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Free Music Production Software For Unmatched Tracks (Top 12)

Free music production software is invaluable… if it’s worth it, that is. 


However, with all the available options, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth the download and which ones simply aren’t.


That’s why we’re breaking down the best free software for music production and music-making in general. 


All of the following best free music production software options we’re breaking down include all the features you’ll need to make professional tracks. 


This includes:


  • Extensive audio editing tools & MIDI editing capabilities ✓
  • Support for multiple plugin formats ✓
  • Real-time collaboration features ✓
  • Comprehensive mixing and mastering tools ✓
  • Cross-platform compatibility ✓
  • User-friendly interfaces ✓
  • Advanced automation features, sound effects, MIDI effects, etc. ✓
  • Epic sound libraries, loops, etc. ✓
  • Detailed waveform analysis ✓
  • Batch processing efficiency ✓
  • Community and third-party support ✓
  • Much more ✓


After reading this article, you’ll not only have access to the best free music production software, but you’ll also be able to create and refine your sound.


This way, your tracks will always resonate with quality and creativity. 


Plus, we’re breaking down all the key features and unique tools each free software offers, so you’ll be able to use them like a true professional.


So, let’s dive right in…


#1. Audacity


free music production software


Audacity is crowned one of the most popular free music production software options in the world for its exceptional audio editing tools. 


They’re accessible enough for beginners yet powerful enough for more advanced users. 


Audacity lets you experiment with detailed waveform editing, which allows you to dissect audio tracks with granular precision. 


Its spectrogram view mode is particularly useful for identifying problematic frequencies and performing surgical EQ adjustments.


Its famous for its robust set of built-in effects, including but not limited to: 



These tools are invaluable for restoring old recordings or creating new effects in music tracks, so you can really get as creative as you’d like (which is a must).


It just solidifies its reputation as the most popular free music production software.


Audacity also supports multi-track editing 一 enhanced by its capability to handle batch processing tasks efficiently.


It will save significant time when you’re applying effects across multiple audio files. 


For those interested in expanding your insider knowledge and find out what’s really possible with Audacity, its active community offers endless custom plugins and scripts.


All of which can be easily integrated.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Audacity 2 - Unison


  • Superior waveform and spectrogram views for advanced audio analysis
  • Effects like noise reduction, pitch shifting, and tempo adjustment
  • Ability to create music with depth and texture
  • Multi-track editing tools supported by efficient batch processing features for applying effects across multiple audio files
  • Extensive community-driven plugin support for expanded functionality
  • The best free software available for cross-platform use


#2. Waveform Free by Tracktion


Waveform Free 1 - Unison


Waveform Free by Tracktion redefines the capabilities of free music production software with its advanced features tweaked for innovative music creation. 


This free DAW (digital audio workstation) offers a distinctive single-window workspace that flawlessly integrates the main tools and tracks you need in a clear format. 


Unlike many other free offerings, Waveform Free does not limit the number of audio or MIDI tracks, so you can create and expand your projects with no restrictions.


In addition to helping you record audio and edit like a boss, Waveform Free introduces features typically found in paid software, which is epic.


NOTE: This includes the innovative Rack ‘n’ Roll audio effect management system, which allows for intricate effect layering and modulation


Waveform Free also includes a powerful MIDI pattern generator and a step sequencer 一 enhancing its utility for electronic music producers. 


It also supports a wide range of plugin formats (including VST, VST3, and AU), which can drastically expand your sonic possibilities. 


Plus, the mix environment is equipped with a master bus compressor and a range of dynamic processing tools that ensure polished, professional-sounding mixes.


Overall, Waveform Free is a pretty impressive software option if you ask me.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Waveform Free2 - Unison


  • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks which facilitate large-scale projects
  • Single-window, non-linear workflow for intuitive and efficient music production
  • Advanced effect management with Rack ‘n’ Roll system for complex sound design
  • In-built MIDI pattern generator and step sequencer for detailed track building
  • One of the best free music production software options available


#3. GarageBand


garageband - Unison


GarageBand offers everything you’ll need to make your songs really blow the competition away.


It’s available exclusively for macOS and iOS devices (one of the top apps, actually) and is the perfect example of free music-making software.


It blends simplicity with powerful production capabilities for great results.


