production.


However, the sea of options available can make choosing the right mixer a daunting task.


Luckily, we’re breaking down the 9 best analog mixers of 2023 that can cater to a variety of needs.


From the amateur podcaster to the seasoned sound engineer, we’re covering it all.


What’s going to be included for each analog mixer:


  • An extensive description ✓
  • Standout Features ✓
  • Impressive Functions ✓
  • Unique inclusions ✓
  • Application ✓
  • Cost ✓
  • Much more ✓


By the end of this article, you will have access to the absolute best analog mixers of 2023.


Armed with this information, you’ll be able to produce beats, recordings, or live shows that are not just impressive but thorougly spectacular.


So, let’s dive in…


What is an Analog Mixer?


analog mixer


If you’re coming from a digital setup, an analog mixer might feel like a step back in time, but trust me, the warmth and character it adds to your audio are unparalleled.


At its core, an analog mixer is an electronic device designed to blend multiple audio channels into a stereo master output.


Unlike digital audio mixers, which use data and computational power, analog mixers use actual electrical circuits to combine audio signals.


Don’t underestimate the power of going old-school.


The texture and soul an analog mixer can add to your tracks are insane.


From mic inputs to line inputs, the connectivity options on analog mixers are abundant, allowing you to connect directly to various audio sources like:


  • Mics
  • Instruments
  • Turntables


Depending on your studio setup, the analog mixer can act as the central hub 一 channeling and balancing the audio before it hits your audio interface or recording device.


Essentially, it’s the beating heart of your audio setup.


The tactile experience of moving physical faders and knobs is pretty dope too, giving you hands-on control for precise mixes.


While analog mixers lack some of the fancy digital features like onboard effects or digital connectivity, they make up for it with ease of use and sonic richness.


You don’t have to navigate through complicated menus or suffer latency issues.


It’s immediate, straightforward, and produces high-quality audio.


Whether you’re into live performances, recording sessions, or just jamming out in your home studio, analog mixers offer unparalleled simplicity and sound quality.


What You Should Look For When Considering an Analog Mixer


Alright, now that you understand what an analog mixer is, let’s talk about the factors you should consider when choosing one.


#1. The Number of Channels. 


Analog Mixer Channels e1693865486177 - Unison


Analog mixers can have anything from a few channels to dozens, and the number you need depends on your studio setup.


More channels mean more mic inputs, stereo channels, and line inputs 一 giving you the ability to handle complex mixes with ease.


#2. Connectivity. 


Analog Mixer InputOutput - Unison


The number of inputs and outputs is crucial, so make sure to check the mic inputs, line inputs, and USB ports.


Look for mixers that offer phantom power if you’re planning to use condenser mics.


In addition, you might want to look for an analog mixer with an audio interface built-in.


This lets you connect directly to your computer for easy recording and playback, adding to the overall versatility.


#3. Aux Sends & Effects.


Analog Mixer AUX Sends - Unison


These features allow you to add external effects and route audio to other devices like monitors or recording systems.


If you’re into spicing up your hip-hop tracks with external FX, make sure to look for an analog mixer that offers these options.


Some mixers even include built-in effects (like delay or reverb), which can be a significant advantage when you’re striving for a particular sound.


#4. The Brand & Build Quality.


Analog Mixer Brands - Unison


Reliable brands usually offer mixers with a sturdy build, high-quality components, and excellent customer support.


Always compare your options before you pull the trigger.


Remember, investing in an analog mixer is not just about today’s needs but also about scalability and future requirements.


So, keep these factors in mind as you scout the market for the best analog mixer that suits your unique needs and setup.


The 9 Best Analog Mixers of 2023


Now that you’re aware of what exactly an analog mixer is and what they offer, let’s take a deep dive into the top analog mixers available on the market this year.


Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first mixer or a seasoned professional aiming for an upgrade, there’s something here for everyone.


#1. Soundcraft EPM8 High-Performance 8-channel Audio Mixer


EPM - Unison


Let’s kick off this list with the Soundcraft EPM8, an analog mixer that’s both a workhorse and a thoroughbred.


This analog mixer doesn’t mess around when it comes to build quality and audio performance.


