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The 13 Best Vocoder Plugins for 2024 (Vocal Madness!)

Vocoding is not just about altering voices… 


It’s a transformative vocal process that blends human expression with electronic synthesis to create captivating sounds.


That’s why, as a producer, knowing the best vocoder plugins can help elevate your music production skills to new heights.


Plus, of course, make crazy vocal effects to help your tracks stand out. 


Each one of the following vocoder plugins will give you access to vital features and functions like:


  • Adjustable Bands/Band Filters ✓
  • Integrated Synthesizers ✓
  • Real-Time Formant Control ✓
  • Extensive Presets/Preset Libraries ✓
  • MIDI Compatibility ✓
  • Dynamic Envelope Followers ✓
  • Carrier Waveform Selection ✓
  • A Modulation Section ✓
  • Effects & Processing Tools For Pristine Voice Manipulation ✓
  • Much More for Professional-quality Vocals ✓


By the end of this article, you’ll have access to the best vocoder plugins in the game, enabling you to manipulate and enhance vocal tracks like a professional. 


Plus, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to choose the right tool for your artistic needs, ensuring that your productions stand out with their innovative sound.


What is Vocoding Exactly?


Vocoding e1713213723759 - Unison


Vocoding is a unique audio processing technique that you’ve certainly heard time and time again.


It is used to blend two sound sources, typically a human voice and a synthesized tone, to produce distinctive vocal effects that instantly capture people’s attention.


The term “vocoder” stands for “voice encoder,” which describes its main function 一 to encode the spectral characteristics of one sound onto another. 


A vocoder works by using a series of individual bandpass filters to analyze the frequency content of a “modulator” signal (usually the human voice), which modulates a “carrier” signal (generated by a synthesizer). 


NOTE: To put it simply, the rhythmic and tonal characteristics of the voice are simply imposed onto the synthesizer’s sound.


It creates an effect that can sound robotic, monstrous, ethereal, or anything in between, depending on the settings used.


This technique has been key in the growth of electronic music and is famous for its creative potential in transforming vocal expressions into new and exciting sonic forms.


Now that you got the basics down, let’s get into the fun stuff: the 13 best vocoder plugins available on the market today.


#1. UAD Softube Vocoder


vocoder plugins


UAD Softube Vocoder is an exceptional plugin for creating immersive vocal textures and transforming them with the iconic robotic touch of a vocoder. 


This vocoder plugin excels in delivering high-fidelity sound quality and precision, which is characteristic of Universal Audio’s products. 


It features an extensive range of carrier waveforms (from simple tones to complex sounds) to help you tweak and customize the vocoder effect to your heart’s content. 


Softube Vocoder also includes innovative controls such as formant shift and spread, which allow for precise adjustments to the vocal texture and timbre. 


This helps enhance both voice legibility and overall musicality, which is super important. 


Overall, this is one of the most flexible, versatile vocoders available today, so if you’re looking for a great option, look no further.


Softube Vocoder is ideal for producers looking for a high-quality vocoder that provides extensive customization options and integrates seamlessly into any professional audio production workflow.


For some seriously legendary vocal effects, it has everything you’ll need.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • The vocoder’s sound quality is perfect for clear, detailed vocoder effects
  • Variety of four selectable waveforms for extensive sound design
  • Formant shift and spread controls for precise vocal manipulation
  • Perfect for electronic music
  • Easy to integrate/play around with other UAD plugins
  • Softube Vocoder is one of the best vocoder plugins around


#2. Arturia Vocoder V


Arturia Vocoder V - Unison


The Arturia Vocoder V is not just a standard vocoder… 


It’s a powerful tool that revisits and revitalizes the classic vocoder charm with modern enhancements for that perfect blend.


It not only simulates the vintage vocoder sounds but also adds a layer of contemporary sophistication with its dual-engine system, combining both a: 


  • Vocoder
  • Multi-mode filter bank


This allows for greater dynamic control over the processed audio 一 ensuring that you can achieve both classic and unique vocoder tones. 


The Arturia Vocoder V also features a comprehensive modulation matrix for intricate routing options that can animate the vocoded sound with rhythmic patterns, sweeps, and more. 


Plus, it includes a built-in synthesizer and sequencer, which further enhances its capability as a standalone musical tool.


Arturia Vocoder V stands out for those who value both the historical aspects of vocoder sounds and the potential to explore new signature sound design with advanced features.


