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Top 10 Free Limiter Plugins That You Absolutely Need in 2024

Limiting is one of the most crucial steps in the music production process. 


It helps you maintain control over the dynamic range and ensures your tracks are not only loud enough to stand out but also free from any distortion that can ruin its quality. 


Plus, get your tracks ready for any platform 一 maintaining consistency across various listening environments. 


So, as a music producer, knowing the best free limiter plugins is priceless, which is exactly what we’re breaking down today.


These free limiter plugins offer advanced features to enhance your music production process, including:


  • Transparent limiting ✓
  • Peak limiting ✓
  • Gain reduction ✓
  • Loudness maximization ✓
  • Advanced metering ✓
  • Multi-band functionality ✓
  • Simple interfaces ✓
  • Analog warmth ✓
  • Clipping-style limiting ✓
  • Compatibility with any digital audio workstation ✓
  • Much more ✓


You’ll be able to master the world of limiters with confidence, using the best free limiter plugins to achieve professional-sounding mixes. 


Plus, you’ll understand how to apply transparent limiting to preserve the natural dynamics of your music and maximize loudness without any unwanted distortion.


As well as fine-tune your tracks to perfection, of course.


So, let’s dive right in…


What is Limiting?


free limiter plugins


Limiting is an essential music production process, often referred to as the guardian of your track’s dynamic range. 


At its core, a limiter is a type of compressor that’s designed to prevent the input signal from peaking above a certain threshold. 


This doesn’t just serve to prevent clipping and audible distortion 一 it’s also the key to maintaining a consistent level of loudness and quality across your music.


Think of it as the final checkpoint in your production line to make sure that everything that comes before it is polished to perfection without losing the essence of the sound.


Limiting takes your music production to a level where the balance between loudness and clarity is not just a goal, but a requirement.


By applying peak limiting and gain reduction correctly, you’ll achieve a sound that allows your mix to breathe while standing up loud and proud against the competition.


This is especially important in the digital age, where streaming platforms have their own loudness standards, of course.


Bottom line, a well-limited track ensures your music translates well across all listening environments, from a high-end sound system to the earbuds of a smartphone.


The 10 Best Free Limiter Plugins


Now that we broke down exactly what limiting is, let’s get to the good stuff… 


We’re breaking down the 10 best free limiter plugins around to help your tracks meet those professional standards and make sure they’re of the highest quality.


Just a side note, these free limiters are in no particular order, as they’re all more than capable of helping you with the limiting process efficiently.


#1. Limiter №6


Limiter No6 - Unison


Limiter №6 stands out in the realm of free limiter plugins for its comprehensive multi-module toolkit that offers unparalleled control over dynamics and loudness. 


This plugin is not just a simple limiter as it includes:


  • A peak limiter
  • High-frequency limiter
  • Clipper
  • A true peak limiter


They’re all designed to provide precise control over your master output like a pro.


This versatility makes Limiter №6 an indispensable tool for mastering 一 allowing you to fine-tune your tracks to achieve both maximum loudness and a transparent sound. 


Its advanced metering provides instant feedback on gain reduction, output levels, and perceived loudness, so making final decisions is super easy. 


Whether you’re dealing with individual tracks or the final mix, Limiter №6 ensures that you have the tools needed to shape your sound with precision.


Therefore, it is easily one of the best free limiter VST plugins around.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


No6 2 - Unison


  • Multi-module toolkit including peak limiter, high-frequency limiting, clipper, and true peak limiter.
  • Provides precise control over master output.
  • Advanced metering for auto-gain reduction, output levels & perceived loudness.
  • Ideal for both individual tracks and the final mix.
  • Enables maximum loudness without sacrificing transparency.
  • One of the best free limiter VST plugins around.


#2. LoudMax


- Unison


LoudMax is renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness, making it a go-to for music producers looking for loudness maximization without audible distortion


This free limiter plugin shines with its transparent limiting capabilities to ensure that the original character of the music is preserved even at extreme settings. 


Another favorite of LoudMax is it’s easy-to-use interface, featuring just two main controls: 


  • Threshold slider
  • Output gain


This simplicity belies its powerful engine 一 designed to deliver high-quality results with minimal effort for pristine tracks.