GarageBand has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to start making music, yet it has enough depth to satisfy more experienced producers. 


This free music-making software comes with an impressive selection of virtual instruments and loops, so you can get super creative.


One of the key strengths of GarageBand is its Drummer feature, which includes several virtual session drummers who play dynamic drum tracks that can adapt to your entire song structure


It also offers endless intuitive controls 一 providing quick and precise adjustments for your instrument and track properties. 


NOTE: GarageBand supports external MIDI devices and integrates smoothly with Logic Pro, so you can export your projects to a more advanced platform for further tweaking.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


garageband e1639346783666 - Unison


  • Comprehensive set of virtual instruments and loops for diverse musical creation
  • Drummer feature with dynamically adaptable virtual drum tracks
  • Smart controls for quick modifications to sounds and audio effects
  • Seamless integration with Logic Pro for advanced editing and production
  • One of the best free music production software options available


#4. Ardour


ardour - Unison


Ardour stands out as a premier free music production software, ideal for engineers, producers, soundtrack editors, sound designers, etc. looking to go crazy.


As a fully-featured digital audio workstation, Ardour excels in: 


  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing


It offers a flexible recording environment that supports unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, so you’ll be able to play around endlessly.


This versatility makes it highly sought after in professional settings where detailed production is key.


Ardour’s interface is designed for efficiency 一 incorporating a broad range of editing tools that give you precise control over more complex projects. 


You’ll benefit from non-destructive editing, meaning all changes can be reversed (which is super important during intricate editing sessions). 


NOTE: The software’s powerful mixer includes features like plugin automation, surround sound capabilities, and advanced routing options.


Bottom line, it’s one of the best free software options for motivated producers looking to create songs that can get intricate as heck.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Ardour 2 - Unison


  • Unlimited audio and MIDI track support for expansive projects
  • Non-destructive editing for risk-free adjustments; free download from your computer
  • Advanced mixing capabilities with comprehensive plugin automation
  • Plugin support for multiple standards, including VST, LV2, and AU
  • One of the best music production software options available


#5. Studio One Prime by PreSonus


Studio One Prime - Unison


Studio One Prime by PreSonus offers a simplified version of its professional counterpart (pro version), which I’m sure you’ve all heard of.


But don’t worry, this best free music-making software that doesn’t compromise on quality in any sense of the word.


This free version of Studio One is particularly noted for its single-window workflow, which simplifies the music creation process while still offering powerful tools needed for music production. 


It’s designed to be intuitive, versatile, and flexible.


The Prime edition includes an unlimited number of audio tracks and MIDI (super rare when it comes to free software) 一 allowing for large-scale project development. 


The drag-and-drop functionality enhances creative flow so you can easily:



Studio One Prime also features a solid selection of built-in effects and virtual instruments that cater well to basic production needs.


While also supporting third-party plugins to expand its utility further, naturally.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Studio One Prime 2 e1714605718575 - Unison


  • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks for comprehensive project management
  • Single-window interface that streamlines the production workflow
  • Integrated drag-and-drop functionality for efficient sound and effect management
  • A robust selection of built-in audio effects and software instruments
  • One of the best free music production software options available


#6. Hydrogen


Hydrogen - Unison


Hydrogen is a specialized free music-making software that focuses on drum programming.


So, any music producers looking for advanced rhythm and beat creation possibilities, look no further, as this one is actually a hidden gem.


While not as popular as some of the other free music production software options we’re breaking down, it’s still super solid.


This free software is designed with a simple, intuitive interface that allows for quick learning and efficient use.


It features a: 


  • Powerful sequencer
  • Mixer
  • Pattern-based editor


They’re all tailored to perfection, so you can create complex drum patterns and rhythms like a real boss.


One of the unique aspects of Hydrogen is its ability to simulate realistic drum sounds, which can be further customized through its extensive sound library. 


When it comes to killer drums, this is the best free software around.


The software supports a wide range of audio file formats and includes features like automation envelopes and the ability to import/export patterns. 