Forget unnecessary bells and whistles; Soundcraft focuses on what matters.


The interface is super easy to navigate, which means you can get down to the business of making those sick hip-hop beats.


This mixer leverages surface mount technology across the board.


What does that mean for you?… High-accuracy and repeatable settings for EQ and gain controls.


Speaking of EQ, the EPM8 features the transparent GB30 Mic amp.


Designed for Soundcraft’s 30th anniversary, this amp offers stunning +22dB headroom through the console.


If you’re recording vocals or laying down some analog synth lines, you’ve got plenty of room to experiment.


The EPM8 delivers professional 48-volt phantom power.


Ideal for all types of condenser microphones, it ensures that you’re never short on options.


Plus, the PEAK LED on this mixer is a truly unique and impressive feature.


It uses multipoint signal take-offs to warn you before any channel hits overload 一 like having a co-pilot in your studio setup.


You get 60mm high-quality faders, just like on the big Soundcraft desks.


The tactile feedback is excellent, which can make a massive difference when you’re tweaking levels during a live set.


This analog mixer will easily integrate into various settings, like:


  • Live music
  • Recording studios
  • Churches
  • Even multi-speaker installations


Plus, the PEAK LED on this mixer is a truly unique and impressive feature.


It uses multipoint signal take-offs to warn you before any channel hits overload 一 like having a co-pilot in your studio setup.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


EPM3 e1693865538623 - Unison


  • 2 configurable auxiliary buses
  • XLR-type and ¼” metal jack connector sockets
  • RCA phono stereo playback inputs and record outputs
  • 3-band EQ with a swept mid on mono channels/inputs
  • 2-band EQ on stereo inputs
  • TRS insert sockets and inserts on all mono inputs and mix output
  • Ten-segment LED output metering
  • Intuitive and comprehensive solo system
  • Headphone output
  • Easily rack-mountable
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#2. Behringer Xenyx X2222USB


XUSB - Unison


Next on our list is the Behringer Xenyx X2222USB.


If you’re looking for a feature-rich analog mixer that can handle both live performances and studio recording, this is the one.


Boasting eight onboard studio-grade XENYX mic preamps, this mixer gives you audio that’s as clean as it gets.


Plus, with “British” channel EQs, you can sculpt your sound to a whole new level.


This analog mixer comes with one-knob compressors that provide dynamic control 一 allowing your hip-hop tracks to pack a punch while retaining all their underlying emotions.


The built-in 24-bit, dual-engine Multi-FX processor gives you 16 editable, professional-grade presets.


Reverb, chorus, flanger, delay; you name it, it’s got it.


The X2222USB isn’t just for live gigs…


With its built-in USB/audio interface, this mixer can serve as a powerful part of your home recording studio.


And the good news? It ships with all the recording and editing software you need to get started.


Turn your computer system into a professional home recording studio with ease.


Those XENYX mic preamps are not just for show; they offer a staggering 130 dB of dynamic range.


This gives you room to play around with:


  • Vocals
  • Instruments
  • Sound effects 


All without any compromises.


The bandwidth extends from below 10 Hz to well above 200 kHz, making sure nothing gets lost in translation.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


XUSB3 e1693865579671 - Unison


  • 8 onboard studio-grade XENYX Mic Preamps
  • Ultra-musical “British” channel EQs
  • One-knob compressors
  • 24-bit, dual-engine Multi-FX processor
  • Built-in USB/audio interface for recording
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#3. Mackie ProFX10v3


ProFX - Unison


Now, let’s talk about the Mackie ProFX10v3, a 10-channel professional effects mixer designed for music producers like you.


The ProFX10v3 is equipped with four award-winning Onyx preamps that deliver analog warmth and make your beats/lyrics sound legit.


With its high-resolution effects engine, you’re looking at a mixer that can adapt to your every need, whether it’s laying down tracks or live streaming.


The versatility doesn’t stop there.


Mackie includes Waveform OEM software 一 turning your setup into a full-blown, high-performance recording studio.


With sample rates up to 192 kHz, you can get super crisp audio that’s essential for hip-hop productions.


Monitoring is also a breeze with this analog mixer.


Say goodbye to latency issues, thanks to its latency-free direct monitoring feature.