Whether applied on the master channel or individual tracks, LoudMax provides a smooth, consistent loudness level while maintaining the dynamic range of the audio material.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


- Unison


  • Transparent limiting that preserves the original character of the music.
  • Simple interface with minimal controls for easy operation.
  • Ideal for both master channel and individual tracks.
  • Ensures consistent loudness levels while maintaining dynamic range.
  • Powerful engine delivers high-quality results effortlessly.
  • One of the best free limiter plugins around.


#3. W1 Limiter


W1 Limiter - Unison


The W1 Limiter is a diamond among free limiter VST plugins, modeled after one of the most iconic limiters in the audio production industry. 


Its claim to fame is the ability to provide transparent sound shaping, which mimics the behavior of its hardware counterpart with crazy accuracy (take it from me).


The W1 Limiter is not just about peak limiting…


It also excels in gain reduction with its soft-clipping mode that’s perfect for handling extreme settings without introducing hard-clipping distortion.


While it’s not a super advanced limiter, it certainly holds its own for its price range (which is exactly zero).


This awesome plugin is versatile enough to be used on individual tracks and the master channel 一 making it a favorite for its wide application range. 


With an intuitive interface that allows for precise control over input gain and release time parameter, the W1 Limiter stands out for its ease of use and effectiveness in achieving a balanced, loud mix without losing the track’s essence.


NOTE: If you’re looking for a great free alternative to Waves L1, you’ve got it right here!


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


W1 2 - Unison


  • Modeled after an iconic hardware limiter for transparent sound shaping.
  • Offers peak limiting and soft-clipping modes.
  • Suitable for both individual tracks and the master channel.
  • Intuitive interface for precise control over input gain and release time.
  • Achieves loudness without sacrificing the track’s original essence.
  • One of the best free limiter plugins/sound-shaper plugins around.


#4. Frontier by D16 Audio Group


Frontier - Unison


Frontier stands out as a versatile free limiter plugin from D16 Audio Group, perfect for music producers who demand both simplicity and power in their limiting needs. 


This dynamic range limiter excels in various applications, from individual tracks to the master output, offering a user-friendly interface with: 


  • Automatic gain control
  • Adjustable release time for optimal performance


Frontier’s unique feature is its flexibility 一 it can function as a transparent limiter for mastering or add character with more aggressive settings for individual tracks. 


It provides real-time visual feedback through its gain reduction meter.


So, it’s simpleto make precise adjustments to achieve the desired loudness without compromising your track’s dynamic range. 


Plus, Frontier’s adaptability makes it an excellent tool for achieving a cohesive and polished sound across an entire project.


If you want a standout free version sound-shaper, this ones got you covered.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


Frontier 2 - Unison


  • User-friendly interface with automatic gain control.
  • Adjustable release time for optimal performance.
  • Functions as a transparent limiter for mastering (mastering limiter) or adds character for individual tracks.
  • Real-time visual feedback with gain reduction meter.
  • Ideal for both individual tracks and the master output.
  • One of the best free limiter plugins around.


#5. Limited-Z by LVC Audio


Limited Z - Unison


Limited-Z by LVC Audio is a free limiter plugin that provides a unique blend of simplicity and advanced functionality, making it perfect for both new and OG producers.


This limiter is designed for easy integration into any digital audio workstation, offering a simple interface alongside advanced features for more detailed control. 


Limited-Z by LVC Audio makes precise peak limiting and transparent sound shaping, with minimal risk of audible distortion (even at extreme settings) super smooth.


It includes several modes that cater to different mastering needs.


This includes a loudness maximizer for achieving competitive overall loudness without sacrificing any clarity, which you’ll need to blow your competition away.


Plus, its advanced metering options, such as gain reduction and loudness meters, provide invaluable visual feedback.


It allows you to fine-tune your tracks for the perfect balance of signal loudness and dynamic range, which makes it a great brickwall limiter for any level producer.