It also integrates seamlessly with other DAWs via JACK support 一 making it a versatile addition to help you create songs that match your unique workflow.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Hydrogen 2 - Unison


  • Specialized drum machine with advanced sequencing capabilities
  • User-friendly interface that facilitates quick and effective pattern creation
  • Extensive library of sounds for customizable drum tracks
  • Support for a broad range of audio formats and integration capabilities
  • One of the best free music production software options available


#7. SoundBridge


Soundbridge free - Unison


SoundBridge stands out in the free music-making software realm because of its focus on simplicity and collaboration.


This free DAW (digital audio workstation) is designed with a touch-friendly interface that suits both desktop and tablet use, making it an excellent choice for producers on the go. 


SoundBridge also includes:


  • A full-featured mixer
  • Automation
  • Powerful MIDI sequencing tools


All within a sleek, modern interface that helps with making music that people stop and listen to immediately.


One of the most compelling aspects of SoundBridge in my opinion is its integrated cloud collaboration feature, RitMix. 


This allows multiple users to work on the same project from different locations, so you can easily link up with people to enhance your tracks even more.


Plus, it offers an extensive set of mastering tools, including dynamic processors and equalizers, so you can finalize your track with no issues.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Soundbridge free 2 - Unison


  • Touch-friendly interface ideal for both desktop and mobile use
  • Integrated RitMix for seamless online collaboration
  • Comprehensive mastering tools to ensure polished final tracks
  • Support for VST and AU plugins for enhanced musical creativity
  • Available for download on all major operating systems
  • Available on any operating system
  • One of the best free music-maker software options available


#8. LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio)


LMMS2 - Unison


LMMS shines in the world of the best free music-making software by offering a comprehensive, cross-platform (open-source) that rivals many commercial options. 


It includes a suite of synthesis tools; including native synthesizers and a sick sampler that can handle a vast library of sounds. 


For those EDM producers, LMMS includes built-in beat and bassline editors that simplify the process of creating complex rhythms and patterns.


It also supports the integration of various plugin standards for all musical styles.


  • The Song Editor 一 Arrange the composition by placing patterns along a timeline
  • The FX Mixer 一 Enables up to 64 channels for adding effects & mastering audio


These two features are super important for achieving that professional-quality sound.


Additionally, LMMS benefits from a vibrant community that contributes presets and samples, sound packs, etc.


It expands the resources available to every user, so you’ll definitely find some hidden gems and be able to create beats with unique sounds.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


LMMS two - Unison


  • Extensive synthesizer and sampling capabilities for versatile sound production
  • Built-in beat and bassline editors for intuitive rhythm programming
  • Supports a wide range of plugins including VST and LADSPA for enhanced flexibility
  • Community-driven content that provides a diverse range of sounds and effects
  • One of the best free music production software options available


#9. Zynewave Podium Free


Zynwave - Unison


Zynewave Podium Free is a fully functional freeware edition of Podium.


This free DAW prides itself on its advanced sound engine and hierarchical mixing structure, which provides a flexible/powerful platform for layered audio projects.


Podium Free also offers a unique surround sound support feature (which is particularly valuable for film and game audio designers). 


This free software also includes an integrated object-based project structure 一 allowing for detailed track customization and management. 


And when it comes to the user interface, it’s highly customizable, which means that you can enhance efficiency and comfort during those long production sessions.


Additionally, Podium Free supports third-party VST plugins, which expands its capabilities for detailed sound design and musical exploration.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Zynwave 2 - Unison


  • Advanced sound engine with hierarchical mixing capabilities
  • Support for surround sound, suitable for film and game audio production
  • Object-based project structure for meticulous track management
  • Highly customizable user interface for personalized workflow adjustments
  • One of the best music production software options available


#10. Soundation Studio


Soundation 3 - Unison


Soundation Studio is powerful free music-making software that offers a robust online platform, so producers can create music, edit, and collaborate easily. 


And directly from your web browser, I should add.


NOTE: This free DAW is especially appealing for educators and beginners due to its accessible and easy-to-learn interface. 


It comes packed with real-time collaboration features 一 making it possible for users to work together from different locations without a hitch.


A standout feature of Soundation is its extensive library of over 700 sounds and loops, which can be used without the need for external instruments. 


This free software for making music also includes advanced features such as:


  • Automation
  • Various sound effects
  • A virtual mixer that replicates the functionalities of a physical studio mixer


This setup is ideal for making music that ranges from simple projects to complex beats, so all of your music-making bases will be covered.