You can even control the blend between your DAW and channel inputs, offering unmatched flexibility during recording sessions.


The Mackie ProFX10v3 sets a new standard when it comes to studio-quality performance for recording artists and content creators.


With 24 built-in effects, the ProFX10v3 offers a complete toolkit for sound shaping.


From adding a touch of reverb to your guitar to giving your podcasts a creative edge, this analog mixer has got you covered.


Its rugged design also ensures it can withstand the rigors of live gigs and constant use.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


Pro FX Latency Free - Unison


  • High-resolution recording via USB
  • Award-Winning Onyx Preamps
  • Powerful FX Engine with Customizable Presets
  • 48-volt Phantom Power
  • Headphone Output with Independent Volume Control
  • Rugged design for durability
  • Latency-free direct monitoring feature
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#4. Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX


Alesis 1 e1693859197148 - Unison


The Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX is a versatile analog mixer that combines user-friendly features with robust functionality.


Aimed at a wide range of users from podcasters and livestreamers to musicians and live performers, this mixer provides a variety of input options.


It includes four XLR inputs with individual gain controls and switchable phantom power.


Therefore, accommodating both dynamic and condenser microphones.


TRS line inputs are available for all eight channels, and it even features a high-impedance input for direct guitar or bass connections.


This analog mixer boasts:


  • A sleek design
  • Improved knob-to-knob spacing for ease of use
  • Lower power consumption compared to its predecessor


With its on-board volume, pan, and EQ controls, the Multimix 8 USB FX offers excellent flexibility for quick mix adjustments and sound design.


Channels 1-4 also feature switchable high-pass filtering at 80Hz to remove low-frequency noise.


For recording purposes, this analog mixer includes a class-compliant USB interface 一 letting you directly connect it to a Mac or PC without requiring additional drivers.


The package also comes bundled with AIR Mini Grand virtual piano, DB-33 virtual organ, and Eleven Lite software.


If you’re concerned about monitoring, the Multimix 8 USB FX comes with a two-channel, five-stage, multicolor LED meter for visual feedback on the main output level.


It also provides bidirectional stereo signal paths for monitoring through headphones and loudspeakers.


To sum up, this analog mixer offers a good balance between functionality and convenience.


Which makes it suitable for both live performances and home recordings.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


Alesis 2 - Unison


  • Four XLR inputs with individual gain controls and switchable phantom power
  • High-impedance input for direct guitar or bass connections
  • On-board volume, pan, and EQ controls
  • Class-compliant USB interface for direct computer connection
  • Comes bundled with AIR Mini Grand virtual piano, DB-33 virtual organ, and Eleven Lite software
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#5. Solid State Logic BiG SiX


Big - Unison


The Solid State Logic (SSL) BiG SiX offers an exceptional level of audio quality and feature-rich functionality.


It’s suitable for professional musicians, sound engineers, and content creators alike.


Building on the lineage of SSL’s iconic studio consoles, this analog mixer features:


  • Four SuperAnalogue mic preamps
  • Advanced monitoring & routing capabilities
  • A comprehensive set of onboard effects


It is a powerhouse, designed to bring large-format console performance to a compact desktop size.


BiG SiX increases its channel count and flexibility, boasting four SuperAnalogue stereo inputs with dual mono switching and a 3-band E-Series EQ on each channel.


This analog mixer also offers dual independent headphone outputs with a source matrix 一 delivering ultimate flexibility for any production scenario.


One of the standout features is the G Series Bus Compressor, known for adding drive, energy, and a ‘finished’ sound to your tracks.


In addition, BiG SiX comes with a built-in 16-channel 96 kHz/24-bit USB interface.


NOTE: If you want to learn about all bit depth, we’ve got you covered.


This allows for advanced routing options and seamless integration into your digital audio workstation.


The design aesthetics are sleek, and the mixer is robustly built to handle the rigors of both studio and live environments.