So, if you’re like me and love to experiment and constantly grow, this ones for you.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Dual-engine setup combining vocoder and filter bank
  • Comprehensive modulation matrix for dynamic sound shaping
  • Built-in synth and sequencer for enhanced musical creation
  • Emulates classic vocoder sounds with modern enhancements
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#3. XILS Vocoder 5000


XILS 5000 - Unison


XILS Vocoder 5000 is a perfect emulation of sophisticated analog vocoder systems, renowned for their clarity and sonic depth. 


It brings the very essence of historical vocoder units to your home studio with a level of precision that is nearly indistinguishable from the originals. 


This vocoder plugin stands out with its 22-band vocoder engine, which will give you superior articulation and intelligibility of vocals every time.


XILS Vocoder 5000 also features dual oscillators for each of the carrier and modulator sections 一 providing vibrant, show-stopping textures.


It also includes a dynamic filter bank that adjusts each band according to the incoming signal, enhancing the vocal’s natural characteristics without compromising the original timbre.


Producers looking for a plugin that combines historical emulation with contemporary flexibility will find the XILS Vocoder 5000 absolutely awesome.


It’s the perfect addition for intricate vocal processing and signature sound design projects.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • 22-band vocoder engine
  • Dual oscillator in both carrier and modulator
  • Dynamic filter bank
  • Emulates classic hardware vocoders/analog-modeled components
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#4. Manipulator by Polyverse Music


Manipulator 1 - Unison


Manipulator by Polyverse Music transforms the traditional vocoder approach into a futuristic powerhouse that pushes the limits of vocal processing. 


It excels in real-time voice manipulation by offering pitch-shifting and harmonizing with a high degree of control over each parameter. 


What sets Manipulator apart is its ability to warp and mutate vocals far beyond traditional expectations, using techniques like: 


  • Formant shifting
  • Polyphonic timbre stretching


This awesome vocoder plugin can radically alter the timbre of your audio 一 making it perfect for you to play around with some truly unique soundscapes. 


The ability to modulate pitch and formant in real-time, coupled with MIDI control, offers dynamic performance capabilities.


Therefore, Manipulator is certainly one of the best vocoders around, especially if you’d like to play around with advanced features and really make some noise in the industry.


Manipulator stands out for those who love to dive deep into sound exploration and require a plugin that can keep up with their creative ways.


So, if we’re talking unmatched vocal transformation flexibility, Manipulator is a great choice. 


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Real-time pitch and formant shifting
  • Advanced harmonizing capabilities
  • MIDI capability/controllable modulation
  • Polyphonic timbre stretching
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#5. Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder IV


Zynaptiq - Unison


Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder IV is another game-changer in the world of sound design, providing a distinctive blend of clarity and versatility. 


It’s renowned for its 32-band vocoder engine, which ensures high-resolution sound processing and precise articulation of the modulated signals. 


With its integrated synthesizer, Orange Vocoder IV allows for a wide range of carrier signals so you can create everything from robotic vocals to lush, atmospheric textures. 


This vocoder plugin also features a unique “Voice Encoder,” which enhances the intelligibility and clarity of speech while maintaining a strong vocoder effect. 


NOTE: The inclusion of advanced modulation options and built-in effects like reverb and chorus expands its usability.


This makes it a super comprehensive tool for producers (plus DJs and sound designers ) of all kinds.


Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder IV is ideal for producers who, like myself, demand meticulous shape control over their sound design.


It can elevate your vocoder skills to a whole new level in no time.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • 32-band vocoder engine
  • Integrated synth for versatile carrier signals
  • Voice encoder for enhanced clarity
  • Voice analyzer
  • Built-in effects including reverb, chorus, and chord mode
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#6. TAL-Vocoder (Free)


TAL Vocoder - Unison


The TAL-Vocoder is an extraordinary, standout free vocoder plugin that captures the essence of vintage analog vocoders. 


It’s famous for its 11-band processing, which effectively reproduces the classic vocoder sound familiar from the early electronic music era


TAL-Vocoder includes both carrier synth and modulator inputs 一 allowing for flexible signal routing and diverse sound generation perfect for innovated producers.


Its simplicity and accessibility also make it an excellent choice for beginners in music production and vocal manipulation.


Plus, the built-in carrier synthesizer features a range of simple waveforms, which enhances its capabilities without complicating the user experience, so that’s always good.