Also, Soundation supports the import and manipulation of MIDI files and audio recording, further enhancing its versatility.


Essential Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


Soundation 2 - Unison


  • Browser-based interface with real-time collaboration capabilities
  • Extensive sound library with over 700 sounds and loops; free download
  • Advanced mixing and effects tools for professional-grade audio production
  • Supports your MIDI keyboard & audio recording for project development
  • One of the best free music-maker software options available


#11. MPC Beats


MPC Beats 1 e1714605566898 - Unison


MPC Beats by Akai Professional brings the legendary feel of MPC hardware into a free music production software format, offering an unmatched beat-making experience.


This free software is designed to emulate the classic MPC workflow.


It combines sampling and sequencing with a modern touch interface that is both responsive and engaging, so it’s pretty versatile.


One of the highlights of MPC Beats is its inclusion of the same sounds found in professional MPC hardware units.


Meaning, users can access to high-quality drum kits and instrumental sounds that are staples in hip-hop and electronic music. 


It provides a simple interface with: 


  • Pads
  • A sequencer
  • A sample editor


So, if you’re looking to create beats that are unforgettable, this is one of the most efficient free music production software options available.


You can also expand your creative options with the available expansions, which provide additional sounds and loops for specific genres/styles.


When it comes to making music that leaves a lasting impact and mimics that MPC feel straight from your computer, MPC Beats is a great option.


Key Features of this Best Free Music-Making Software:


MPC Beats 2 - Unison


  • Emulates the classic MPC workflow with a modern interface
  • Includes professional-quality sounds from the MPC series
  • Integrated pads, sequencer, and sample editor for efficient production
  • Expandable sound library with genre-specific expansions
  • Available on any operating system to create comfortably
  • One of the best free music production software options available


#12. Komplete Start by Native Instruments


Komplete Start 2 - Unison


Komplete Start by Native Instruments is the ultimate free music-making software package that includes an insane amount of instruments, samples, and effects.


As a scaled-down free version of their renowned Komplete suite, this software provides beginners with a taste of professional-quality sounds and creative tools.


All without the substantial investment, so it’s pretty invaluable.


Komplete Start stands out with its collection of over 2,000 sounds and more than 6 GB of content, which includes: 


  • Synths
  • Sampled instruments
  • Studio-grade audio effects


It features prominent instruments such as Kontakt Player for sampled instruments and Reaktor Player for synthesized sounds.


Both of which are notorious tools used by professional producers worldwide.


NOTE: This free music-making software also offers an intuitive user interface and seamless integration with Native Instrument’s hardware.


So, if you’re looking to mess around with diverse soundscapes and get instant inspiration, this is one of the best free music production software options, period.


Key Features of this Free Music-Making Software:


Komplete Start 1 e1714605663511 - Unison


  • Extensive library with over 2,000 sounds perfect for producing music
  • Includes Kontakt Player and Reaktor Player for high-quality instrument sounds
  • Studio-grade audio effects for enhancing audio productions
  • Seamless integration with Native Instruments hardware
  • Available on any operating system (Windows/Mac)
  • One of the best music production software options available


Free Music Production Software: Final Thoughts


The best free music production software must be flexible, versatile, and have the ability to go head-to-head with more expensive options.


Plus, it should be able to fast-track your creative process and help you achieve professional-quality sound with ease.


All of the software we covered today meet all those expectations, and some. 


So, make sure to explore each option to find which one meshes best with your unique production style and needs.


And if you’re looking for more free production essentials that provide the most value at no cost, you’ve got to check out the best new free plugin around: Zen Master


It’s shaking up the whole industry, crowned one of the best lo-fi plugins around, helping you instantly bring that lo-fi edge to any sound.


Talk about capturing people’s attention.


With 5 unique knobs (Hypnosis, Imbalance, Electrify, Noise, and Ascend) you can make your tracks shine with the perfect combo of analog and digital effects. 


It’s invaluable for music producers looking to really make an impact.


Now, with all these free music production software choices just a download away, and the best free plugin to match, go create mind-blowing tracks that reside at the top of everyone’s playlists.


Just make sure to always stay true to yourself musically and never stop growing.


Until next time…




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