With a broad range of features from SSL console-grade faders to advanced monitoring and up to 18 inputs at mixdown, the BiG SiX is truly a professional-level analog mixer in a compact form factor.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


Big Six 2 - Unison


  • Four SuperAnalogue™ mic preamps
  • Built-in 16-channel 96 kHz/24-bit USB interface with advanced routing
  • Legendary G Series Bus Compressor with ‘Auto’ release setting
  • 3-band E-Series EQ on every channel
  • Dual independent headphone outputs with source matrix
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#6. Soundcraft Signature 22MTK


Signature 2 - Unison


The Soundcraft Signature 22MTK is a top-tier analog mixer featuring Soundcraft’s iconic Ghost mic preamps.


It offers high headroom and exceptional audio quality.


Designed for both studio and live settings, this mixer incorporates Soundcraft’s Sapphyre Assymetric EQ and GB Series audio routing technology.


This analog mixer is well-suited for both recording and live performances, providing studio-grade effects like:


  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Modulation
  • More


Which is all thanks to built-in Lexicon effects and dbx limiters on the input channels.


One of the distinguishing features of this mixer is its multi-track USB audio interface, which allows seamless integration with a variety of VST/AU/AAX/TDM/RTAS plugins.


This feature makes it easy to incorporate studio plugins into live performances or recordings.


Accompanying the console are free downloads of the Lexicon MPXL native plug-in and Ableton Live 9 Lite 一 adding to its value and versatility.


The Soundcraft Signature 22MTK offers flexible input options, including XLR and switchable Hi-Z inputs for direct connection of guitars, basses, and other instruments.


It also features:


  1. High-quality faders
  2. Robust metal construction
  3. An internal universal power supply


Overall, if you are looking for a mixer that offers professional-grade features and exceptional audio quality, the Soundcraft Signature 22MTK should be high on your list.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


Signature 3 e1693859737426 - Unison


  • Iconic Soundcraft Ghost mic preamps
  • Multi-track USB audio interface for seamless integration with plugins
  • Built-in Lexicon studio-grade effects and dbx limiters
  • Flexible pre/post switching on each Aux and powerful routing options
  • Comes with free downloads of Lexicon MPXL native plug-in and Ableton Live 9 Lite
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#7. Mackie VLz4 (802VLZ4 8-Channel Ultra-Compact Analog Mixer)


802 2 - Unison


The Mackie VLz4 (802VLZ4) packs a potent punch in a compact form factor, making it a highly versatile option for a variety of applications.


From home recording and content creation to broadcast scenarios, this analog mixer has it all.


It offers the channel count and feature set professionals need without overwhelming the workspace, which is awesome.


It incorporates Mackie’s renowned Onyx mic preamps, known for their boutique quality and ultra-wide 60dB gain range.


These are complemented by a slew of other pro-level features, including:


  • Selectable instrument inputs that negate the need for external DI boxes
  • An 18 dB/oct 100Hz low-cut filter on mic input channels


The mixer boasts an exceptional dynamic range of 128.5 dB and incredibly low distortion levels 一 ensuring a pristine audio signal path.


An extended frequency response ensures that your sound will be faithfully reproduced, whether you are recording vocals, instruments, or other sources.


The 802VLZ4 also offers selectable instrument inputs on the first two channels.


So, you can plug your instruments directly into the mixer and avoid the need for external DI boxes.


Notably, this model also incorporates features tailored for broadcast applications, including improved RF (Radio Frequency) rejection.


Its high-headroom line inputs and 3-band EQ make it easy to tailor your sound to suit any project.


The control room/phones source matrix and high-resolution 12-segment stereo meters allow for advanced routing and monitoring capabilities.


Durability is a key strength of this mixer, thanks to its “Built-Like-A-Tank” rugged steel chassis with a powder-coat finish and high-visibility, high-contrast controls.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


802 - Unison


  • Boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps with ultra-wide 60dB gain range
  • Improved RF rejection for broadcast applications
  • High-headroom line inputs and 3-band EQ
  • Control room/phones source matrix and high-resolution 12-segment stereo meters
  • Durable construction with a rugged steel chassis and sealed rotary controls
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#8. Allen & Heath ZEDi-8


Zedi4 e1693860157655 - Unison


The Allen & Heath ZEDi-8 is a robust, hands-on analog mixer that doubles as a 2×2 USB interface.


This makes it an ideal companion for musicians and recording artists working across different stages of the creative process.