So, whether it’s your first limiter or hundredth, LVC Audio really hit it out of the park with this one, especially given that it’s free.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


Limited Z 2 - Unison


  • Easy-to-use limiter with advanced features for detailed control.
  • Precise peak limiting with minimal audible distortion.
  • Great sound-shaper when compared to other free limiter plugins.
  • Includes a loudness maximizer for competitive overall loudness.
  • Advanced metering options for optimal adjustment.
  • Suitable as a mastering limiter and individual track limiter processor.
  • Limited-Z by LVC Audio is one of the best free limiters around.


#6. dBComp by Analog Obsession


dBCOMP - Unison


dBComp from Analog Obsession is not just another free limiter plugin…


It’s a testament to the power of analog-modeled software in achieving professional-sounding tracks. 


This free limiter plugin mirrors the warmth and character of vintage analog limiters, providing a legendary sound quality that’s often missing in digital tracks. 


With its focus on transparency and musicality, dBComp by Analog Obsession excels in both subtle peak limiting and more aggressive gain reduction metering.


This makes it versatile for use on individual tracks or the master bus. 


It offers an intuitive control set, including threshold, ratio, and release parameters, which helps with clean manipulation of the audio signal for optimal loudness control


dBComp’s analog warmth and flexibility solidifies it as one of the best, most versatile free limiter plugins for adding character and depth to your tracks.


Side note, if you want to learn all about master bus processing, we’ve got you covered.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


dBCOMP 2 - Unison


  • Analog-modeled warmth and character, unlike other free plugins.
  • Excels in both subtle peak limiting and aggressive gain reduction.
  • Versatile brickwall limiter for use on individual tracks or the master bus.
  • Intuitive control set for precise signal loudness control.
  • Adds depth and musical quality to digital productions.
  • dBComp by Analog Obsession is one of the best free plugins around.


#7. Maxwell Smart


Maxwell Smart - Unison


Maxwell Smart is a pretty official free limiter plugin, recognized for its precision and adaptability in music production settings. 


It excels in delivering transparent limiting, where the main goal, as you know, is to achieve loudness without introducing any distortion to the mix


Maxwell Smart is loaded with an advanced algorithm that ensures peak limiting is handled with expert care 一 preserving the transparent sound quality of your tracks.


It’s also incredibly user-friendly, featuring an easy-to-use limiter interface that allows for quick adjustments to input gain and release time.


Whether you’re looking to maximize the loudness of your final mix or ensure individual tracks sit well together without overshadowing each other, Maxwell Smart provides. 


It brings that precise control needed for high-quality music production.


Sorry if it’s starting to sound a little repetitive, but these awesome free limiter plugins all contain similar features and functions, naturally.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


Maxwell 2 - Unison


  • Delivers transparent limiting without audible distortion.
  • Advanced algorithm for meticulous peak limiting.
  • User-friendly interface for quick adjustments.
  • Suitable for both final mix loudness maximization and individual track processing.
  • Provides precise control for high-quality music production.
  • One of the best free limiter plugins around.


#8. GClip


GClip - Unison


GClip is a unique free limiter plugin that specializes in clipping-style limiting.


It offers an alternative approach to managing peak levels and achieving perceived loudness in your beats


Unlike traditional limiters that focus solely on threshold-based gain reduction, GClip combines soft and hard clipping to sculpt the audio signal.


Meaning, you’ll have greater creative control over the final sound. 


This approach is particularly effective in genres where aggressive loudness is a hallmark, enabling you to add grit/character without losing the essence of the music. 


The simple interface of this clipping-style limiter downplays its powerful capabilities, offering precise control over clipping parameters and the balance between soft and hard clipping


GClip shines for its ability to achieve loudness and saturation in a musical way, making it a valuable addition for innovative free limiter plugins.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


Gclip2 - Unison


  • Specializes in clipping-style limiting for creative sound sculpting.
  • Combines soft and hard clipping for greater control over loudness.
  • Simple interface with precise control over digital clipping parameters.
  • Effective in genres that require aggressive loudness; easy-to-use limiter.
  • Adds grit and character to the music without compromising quality.
  • One of the best free limiters/free clipping-style limiter around.


#9. Unlimited


Unlimited - Unison


Unlimited is a free limiter plugin that lives up to its name by offering unparalleled flexibility and control over dynamic range and loudness in music production. 