TAL-Vocoder is honestly a free vocoder plugin that legends like Daft Punk would be happy using.


The TAL-Vocoder is especially perfect for those new to vocoding who want to experiment with voice encoding without any financial commitment.


It has features that can help you produce mind-blowing vocal effects heard around the world, all in a straightforward package.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • 11-band processing for classic vocoding
  • Integrated carrier synth with simple waveforms
  • User-friendly interface, ideal for beginners
  • Free to use; fully-fledged synth in plugin form & modulator volume options
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#7. Antares Autotune EFX+


EFX - Unison


Antares Autotune EFX+ is more than just a pitch correction tool because it integrates powerful vocoder capabilities to offer a comprehensive vocal production suite. 


This plugin is celebrated for its Auto-Tune technology, which provides flawless pitch correction and vocal effects. 


What makes Autotune EFX+ exceptional is its inclusion of a vocoder mode, which allows for real-time voice transformation with: 


  • Adjustable retune speed
  • Humanize controls


This gives you precise manipulation of vocal performances. 


Additionally, the plugin includes a variety of effects like tube distortion, filter movements, and delay to create vibrant vocal tracks that stand out in any mix.


Antares Autotune EFX+ is essential if you’re looking for high-quality vocal effects.


It combines the reliability of Auto-Tune with the creative potential of a vocoder, ideal for producing polished, radio-ready vocals 一 can’t get better than that.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Auto-Tune pitch correction
  • Vocoder mode with versatile controls
  • Additional vocal effects including distortion and delay
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Perfect for electronic music
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#8. iZotope VocalSynth 2


Vocal Synth 2 - Unison


iZotope VocalSynth 2 is a dope vocoder plugin praised for its ability to blend and manipulate multiple vocal effects to create unique sonic textures. 


What makes it stand out is its five innovative vocal engines that allow detailed shaping of both tone and dynamics, which are:


  • Vocoder
  • Compuvox
  • Polyvox
  • Talkbox
  • Biovox


VocalSynth 2 is respected for its intuitive interface and effects module that provides additional processing options like distortion, filters, and pitch correction. 


This level of control makes it exceptionally useful for producing complex, layered vocal arrangements that are packed with texture and depth.


VocalSynth 2 is great for music producers who need vocoders with various effects to help push the boundaries of traditional vocal processing and voice manipulation.


This versatility and innovative technology in one package is what makes it one of the most intriguing vocoders around.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Five unique vocal engines (pretty rare with vocoders)
  • Intuitive user interface with deep customization
  • Integrated effects module for enhanced sound shaping
  • Real-time visual feedback for immediate adjustments
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#9. XILS 201 Vocoder


XILS 201 Vocoder - Unison


The XILS 201 Vocoder is a high-fidelity emulation of a classic hardware vocoder known for its exceptional clarity and precision. 


This plugin recreates the iconic sound loved by electronic producers, with a detailed 20-band model that provides excellent control over each frequency’s dynamics. 


It includes a dual oscillator for each of the carrier and modulator sections, enriching the sound source with vibrant, complex textures. 


XILS 201 also features a built-in synth and sequencer, of course.


This makes it not just one of the best vocoders around, but a powerful musical instrument in its own right.


The XILS 201 Vocoder is perfect for those who appreciate the fine details of classic vocoder sounds but want modern flexibility and control.


It gives you an authentic sound experience with advanced sound design capabilities.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Detailed 20-band vocoder model
  • Dual oscillators for rich voice/sound shaping & vocal mangling for both the carrier and modulator section
  • Built-in synthesizer and sequencer
  • Emulation of classic hardware vocoder sound
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#10. Vocalizer Pro by SONiVOX




Vocalizer Pro by SONiVOX is a more advanced vocoder and vocal production plugin that extends beyond traditional vocoding to offer transformative vocal processing. 


It uses spectral synthesis technology to morph existing vocals into new, dynamic textures and sounds. 


Vocalizer Pro is celebrated for its ability to process any input signal (vocals or other audio) 一 transforming them with its advanced synthesis engine. 


Its interface is designed for experimentation as it has a bunch of sliders and knobs for real-time control over effects like pitch, formant, and filtering. 


NOTE: Its standout feature is the ability to use MIDI to directly control the vocal/voice transformations, providing an interactive experience for producers.


Vocalizer Pro offers extensive control over your vocal tracks and provides a platform for creating truly unique and textured vocal effects.