Whether that’s jamming at home, live performance, or recording projects for online platforms, it’s perfect for all occasions.


This analog mixer’s preamps, known as GSPre, are derived from the respected GS-R24 studio recording console 一 ensuring a low-noise floor and ample headroom.


The GSPre preamps also add a signature analog warmth to the sound that is distinctive of Allen & Heath products.


For musicians on the go, the ZEDi-8’s Guitar DI high impedance inputs eliminate the need for carrying separate DI boxes, as it allows you to plug your guitar directly into the mixer.


Furthermore, the built-in 2 in/2 out, 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface provides a seamless connection to a computer for recording and playback.


It is class-compliant with Mac and iOS, ensuring hassle-free connectivity.


This analog mixer comes bundled with Cubase LE software, providing a comprehensive set of tools for:



The ZEDi-8 is designed for durability, following Allen & Heath’s legendary touring-grade standards.


Each channel is constructed on individual vertical circuit boards, and all rotary controls are secured to the front panel with steel nuts to guard against impact damage.


The mixer’s precise MusiQ EQ controls allow for fine tonal shaping and makes it easy to sculpt the sound of each musical source.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


Zedi e1693860227709 - Unison


  • Versatile 2×2 USB audio interface built-in
  • GSPre boutique preamp design for low noise and high headroom
  • Guitar DI high impedance inputs
  • Comes bundled with Cubase LE software
  • Exceptionally durable, touring-grade construction
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


#9. Yamaha MG10X CV


MG10 e1693863689898 - Unison


The Yamaha MG10X CV is a multi-purpose mixer designed for both live and studio setups.


It offers an extensive range of inputs (including XLR, 1/4-inch, and phone/RCA pin jacks), making it a versatile choice for connecting a variety of audio sources.


What sets it apart are the D-PRE discrete preamps that bring out the best in your microphones.


This offers a clear, articulate sound with a natural bass response and smooth highs.


The MG10X CV provides a rich set of features to help you shape your sound 一 from a powerful EQ section to a variety of built-in digital effects.


Based on Yamaha’s renowned SPX digital multi-effects processor, the mixer offers 24 editable effects including reverb, delay, chorus, and more.


One-knob compressors on two channels simplify the process of achieving a well-balanced mix (with no fuss) and add to:



The mixer’s durable construction ensures it will hold up in the most demanding environments.


NOTE: It has color-coded controls and lit on/off switches that offer intuitive, at-a-glance operation; ideal for scenarios where quick adjustments are necessary.


The MG10X CV is also compatible with an optional FC5 footswitch for hands-free control of effect muting.


Standout Features of This Analog Mixer:


MG10 2 e1693863738802 - Unison


  • D-PRE discrete preamps for transparent, powerful sound
  • 24 adjustable digital effects based on the Yamaha SPX processor
  • One-knob compressors for simple, effective dynamic control
  • Durable construction with color-coded controls and lit on/off switches
  • Versatile input and output options, including XLR, 1/4-inch, and phone/RCA pin jacks
  • One of the best analog mixers of 2023


Analog Mixer: Final Thoughts


Analog mixers, as you can now see, offer a unique blend of tactile control, sound quality, and versatility that can truly elevate your audio game.


Whether you’re into home recording, live gigs, or podcasting, the right analog mixer can make a significant difference in capturing and shaping your sound.


They offer the precision and warmth that many digital platforms just can’t replicate.


Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on the best analog mixers of 2023, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision.


But having the right mixer is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating standout beats and soundscapes.


To really amplify your creations, you should really incorporate the Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack) into your workflow.


This invaluable pack contains 449 samples, loops, and MIDIs designed to take your beats to the next level, free of charge and 100% royalty-free.


Modeled after the biggest hit songs in beatmaking genres, these high-quality files offer a fast-track to professional-sounding tracks.


The best part?… All files are cleared for personal and commercial use, meaning you can incorporate them into your music however you see fit.


The path to exceptional sound quality and creativity doesn’t have to be complicated.


With the right analog mixer and the dynamic range of sounds from the free Beatmaker Blueprint, you’re well on your way to producing beats that are not just good, but extraordinary.


Until next time…



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