Designed with both mixing and mastering in mind, it ensures that producers can achieve maximum loudness while retaining the dynamic character of their music. 


Unlimited stands out for its transparent limiting capabilities, ensuring that the original integrity of the audio signal is preserved even under extreme gain reduction settings. 


Plus, this free limiter plugin features advanced metering options.


This includes peak and loudness meters, which provide essential visual feedback for adjusting the limiter settings effectively. 


Additionally, Unlimited offers a multi-band functionality 一 allowing for frequency-specific limiting and a more solid approach to dynamic range control. 


Its extensive feature set and flexibility make Unlimited an essential free limiter plugin for producers looking to maintain quality while meeting loudness standards.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


Unlimited2 - Unison


  • Offers unparalleled flexibility and control over dynamic range.
  • Transparent limiting capabilities preserve audio integrity.
  • Advanced metering options for effective setting adjustments.
  • Multi-band functionality for frequency-specific limiting.
  • Suitable for both mixing and mastering applications.
  • One of the best free limiter plugins around.


#10. Kilohearts Limiter


Kilohearts - Unison


The Kilohearts Limiter makes a name for itself in the crowded field of free limiter plugins for its straight efficiency/effectiveness in peak limiting and loudness control. 


Part of the Kilohearts Essentials collection, this limiter is designed with both simplicity and power in mind 一 catering to the needs of music producers at all levels of expertise. 


Don’t let its easy-to-use interface as it’s more than capable of ensuring precise control over the audio signal to give you clean sounds.


The Kilohearts Limiter excels in transparent limiting as well.


One of the key strengths of the Kilohearts Limiter is its ability to function flawlessly within the Kilohearts ecosystem, offering compatibility with: 


  • Snap Heap
  • Multipass


So, if you’re looking for free limiters/free plugins with extended processing capabilities, look no further.


This integration enables users to apply limiting in conjunction with other effects and processing modules, which enhances creativity and sonic possibilities. 


Whether used on individual tracks for peak limiting or on the master channel as a mastering limiter, the Kilohearts Limiter delivers consistent, high-quality results. 


Its inclusion of essential features like input gain, release time, and a transparent sound profile makes it an invaluable tool in your production arsenal.


So, even though it’s last on the list, it has still firmly established it as one of the best free limiter plugins available today.


Standout Features of this Free Limiter Plugin:


Kilohearts2 - Unison


  • Straightforward interface for ease of use.
  • Precise control over stereo signal for peak limiting and loudness control.
  • Excels in transparent limiting without introducing audible distortion.
  • Compatible with Snap Heap and Multipass for extended processing capabilities.
  • Suitable for use on individual tracks and the master channel.
  • Provides consistent, high-quality results.
  • One of the best free limiter plugins around.


Free Limiter Plugins: Final Thoughts


Limiting is a fundamental process of music production you can’t overlook, especially if you aim to achieve professional, radio-ready (or playlist-ready) quality sound. 


Plus, in a world where streaming sites have standardized loudness levels, effective limiting ensures your tracks are competitive and consistent across all platforms. 


It will make sure your tracks are not only free from unwanted peaks but also give off that fullness and warmth that listeners crave.


Needless to say, limiting is pretty invaluable, and these free limiter plugins can certainly help you every step of the way.


Since we’re exploring the best free plugins around, we’d be really holding back on your guys if we didn’t mention Zen Master.


This legendary free Lo-Fi plugin helps you instantly add unique Lo-Fi vibes to any sound, transforming basic, boring sounds into something mind-blowing in less than 3 seconds. 


Simple & easy to use with only 5 knobs, Zen Master delivers pristine sound while helping you never have boring mixes ever again, thanks to these 5 exciting & unique effects. 


It’s the perfect combo of analog/digital modeled effects for an awesome hybrid effect 一 elevating the texture and mood of your tracks.


So, go download these awesome free limiter plugins to finesse your sound and ensure your tracks are up to industry standards every time.


It’s the key to getting your music the recognition it deserves while enhancing your production skills along the way; win-win, am I right?


Until next time…



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