This makes it one of the best vocoder plugins on the market, hands down.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Spectral synthesis for extensive sound manipulation
  • Real-time control with MIDI input
  • Versatile input handling for both vocals and other sounds
  • Intuitive user interface for creative flexibility
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#11. Vocodist by Auto-Tune


Vocodist - Unison


Vocodist by Auto-Tune combines the legendary pitch correction of Auto-Tune with innovative vocoder technology, creating the ultimate vocal effects tool.


Designed to seamlessly integrate the robotic textures of a vocoder with the smooth, polished vocals achieved through Auto-Tune, Vocodist is pretty awesome.


It stands out with its ease of use and the ability to quickly dial in the desired amount of correction and synthesis with no problems.


Vocodist features advanced controls for shaping the carrier signal and modulator signal, offering an extensive range of sound possibilities from subtle texture enhancements to dramatic, transformative effects. 


The built-in harmony engine and pitch correction ensure that the vocoded vocals not only sound precise but also musically accurate.


Vocodist by Auto-Tune is made for producers who require both the pitch-perfect clarity of Auto-Tune (no unwanted noise) and the distinct character of modern vocoders.


It will give you everything you’ll need for professional-quality vocal production.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Auto-Tune’s pitch correction integrated with vocoder effects
  • User-friendly interface for quick adjustments
  • Harmony engine for complex vocal arrangements
  • Flexible control over the carrier signal and modulator signal
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#12. Waves Morphoder


Morphoder - Unison


Waves Morphoder takes the classic vocoder to the next level by infusing it with superior sound quality and flexible advanced features. 


It’s renowned for its clarity and precision 一 providing a clean, understandable vocoder sound that is ideal for both music and post-production.


Morphoder is equipped with a built-in carrier synth, which lets you choose or create your own sound source without needing any external inputs. 


Plus, its intuitive interface includes sliders for fine-tuning the signal blend and a formant control feature that adds more character to the vocoded vocals. 


NOTE: It also offers a wide range of presets, making it easy to find the right starting point for any project.


Waves Morphoder is ideal for producers/sound designers who need a reliable and versatile vocoder that can be easily integrated into any audio production environment.


True to Waves style, it’s definitely high quality and gets the job done.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • High-quality sound with precise articulation
  • Built-in carrier synth for sound source flexibility
  • Intuitive formant and blend control
  • Extensive presets/preset browser for quick setup
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


#13. Vocodex Vocoder (Stock)


- Unison


Vocodex by Image-Line is a highly regarded stock plugin from FL Studio, known for its depth and control in handling vocoder processes. 


It stands out for its extensive approach to vocoding, featuring up to 100 bands (yes, you heard right, 100 bands) for detailed sound sculpting. 


Vocodex offers extensive customization options, including the ability to adjust the width and sharpness of all bands.


This enhances the clarity and impact of the vocoder effect you’re shooting for.


It also supports both carrier and modulator inputs, which gives you complete control over the sound’s characteristics. 


Plus, its additional effects, like reverb and chorus, allow for further sound enhancement directly within the vocoder.


Vocodex is perfect for FL Studio users looking for a powerful vocoder with extensive controls right inside your DAW.


When you’re finely tuning every aspect of your vocoded sound, you won’t run into any limitations or issues, which is invaluable.


Key Features of this Vocoder Plugin:


  • Up to 100 variable bands for detailed sound shaping
  • Adjustable band stereo width and sharpness
  • Supports external carrier and modulator inputs
  • Integrated effects for enhanced sound design
  • One of the best vocoder plugins around


Best Vocoder Plugins: Final Thoughts


A vocoder effect can give your vocals a unique texture and futuristic sound to help them stand out and blow the competition out of the water. 


That’s why knowing about the best vocoder plugins in the game can be a completely transformative experience for your tracks


With them, you can manipulate voices, create ethereal textures, and create signature sounds like a professional. 


To really take your music to the next level, don’t forget to check out the legendary Free Vocal Samples, which contain 20 free vocal loops, chops, and one-shots. 


They are all perfectly processed and created by expert vocalists and producers, so you know you’ll be getting top-of-the-line vocal samples to work with. 


So, go use any of the vocoder plugins we discussed to gives your tracks that extra edge and appeal needed to make a long-lasting impression.


Remember, it’s all about getting creative and playing around with different vocal effects and vocoder plugins for maximum impact.


Until next time…




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